Autumnal Equinox — September 22nd 2018

As the Sun enters the sign Libra at 8:55 PM EST (add one hour for DST), we celebrate the ancestral harvest. We gather and store our crops for the long winter months that are coming. We are grateful that the Sun has been warm and bright, the soil rich and hearty, and the rain plentiful — insuring our larders will be overflowing with produce and grain. Another year of plenty, of growth, of survival and hope for humanity — the Autumnal Equinox.

Equinox — generally meaning that day and night are of equal length —  but because of the Earth’s rotation this is seldom true. However, I think the idea of equality centered within this one day can help remind all of us, of one of the core components of the Constitution — that “All men are created equal”. The idea that we humans are all cut from the same cloth — the same elements — the same chemical components, that the Universe bestowed upon each of us at our creation.

Perhaps we can use this special day, to try to remember how much more alike we are than different. Maybe we can choose to see the beautiful similarities in one another rather than the surface differences. Imagine — if you will, how incredibly wonderful this World would be if for just this day we all tried to put aside our “differences” and greeted one another as Equals. Man-woman, old-young, tall-short, red-white-gold-brown-black, rich or poor, worldly or naive, strong or weak — if we could look beyond the surface into the depths of our souls and truly “see” everyone as ourselves — would that not be a blessed gift to one and all, to the Earth, and to this World in which we all live and love?

Just sayin’



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