New Moon in Sagittarius Reminder – December 7th 2018

You don’t want to miss this last New Moon of the year cresting at 2:20 AM EST in optimistic and forward-looking Sagittarius. We can all tap into the bold and adventurous vibrations of this dynamic New Moon, to make our affirmations, wishes and dreams come true! WE can at the very least get the ball rolling, in order to put our own desires into the Universal flow where our sincere thoughts can become our new reality.

At the very least –jot down a few ideas, hopes, secrets that you know would improve your life in the here-and-now! Any unsettled business or issue can be sorted out with the pizzazz of the New Moon’s vigor and vibrant energy.

Grab the gusto! Go for broke! Get in on the positive New Moon in Sagittarius offerings. Write out any and all wishes you may have, or know that will help you in the future. That’s all Folks!

Easy-peasy — it is literally in your own hands to find the magic in the Universal Harmonics.

Good Luck!


New Moon in Sagittarius — December 7th 2018

The New Moon in Sagittarius crests at 2:20 AM EST on the 7th at 15 degrees of the sign. This will be a New Lunar cycle for those born on or near this date — so important for these individuals to write out their affirmations, wishes and dreams in a timely manner. However, as the last New Moon of the year, it is a time when we all can take a moment to look back on our affirmations during the year. Perhaps review what has worked and what may need to be tweaked in order to come to fruition. Each New Moon has its own profile according to the sign, and Sagittarius is one that is full of promise. Ruled by Jupiter it is full of openness and acceptance — an outlook that is full of potential — always seeking a higher order to achieve. The New Moon in Sagittarius is our last time this year to “get it right“!

It is up to us to find that magic potion of intuition, determination and desire that can bring our wishes and dreams down to Earth. Don’t let this high-energy day go without at least jotting a wish or two down — especially in your own handwriting. Feel the pulsations moving down from your mind to your hand, embrace the connection that you have with the harmony of the Earth and Sky. As the Moon enters its New Moon stage it is as if the Universe is pulsating with the power of this new entrant into the fray that is life on Earth. Allowing this energy to flow generously into our surroundings and trying to find those few who will breathe in the esoteric supremacy of the moment. The Galaxy is opening its arms hoping to help those who want to help themselves and their loved ones by bringing a longed-for dream into reality. The dynamic and mysterious ways in which the Universe works is an impenetrable force open wide when the New Moon holds sway. It is then we ordinary folks are able to tap into the arcane and shadowy secret potency that is available. There is a fissure in the time/space continuum that we are able to use if we can tap into our psyches to find our truest and deepest desires, dreams and wishes. Try to find that delicate balance of mind over matter, faith over fate, and knowing over misperception. Know that you can do this simple task — write out your affirmations with absolute certainty that they can become your own reality.

Of course anything is on the table when your own wishes are concerned, but working within the frame of the sign Sagittarius can be influential when choosing our affirmations. Any ongoing legal matters can be clarified with this New Moon, seeking the truthfulness in those surrounding you can be made apparent, simple wishes for good luck, an optimistic outlook, and finding your true faith can be sought. A wish for more or higher education, mental acuity, and intuition is also a goal of Sagittarius. As the energy of the New Moon filters into our lives, we can meditate on those things that will serve us best. Open your hearts and minds to the adventure that awaits.

As the New Moon in Sagittarius is at 2:20 AM EST — the strongest time to write out your affirmations is within the first eight hours after it crests — however the next 24 hours also holds its potency.

Good Luck!

Lady Venus Enters Scorpio — December 2nd 2018

Lady Venus will have to adjust abruptly, as the sudden change from being in Libra’s elegant, beautiful and artistic realm will be quite a different experience, as  She enters Scorpio’s intense, passionate and erudite kingdom. Indeed our Lady Venus knows that a major adjustment must be made quite quickly if She is to truly reign over zealous Scorpio’s landscape. Of course, our Lady Venus has been here before, and remembers the fertile ground of the Scorpio ability to mesmerize all, who are within sight of the intense gaze of those Scorpio eyes!

Our delicate and delightful Lady Venus will become the enchantress, temptress, winsome  coquette, and flirtatious kitten at her desire. Of course, there will also be the ability to create a strong, fixed, determined business dynamo, a CEO, or a high-powered figure in the law/justice field. Scorpio just loves to dig deep into any secrets or undiscovered mysteries that might be ready to be unveiled.

During Her transit through Scorpio, Lady Venus will be positively connected to Neptune in Pisces (raising our Spirituality and ability to love unconditionally), and to Mars also in Pisces (our passions and desires in love and life) this entire month! We will be more attuned to the feelings and needs of our loved ones throughout this month, and able to sense their unexpressed wishes. Your present relationships may become more serious and connected. However, being in the idealistic glow of Neptune’s rapture may make you vulnerable to hyper-emotional actions during the Holidays. We all can get caught up in the beautiful fantasies of a Neptunian moment. Remember that Mars will bring the passion, Venus will enhance the love, and Neptune will bring that element of a forever feeling. This motivational trio will be holding the puppet-strings of all of our deepest and most heartfelt feelings. Let a little time pass before either avowing your love, or accepting someone’s undying devotion. (It may, indeed, be too good to be true)! Of course — you could find your soul-mate and your forever love!

Lady Venus Parallels the Moon on the 4th as you’re getting into work, you are feeling especially optimistic and others respond accordingly. On the 8th after the noon hour someone is in need of space — don’t crowd. Lady Venus and the Moon meet up on the 13th late in the evening — your dreams may have a spark of intuition and your dreams are sweet. The 14th finds Lady Venus in Scorpio engaging Jupiter — there is a sense of joy and sharing in the air. Lady Venus is busy on the 16th as an early morning encounter with the Sun is a bit testy, remain respectful — also a bit later, Lady Venus greets Saturn making the day much more stable and you are feeling all is going well. On the 21st, Lady Venus and Neptune meet with glee around the noon hour, a luncheon date may bring a wonderful new admirer into your realm, perhaps too dreamy — just have fun! On the 28th Lady Venus and Pluto are in sync, deep feelings are unearthed and it feels like a positive change is coming. Lady Venus will enter Sagittarius on January 7th beginning our New Year with a joyful outlook and childlike eyes of wonder!

We can use Lady Venus in Scorpio’s vested interest in all things mystical and mysterious to find any issue or hidden agenda that someone might have against us. We can also use the powerful Fixed and determined aura of this intense sign in planning our forward motion when engaging in any business deal, personal relationship, and family squabble. Our Lady Venus in Scorpio is nothing, if not a force to be reckoned with, as She transits this sign that rules transformation, renewal, regeneration and new beginnings! Rejuvenation and second chances are always on the table when Pluto ruled Scorpio is in the House — look to your own Zodiac Chart to see where Scorpio lives — and there will be the area that can if necessary be changed for the better. Involved with Karma and rebirth — Scorpio reigns with Solomon like wisdom and perception. It is difficult to fool a true Scorpio, they have your number! Work with the flow of the Universe to maximize your potential — help is there for the asking.



December’s Astrological Activity — 2018

It’s always seems hard to believe we have reached the last month of the year — we question — “Where did the time go?” I have to say as one ages the years continue to fly by — with a new great-granddaughter on the scene, I am aware of how unimaginably quickly those tiny newborns grow — and now our newest addition will be 6 months old on Christmas Eve! WHAT??? There never seems like enough time to see the newest additions to the family, although their parents are so willing to take the time to let us visit or to visit with us! In the two-and-a-half years since our first great-granddaughter was born it is as if life has accelerated to sonic speeds — and life is so full and busy for everyone that there just isn’t enough time in the Universe to partake of all the precious moments together. Sigh!

Well — on to the information that may help us move forward with as few hitches as possible, in order to get to all of our shopping, food preparations, visiting and generally finding the joy in the chaos, the blessings in the busyness, and to reap the benefits of all the love being expended as we sally forth to the end of this remarkable year.

December begins with Retrograde Mercury entering the latter degrees of Scorpio, remaining there while turning Direct on the 6th at 4:23 PM EST, continuing moving forward until entering the sign Sagittarius on the 12th. Rx Mercury in Scorpio can forecast a period of less than truthfulness — be aware of anyone or scheme that seems too good to be true! Mercury in Sagittarius will bring us joyful energy, and a happy outlook for the Season ahead.  On the 2nd Lady Venus will enter Scorpio for the rest of the month, bringing our thoughts to our loved ones, especially those whom we have not seen for some period of time — perhaps a good time to reconnect.

Our New Moon in Sagittarius crests at 15 degrees of the sign on the 7th at 2:20 AM EST, giving us a boost of Lunar energy to get all of our Holiday plans in order, especially as Mercury has begun forward motion also. Use the vigor of mighty and joyful Sagittarius to infuse your psyche with the creative ability to think outside the box — and find gifts and surprises that will amaze all the folks on your list! Try to pick up the child-like enthusiasm of Sagittarius in “seeing” these Holiday preparations. Our Sagittarian brethren all seem to have the ability to tap into their inner-child in order to enjoy all of the stages that lead up to an exuberant and festive Holiday Season! Become that carefree child, with eyes of wonder, even if for only a few minutes a day — revel in the joy you felt as a child, as the magical and blessed Holiday came ever nearer.

Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces (spirit and soul) will be stimulating our psyches to reach the epitome of our deepest empathy and compassion for our fellow man.  What better time of year to reach out with loving kindness to those that are less fortunate. Compassion is innate in our nature for all living things — a divine gift that allows us to “feel” for others of our kind and for the four-legged variety also. Remember those acts of kindness and love that were unconditionally given to you, and if possible, try to pass on a little of the love and caring you have enjoyed throughout your lifetime. I truly believe that what we give out comes back to us in measure — we can all enjoy those benefits we receive, as we are aware that in many ways throughout our lives we have paid it forward with loving kindness.

On the 2nd, the Sun and Mars just aren’t feeling it — after the dinner hour, someone’s nose may be out of joint and they aren’t feeling the love — try to understand their brief impulsiveness and quickly move on. The 5th finds the Sun and Neptune also at odds, at dinner time, use this aspect as a time to create and maximize your unique ideas. Mercury goes Direct on the 6th bringing a more positive use of our minds and creativity. The New Moon in Sagittarius, on the 7th will usher in a breath of fresh air, sweeping away any cobwebs of fuzzy thinking. Mars and Neptune find common ground also as you enter the workplace, others are receptive to your ideas and jolly mood. Mars and Uranus have a dust up at the dinner hour — folks are probably tired from the work week — perhaps you can order pizza to make everyone happy! On the 8th the Capricorn Moon’s practicality and doggedness will help us organize for the next few days — make lists, schedules but remember to also make time for fun. The 11th find us a bit at sea with Uranus bringing some unpredictable ongoings, and Pluto pushing His weight around — be an observer and avoid the fray. Lady Venus and Jupiter are free-wheeling with their upbeat idea of fun and games on the 14th. Safe driving on the morning of the 15th as Uranus and Neptune make drivers erratic. The 16th finds Lady Venus and Jupiter truly in sync, during the morning hours, you can count on your friends and family to support you in your endeavors. After midnight, Mars and Pluto are rearing to go — perhaps you might have trouble falling asleep. The Taurus Moon on the 18th helps us have the power to get things done in an orderly manner, staying true through the 20th when the Sun and Uranus smile upon each other and you find new energy, passion and optimism in going forward. The 21st (Winter Solstice)  finds Lady Venus and Neptune in good order, during the lunch hour — perhaps an office party brings someone new into your life, or you are the life of the party! The Full Moon on the 22nd might bring too much energy into your day, go with the flow and find your happy place to rest and relax. There will be some confusion on the 24th, perhaps the weather may interfere with your plans — try to get things sorted out as best you can. The Moon in Leo makes for a joyous and breathtaking Holiday! Gifts will be plentiful and luxurious, food ample and rich, and relationships jolly and loving! What more could we ask? On the 27th in early afternoon, Jupiter and Saturn brings organizational ability and a practical optimism. The 28th is a bit hum-drum until the Moon enters Libra in mid-afternoon, use the earlier part of the day to get caught up on old business. After the Moon crests, your evening will improve as Lady Venus and Pluto bring some intense attractions and/or you and your significant other are truly seeing eye-to-eye. The evening of the 29th could find that your hard work has paid off handsomely.

On the 31st (New Year’s Eve), it’s time to showcase your best party attire, and bring your most optimistic outlook with you, to whatever venue you are attending — you will stand out! This day ends with Mars entering Aries — for the energy to meet the New Year with positivity, and the Moon and Neptune are working together to bring us a most Holy and blessed year ahead.

Happy Holiday to One and All — Peace


HAPPY THANKSGIVING –November 22nd 2018

The week ahead should prove busy, exciting and memorable for a variety of reasons! It is the beginning of our traditional Holiday Season here in New England, we have already experienced our first snowfall, and that feeling of goodwill and thankfulness is permeating our psyches. There may be a few hiccups on the way to our hearty Thanksgiving celebration, and for those traveling, it may be a bit on the treacherous side, so think safety first!

We all know that a Retrograde Mercury can wreak havoc with our everyday life, especially in the areas of cars, transportation, computers, correspondence, merchandising, and contracts. So — if you are going to be on the road this week, please make sure your car is in tip-top condition, tires properly inflated, all outer lights and brakes working properly. Also, double check reservations, directions and destinations to be sure you have got the proper information you need to arrive safely. We all want the Holiday to be a joyous day for one and all!

On Monday the Moon enters the sign Aries, ruled by passionate Mars — to give us a boost in energy and zest to help us get our busy agenda done in a succinct and proficient manner. This may prove to be a mixed day, with the morning hours holding much promise and opportunity to get things done in an orderly fashion, however, towards early evening there may be some confusion and disorder as Mars in Pisces and Jupiter in Sagittarius just aren’t seeing eye-to-eye. You may have things well-planned, but they just fall apart quickly — perhaps better if you let things go until morning when you have a better handle on the situation. Tuesday meanders along with minor aspects until supper time, when the Moon meets up with the Planet Uranus in the sign Aries at the Karmic 29th degree, and things may go askew, until the Moon enters Taurus at 6:44 PM EST. With the Moon in Earthy Fixed Taurus — you can see things more calmly and use that Taurus determination to find a quick solution. Wednesday an afternoon aspect between the Sun in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries might incur some disruption and disarray — staying calm in the face of any unforeseen happenstance will allow you to get through this short period with elan and grace. Stick with your plan, and try to stay grounded — everyone is so busy and the unexpected is always disconcerting and distressing! However, at the end of the day a positive element will allow us to let any confusion and angst go — as we become more optimistic, and look forward to tomorrow’s celebration.

Thanksgiving Day starts out with the Sun moving into the sign Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter the Planet of joy, good luck and bounty — hopefully bringing us a positive outlook for the day, and allowing us to remember why we truly celebrate this glorious day. There are sure to be present the usual minor issues that develop during the complex creation of our bountiful Holiday meal — but we can inevitably find the joy and camaraderie withing our family circle, to brush off any of these inconveniences with a good-natured shrug and a sense of humor, as we affectionately embrace our loved ones. Eat, drink and be merry as you fully immerse yourself in the love, respect and admiration of your closest kin.

On Friday, just after midnight the Full Moon in Gemini crests — so anyone traveling late on the evening before or during the early part of the morning, should be doubly aware of distracted drivers, those under the influence, and speeders — as they try to reach their destinations. Busyness will abound as folks vie for Black Friday bargains — and tempers may flair — lines may be long and frustrations rising as the day wears on — if traveling — be super aware of everything around you. Saturday will be a day to try to unwind from the busy and emotional reunions, family idiosyncrasies, and emotional roller-coaster we have been riding. Sunday, is definitely a day to reconnect with your inner Zen — to relax — and to gear-up for the next week ahead.

Let’s all remember that this day is set aside to reflect on those things that we are grateful for — our blessings — our joys — the things that make our lives worthwhile! Set aside any petty disagreements, peeves, irritations and annoyances that we sometimes hold on to for much too long a time. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the divine blessings that you enjoy — not to mention that fabulous turkey dinner!

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all — may you be able to break bread with those you love the most, find pleasure in your combined memories of the past, realize you are making new loving memories for the future, and remember the joy of familial unconditional love! Family is the sweet frosting that holds all of us together — our love for one another is the cherry on the cake — and a sense of humor is what can get us through anything, with our knowledge of belonging to those who understand and love us best.

May you all enjoy an abundance of blessings! Peace.

New Moon in Scorpio Reminder — November 7th 2018

Here’s a Heads-Up to remind everyone that the powerful New Moon in Scorpio is cresting on the 7th at 11:02 AM EST at 15 degrees of the sign. You can write out your affirmations, wishes, desires and dreams any time after the Moon has crested — and for the next 24 hours.

The Moon in Scorpio can dig deep into your psyche to find those things that can make your life more meaningful, more intuitive, more connected to the present and past, and more productive. The ancients knew that Scorpio was the center of Man’s desires, secrets and mysteries — and had a good deal of respect for this dominant entity throughout the ages. Scorpio being a Fixed Water sign has always had strong emotions, and a confident air. Seldom can one fool a true Scorpio who’s intuitive powers are an inherent and fundamental ability that lie deep within His soul.

By tuning in to the massive vitality and verve of Scorpio, we can give ourselves a boost of perception and perhaps clairvoyance in order to send our affirmations and desires into the Universal ether. Feel the tenuous connection between the realms of Earth and the Galaxy wherein we all dwell — connect to the vibrations of the Universal flow and become one with your birthright.

The answers are in your hearts, spirits and souls — choose to bond with your heritage from the stars!


New Moon in Scorpio — November 7th 2018

This month the New Moon crests at 15 degrees of the sign Scorpio on November 7th at 11:02 EST. Scorpio is an intense, passionate, intuitive and Karmic sign that can sometimes be too dynamic for some folks to handle. Perhaps dynamic isn’t the first word you might think of with the sign Scorpio, yet in its quietly deep and penetrating manner, Scorpio can uncover some amazing secrets, desires, and wishes that are an eye-opener especially for those it is affecting. Look to your Zodiac Chart to see where the sign Scorpio lives, and within this House the Scorpio New Moon will bring its most powerful senses and interests to the fore.

We can use this potent power when we write out our New Moon affirmations, wishes, desires or dreams while the energy of this aspect is in full force. Scorpio can allow us to see those desires that we might not always want to admit to in our day-to-day lives. Perhaps to find our true soulmate, find a way to improve our income, personal empowerment and self-confidence, being more open in relationships, gaining control over any negative habit — spending too much, drinking, gambling, procrastinating. Whatever your demon or desire — the New Moon in Scorpio can help you to find a way to slay that particular dragon, or find a solution, with the right words written down to enter into the ether to become your own reality.

Ruled by the tiny dynamo Pluto, Scorpio also has sway over wills and taxes, over the underworld, poisonous and noxious fumes, regeneration, transformation, astral-projection and the ability to reinvent oneself. How can we say no to using the immense authority of this sign to help us help ourselves. Invest in your future with the vast influence of this powerful New Moon.

Scorpio breathes in the deepest, darkest secrets of the world — and can see the fragility and instability of our existence herein. Plumbing the depths of the human soul, Scorpio can help us to find that place of acceptance and approval that we all need while we inhabit this Earth. Evolving into our highest form is what we are all about — we sometimes get sidetracked because life can be difficult and tragic. Still, we are born with a sense of trust, hope and optimism and love — that we can tap into in times of distress. We are chosen to live in this particular time and place — there is a plan for each and every one of us to fulfill. It is our job to find our bliss — to justify the gift of the life we have been given — to learn, to teach, to listen, to understand the beauty and majesty of our journey in this lifetime.

The New Moon in Scorpio can be that reset button for all of us, if we but dig deep enough into the depths of our psyches to find our ultimate journey’s destination. Give yourself the gift of the intuitively definitive knowledge of your own evolution and progression. Write out your Affirmations with your own words, thoughts, and deepest desires, in order to become your best and most sublime self.

Since this New Moon in Scorpio crests at 11:02 AM EST, you can write out your wishes and dreams all throughout the day, and for the next 24 hours for the most powerful effect for accomplishing your goals. Just give it a try — perhaps write  down only one or two really important wishes — and see what might happen!