New Moon in Scorpio Reminder — November 18th 2017

A friendly reminder for all those folks who like to write out their affirmations, wishes, desires and dreams, with the energy of the New Moon. Since our New Moon is in the sign Scorpio, it is very powerful and has the ability to work a bit of transformative magic. Being the sign of rebirth and regeneration, Scorpio can bring about life-altering changes that can be of benefit to you and your loved ones.

The New Moon crests at 26 degrees of the sign at 6:42 AM EST, so all day long is perfect to write out your wish list. You can write out anything — that you believe would make your life more rewarding and fulfilling. Don’t miss this opportunity to make a difference in the quality of your lifestyle.

For those whose birthday is near the 26th degree of Scorpio, (approximately 17th -19th) this is a New Lunar cycle for you, bringing more understanding, perhaps a soul-mate, emotional connections, intuition and deep reflection and empathy.

Find a quiet spot (more difficult in this age of constant noise and distractions), meditate, or just try to think about what you need — right now to improve your life. Need your own space? Want to get out of a toxic relationship or environment? Have a habit you want to break? Wish you could find a compatible partner? Feel as if you’d be happier if you could let little things go? Want to be more open with your fears and uncertainties about the future?

All of these areas can be explored with Scorpio in charge — indeed, this New Moon can be the beginning of more self-awareness, acceptance, and attentiveness. Bring your affirmations, desires and wishes into the light of the Power of the New Moon in Scorpio — writing out your wishes has power that can send your thoughts into the Universal ether to be taken up and made manifest.

Be the owner of your own Karma, and attract those positive vibrations toward yourself with your own words. Acknowledge your own strength and supremacy in controlling your own life! The magic is in your head, heart and hands — use the passion you know is within you to bring about those changes you know are necessary for you to have the lifestyle you deserve.




New Moon in Scorpio — November 18th 2017

This month’s New Moon crests in the sign Scorpio at 6:42 AM EST, at 26 degrees. You may have awakened remembering some unusual dreams, that kindles your curiosity. Perhaps the lingering feelings induced by your dream has allowed you to remember fond memories of past times, or of someone who is no longer living. You may feel a bit unsettled for the rest of the day, however, you may want to try to remember the feelings the dream brought, rather than the content. Scorpio is such a strong, and yet sensitive sign, that it is often misunderstood. Having our New Moon in Scorpio allows us to dig deep into our psyches to find those things that are missing that would make our lives better and more fulfilling.

I find that Scorpio is so powerful simply because it harnesses so much of our human identity — dealing with rebirth and death. We are often brought to task by those times in our lives when there is a crisis, whether physical, ethical or emotional. With our fight or flight attitude, when caught off guard, we often respond harshly or find ourselves in complete denial. If we embrace Scorpio’s deep understanding of our psyche, we can find a way through most of life’s trials and tribulations with our strength of character and our common sense. There are usually a few times when we must put our everyday mundane values on hold, and just trust in that ephemeral and amorphous thing called faith. It doesn’t matter what you believe in, if in times of chaos, it brings you comfort. Indeed — how difficult it must be for those with no handle on the karmic and eternal lives we have. Scorpio brings us to the realization that there is more to our “lives” than the current episode we are living in at the present. Not only does Scorpio bring us rebirth, but regeneration — this sign gives us the wherewithal to look into our own depths to find that inner core of “knowing”. With Jupiter in Scorpio, we all will have the opportunity to find our own karmic truths. Open your heart, mind and spirit to the mystical mysteries that are embedded within your soul. Reach into the most cognizant intricacies of your being to find the simple truth.

Neptune will turn Direct on the 22nd, bringing us more positive and emotional visions of what our future could convey to us, with its strong Spiritual component that can inspire us to create greatness.This time span is best used to look within, meditate, and ponder how we want our lives to improve. Find your Bliss and become that beacon of light for all who cross your path.

Also use the energy of Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries as they are in good aspect to one another — and we are able to enjoy the Fiery positive vibrations these two Planets are dispensing our way. You can feel the crackling power as they meet in the Cosmos mutually benefiting us with their dynamic energy and vigor.

With our New Moon in Scorpio on the 18th, we have the ability to tap into the positive and cleansing capacity that is Scorpio. Those areas under Scorpio’s realm include sex, regeneration, our soul-mates, obsessions, passion, peace, vengeance, and rebirth. Of course, you can write out any affirmation, wish or desire with any New Moon, however, if one keeps within the realm of the sign there will be more energy in allowing your wish to get into the ether. Perhaps, think of a few new things that you want to happen in your life, and write them out in a way that will include the depth of Scorpio’s persona. If you are looking to buy a house or relocate, use Scorpio’s ability to find those hidden gems that might have been passed over. Create anew your usual list to include some that relate well with Scorpio’s vision.

Independence, love, lifestyle — all can be influenced through a Scorpio New Moon. Need help in overcoming a negative habit or toxic friendship that should have been addressed long ago. Put an affirmation down that will explain your issues and ask that they can be resolved. Need to be more appreciative of what you actually have accomplished during this lifetime, put your feelings down on paper and sense the deep gratitude surrounding you. Acknowledge your shortcomings, but also accept those time when you got it right! There is no deceptiveness when Scorpio digs into your psyche, the truth will be revealed — warts and all. Ruled by Pluto — there is no place to hide when this tiny Planet decides to expose any negativity. Purge yourself of guilt, anger, remorse and outrage — cleanse your inner being with unconditional love for  yourself and your fellow-man.

We are all in an evolutionary dance-macabre that will in time bring us to a greater understanding of ourselves and our place in the Universe. We learn, we falter, we rebound, we crash, we become greater than the sum of our parts! We evolve within the sanctity of our souls.

The New Moon in Scorpio crests at 6:42 AM EST, so all day will be apropos to write out your affirmations, wishes, dreams and desires. Believe that the Universe is listening to your pleas and will be of benefit to you and your loved ones.



Lady Venus Enters Scorpio — November 7th 2017

Lady Venus will enter the sign Scorpio on November 7th, at 6:39 AM, changing the atmosphere from one of needing balance and beauty in all things, to a more emotional and edgy yearning for passion and desire. Lady Venus does get a bit tipsy whilst in Scorpio as she is often overwhelmed by Her intense feelings and over-the-top reactions to the slightest of inner longings. It is as if Her whole being is bombarded with emotional input — encouraging Her to embrace the deepest hungers within Her soul. Ah yes, our Lady Venus in Scorpio is highly attuned to the strongest and most robust vibrations within Her body, mind and spirit! Few can handle the inordinate depth of feelings that this combination brings, without there being some alleviating physical or mental activity to offset the intensity of a Venus in Scorpio individual’s persona.

Scorpio is ruled by both Pluto and Mars — these powerful Planets intensify this signs highly emotional and passionate vibrations. Indeed, when Lady Venus begins her stay herein, She is totally blindsided by the impact of these behemoths on her entire being. Yet, our Lady Venus is no shrinking-violet, and soon will begin to enjoy this magnificent opportunity to open her heart, soul and mind — to take in all of the scintillating angst and tremulous desire that she is now so physically aware of feeling. Soon our Lady Venus will shake off the delicate and dreamy idyllic ambiance of Libra and enter into Scorpio’s bold and dynamic identity, and She will make it Her own.

Making her way through the Cosmos, feeling her power growing Lady Venus joins with  Mighty Jupiter in Scorpio on the 13th at 7 degrees of the sign, where their souls combine in the wee morning hours and blossom with good will, love, and generosity for one and all. Your dreams may be in magnificent color, and you may find yourself in a fantasy of magical proportion. You feel wonderful as you awake, and all things are possible within your realm. Just be sure not to overindulge in food or drink as Jupiter wants it all — and will encourage you to indulge your every sense. Later in the day after the dinner hour, you are still feeling warm and fuzzy as if covered with a comforter of loving kindness. On the 16th Lady Venus has a busy day, as in the early AM she meets with a disagreeable Saturn who has Her doubting Herself.  However, later in the morning as Lady Venus in Scorpio finds supportive Neptune in her corner, She wisely lets all angst go off into the ether, and finds loving and nurturing support. The 21st brings a tete-a-tete with Pluto, as you arise for the day, there is a magical force bringing the right people into your circle, and perhaps a collaboration at work has you feeling satisfied. Connecting with Mars in Libra on the 23rd, with early morning restlessness, you find you are thinking about a recent connection you made through a family friend — you may find you will have an interesting date for the weekend. There is a bumpy encounter with Uranus in Aries on the 27th at breakfast time, so it might make sense to prepare for some wrinkle in your plans — allow yourself to be flexible if your agenda goes awry! Again at breakfast time on the 29th, a positive meeting with Saturn makes sure that someone has your back, and you have support on your side. The month ends with the Moon in strong and precise Taurus giving us the opportunity to use our common-sense in all our decisions.

Lady Venus enters Sagittarius on December 1st at 4::15 AM EST again changing Her persona to a more freedom loving, care-free spirit!

Just an early heads-up — Mercury begins Retrograde motion on December 3rd until turning forward once again on the 22nd — you may want to shop early to avoid buying gifts that need to be returned, and make sure of any holiday party plans — time, date, venue, etc. It’s always difficult to get things “right” during a Rx Mercury period — things arrive late, in the wrong size and/or color, or they are out of stock. Especially those things we are starting anew, like gift shopping, meeting new friends, or making plans for your Holiday celebrations. Perhaps it would be best to shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday or earlier, to try to insure that all will be well.

Hint — find your Lady Venus in Scorpio love watching a romance movie, in a dark occult book store, buying sexy lingerie, driving a black or red sports car, having her palm read, wearing black leather pants, at an artsy poetry reading, helping in a homeless shelter, in a class learning a new language, eating spicy food, working out at a boxing gym, enjoying a cocktail with girlfriends after work, buying obsidian jewelry, wearing thigh-high black leather boots, enjoying alone time walking on the beach, and visiting with family and friends on Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!



Anticipation, excitement, chills; all powerful emotions allowing us to get ready for Halloween! It’s the night most children look forward to all month long. Choosing costumes, planning trick or treat strategies, finding just the right routes through the neighborhood in order to garner the most treats! It is one of childhood’s most precious memories. Outside in the crisp dark night air with goblins and witches, super-heroes, ghosts and black cats roaming about — all with that slightly scary and goose-bump raising excitement pulsing through our veins. Shouts of “Trick or Treat” resounding through the night, as children of all ages happily wander from house to house!

For some it’s their first experience in being out in the darkened night, for others they are hoping to recreate the wonder and magic of other mystical Halloweens. All are filled with a frisson of chilling and slightly frightened anticipation. Ghostly apparitions on front lawns glow with an eerie light, pumpkins line the walkways faces alight with scary facades. Strange sounds abound as creepy laughter is channeled through speakers hidden in the shrubbery. An almost Full Moon shines a spooky light down, creating strange shadows and murky shapes. It all adds up to a wonderfully magical and mystical evening of fun for one and all.

A tradition from the ancient past — restored and made enchanted throughout the ages — until today when we channel our inner-child and renew our ageless curiosity, in restoring our faith in the invocations and prayers of our primal myths and legends.

Have fun — be safe!


November’s Astrological Activity — 2017

The month opens with the Moon entering the active sign Aries, leading us to feel a bit exasperated, and perhaps a smidgen too impatient with others. Allow yourself some breathing room before you blurt out an angry or mean-spirited affront. It may be that things don’t seem to be going your way, and you are frustrated with how little you seem to be able to accomplish during this time frame.

Some of our more sensitive folks are already feeling the vibrations of the Taurus Full Moon that crests at 11 degrees, on the 4th at 12:23 AM EST (add one hour for DST). At midnight Lady Venus  in Libra and Uranus in Aries were in conflict adding to the unstable atmosphere. You may find that groups you usually enjoy aren’t as much fun any more, and you are seeking out others of your ilk who will see eye-to-eye with you. There seems to be a disconnect between those who were in sync and are now truly at odds with one another.

On the 18th the New Moon at 26 degrees of Scorpio at 6:42 AM EST will find us thinking unconventionally and independently, making others feel a bit left out. Being the sign of regeneration and rebirth, there may be a few new experiences awaiting those who want to partake of the sacred mysteries, and their own personal psychic identities. Emboldened by this powerful sign, you can find yourself resisting those who would put stress into your life. You can also become aware of how to handle the day-to-day stressors that we all experience throughout the workweek. Indeed with a Scorpio New Moon we can awaken that inner core of strength that we know we have, in order to cut short those folks who demean and disparage us. The Scorpio New Moon is infusing us with more clarity and knowing;  it can and will, make us stronger and more able to handle anyone, who has the audacity to try to humble our spirit.

As Lady Venus enters Scorpio on the 7th, we may find we have had it with what seems customary — and we want to create our own traditions and mores. We will feel empowered and ready to explore new methods and ways to produce our own personal agenda. You can feel the change in the air, and you want to partake of all that is unique, singular and distinctive. You may go so far as to change your hair style and color, your taste in clothing, and your awareness of who you truly are now and want to become in the future. We can begin to feel our own power and become attuned to that of others who compliment our ideas. Blending with Neptune on the 16th, we have inner visions of what is best for us, and we can find compassionate companions who will feel as deeply as we do about our pathway throughout this lifetime here on Earth. On the 13th Lady Venus meets up with Jupiter in Scorpio and excess may be expected, whether shopping for gifts, indulging in rich foods, or just enjoying the finer things life has given to you. Life is good, and you feel stable where you are, and can think about the future with optimism.

A major trine will begin between Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces by the end of this month, carrying over through to the end of December when the Planets begin to separate. Those with a strong Water element in their charts will be able to use the emotional and compassionate atmosphere these Planets engender to enhance their ability to connect with an inner core of ancient spiritual wisdom. As the new year begins the strongest vibrations will abate, nevertheless, by the middle of April 2018 lasting until the close of September it will once again be active! We may see a revival of some kind of Divine Universal Spirituality that transcends any one religious belief. Perhaps a raising of Transcendent Consciousness will come into play on a world-wide scale. Personally we may be able to connect with our loved ones on a visceral level that will need no explanation or discussion — a mystical blending of mind, body and spirit that will be mutually beneficial.

On the 3rd, after the midnight hour, Lady Venus in Libra has a pleasant interlude with Saturn in Sagittarius, our relationships seem to be in good stead, and we can feel secure. In the middle of the afternoon the Sun in good aspect to Neptune give us the opportunity to find a spiritual core within ourselves. We feel concern for others, artistically inspired and resourceful. Of course, the 4th brings us the Full Moon in Fixed Earthy Taurus, and with an early morning tiff between Lady Venus and Uranus we are already off balance — try to cope with a common-sense outlook on what is happening around you. Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 5th — perhaps allowing us to speak our minds. We must remember that sometimes the truth isn’t necessarily what others need to hear if it’s only your opinion. Lady Venus will enter Scorpio on the 7th bringing more passionate ideas and retorts. On the 9th during the morning rush hour, the Sun and Pluto are in sync, but there will be a lot of powerful emotions roiling about. Mars and Neptune find themselves at odds after the dinner hour, you may feel confused about exactly what you want to do — the input you receive is fuzzy. The 10th sees Mercury and Jupiter in a quick meeting at breakfast time, where things seem to be going well. Saturn and Uranus are trine on the 11th in the predawn hours bringing harmony and agreement within your domain. At evening rush hour on the 13th Mercury and Neptune are at odds — your commute might be interrupted, or there is a lot of inaccuracy flowing about — check facts and figures. Lady Venus has two encounters on the 16th — one in the early morning hours with Saturn that leaves us feeling unfulfilled and upset, however the other in mid-morning with Neptune finds us day-dreaming of wonderful things to come. Mercury and Mars come to an agreement on the 17th, as you’re having your second cup of coffee in the office, that makes your day! Your ideas have merit and you are tasked to present a more complete mission statement to higher-ups. The New Moon in Scorpio on the 18th may find us opting for starting a whole new pattern to live life more fully. On the 19th as you arise, Mars and Pluto are facing off — don’t allow yourself to get dragged into a no-win situation, or someone else’s brouhaha! Lady Venus and Pluto get together on the 21st at the crack of dawn in a loving and intense manner — you may be late for work! Neptune in Pisces begins her forward motion on the 22nd bringing a more positive, spiritual, and creative force into play. We can use the mystery and magic of this Planet to our advantage in creating more artistic and imaginative projects. Lunchtime on the 24th finds the Sun and Pluto in a snit, there may be some underhanded ongoings in the office — you might want to have lunch at your desk. At dawn on the 25th as Mercury and Uranus are a happy pair, you may awaken after a dream that brought you an inspiring idea, or you find that being home for the holiday has brightened  your spirit. After midnight on the 28th Mercury and Saturn might delay an impending departure, or you are dismayed by someone’s disloyalty. November ends with the Moon entering Taurus bringing a practical outlook for our Holiday shopping expeditions.

Time seems to be flying by — the end of the year will soon be here — it is a fast-paced world today, and we often are so busy we forget to take the time to just observe! So — find a comfortable spot — relax and sit — and just feel, observe, perceive, and use all of your senses to take in the atmosphere surrounding you! Breathe — OK — I said breathe — better! Think about happy times, things you are grateful for, and how many positive opportunities you will have in the future. Sometimes we just have to sit back and take notice of where we are — what we are doing — and perhaps most importantly, where do we want to go — in 1, 5 or 10 years. Just think about your future in a non-judgemental manner, let any of your regrets just float away on the ether, and think of all those who love you. We are only human beings — trying our best to get through this world, this life, this existence the best way we can. Allow yourself some slack in not having done this or that. Resolve that past errors are just that — in the past, and all the good you have done is more than enough to allow you to feel a sense of accomplishment, that can give you the incentive and persistence to move forward with your life, in a more positive and optimistic way. Shrug off any misgivings you have and find that inner spirit of “I Can Do it”!!!




Mars Enters Libra — October 22nd 2017

Mighty Mars will be moving into Libra on October 22nd, at 1:29 PM EST (adjust for DST). Although Mars in Virgo wasn’t truly a happy-camper, there is not a lot of improvement when Mars enters Libra — the opposite of the sign Aries, which Mars rules! Both vibrate to the Cardinal component, and Mars can feel Himself being able to take command. However, Airy Cardinal Libra may have other plans — Libra isn’t fond of Mars “Act first, and take the consequences” mentality. Indeed our intellectual Libra doesn’t like any unbalanced action and will work towards getting Mars to look before He leaps onto any situation. Libra’s need for balance and common-sense will stymie Mars impetuosity and bravado. This combination will take some time, before they can find harmony and equilibrium.

But find a commonality they will, for they must travel through the Cosmos together until Mars enters the Fixed Water sign Scorpio on December 8th. After their initial meeting and sizing up of one another, Macho Mars will assume that He can take the lead and will try to head off on His own agenda. Hmm, I believe however, that Libra will raise her lovely Airy Cardinal head and stifle any plans that Mars may think He is entitled to pursue. We all know that Libra is a combination of Beauty and Brains, and this combination will soon overwhelm physical Mars with intelligence and feminine wile.

When this duo finds a way to work in concert, there is little that they cannot accomplish — I feel many a Broadway hit had beneath its facade a Mars in Libra component. Mars can get the work done with energy to spare, and Libra is able to keep the artistry, performances and drama on track. Also, Mars impetuousness spurs Libra to make quicker decisions than might ordinarily be comfortable. Libra does become enamored of Mars over-the-top personality, and it gives Libra a little frisson of excitement to occasionally let her hair down. It will be a merry dance between these two, as each will have their own moment of power and supremacy. Libra will moderate Mars more bombastic persona with her wit and charm, and Mars will impact our Libra with his magnanimous magnetism, and his masculine virility. Mars in Libra will find a balance as they traverse this time span, and there will be more beauty, art and wit, albeit with a harsher, edgier and perhaps more contemporary approach.

As Mars will be ensconced in Libra until December 8th — there will be time to find a way to use this slightly mismatched pairing if we can connect with Mars more feminine side (what’s that you say?) and Libra’s more masculine persona. Yes, with all Mars braggadocio and swaggering, therein lies that passionate love of familial warmth, protective instincts, and fondness for all things paternal. Also, within Libra’s slightly unbalanced frivolous facade, there lies a strong and courageous core that will brook no opposition when on a fervent mission. Finding common ground will make this pair a dynamic, dramatic  and dashing duo. We will have all of the beauty and elan of Libra, combined with the virility and passion of Mars. Looks like a win/win for us, when we find that delicate combination to unlock the potential of each component. Find where Libra lives in your Zodiac Chart and there will be the opportunity to use this fabulous union in order to push forward on any quest we have for art, theater, audacity, balance, courage, marriage and all things beautiful. Make Mars in Libra work for you — find the key to your deepest desires and most tender and heartfelt wishes.

Mars in Libra Love Style — Our Mars in Libra personality is one of action, sensitivity, leadership, family pride, passionate style and emotions. Mars in Libra wants only the best for His family and friends, often caring for those who might not have anywhere else to go. Protective and caring He will go to extreme lengths to provide a strong family circle, and will work hard to give them a good foundation of safety, education, and proper development. Always concerned with the care of children, He will work hard to make sure His family has the wherewithal to thrive and grow in spirit and beauty.

Often over-protective, and careful, Mars in Libra will provide his family with a grounded and safe environment — usually with some component of Natural beauty. Even if it is just a terrarium or kitchen garden — communing with Nature will be important. Finding someone who can perhaps engage our slightly exacting and precise Mars in Libra, will be a journey. Often so sure of His perfectionism, a soul-mate will have to be patient, and be able to see the deep compassion and caring of this individual. Once a bond has been formed — it will remain strong and steady through any storms that lie ahead.

Sometime swayed by compliments and admiration, our Mars in Libra does love the attention — however, his chosen partner will continue to be His forever love! Challenging, complicated, caring, compassionate, clever, classy, creative, committed and cute — our Mars in Libra love will be a constant source of comfort and security.

New Moon in Libra — October 19th 2017

Our New Moon this month crests at 2:12 PM EST (adjust for DST), in the Cardinal Air sign Libra at 26 degrees, on the 19th. The Libra New Moon brings such a different vibe than did the Virgo New Moon last month, although Libra has some balance issues, for the most part Libra can help us to find the beauty we might be missing in our lives. Libra is an intellectual sign that is ruled by Venus, therein lies the combination of beauty and brains! Drawn by those things that bring us pleasure, Libra can enhance our lives by assisting us in our quest for more compassion, consideration, and eloquence to express ourselves in a more articulate manner.

If you have been putting off a conversation that should be held soon, this New Moon can help you find exactly the right words in order to get your point across. If you have a presentation coming along that will bring you the opportunity of a new job or a raise in pay, allow your wishes during this New Moon in Libra to heighten your language and the ability to present yourself in the very best light. If you have any legal matters pending — use your affirmations during this New Moon in order to put a more positive spin on the outcome.

It is difficult to describe how strong the sign Libra truly is with the folderol of artistry, music, theater, marriage, and flowers. It seems as though Libra is kind of willy nilly when it comes to anything serious or business-like. It would be a mistake to take Libra lightly as it is a powerful Cardinal sign that can and will get things done. Often consumed by those ethereal things that make our daily life more pleasant, there is within our Libra brethren a strong core of work ethic, strength in getting things done, and keeping on an even keel.

The one thing that throws our Libras for a loop is being given two or more choices, or having an unbalanced outlook on life. Indeed Libra’s strength is most noticeable when given absolutes and/or a simple choice. They will take charge and be able to be accountable for any and all combinations of any program, problem, or pressure. Never count a Libra out — they work behind the scenes and will win because they have covered every contingency.

Libras do love things of beauty, and are often beautiful themselves. The New Moon in Libra will bring to light those things that we find attractive and comely in our lives. Everyone needs a little corner of light and loveliness in their homes, no matter how humble. A simple field flower in a jar can bring a spot of natural beauty that fills our heart with joy. Those photos on the front of the refrigerator can be filled with the faces of our loved ones, and every time we glance at them they make us smile. In this fast-paced hard-working world, it is sometimes difficult to stop and smell the roses. I’m suggesting that we not only stop, but perhaps buy a bunch and bring them home! Daisy’s are also great!

As with all of these later degree New Moons, our Libra New Moon cresting at 2:12 PM EST, is followed by a void-of-course period, so I believe the best chance of having your affirmations and wishes be created strongly and vigorously will be to write out your wish list after the Moon crests in Scorpio at 8:42 PM EST (adjust for DST).

Of course, our New Moon in Libra energy will last for the next 24 hours — be sure to write out your list concisely and clearly in order for them to be  entered into the ethereal mists of the Universal flow.