New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer — July 12th 2018

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer, crests at 20 degrees of the sign, at 9:48 PM EST (adjust for DST) on the 12th of the month. The sign Cancer has so much to do with home, family, mother, compassion, and nurturing that all of the above can be included in our affirmations, wishes and dreams. Also the safety of our children, homes and neighborhoods will be highlighted during the next few months.

It may also be time for some who have been holding on to a grudge, or squabble to just let it go! Embrace the energy of the lights in order to move forward on your own Earthly journey. Release any angst or anger, so that you may free yourself of this burden you have been carrying around. Forgiveness is as freeing for the person who forgives, as for those who are pardoned. It will be as if a weight has been lifted from your heart.

This New Moon Eclipse is opposite powerful Pluto, perhaps bringing some governmental departments and/or big businesses into conflict — there may be a moment of chaos as those in charge take a moment to let the dust settle, before making any statements or rulings. For we mere ordinary folks, it may be wise to put off any major plans until after the Eclipse runs its course. A week or so after the New Moon might be best to reconnect with those with whom we want to do business, or just have a nice chat.

Of course, the New Moon is the time for all of us to put to paper our hopes and wishes for the future. Any affirmations to help our families, to improve our relationships, to find a new abode, and to find a way to reestablish warm connections with our kith and kin. But thinking outside the box — we can use our imagination to find unique ways to enrich our journey and pathway through this lifetime. If you want or need a new car, a new job, a raise in pay, roomier living quarters, a closer relationship with an old friend — you can write out your affirmations, dreams and wishes for anything that you believe in your heart and soul, would improve your life and the lives of your loved ones. After the New Moon crests and for the next 24 hours is the best time to write out your wish list.

Also covered by the sign Cancer is our innate instincts, our gut feelings, our “Spidey senses” — that are there to help us understand our world better. Intimacy, love, compassion, caring are all under Cancer’s realm. Our homes, our self-empowerment, our ideals are also able to be tapped into for our wish list. Don’t be stifled by feelings of inadequacy, humility, or shyness — be bold in your affirmations as you feel your own power flowing out into the Universal ether to become your reality. Each thought has a weightiness and a force that can be tapped into for our own personal growth. Dig deep into your inner core to find those things that mean the most to you — and write your statements clearly, concisely and with the intensity of your most ardent feelings. Try to “see” how your life would be better when these wishes come true! Believe that you deserve to be happy during this gift of a lifetime here on Earth. Believe in your own strength of character, your integrity and your decency!



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