About Astrology Notes with Nancy

Well since folks are clicking on the “About” link — I guess I should let them know a little about myself.  I have been a student and practitioner of astrology for over 40 years in a very modest fashion, and continue to learn new facets about the planets and our galaxy. I live in the Boston area, have 4 children and 5 grandchildren that are the apple of my eye.  Married for more years than seems possible to me — and still enjoy his company, sense of humor, and quirky manner. We love to travel and have enjoyed many family vacations and cruises in the past several  years.  My husband is still working for a major communications giant, (thank Heavens) — and I enjoy writing, emailing friends, and as I did yesterday — had a great “Grandmother/granddaughter” Day with my youngest grandchild, who will be attending college this fall — Yes  –  we did shop  — had lunch and regaled each other with our wit and wisdom… !

I have, over the years, found that there is definitely some activity and correlation between what is going on in the Heavens and what happens here on Earth.  In many ways it is just a subtle, whispering feeling that makes us pay attention to our environment — other times it is a full-blown shaking to wake us up!

By being aware of what is going on in the ether we can modify our responses to events in a way that will serve us best.  I have a very common sense, practical approach to the aspects and vagaries of the planetary movements — I don’t feel a need to shout at the top of my lungs about this negative aspect, or that spectacular positive moment in time — most of us have steady, predictable lives with moments of action or rapid response needed once in a while.  We have periods of negative happenings when we feel the whole world is against us — and other times when we feel we can do no wrong and everything seems to be going our way.

I will always try to put things in perspective, give a 360 degree view of all sides of any aspects going on, and I will try to answer any questions in a timely and personal way.  We have in my viewpoint the power to keep our lives on an even keel and to find the best ways to proceed with our pathway during this lifetime.

I encourage you to partake of these entries and make your own decisions about how to proceed — each of us has a specific pathway and it is our duty to try to reach the highest level of fulfillment possible.  It can be a fun trip — unique — intense — involved — and karmic in all things familial and personally… We are all here on this tiny planet — and it is a privilege and a responsibility to make the most of this special time in our history.

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