Lady Venus Enters Scorpio — September 9th 2018

Our Lady Venus will leave Libra’s beautiful realm on September 9th, to enter Scorpio’s dramatic, intense and shadowy domain at 4:26 AM EST (add one hour for DST). After her lighthearted and joyous stay within Libra, our Lady Venus is a little tenuous about entering such a strong, sensual and virile sign, that titillates her deepest feminine fantasies. Indeed — Lady Venus is quite overwhelmed by the scintillating impact that Scorpio has on her instinctive biological drives. Our delicate Lady Venus is swamped by a myriad of passionate thoughts and desires. Still, enter Scorpio She must, and She will find Her way into this magnificent underworld, that can bring our senses to the heights and depths of our humanity. Of course Lady Venus will always try to take the high road when challenged or confronted by darker decisions. Lady Venus may be the only one who can truly find that soft center core of Scorpio’s deep sensitivity and compassion.

Much can be accomplished with Lady Venus in Scorpio, we can seek out those hidden secrets that we instinctively know are being held from us, by whomever is trying to deceive. We can dive to the depths of the swirling eddies of misinformation and dig out the unvarnished truth. Also, on a lighter note, we are able to find that secret strength we all have deep within us to get through some of life’s more difficult stressors — and we can rise above any petty nuisances that others may be trying to put upon us. We can find our inner hero/heroine that will bring us that undeniable knowledge that we are our own best champions! Bring your Super powers to bear on any situation that perplexes, discombobulates, or frustrates you — Lady Venus in Scorpio will find your answers.

This transit will be a much longer stay in Scorpio, because Lady Venus will Retrograde at 10 degrees of the sign on October 5th at 2:03 PM EST. Lady Venus will then continue through Scorpio, until entering Libra on October 31st — remaining in the late degrees of Libra, and then going Direct on November 15th — not re-entering Scorpio until December 2nd — remaining in the sign Scorpio until January 6th 2019 when Lady Venus enters the sign Sagittarius. So — look to your Zodiac Chart to see what House Scorpio lives in so you can find out how this long-term stay of Lady Venus in Scorpio will affect your life. Each Zodiac House has its own profile and rulership areas that will be impacted by Lady Venus during Her long stay in the sign Scorpio.

Using the power of the stars can bring us a welcome realization that we are capable to steer our own lives by understanding how the Universe is bringing changes and opportunities into our lives. Knowing the area where Scorpio lives in your Zodiac Chart can give you a heads-up about the coming few months. Your love life may be turned topsy-turvy if there have been underlying issues, or you could meet your Soul-mate in an extraordinary manner. Lady Venus is always all about love, and in Scorpio there is an intensity and drive that might make life a little more interesting. Be sure whilst Lady Venus is in the Retrograde mode that any new love interests are going to be solid, stand-up, worthwhile people who are worth your time and emotional input. Since Lady Venus is in Rx mode for such a long time — it may behoove you to take your time with any new love interest. Perhaps after the excitement of the beautiful holiday season has passed, check your true emotions and reconsider the connection if there is any doubt. Allow yourself to get into the daily routines of your usual life — and then make a decision without that halo of sudden attraction!

On September 12th Lady Venus meets up with Uranus and that electric atmosphere that is established might make a new acquaintance seem perfect. Or a longer term relationship is suddenly seen to be on a rocky path. Allow time to sort out any discrepancies as Uranus can make things seem more chaotic and karmic before blasting the whole situation into atoms. Later in the day Lady Venus meets up with Saturn putting a calmer and more wise head on our shoulders — listen to your inner voice. The Full Moon on the 24th at 2 degrees of Aries might put an impediment in our way — breathe and use common sense. On October 10th Lady Venus squares off with Mars mid-evening, passions run high, but may not be on a positive note — back off any conflict with loved ones. The 24th finds Lady Venus and Saturn once again in sync, around breakfast time, you can make progress in business and with long-term relationships. Lady Venus meeting up with the Sun on the 26th gives us a brisk morning boost, people are smiling at you and love your ideas. Ending the month in Rx mode in Libra — Lady Venus is giving us a chance to reconnect with a past love, or fix some issues that had been brewing over the last few months. Enjoy this return of Lady Venus to Libra as She is much more lighthearted and feeling more balanced while ensconced in Libra’s realm.

Hint —  Seek out your Lady Venus in Scorpio love in a dimly lit pub, at an intense movie, at the library, in an occult bookstore, at an art gallery, in the doctor’s office, buying the latest mystery novel, volunteering at a food pantry, teaching at Hogwarts, bringing health care to clinics in needy areas, giving flu shots, buying fresh vegetables at a farmers market, at a seance, buying an espresso, walking along the shore looking for shells, and reading to toddlers.






New Moon in Virgo — September 9th 2018

The New Moon this month will crest in the sign Virgo at 17 degrees, at 1:02 PM EST ( add one hour for DST). Anyone with their Sun at 17 degrees of Virgo will be entering a new lunar cycle for the next month. Virgo is a very particular sign, leaving little leeway in its need for precision, perfection and exactness. Indeed Virgo has little patience for anything that is not done well and to exacting standards. Always seeking perfection, our Virgo brethren keep the bar high when judging themselves and others.

I often quip that there is the Virgo way, and the wrong way! Our Virgo’s are simply amazing at getting things right, and insisting that everything is done to their lofty standards. For many of us, we cannot fathom their insistence on having everything perfect — we are happy with safe, clean, moderately neat, germ-free, and comfortable. Sigh! The issue here, is that our Virgo folks are often right about so many things, they will research, study, immerse themselves in any area that takes their fancy — and they will become expert in that field. It is difficult to argue with a knowledgeable Virgo because they will have the answers and back-up information  to prove their point.

However, their zeal often puts them into conflict with others who prefer to live life in a more casual manner — without judging every little flaw that might be a natural part of their DNA. We can all use Virgo’s diligence, investigative skills, ability to find a “perfect” solution for any problem. They have an excellent work-ethic, make wonderful employees if they can work alone or be the head of a group, make strong leaders, and can be intimidating when needed.

Now the counterpart of this Super Virgo, is when they might have picked up some of their opposite sign’s compassion and empathy. These are the Virgos who enter the medical field, social services, and find their calling in the religious life. Many may be surprised to find that their Doctors and Nurses are indeed Virgos! In the medical field they are outstanding, as they seek the best methods to care for their patients and insist on a high standard for all to follow.

With the New Moon in Virgo, affirmations about our health are right on track, also any financial issues can be initiated as Virgos are insistent on following good budgetary plans. Of course, in any area, we can use the Virgo’s need for perfection to be our guide in finding good solutions.

Take a few moments to write down your wish list for the Virgo New Moon — if you have a need to clean up any areas of your life, the Moon in Virgo is your best companion along the way. It is a unique opportunity to bring control, organization, finding the best methods to solve a problem, taking control of your health and well-being, and generally using the Virgo Super Power of Perfection to help you to a better future.

The best time to write out your affirmations will be after the New Moon crests at 1:02 PM EST (add one hour for DST), on the 9th of September. The New Moon will energize the next 24 hours with the dynamism of Virgo’s power.  Good Luck!


Autumnal Equinox — September 22nd 2018

As the Sun enters the sign Libra at 8:55 PM EST (add one hour for DST), we celebrate the ancestral harvest. We gather and store our crops for the long winter months that are coming. We are grateful that the Sun has been warm and bright, the soil rich and hearty, and the rain plentiful — insuring our larders will be overflowing with produce and grain. Another year of plenty, of growth, of survival and hope for humanity — the Autumnal Equinox.

Equinox — generally meaning that day and night are of equal length —  but because of the Earth’s rotation this is seldom true. However, I think the idea of equality centered within this one day can help remind all of us, of one of the core components of the Constitution — that “All men are created equal”. The idea that we humans are all cut from the same cloth — the same elements — the same chemical components, that the Universe bestowed upon each of us at our creation.

Perhaps we can use this special day, to try to remember how much more alike we are than different. Maybe we can choose to see the beautiful similarities in one another rather than the surface differences. Imagine — if you will, how incredibly wonderful this World would be if for just this day we all tried to put aside our “differences” and greeted one another as Equals. Man-woman, old-young, tall-short, red-white-gold-brown-black, rich or poor, worldly or naive, strong or weak — if we could look beyond the surface into the depths of our souls and truly “see” everyone as ourselves — would that not be a blessed gift to one and all, to the Earth, and to this World in which we all live and love?

Just sayin’


September’s Astrological Activity — 2018

September starts out with the Moon in stable and practical Taurus in good aspect to Neptune as the month begins, allowing us to awaken with sweet dreams,  and a feeling that all is well in the world (it may just be the rose-colored glasses). The New Moon crests in Virgo at 17 degrees of the sign on the 9th at 1:02 PM EST (adjust for DST), some of our plans may not work out as we would like, not everything can’t be perfect. Our Full Moon will crest on the 24th at 9:52 PM EST at 2 degrees of Aries, opposite the Libra Sun we may feel a bit unbalanced and confused.

The Planet Mars in Capricorn turned direct on August 27th increasing the more positive vibes from this Fiery orb, we may now find some of our plans will start to move forward, however — this progressive motion may be delayed, as Mars gets attuned to moving in a direct manner. Especially with the New Moon energies also being a bit confusing and adding to the mix. Also, Saturn in Capricorn will turn direct on September 6th bringing another boost to our more positive feelings, especially if we have been under-the-weather, this will be a good time to improve our health and exercise routines for more robust health and well-being. Generally there is a somewhat upbeat feeling in the ether, perhaps it’s just the brisk Autumn air here in New England after a very hot Summer.

Mid-month seems to be a time that there could be a financial breakthrough or some medical discovery that will improve our lives. Let’s all think positive thoughts that humankind is going to find a way to become more evolved and ready to reach out to those less fortunate. Later in the month we will have to consider how we have been treating ourselves also, as ignoring our own individual needs makes it impossible for us to help others effectively. We may want to use the precise Virgo atmosphere to encourage us to bring our “A” game into the fore. Until the 22nd (Autumnal Equinox), the Virgo Sun will impel us to do our best and to reach for perfection. Think outside the box to come up with original ideas, and new ways of approaching our problems and issues. Feel the innovative power of Uranus in Aries in the air and draw your inspiration from “seeing” the world in a transformative manner.

Jupiter in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn can bring about major changes in the business landscape — think revamping those huge entities in the business world who dominate certain areas in totality. Jupiter in Scorpio will attempt to abolish any underhanded practices and Pluto in Capricorn wants moral turpitude to be upheld. This duo can bring about a change for the betterment of all men. There is also still a spiritual connection between Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces — this can bring about positive changes in biased attitudes, and allow ourselves to be forgiving and compassionate.

Lady Venus joyfully enters the month in the sign Libra, however moving along, She will soon enter the sign Scorpio on September 9th. This is quite the change for our Lady Venus as the intensity and demeanor of Scorpio leaves Her a little tremulous. On October 5th, Lady Venus will turn Retrograde, remaining Rx until November 16th. This is a rather long stay for Lady Venus in Scorpio — check your chart for the Zodiac House that will feel this long Scorpio transit — and perhaps take your time with a new love interest, or making a serious commitment whilst Lady Venus isn’t giving it Her best!

On September 3rd, Mercury and Lady Venus see eye-to-eye as you are getting into the office, your bold ideas and intelligent manner of presenting them will get you noticed. Of course, looking good doesn’t hurt either. Around noon time Jupiter and Saturn may make you hesitant in keeping true to yourself, just be sure you are true to yourself and your ideals. The 5th brings us a mid-morning challenge, don’t take the bait — it’s not worth the argument. Breakfast time on the 7th finds Mercury and Saturn using their precise mindsets in figuring out a daunting task — you will amaze your audience. After lunch, the Sun and Neptune are at odds, but keeping your mind alert and on track, will allow you to be able to handle the opposition. Late afternoon on the 8th finds Lady Venus and Mars in a snit, don’t let your emotions rule your mind — and you will win. The New Moon on the 9th after lunch allows us to focus on our future goals and writing out our affirmations and wishes. Take it easy on the return trip home, as Mars and Neptune aren’t in tune — there may be roadblocks. On the 11th the Sun makes positive connections with Jupiter and Pluto during the morning hours, perhaps you had a dream that made sense, and your mind is alert and you are motivated toward your goals. The 12th finds Lady Venus and Saturn in agreement late in the evening — old friends and practical resources will help you get settled. Mercury finds Neptune a bit emotionally extreme the evening of the 13th, perhaps you are being a bit to sentimental or just aren’t feeling well. However, on the evening of the 15th Mercury and Pluto are on point and finding it easy to get to the gist of a problem, you already know the answer. Mercury also has a lot going on with a meeting with Jupiter on the 16th as you are getting up, you are feeling good about your plans for the day. Later on Mercury and Lady Venus are at war mid-morning — don’t allow yourself to be drawn into someone else’s squabble. Your early morning commute on the 18th can be dicey as Mars and Uranus are butting heads — keep a steady pace. On the 20th Mercury and the Sun are together at break time, you are ready for some fresh coffee and perhaps a healthy snack. Late morning on the 23rd finds Mercury and Saturn once again at odds, perhaps a friend opted out of a planned outing. In the early evening, Mercury and Mars find a positive connection and you mind-meld with someone new. The Full Moon in Aries crests on the 24th later in the evening, perhaps your day seemed out-of-control, and you can’t settle down, breathe! The 25th doesn’t seem to improve with Mercury and Jupiter overdoing it as you get to the office, and at dinnertime, the Sun and Saturn square off requiring the patience of a Saint to get everyone calmed down. Just let it go if you possibly can do so. If headed to the office on the 27th, bring something sweet, it will go a long way to soothe hurt feelings. Around dinner time the Sun and Mars are spirited and happy — you know it was a good day! Ending the month with the Moon in Gemini can make for a busy weekend, try to focus on the positives and ignore the naysayers. Pluto goes Direct in Capricorn bringing a more positive power into our realm. Practicality rules and popularity softens the intensity. Try to enjoy the weekend with friends and family and you will be ready to face the work week ahead.






New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo Reminder — August 11th 2018

Today is the day to write out your affirmations, wishes, desires and dreams for your optimistic future. You have all day today to get your list together, and send your personal thoughts and affirmations into the Galaxial ether. Once written, while you are strongly focused and truly are mindful of what your goals and end results will fulfill in your life — send your thoughts and affirmations off to solidify and become your future reality!

Good Luck!

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo — August 11th 2018

A New Moon Solar Eclipse has a massive amount of energy so that it begins a new lunar cycle that will influence the next six months. This will be especially true if you have the Sun, Moon or Planet at 18 degrees of the sign Leo or opposite in the same degree of Aquarius. Of course, the effect it has will depend on which Zodiac House the Planets reside within, and whether or not it has any aspects to other Planets or the Sun and Moon. We all will have the New Moon Solar Eclipse in our Zodiac Chart and that area will bear the impact of this event. I truly believe that New Moon energy is a positive and optimistic occurrence that can bring good tidings.

On the negative side of this equation is that being in the sign Leo can empower those folks who are so inclined to become more egotistic, narcissistic and overbearing. However, there is usually a balance within the astrological landscape that will also inspire some folks to become more accepting, generous and benevolent. There is a Yin and Yang throughout the Universe that we must work with, as we try to evolve into our most noble selves.

We are being prompted to follow our kinder instincts, our heartfelt ideals and to begin to understand the purpose of our existence here, now, in this beautiful realm. Find your Bliss, be inspired to rise above the daily fray, and reconnect to your inner-child. Believe in your God-given gift of humanity and find that divine spark within your spirit.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse crests at 18 degrees of Leo, at 4:48 AM EST (adjust for DST). Your affirmations, wishes, desires and dreams can be about anything — however, working within Leo’s realm may be more productive — Self-confidence, romance, children, adventure, loyalty, creativity and just plain Fun, are all within Leo’s reign. Think about your life right now — what would truly improve your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Think carefully about how each “change” might impact your life for the better, and begin to formulate your wish list. Refine your ideas, tweak the details, and when you are sure of your wishes — try to write out your affirmations after the New Moon crests — after 4:48 AM EST. You have all day for employing the highest degree of lunar energy and power, Leo rules the Sun and therefore has rulership over the heart — use your heart in planning and writing out your wishes. This is a mighty and  powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse that will reign for several months ahead.

Plead your case for improvement as the Heavens are bestowing their finest spiritual and divine benedictions upon us. Find your personal Bliss, and find the joyful harmony in this lifetime!


Lady Venus Enters Libra — August 6th 2018

Giddy with delight as she steps over the cusp of Virgo to enter the enchanted and beautiful realm of Libra, Lady Venus radiates with joy. Moving into Libra at 6:28 PM EST (adjust for DST), and remaining in Libra until entering Scorpio on September 9th. Our Lady Venus feels the balanced and creative vibrations of Libra begin to stir Her creative juices, as She embraces the light of an inspired new day! Indeed, Lady Venus can’t wait until She is totally ensconced in Libra’s realm to really strut Her stuff.

I hope everyone got their “healthy” on whilst Lady Venus was in Virgo — because Libra is all about beauty, balance, brilliance and chocolate! Well, OK — maybe not chocolate alone, but surely about enjoying all of our senses to the max! Libra truly brings us joy as long as we remember “moderation in all things“, as my Mother used to say — over and over again. Unfortunately under Libra’s delicately structured and iridescent wing — we may be inclined to indulge in our favorite things whether food, fantasy, fun or facts! We can lavish ourselves in the beauty of Mother Nature, the fashion world, romance, all manner of decoration, and yes food. We find we are more attuned to the loveliness that surrounds us on a day-to-day basis, and yet can find excitement and delight in the extraordinary and magical world under Libras dominion.

We shall sally forth into Libra’s rarefied air with Lady Venus, to find our sensitivities heightened, our love lives enhanced, and ourselves entertained with the beauty of all that our World has to offer.

Of course, we will have the mighty energy of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo on the 11th, along with the strength of Lady Venus in Libra, we will have more positive vibrations in the ether, in order to write out our list of affirmations, wishes and dreams.  Think about those things that would bring more beauty and benefit to yourself and to all of your loved ones.

Mercury will go Direct, ending its Retrograde motion on the 18th, at 11 degrees of Leo, and Mars will go Direct on the 27th, re-entering Aquarius on September 10th — both of these Planets will then begin to produce more positive feelings, and will be giving us more of their optimistic and constructive energy.

Starting her reign in Libra, Lady Venus and Mars enjoy each other’s company on the 7th after the dinner hour, you and a loved one may be seeing eye-to-eye, or a new friendship is blossoming, there’s a whole lot of love to go around. On the 9th, Lady Venus and Uranus might be having difficulty in communicating, during the morning hours, someone may just want what they want! Sometime you just have to let go. The 18th finds Lady Venus and Mercury in sync, about mid-morning — there are sweet sentiments said, and an artistic flare in the atmosphere — breathe in the esoteric air. On the 19th Lady Venus and Neptune link up and bring us a spiritual moment after the noon hour — you might be too idealistic, or seeing a suitor with stars in your eyes. The 22nd finds this combo again at work later in the afternoon, try to see things without the aura of wishful-thinking — be pragmatic and rational if you can. As you awaken on the 23rd, Lady Venus and Jupiter are beaming good wishes down upon us, happiness is in the air, and there is a magical sense of thankfulness and sharing the wealth. Lady Venus and Pluto are at odds on the 26th, in mid-afternoon, try to control your more intense desires, and find a way to relax with music or meditation. The end of the month brings Lady Venus into a row with the Sun, later in the afternoon, you might have to hold-your-tongue when someone irritates you. Think peaceful thoughts. On September 3rd, Lady Venus and Mercury are well-connected as you are getting into the office, be assured and confident in what you have to offer, someone charming will be impressed by your abilities. However, on the 8th in mid-afternoon, Lady Venus and Mars are not getting along, don’t try to compete with someone who is adamant about their ideas — you’ll get your chance later.

Lady Venus will enter Scorpio on September 9th at 4:26 AM EST — this is a difficult sign for Lady Venus, as Scorpio’s intensity and directness can be overwhelming to Her sensitive nature. Enjoy our Lady Venus while She transit’s lovely Libra, a much more compatible and companionable sign that makes Her happy and delightfully off-balance.

Hint — find your Lady Venus in Libra love at a flower shop, looking for the latest fashions, trying to balance her budget, falling in love at first sight, being confused about what job to take, with friends having lunch on a park bench, helping at a food pantry, trying a new hair style, at an upscale chocolate shoppe, getting take-out at Whole Foods, spending a weekend in the country and visiting a Farmer’s Market, doing tai-chi at the seashore, and visiting the latest exhibition at an art museum.