New Moon in Taurus Reminder — May 15th 2018

There is so much going on today that the stars are streaming positive Galaxial energy down upon us all. The New Moon in Taurus crested at 6:48 AM EST (add one hour for DST) — therefore all day today is the best for writing out your affirmations, wishes, dreams and desires!

The sign Taurus rules our finances, real-estate, the arts (music, drama) also things of beauty — flowers, Nature in it’s original state, love of family — and determination, courage in the face of difficulties, loyalty, doggedness, and Oh yes, a very slow anger. One doesn’t want to pique the ire of the sign of the Bull — indeed — their anger isn’t hot and quick like Aries, but Taurus builds a subtle and deliberate wrath that is then released upon the object of his displeasure — and no one wants to see the disapproval of the mighty Bull. However, after seeing red — our Taurus brethren will huff and puff , but realize that anger isn’t going to solve anything — and they will begin to sort out any issues that have gone askew.

Bottom line — write out your affirmations today, now, immediately — and be sure to explain just how each wish will enhance your life, improve your future, and be a positive move in order for you to reach your goals. Our thoughts and wishes are always entering the Galaxial ether where they can take hold and begin their journey to bringing you your bliss. The Universe is in a helpful mode today — and the power of the stars is in your hands.

Good Luck!


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