Mars Enters Aquarius — May 15th 2018

Entering Aquarius on May 15th, Mars is feeling a sense of personal freedom after being in restrictive Capricorn for the past couple of months.  Mars becomes a bit giddy with His new persona in independent Aquarius! Indeed Mars may be quite overwhelmed as He now has the ability to walk his own pathway throughout His reign in the Airy/Fixed sign Aquarius.

Although not Mars usual element of Fire — Aquarius Airiness blends well with mighty Mars abilities — in fact it may add a bit of oxygen to the mix. Mars swells with importance as He looks ahead at the openness and opportunities Aquarius brings. There may be one “Fly in the ointment” on the 16th as Mars at 0 degrees of Aquarius and Uranus at 0 degrees of Taurus butt heads! Try to avoid hasty decisions, especially about money, try to keep your feet on the ground, expect some confusion and perhaps an unexpected glitch in your plans. It occurs in the wee morning hours, so those out late the night before should probably take care in getting home safely.

Usually, Mars in Aquarius brings some newfangled ideas into our lives, especially if we are open to any innovative technological advances. Also, the  status-quo can be shuffled about a bit — if we can be flexible and accepting in any unseen happenstance, we will probably find that the change is gong to be for the best in the long run. NO — most of us don’t like any change that we haven’t initiated on our own — still — little progress is made in our lives without some outside activity to perk up our senses. Embrace any new or unusual ideas, folks, or opportunities that seemingly appear out of nowhere.

Mars in Aquarius is more able to start and be successful in any new project or situation that requires a sharp mental capacity. Aquarius is known for its genius abilities, its innovation and its unique outlook on all things. With Mars in the driver’s seat — there may be new findings in medicine, transportation, physical capacities, but also military issues, police improvements, breakthrough pharmaceuticals, and exposes within large government departments. Aquarius will put in its two-cents with a humanitarian outlook on poverty, homelessness and the greediness of those who only want more for themselves. The combination of Mighty Mars in Aquarius could bring a new mini-era of being our brother’s keeper, and more humane kindness to one another. We may be able to truly “see” the beauty and similarities of one another instead of any real differences.

On the 19th if you have an early commute, be aware as Mars and Neptune may be skewing what you think you know or see! Try to be sensitive to those who seem upset or confused. June 8th finds Mars and Saturn working together as you get to the office in order to finish a project on a positive note. On the 9th after midnight, Mercury and Mars can make a conversation become an argument if you are not careful of your words. Try to avoid those who seem to be getting aggressive or angry. The 14th finds Mars and the Sun at odds when those early risers alarms are going off — impulsive words or actions may lead to dismay — arrogance and ignorance are a bad combination. Mercury and Mars are annoyed with each other on the evening of the 16th, if attending a sporting event, ignore those who are rooting for the other team or arguments may ensue. Mars and Venus although in opposition, may find common ground around the lunch hour if everyone keeps an open mind. Stimulating banter may be enjoyed. Mars begins its Retrograde motion on the 26th at 4:05 PM EST (add one hour for DST) — not turning Direct until August 27th at 28 degrees of Capricorn. While Rx in Aquarius, we may find we are being blocked by our circumstances — we may be in turmoil about our closest relationships. This is the time to straighten out any confusion, concerns, or upsets, in order to rebuild our negative interactions with loved ones. Communication is the answer to putting our anxieties, frustrations and misunderstandings to rest — realize that your goals and future expectations are the same, and you have to work together to reach them.

Mars in Aquarius can be fun, adventurous, exciting, full of laughter, loving, and brilliantly unique. Feel the enormous energy of these two powerful entities — operating within their framework can be innovative, emotional, and matchless in its originality. When Mars Retrogrades into Capricorn for a few weeks in late August we may have the opportunity to glimpse a solution to a problem that has been bugging us for some time! Mars will not enter Pisces until November 15th 2018. Enjoy the brilliance, new ideas, enhanced psychic and telepathic ability, and sheer eccentricity of imaginative and playful Mars in Aquarius!

Mars in Aquarius Love Style — Mars in Aquarius is kind of difficult to pin down to one thing or style or another. There is playfulness, perhaps teasing, extremes of passion and aloofness, concern for all of mankind — but difficult in choosing the “One” for a lifetime. However, once committed to a relationship, its a forever kind of match-up. Much may be unusual in a Mars in Aquarius twosome, it may seem as if each is going their own way — but — on closer inspection, there will be a lot of communication on a daily basis and a heartfelt connection to each other.

Mars in Aquarius loves adventure, so personal sports are important — skiing, bicycling, golf, sports-car racing, camping, canoeing, etc. are all possibilities. Even rock climbing, spelunking, and para-sailing could be on the agenda. Also, helping those in need, the underdogs, homeless, hungry or debilitated can be on their list for aid.

So if you are looking for a do-gooder, an energetic partner, a unique individual, a perhaps brilliant but forgetful mate, someone who will go sledding with the kids, find treasures at the seashore, love the outdoors — you may be open to our generous Mars in Aquarius lover. But you will have to be able to be independent and resourceful, as you might never know what they will bring home with them! Be ready for a wonderfully eclectic and exciting life!





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