Lady Venus Enters Scorpio — September 9th 2018

Our Lady Venus will leave Libra’s beautiful realm on September 9th, to enter Scorpio’s dramatic, intense and shadowy domain at 4:26 AM EST (add one hour for DST). After her lighthearted and joyous stay within Libra, our Lady Venus is a little tenuous about entering such a strong, sensual and virile sign, that titillates her deepest feminine fantasies. Indeed — Lady Venus is quite overwhelmed by the scintillating impact that Scorpio has on her instinctive biological drives. Our delicate Lady Venus is swamped by a myriad of passionate thoughts and desires. Still, enter Scorpio She must, and She will find Her way into this magnificent underworld, that can bring our senses to the heights and depths of our humanity. Of course Lady Venus will always try to take the high road when challenged or confronted by darker decisions. Lady Venus may be the only one who can truly find that soft center core of Scorpio’s deep sensitivity and compassion.

Much can be accomplished with Lady Venus in Scorpio, we can seek out those hidden secrets that we instinctively know are being held from us, by whomever is trying to deceive. We can dive to the depths of the swirling eddies of misinformation and dig out the unvarnished truth. Also, on a lighter note, we are able to find that secret strength we all have deep within us to get through some of life’s more difficult stressors — and we can rise above any petty nuisances that others may be trying to put upon us. We can find our inner hero/heroine that will bring us that undeniable knowledge that we are our own best champions! Bring your Super powers to bear on any situation that perplexes, discombobulates, or frustrates you — Lady Venus in Scorpio will find your answers.

This transit will be a much longer stay in Scorpio, because Lady Venus will Retrograde at 10 degrees of the sign on October 5th at 2:03 PM EST. Lady Venus will then continue through Scorpio, until entering Libra on October 31st — remaining in the late degrees of Libra, and then going Direct on November 15th — not re-entering Scorpio until December 2nd — remaining in the sign Scorpio until January 6th 2019 when Lady Venus enters the sign Sagittarius. So — look to your Zodiac Chart to see what House Scorpio lives in so you can find out how this long-term stay of Lady Venus in Scorpio will affect your life. Each Zodiac House has its own profile and rulership areas that will be impacted by Lady Venus during Her long stay in the sign Scorpio.

Using the power of the stars can bring us a welcome realization that we are capable to steer our own lives by understanding how the Universe is bringing changes and opportunities into our lives. Knowing the area where Scorpio lives in your Zodiac Chart can give you a heads-up about the coming few months. Your love life may be turned topsy-turvy if there have been underlying issues, or you could meet your Soul-mate in an extraordinary manner. Lady Venus is always all about love, and in Scorpio there is an intensity and drive that might make life a little more interesting. Be sure whilst Lady Venus is in the Retrograde mode that any new love interests are going to be solid, stand-up, worthwhile people who are worth your time and emotional input. Since Lady Venus is in Rx mode for such a long time — it may behoove you to take your time with any new love interest. Perhaps after the excitement of the beautiful holiday season has passed, check your true emotions and reconsider the connection if there is any doubt. Allow yourself to get into the daily routines of your usual life — and then make a decision without that halo of sudden attraction!

On September 12th Lady Venus meets up with Uranus and that electric atmosphere that is established might make a new acquaintance seem perfect. Or a longer term relationship is suddenly seen to be on a rocky path. Allow time to sort out any discrepancies as Uranus can make things seem more chaotic and karmic before blasting the whole situation into atoms. Later in the day Lady Venus meets up with Saturn putting a calmer and more wise head on our shoulders — listen to your inner voice. The Full Moon on the 24th at 2 degrees of Aries might put an impediment in our way — breathe and use common sense. On October 10th Lady Venus squares off with Mars mid-evening, passions run high, but may not be on a positive note — back off any conflict with loved ones. The 24th finds Lady Venus and Saturn once again in sync, around breakfast time, you can make progress in business and with long-term relationships. Lady Venus meeting up with the Sun on the 26th gives us a brisk morning boost, people are smiling at you and love your ideas. Ending the month in Rx mode in Libra — Lady Venus is giving us a chance to reconnect with a past love, or fix some issues that had been brewing over the last few months. Enjoy this return of Lady Venus to Libra as She is much more lighthearted and feeling more balanced while ensconced in Libra’s realm.

Hint —  Seek out your Lady Venus in Scorpio love in a dimly lit pub, at an intense movie, at the library, in an occult bookstore, at an art gallery, in the doctor’s office, buying the latest mystery novel, volunteering at a food pantry, teaching at Hogwarts, bringing health care to clinics in needy areas, giving flu shots, buying fresh vegetables at a farmers market, at a seance, buying an espresso, walking along the shore looking for shells, and reading to toddlers.






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