Nature a Perfect Roommate — December 19, 2008 — Jone Victoria

When I lived in an apartment, there were times that I yearned for the Nature Spirits I enjoyed as a kid. I was so fortunate to have spent countless hours as a kid playing in acres of woods across from my home. Sure, there were challenges bringing some element of the outdoors into my cramped little dwelling, but even within the smallest spaces there are solutions to be found.

Feeling Walled In?

If you lease your space, ask your landlord if you can paint the walls. When I lived in New Jersey, my apartment had stark white walls, but I was allowed to paint them, as long as I returned them to the original color upon my leaving. A visit to the craft store for ivy stencils and acrylic paints was the quick fix I needed. I then stippled my way to garden heaven covering the bathroom walls with leaves, tendrils and flowers.

Soaking in a warm, herb scented bath transported me to a place that looked like a magical garden. I placed small potted flowers on every flat surface and larger leafy greens on the floor. At the end of a stressful day the idea of spending a solid hour in the bath with my books and watching the zillion tea lights flicker and throw shadows against the walls of ivy was tranquil bliss.

Windows of Your Mind

If you don’t have the liberty to paint, there are plenty of creative ideas to choose from. When you look out your windows, what do you see? If your vista lacks an expanse of nature or is less than desirable, I found a place today on the internet that may solve this problem for you.  Can you imagine having cathedral stained-glass windows?

Other Suggestions

Buy a bamboo room divider that you can paint or stencil. Use it to create a corner of Sacred Space.

Not using a small utility closet? Take the door off its hinges and create an altar space of all things meaningful to you. Hang up a photograph of nature on the back wall to use as a focal point. Add a zazen bench or zafu for meditation; throw in some plants and incense.Voila! You have your own altar space.

Place a large bowl of beach shells, sea glass, or rocks you’ve collected in your Sacred Space.

Display wonderful things you’ve found, i.e., rattlesnake skins, feathers, unusual tree branches.

Buy a Bonsai plant.

Put up any photographs of nature: corn stalks, seascapes, Mt. Everest, clouds, bushels of apples.

Purchase Sounds of Nature CD’s i.e., tropical rain forest, ocean sounds, thunderstorms. Or play indigenous chanting/songs of power.

String up some Buddhist prayer flags.

Add a Medicine Shield.

Even in a studio apartment there is space for Mother Nature as a roommate.


Happy Birthday dear Jone — May 27th — never forgotten — always loved.

As you read this post, you can feel Jone’s need to commune with Nature — we often talked about the Earth and our capacity to be healed with the power of simply breathing in the myriad essences of Mother Nature. Jone actually had a stele (a large upright stone) placed in her front yard, providing a meditation focus and its own earthy vibration. We both were able to feel the ancient energy of those huge stones deep within the ground (the Earth-keepers) — and every time we passed a construction sight that was dismantling these behemoths we were saddened as they were slowly crushed and their primordial spirit was lost and scattered to the four winds.

Jone’s homes always had some area where Nature held sway — a shelf with plants, a nook with stones and shells, Native American Dream-catchers and drums, a photograph of a sunflower or as she mentions — corn stalks. I am privileged to have a huge framed photograph of a sunflower taken by her friend — and also the corn stalks — a smaller photo that seems to hold within it a sprite or djinn — one of the Nature Spirits she so loved. Actually, Jone was able to make wherever she lived her own space. Her vivacious personality and elan overtook any mundane or ordinary area with an inner light and spiritual wisdom. Jone loved the ocean, the woods, any bucolic area where she could commune with Nature was where she found solace, strength, and succor.

I can still imagine Jone with me as I see a beautiful tree, an unusual stone, or just observe the new leaves beginning to blossom in the Spring — I can feel her smiling as she shares these magical moment with me.

New Moon in Gemini Reminder — May 25th 2017

Our New Moon in Gemini crests at 2:45 PM EST (add one hour for DST) — it is a great opportunity to put your own spin on what you would like to see happen in the next few months. Gemini is such an upbeat and adventurous sign that brings a unique outlook on all things human! Flirtatious, intelligent, and ruled by quick-witted Mercury, Gemini covers all manner of communication, education and our neighbors, kin and business acquaintances.  But as said many times before — we can write out our affirmations for anything that we believe would improve our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

Use the quixotic, optimistic and idealistic power of the Gemini New Moon and believe in enchantment and magic!


New Moon in Gemini — May 25th 2017

The engaging and intelligent Gemini New Moon will crest at 2:45 PM EST (add one hour for DST), at 4 degrees of the sign. Those whose birthdays are near will be starting a new Lunar Cycle, perhaps bringing new people into your life, or things may be getting busy with a new job, a new residence, or a new attraction that piques your imagination and heart.

For all of us, of course, there is the possibility of putting forth our affirmations, dreams, wishes, and desires in order to have them enter the ether where they can take root and become our own reality. Gemini is a Mutable Air sign that can be flirtatious, scatty, brilliant, emotional, friendly, and uniquely able to get us to think outside the box! Indeed, this New Moon in Gemini can actually start us on an entirely new pathway in order to fulfill those desires nearest and dearest to our hearts.

Of course, there are always some impediments or roadblocks of various intensity that we may have to deal with to actually keep moving in a forward motion. Our job is to weed out those minor things that can safely be ignored, and focus on the things that will enhance our ability to find that elusive pathway to our dreams and goals. It seems to me, that today our young and/or middle-aged folks are under a lot of pressure in their jobs, their lives, and their personal needs and desires. Somehow, as the work-force has been honed to its most efficient and perhaps under-manned phase, everyone is trying to do more in less time, for less compensation, and they are being less appreciated. Retirement is just a distant fantasy for many hard-working people, and many who did retire — are now working in menial jobs just to stay afloat financially. Using the power of a New Moon phase can help to guide your future to a kinder and gentler place.

Again, I believe I am harking back to a time when there was more compassion, honor, acceptance and approval for everyone — no matter their status or abilities. Life seems to have become quite difficult, just something to “get through” each day  — without those simple pleasures — enjoyment , laughter, joy, or love!

Take this special moment in time and think about what would make your life happier, more rewarding, and would hold more compassion, caring and love. It’s time to take care of you, your loved ones, and your spirit!

I remember running into a friend with whom I had once worked, in a Supermarket at the checkout counter — she had a few staples (bread, milk, tea) on the counter, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers that seemed to glow with a radiant light. We said “Hello” and I admired her flowers, she smiled shyly and said, “It’s important not only to feed your body, but more important to feed your soul”. As a single retired lady (of a certain age), I knew she was on a strict budget. Still — she had the wisdom to take care of her entire being. It’s a lesson that wasn’t lost on me, and I’ve recalled our encounter many times, and when necessary — I have done something for myself that “Fed my Soul“. Never have I felt that I was being indulgent or neglecting another’s needs — by caring for ourselves (especially Mothers and Dads) — we become stronger and better able to handle those difficult times in our lives — ready and strong enough to take care of business!

Alrighty then — a bit off script — but a good thought for one and all to ponder — however, we are here to connect with the vitality, power and energy of the New Moon in Gemini in order to help us bring to fruition those things that will make our lives better, more fulfilling and more enduring. With Gemini’s ability to seek new ways of doing things, to find unusual methods of working creatively and as always — Gemini’s ability to communicate as a friend to one and all, we can broaden our list of affirmations and wishes to include a myriad of offbeat, unique  and out-of-the-box ideas! Perhaps you have always thought about enhancing a hobby, now might be the time to pursue your passion. Or if you have yearned for the time and money to take that once-in-a-lifetime vacation — dream big and go for it with a meaningful affirmation! With quixotic Gemini — those daydreams can be put into the ether to start their own journey to be manifested into your reality! Look at your chart to see where Gemini lives for a clue as to how best to use this airy energy — in the 5th house — perhaps a chance at a new romance, the 10th house a promotion at work, in the 3rd house reconnecting with siblings or old friends — use the karmic ancient knowledge of the ages to enhance your chance for a truly extraordinary moment.

The Gemini New Moon crests on May 25th at 2:45 PM EST (add one hour for DST) at 4 degrees of the sign — so the rest of the day will be the most auspicious for writing out your wishes, but the New Moon energy will be in the ether for at least another day. Just try thinking differently and more creatively as you peruse your usual lists of desires and wishes. With the New Moon in Gemini on the job — magical manifestations can happen!




Full Moon in Scorpio — May 10th 2017

Just a heads-up about the Full Moon in Scorpio today — it crests at 20 degrees of the sign at 4:44 PM EST — so will be in place during the evening rush hour here on the East coast. Scorpio, a Fixed Water sign can be rigid and also quite emotional when challenged — so it will behoove any commuters during the trek home today to drive defensively. Don’t allow yourself to be agitated by rude or distracted drivers — forewarned is forearmed and you can avoid most travel issues by concentrating and paying attention to what is going on around you.

Safe driving!

Nothing Exists Independently — Jone Victoria — May 5th 2009

You are born as a witness to changes of Nature, in turn, Mother-Earth, known by many names will witness your life as well.

All humans are connected to their immediate environment upon birth. The first connection outside the womb is light, followed by sound. As a baby’s sight strengthens they take notice of any movement – trees outside of a window, or they follow the sound of a buzzing insect with their eyes.

What sophistication, in our desire to get older or accumulate riches, do we supplant to eliminate the awe factor of our youth?

Today I thought about how easy it is to be the child again; to re-connect with nature, no matter where you live. If you live in the city is there a park or boulevard that envelops you with a scenery of trees, flowers, or a body of water?

If you live in the desert is there a place of solitude to use for inner stillness as you gaze upon the painted layers of the Earth’s mesas or witness soaring birds?

If your environment is one of snow and ice is there a night sky filled with dark clarity to reveal the heavenly stars? Is there Sun during your day to reflect the hues of a prism in the snow?

If your surroundings are mostly filled with rain, what’s to keep you from sitting in your backyard to realize the infinite shades of green?

All of nature feeds us. We are connected by the air we breathe, the ground we walk upon, and the food that sustains us.

In mindful living, there is a simple way for our Soul to be constantly nurtured. It’s called observation.

Mind chatter is set free when observing nature. Observation slows the mind chatter so new perspectives and insights flow gently, like a cool breeze into our over-heated mind.

If you feel the restlessness of dissatisfaction within your life, allow Nature to heal you with her gifts.

Put out a few pieces of fruit, bread or seeds to coax birds from their hiding places. When they come to eat, be still and just observe.

Relax your mind in watching a spider spin her web, or a butterfly drinking nutrients from a flower.

Place some metal pans outside when it rains and listen to the music of Nature.

Observe any insect in their daily task of foraging.

Sit and observe any flower as it turns its face to follow the Sun.

We are all sharing space, and resources on this planet. Seek true beauty in each day by simple gestures. Co-exist with Nature – she has much to teach her dependent children.

Jone was one with Nature, she appreciated and honored all living things! Actually she felt the spirit of the Earth, Rocks Water, and Weather. She regaled in Nature’s gifts to all of us, the ocean, woods, rocky trails, and especially those areas she called her own — quiet glens, or circles of stone, or the sound of waves crashing upon a rocky coast. She absorbed the majesty and grandeur  wherever she found herself, on a busy city street, on an airplane 30,000 feet above Earth, under an overpass, in a dark occult book store, Jone would find a hint of Nature’s beauty in a sound, smell, feeling or sight that inspired her. She was at her most alive I think, when she was in a natural setting with all of the cacophony of Nature’s rhythms and breathtaking images. She was a keen observer of life, of people, of beauty and even the mundane. Indeed she could find eloquence in a blade of grass, a rock or a simple dandelion.

I think her observation of a child-like awe is so right on! A baby sees everything as a new shiny penny — no matter how unimposing an item, in a child’s eye it can be magical, interesting, amusing, useful, or just fun to play with. There is no modification as to monetary value, day-to-day usefulness, necessity, or beauty — it’s just new and interesting — something to be observed! I also sometimes think how wonderful it is to be able to tap into our own inner-child where everything is new, bright and shiny!





May’s Astrological Activity – 2017

*As we begin the month of May Daylight Saving’s Time” has begun — therefore since the times I give are for EST — you may want to add one hour to the time for the aspects mentioned.

May begins with Mercury in Aries still in Retrograde mode, however, it will soon turn direct at 24 degrees of the sign, on the 3rd at 11:33 AM EST, bringing more positive aspects into our realm. On the 15th of the month, Mercury enters the sign Taurus at 11:07 PM EST, changing its persona from one of frenetic energy to one of more control and steadiness. Now would be the time for you to put into motion your very well-planned goals, and be content with the status-quo until Mercury hits its full forward intensity and our progress will begin to grow.

This month’s Full Moon crests at 20 degrees of the sign Scorpio on the 10th at 4:44 PM EST, bringing to light any secrets or underhanded ongoings relating to women. Recent workplace scandals have already been exposed and an atmosphere of digging out other indignities and humiliations will be brought to light. Also as Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign, emotional encounters may be expected — jealousy and distrust may be rampant. Be sure you have all the facts before jumping to conclusions — and use common sense when discussing any issues.

Our New Moon in Gemini will occur on the 25th at 4 degrees of the sign, at 2:45 PM EST. This is a lighthearted and airy sign that is flirtatious and teasing, enjoy the playful quality of this engaging time span, but don’t take anything too seriously! Indeed, if indiscriminate — a little flirting may lead to resentment and bitterness on somebody’s part. Otherwise find your inner-child and enjoy the winsome spirit of our delightful Gemini New Moon.

We can enjoy the vibration of Venus in Aries throughout the month — as she brings her unique outlook on all that is beautiful and vibrant. New Spring clothing, jewelry, eyeglasses, a new hair style, and an interest in flowers, art and Spring-cleaning will be on the agenda! Mars in Gemini is frustrating Neptune in Pisces by intensifying secrets and underlying difficulties in relationships, or business partnerships. You will have to dig deep into your truest character to overcome any betrayal or disloyalty that is uncovered. Insensitive actions will cause major issues within relationships, try to be aware of your partners feelings. A fiery conflagration with Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries, shadowed by a trine to Saturn in Sagittarius may have us wanting to move forward at too rapid a pace, however, Saturn is still in Rx mode — and Mercury/Uranus in Aries can make us feel a bit too much in a hurry to complete a project, and we might find we are “saying” too much about ourselves or other’s business. Hold your tongue and make sure all of your plans are in order — especially if there is a life-changing event happening. Jupiter in Libra, and Neptune in Pisces are trying to bring some adjustments into the world in general — perhaps shining a light on the importance of our air and water quality issues! On a personal note these two Planets are trying to raise our consciousness in order to bring positive changes to our outlook on those who are different than we are — to become more inclusive and accepting of diverse life-styles, religions, and attitudes.

Although Mercury goes into Direct Mode on the 3rd — we are still in its Rx shadow phase for a few days until it revs up to its usual forward motion. Just don’t think that any frustrating matters that happened last month will just disappear in a puff of smoke! Indeed it may be that negative issues will still linger for a while — but fear not — time will help to improve any conflicts, communication, transportation and technology problems that had reared their ugly heads.

Since May 1st starts off with the Moon in Virgo going void-of-course at 3:23 PM EST, and doesn’t enter the sign Leo until 11:12 PM EST, we may want to slide through the afternoon and early evening hours by biding our time and just working on rote material. We are, of course, dealing with Mercury’s slowdown and there will be confusion! On the 9th, the Sun in Taurus trining Pluto in Capricorn can help us use our innate knowledge and power to get our point across, begin to empower ourselves to better our outlook on life, and realize what we have to do to transform our own physical and/or emotional bodies. The 10th brings the Full Moon in Scorpio intensifying all our feelings and perhaps bringing our fears to the surface.

A complex combination of aspects on the afternoon of the 11th can have us feeling used and misunderstood, don’t make any waves until later in the afternoon when Mercury trines Saturn, and you will have all the details to be able to handle any earlier confusion. The 12th brings Mars and Jupiter into a good connection which will help us bring a brilliant idea to the table — perhaps a brainstorming session will clarify your genius! On Mother’s Day the 14th, keep the spirit, essence  and love of this special day to honor all Mothers — let any petty annoyances drift off into the ether, and renew your commitment to the family and those karmic relations that mean so much to you. Perhaps a dream in the early hours of the 19th  will bring an extraordinary idea that you’ve been thinking about — and will help to clarify any details. Later in the day there are flashes of wisdom, but they are clouded by frustrating and unhelpful co-workers — bide your time, you are on the right track. The 26th brings a bit of bother as Venus and Pluto don’t see eye-to-eye around the lunch hour,  avoid any jealous or envious co-workers that are spiteful and mean-spirited. After midnight on the 28th your dreams may be vivid, and bring you solace and joy remembering those who have departed. And when you awaken you will be inspired by the beauty and wonder of Mother Nature and all of the incredible variety that exists within our World. Mars opposite Saturn on the 29th in the wee hours of the morning might find us restless and in need of comfort.

The evening of the 30th has us putting forth our ideas in an innovative and original manner, or you just want to experience some visceral excitement that will make you feel alive! We end the month with Mercury trining Pluto giving us a push to move our own ideas and agendas ahead — just be sure you know exactly where you are going!

It’s hard to believe that we will be entering the month of June — halfway through our year, and marking the 1st birthday of my amazing and lovable great-granddaughter! She has brought so much love, renewal and hope into our family this past year — we are humbled by her optimism, curiosity and instincts. Her ready smile brings me to tears, and when she reaches out to be held I simply melt. She knows she has her great-grandfather and myself wrapped around her little finger — and we couldn’t be more delighted. Our granddaughter is doing a wonderful job raising her to be a strong and independent person — seeing their interaction is a joy to behold! Indeed, all of our children and grandchildren are leading independent and worthwhile lives — and we are so proud and grateful to them for their steadfast commitment to our family! So very delighted, so very fulfilled, so very blessed!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the awesome Moms out there! You Rock!



New Moon in Taurus Reminder — April 26th 2017

Just a quick heads-up to remind everyone of the powerful New Moon in Taurus tomorrow! Start thinking about what you would do if your dreams and affirmations came true — how would your life change for the better? It’s time to gather your thoughts and prepare your list of wishes in order to make your desires known and have them enter the ether to become your new reality.

It’s a simple way to put your own ideas into the Galaxy where they can take hold and become your truth. Our thoughts have substance and power, we can influence our lives for the better with just a few words written down on paper — remember — the pen is mightier than the sword! Good luck!