An Exultant and Joyous Summer Solstice — June 21st 2018

Looking over the dour expansive, empty moors of England on a day that was gloomy and overcast, I still felt that frisson of power as I approached the massive and ancient monument of Stonehenge. How amazing it must have been for those early people to gather together during the Solstices and Equinoxes during the year. You can almost feel the weight and mass of those mighty Sarsen Stones and crossbeams as they rise into the Heavens with their prehistoric forces. I could feel the energy moving in a clockwise motion, as I stood in front of this magnificent site. There were few tourists about this day, and I could just close my eyes and imagine the majesty, gravitas and solemnity as those ancients began their incantations, prayers and affirmations. Feeling the rays of the Sun touching their faces as they watched the primordial movement of the Sun appear through the Keystone! I can still recall that magical moment when the vibration crossed in front of me on its endless journey around this hallowed ground. It was a physical sensation with a warmth that seemed to settle around me for a moment as it swept along on its limitless path.

Today there are those folks who still find the time and necessity to acknowledge these days with prayers, incantations and ancient chants — there seems to be a need to rally the forces of hope for their future, as they supplicate before this nascent altar. They beseech those powers that be, for protection, bounty, courage and faith that their future will be full of optimism and reward. It seems that all human beings search for acceptance, kindness, appreciation and love during their stay here on Earth. We all try to find those ways in which we can become part of a whole, belong to a clan, find our family roots. We want to not only survive, but want to thrive in a safe, protected, and bountiful place, where we can raise our children in the light of a loving Divine presence and with an innate love of Nature’s blessings.

Our Summer Solstice begins as the Sun enters the sign Cancer on the 21st at 5:06 AM EST (adjust for DST), and the growing season is coming to fruition. We recognize those things that make our lives meaningful and joyous — Good health, happiness, hope, harmony, also Caring, kindness, compassion, and charity — Family, friends, acquaintances, and like-minded folks, but also the Magic and Wonder of our World, the majesty and immensity of our Galaxy, and the eternal limitlessness of the Universe.

We are in awe of the magnificence that surrounds us every day — we luxuriate in the minutiae of those little things that make life worthwhile. A butterfly, a newborn babe, a snowflake, a tear of atonement. We realize that we are all humans in a wonderland of mystery and enchantment — we are blessed beyond our ability to understand how extraordinary it is that this life of ours can even exist. Divine circumstance, evolution — none of these fully explains how meaningful to us that we have this gift of precious life.

There are those times when it seems we can connect to the infinite, and understand our place on this Earth and in this World — and it is these times when we should contemplate our mystical and tenuous existence. Life isn’t forever — life is short — and we must acknowledge our human deficiencies and our strengths with a fierce acceptance of the limits of our abilities — yet breathe in our holiness, our sanctity, our spirituality and the essence of our infinite existence within the Heavenly astral plane.

Take a few moments on this Summer Solstice to reestablish your connection to your ancestors, forebears and bloodlines — savor the ancient cadence of life, and rejoice that you have been chosen to exist during this challenging time. You are special, you are akin to the most amazing miracle of all — humanity!

Revel in the Divine love that has been bestowed upon you — Peace!



New Moon in Gemini Reminder — June 13th 2018

Hope you all have prepared a list of affirmations, wishes and desires early, so you can take advantage of this exhilarating New Moon in Gemini’s energy and power. The New Moon crests at 2:44 PM EST (add one hour for DST) — you can write out your affirmations after the New Moon has crested, and for the next 24 hours.

With Gemini’s feisty attitude, brilliant IQ, and unmatched energy — you can find that infinite power that will send your thoughts and ideas into the Galaxial ether to become reality. The Universe is handing out this gift of evolutionary energy into your hands, in order for you to have a say in your own future.

Write out your dearest, wildest and most heartfelt wishes, so that they may materialize for you here on Earth.


Lady Venus Enters Leo — June 13th 2018

After being in the nurturing and sensitive sign Cancer for over three weeks, our Lady Venus is all too ready to let her hair down and have some fun when she enters luxury loving, generous, and amorous Leo on the 13th at 4:55 PM EST (adjust for DST) shortly after the New Moon Enters Gemini! Lady Venus enjoys her time in Fixed Fiery Leo although not Her usual cup-of-tea, Lady Venus loves Leo’s sense of grandeur, and His truly regal and majestic appearance, and especially his imperial realm. Lady Venus feels drawn to Leo’s extravagance, and is perhaps a bit envious of His knack for self-indulgence. Lady Venus knows that she will be treated royally and with dignity whilst within Leo’s estate. Of course, our delightful Lady Venus will have to put her own spin on the Leonine sense of entitlement. She will be able to sweeten any of Leos occasional roaring and posturing, with her genteel and graceful demeanor.

Lady Venus has rulership over all things of beauty, romance, courtships and marriage, music, art, drama, all decorative items, flowers and our love of jewelry and clothing. On a more serious note, Lady Venus can help us to become more aware of the beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis, allowing us to find that moment of perfect balance, idealism and that existential exquisiteness of our divine human experience here on Earth. Open your heart and mind to the vibrations of Lady Venus as She brings us some of our most extraordinary and timeless memories. Perhaps not always those major moments in our lives, but the quiet, compassionate, sensitive times when our breath was taken away with awe and majesty because of something only we seemed to notice or understand; or had the good luck to find a magical inspiration within our soul.

I remember when my first granddaughter was being born, and her Dad called to give me an update. Oddly enough the hospital was within view of a Funeral Home, and as he watched out the window, he noted that as his child was coming into this world — there were those below him who were saying goodbye to a loved one, as a Funeral cortege began to move on to the cemetery. I could hear in his voice the deep feeling and understanding he was experiencing, as the realization of how birth and death were so closely aligned. He sighed deeply, and said he would call me as soon as the baby had arrived. I know we both had a moment when we understood an eternal truth — life is fleeting — we must experience to the full each and every moment that we have with our loved ones. Lady Venus is our gentle guide in making us aware of our loving relationships, and She is constantly trying to impart to us the importance of maintaining a warm, close and loving familial attitude throughout our lives.

We look to our Lady Venus for all of our romantic, familial, and friendly connections — it is with Lady Venus’ encouragement that we manage to get through our lives with those who are meant to help us, to be helped by us, or to just care for us because of a loving and ancient connectedness.

Karma is our ancestral link to our present relationships, we ignore these ties at our peril. We must complete our journey with those closest to us during this lifetime, in order to evolve ever higher on our voyage throughout eternity.

On the 14th Lady Venus hits some bumps in the road with Uranus later in the evening, you might want to turn in early, or be aware that your ideas might not sit well with a loved one. You may be disappointed in the way a plan turned out. The 16th finds the Moon and Venus connecting at breakfast time, allowing a loving exchange between lovers and friends. Lady Venus and Mars find themselves in opposition on the 21st, around the lunch hour, try to find some common ground and perhaps share a personal commitment while having lunch. On the 25th, Lady Venus and Jupiter are at odds, just after lunch — you might have overindulged in food or drink — take a moment to relax if you can, and find balance before you go back to work. Lady Venus is in a quandary on the 27th as Neptune is making a situation fuzzy, it is later in the evening and the Full Moon will be cresting soon — it might be best to try to sleep through the whole rest of the evening. On July 1st Lady Venus finds herself having to make adjustments in a relationship, as She runs into conflict with both Pluto and Saturn during the daytime hours. After celebrating on the Fourth of July, you may awaken on the 5th not feeling your best, try to tone down your expectations and face the work day with an inner strength. Later in the morning (perhaps after your cup of very strong coffee) you will find a silver lining that gets you through the day with aplomb. The 9th finds Lady Venus getting ready to move into Virgo at 9:32 PM EST (adjust for DST)– so She is already a bit miffed — and early in the day before lunch She isn’t especially fond of criticism.

Leaving extravagant and generous Leo for analytical and fussy Virgo isn’t Lady Venus’ favorite transformation, however, once ensconced in the sign, our Lady Venus realizes how fastidious, elegant and practical Virgo can be — and She knows that working within Virgo’s boundaries can be productive and enlightening!





New Moon in Gemini — June 13th 2018

The Gemini New Moon crests on the 13th of the month at 22 degrees of the sign at 2:44 PM EST (add one hour for DST). We may find this New Moon energy stimulating and upbeat, as Gemini’s facile mind always wants to find new and interesting happenings. Travel, communication, new friends, and new experiences await the adventurous. Lady Venus also enters Leo on the 13th giving us another favorable boost to seeing life as something to be enjoyed with abandon and elation. Free your mind of clutter and chaos, in order to embrace this moment in time of personal renewal, robust strength and divine and mystic energy.

Mars is continuing its long stay in Aquarius and will Retrograde on the 26th, slewing its usual energy patters and giving us a chance to look back at the past few months to see where perhaps we haven’t been true to ourselves. Mars in Aquarius is all about individuality, personal responsibility and our own take on truth! Think about your journey during your time here on Earth, and contemplate how you can find a way to enjoy this incredible gift of the Universe and Heavens. Dig deep into your psyche to find those strengths that make you who you are, — a perfectly evolving human being — clothed in your own ideas, values and moral code. You are the perfect YOU! Claim your own identity, begin to value your own persona and the abilities that you have honed as you have grown. Begin to live with the extraordinary talents you now possess, and find that pathway that will bring you to your own wholeness, your own inclusiveness, and your own idea of bliss!

Neptune will Retrograde on the 18th, perhaps throwing us into a bit of a tizzy as we re-orient ourselves to this sensitive and mystical Planet’s delicate forces, that allow us to feel those things that are not visible. Embrace the vibrations that are always surrounding us and try to open yourself to those sensations that are letting you know there is more to life than what we can see and touch. Our abilities are so much more profound than only what is corporeal. We are entities of thought, light, energy and love — we can sense the feelings of those around us, we can, if we wish, see the aura that surrounds each and every one — and we can tap into a higher power in order to evolve into an ever more kind and compassionate human being. Your inner voice is always trying to help you in your journey here — learn to tune into the many ways that the Universe is trying to guide you to a better and more fruitful life.

Our Gemini New Moon is the perfect tapestry for us to weave our affirmations, dreams and wishes into our own reality. Having the capacity of mental acuity, a facile wit, understanding both sides of a situation, makes us incredibly able to work our own magic upon our future. The Gemini New Moon can cover any situation, all manner of requests, and any of our wildest dreams and ideas with a brilliant ability to understand our needs. Give yourself some time to think about what would improve your life — in this moment — and begin to build a strong statement that would bring you to the fulfillment you desire. Write out your affirmations, wishes, and dreams as you contemplate your future. Allow yourself to think “outside the box” — and realize that with Gemini in your corner, nothing is off the table. You can allow yourself to let your imagination roam to any corner of any part of the Universe. Putting your affirmations in writing will ensure that they become part of the eternal ether and harmony of the continuum. Our thoughts have substance and solidity and can become your new reality.

The New Moon in Gemini crests on the 13th, at 2:44 PM EST (adjust for DST) — so all evening and for the next  24 hours will be the strongest and most dynamic forces for you to write out your wishes. Breathe in the sanctity of your own existence and believe in your own power to create your own reality.




June’s Astrological Activity — 2018

June opens on the 1st with a couple of pleasant aspects — one between Mercury in Gemini and Mars in Aquarius as the work day begins, perhaps bringing some positive feedback from higher-ups for a project on which you have been working. Also, Lady Venus in Cancer and Jupiter in Scorpio find common ground and gives us a sense that all will be well — our plans and wishes will be likely to have an optimistic outcome. Our confidence is enhanced, and we may be looking forward to a pleasant weekend party or visit to the beach.

Our New Moon in Gemini crests on the 13th at 2:44 PM EST (adjust for DST), and it highlights 22 degrees of the sign. We may hear some exciting news, or we may find we have a bright idea that we want to implement. The New Moon in Gemini brings a sense of fun, whimsy and mental gymnastics into our realm. You may meet someone who enjoys intellectual banter as much as you do. The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 27th crests at 11:53 PM EST (adjust for DST), and it energizes 6 degrees of the sign. We may find ourselves at odds between our work place duties, and what is needed at home. It will be a balancing act until the Full Moon leaves Capricorn on the 29th  and enters Aquarius late in the day. You may need the weekend to straighten out anything that went awry and you may find yourself in need of a good night’s sleep.

Mars will go Retrograde in Aquarius on the 26th for a long stay in the sign — it allows us to revisit our past actions and where we might make improvements. We may have to rein in our irritable retorts and vitriolic responses — it’s up to us to truly look at what is really upsetting us, and if the actions of others is really responsible. Perhaps, we are disappointed in ourselves and overreacting to others because we can’t face our own truth. We also may find our personality traits that make us who we are, can often be misunderstood or misread — be true to yourself — embrace your individuality.

Neptune in Pisces will begin Retrograde motion on the 18th, we are being given a chance to do some inner searching for what we want, where we want to go, and with whom we want to be involved. Our psyches are being awakened to a new vibration along with Jupiter in Scorpio. These watery signs are making us a bit more compassionate, more aware of others difficulties, and more in touch with our own needs and desires. You may find that your dream states are enhanced, and you can look for clues within those dreams to find what the Universe is trying to tell you. Use this combination to help you find a higher meaning in your life, a pathway that will take you to new frontiers of knowledge, and enhance your own abilities in sensing the auras of those around you, and the general atmosphere that is currently swirling around us. Listen to that inner voice — it is usually trying to lead you in the right direction.

Saturn in Capricorn its ruling sign is trying to bring some normalcy, honor, common-sense into our world. Working with Uranus now in Taurus, we can if we wish begin to make sense of where we belong, and how we can help to make our realm a little more compatible and comfortable for others. We are in a way being challenged to be our best selves — and as we all know — when we follow Saturn’s motivations there is always a commensurate reward. With Uranus in tow we can think outside the box — but with Taurus also on the scene, it will have to pass muster.

Lady Venus enters Leo on the 13th bringing love, beauty, and elegance into our lives. Our creative spark will be ignited and we may find a new hobby, avocation or career in the art world. Or we will at least experience a moment of creative passion and inspired artistry.

The Summer Solstice is on June 21st this year as the Sun enters the sign Cancer at 5:08 AM EST (adjust for DST), this primordial period has been noted by varied cultures throughout the centuries. Marked with prayer and ritual, our forebears knew that without the Summer’s bounty surviving the bitter winters would be harsh. They asked only to be helped in their daily chores as they worked hard to provide succor for their families, when Mother Nature cooperated they thrived and were assured they could go on — in more difficult years they had to plan carefully and use every bit of their food stores in a modest manner. Many did not survive these ancient times, yet here we are, the beneficiaries of their sacrifice and love. How proper that we should still show our gratitude today in our age of fast food, delivered groceries and instant meals. I shall take a moment on this day to think about those who have gone before, and thank all of my ancestors; how fortunate I am that someone, somewhere, was honorable and hard working enough to provide for their offspring. Blessed be those who carried on in the face of incredible odds and managed to allow future generations to be born. May their spirits always be Free.

Mercury meets up with the Sun on the 5th in Gemini for a mind-blowing moment of fresh ideas and inventive concepts mid-evening — try not to let your excitement disturb your sleep. On the other hand, on the 6th Mercury and Neptune clash during the rush hour, so don’t allow yourself to be distracted when driving or daydream whilst at work. The 13th brings us Mercury and Uranus connecting, and our minds are quick and avid — before the work day starts — you may have found a solution to a problem. Mercury and Jupiter are in sync on the 19th after the lunch hour, you may find yourself mentoring a friend or coworker in order to find common ground. Later in the evening, Mercury meets up with Neptune, make sure you find a quiet space before you head for bed — your dreams may give you an answer for a nagging issue. Lady Venus and Mars just aren’t feeling it on the 21st around noon, emotions may be sensitive, and/or you may meet a fascinating person — take your time in getting to really know them. The 25th finds Lady Venus and Jupiter at odds after lunch, someone may have hurt your feelings, but you know it was because they envy you. Heading into work on the 27th the Sun in Cancer and Saturn in Capricorn just don’t like each other, drive cautiously and if someone at work is already in a “mood” — try to avoid any interaction.

The month ends with the Moon in the sign Aquarius — so the weekend can be fun and fanciful. You will find that people are open-minded, willing to go along, and have new ways of approaching problems. It may be providential that you have planned for an entertaining and fun time.



Resonance — Jone Victoria — December 1st 2008

“The temple bell stops but the sound keeps coming out of the flowers” – Basho

Imagine that you are sitting on a mountain top with lush green valleys below you. You hear the temple bell ring for the final time. As the sound slowly wanes to a distant echo you hear the whispering flowers singing.

The Universe has a tone, a sound that resonates throughout all living matter in the four kingdoms of plant, mineral, animal and man. Some call it a vibration, as in “good vibrations”.

Sensory attributes have been imprinted in all four kingdoms. Plants transfer energy from molecules and turn it into fuel. Oxygen is consumed and carbon dioxide is generated. Minerals are coded with their atomic matrices to determine their specific properties. Animals are especially sensitive to energy fluctuations of the Earth. Then there is man. How do we connect with the vibratory pattern of our Universe?

All kingdoms are naturally attuned to the movement of the Earth, and in the infinite wisdom of the original creator of the Universe, we have not been left out of the natural gifts of connecting with the sound of All That Is.

The resonance of the bell tone to the flowers merging with the luminiferous Ether that flows effortlessly in and around us is an auditory sense that began with the sound of the Universe.

Here’s how to connect with the Universal Tone:

Ideally you would do this outside while lying on a blanket. Nowadays so many people don’t have the opportunity to do this, so lie down at home where you can be comfortable and uninterrupted. Cell phones off, land phones unplugged, Do Not Disturb sign on the door.

Close your eyes.

Inhale for the count of four. Exhale for the count of eight.

Let sounds of the outside world drift away from you.

Relax your body.

Imagine a spiral in the top of your head. Spiral it down slowly so it encompasses your entire body.

When you are in a true state of alpha-awareness you will hear a tone, a hum.

Connect with it.

Remember it.

When stressed, or you want to feel more balanced emotionally, connecting with that tone will center you.

Note: The hum is not the OM mantra. It is a distinct tone that, with practice, you will be able to identify as the Universal tone. Progress is different for everyone; it can take weeks to connect with it, so try this simple yet effective, exercise for a few minutes each day.

Jone was able to connect to the Universal Tone, merging her consciousness with the energy and harmony that was generated eons past. Jone realized early on that there were those areas that needed a special acumen in order to partake of the gifts of the Universe. She was able to help others find their own way to enjoy the joining of our own psyche and consciousness with that of the Universal flow. There is a divine association between we humans and the ancient primordial development of our Galaxy.  We are as much a part of the Earth, Planets and Stars as any other creation engendered throughout the passages of time. It is our birthright to be able to pursue that brilliant essence to become one with our own quintessential spirit. Jone could connect to that Universal Tone when she needed that extra boost to help in healing others. One can only use supposition in knowing another’s experience when being in touch with such delicate and yet powerful power. It is our own individual journey in finding the often elusive and  yet generously given energy that surrounds us always. Give this method a try — and find your own ability to master those times when the world around you becomes disordered.

Jone’s birthday is on May 27th, and I remember my friend each day with a grateful nod that we connected during this lifetime. Friend and teacher, fellow seeker, finder of our own truths. I miss her still — Happy Birthday — may your spirit be ever free!


New Moon in Taurus Reminder — May 15th 2018

There is so much going on today that the stars are streaming positive Galaxial energy down upon us all. The New Moon in Taurus crested at 6:48 AM EST (add one hour for DST) — therefore all day today is the best for writing out your affirmations, wishes, dreams and desires!

The sign Taurus rules our finances, real-estate, the arts (music, drama) also things of beauty — flowers, Nature in it’s original state, love of family — and determination, courage in the face of difficulties, loyalty, doggedness, and Oh yes, a very slow anger. One doesn’t want to pique the ire of the sign of the Bull — indeed — their anger isn’t hot and quick like Aries, but Taurus builds a subtle and deliberate wrath that is then released upon the object of his displeasure — and no one wants to see the disapproval of the mighty Bull. However, after seeing red — our Taurus brethren will huff and puff , but realize that anger isn’t going to solve anything — and they will begin to sort out any issues that have gone askew.

Bottom line — write out your affirmations today, now, immediately — and be sure to explain just how each wish will enhance your life, improve your future, and be a positive move in order for you to reach your goals. Our thoughts and wishes are always entering the Galaxial ether where they can take hold and begin their journey to bringing you your bliss. The Universe is in a helpful mode today — and the power of the stars is in your hands.

Good Luck!