New Moon in Virgo Reminder — September 20th 2017

Since the New Moon in Virgo has such power in helping us help ourselves, we all should try to write out our list of affirmations, wishes, desires and dreams today. All day is just fine to remind the Universe of our own goals and pathway throughout our time here on Earth. We can write as few or as many wishes as we want, and there is no subject that isn’t in the cards.

Virgo, of course, has an interest in good health, is fussy about the food they consume, and enjoy being in charge! We often find that they do have a way of being right about a plethora of subjects — although they may not present their ideas in a way that we want to hear.

Practical and to the point, our Virgo’s don’t have time to waste and therefore won’t always be patient with those who don’t get the gist of their conversation. Yes, perhaps a bit impatient with those of us who might like to take our time to peruse an idea for a while, they lose interest and probably move on. Still their adept minds and down-to-earth philosophy carries a lot of weight. It always is a good idea to listen to what our Virgo brethren have to say — but we always have the option to make up our own minds.

Write out your affirmations with good intentions, all the wisdom you have at your command, and your deepest emotions — sincerity will go a long way in making your dreams come true!



New Moon in Virgo — September 20th 2017

Our New Moon in Virgo crests on the 20th of the month at 12:30 AM EST (add one hour for DST), at 27 degrees of the sign. I like the New Moon in Virgo as it seems to be able to rid us of the past few months clutter. Virgo so loves order and neatness, that it is almost impossible not to find a project that we have been putting off — whether finding warmer clothes for the coming cooler weather, or just getting rid of the beach towels and Summer toys that are in the garage! Summertime can make us a little lackadaisical, and we put off those bothersome chores that come with the changing of the season. So we can indeed find ourselves picking up the renewed vigor from the Universe, that will re-energize us in getting to those tasks that when cleaned up will make us feel lighter and more free.

In fact there is a lot of major Planetary energy going around this month for us to choose from — now that the North Node is in Leo, it is complementary to both Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries giving us a Fiery boost both mentally and physically! Working within the Planetary dynamism can and will allow us to get the most bang-for-the- buck in tackling those onerous jobs we have been dreading. Tune in to the lavish gifts that the Universe is providing  to us, and find your true inner bliss!

Our tiny dynamo Pluto will be turning Direct on the 28th allowing its more positive spirit into our realm — dust off those delayed plans and find a new way to refine them, in order for you to be able to make them work. Still have anger or resentment issues with a family member, take a new look at what’s really been going on — perhaps you are more frustrated with your own lack of forward motion. Relax a little, and give yourself and your loved ones the benefit of the doubt. Everyone is trying their best — but life has a way of putting a spanner in the works no matter how hard we seem to try to get it right! Remember we are all human-BEings and none of us is perfect.

Along with Mercury now in forward motion, we can somewhat safely make plans that have the possibility of coming to fruition. And the Autumnal Equinox on the 22nd can bring another breath of fresh air into our lives. With the Sun entering Libra we mark another Season of change, from seed, to growth, to harvest — our lives have an ancient rhythm that is instilled into our DNA. We all are captive to the timing of the Seasons as the months quickly pass by, and we must bow to the primordial cadence, that is the Earth’s harmony and music in accordance with the  eternal heartbeat of the Universe.

With our New Moon in Virgo, things of a practical and useful nature are in the forefront — Virgo doesn’t like waste or superfluous meandering — no, Virgo wants definite plans, practical solutions and the sooner the better! So — when thinking of your affirmations and requests to write under the auspices of the New Moon’s energy, be succinct, practical and concise. With Virgo details are important — but not too many — brief but comprehensive will be the best way to express yourself. Perhaps not as easy as it sounds — sorry!

Virgo wants sensible and easily understood affirmations — especially about personal needs and/or desires. Desperately need a new job/raise/promotion — now is the time to be clear in your intentions. Home need upgrading — put your most practical ideas down on paper and “see” those improvements as if already finished. Need more organization, vision, tenacity, better health habits, stamina in your life — the New Moon in Virgo can help. Think about what would truly improve your life right now and write out your affirmations, desires, and wishes on paper. Feel your own energy blending with the mastery of the Universal flow and be one with the basic elements and origins of life.

Our New Moon in Virgo crests at 2:30 AM EST (add one hour for DST),  as this is the last aspect before the Moon enters Libra, we have a Moon Void of Course condition. A Moon Void of Course time period lasts until the Moon enters the next sign — when this is in play, there is confusion, and misperception — our plans fail to come to fruition, and we cannot seem to get anywhere. So, although the best time to write out our affirmations is usually within a couple of hours of the New Moon cresting — I am strongly suggesting that we wait until the Moon has entered Libra at 5:06 AM EST (plus one for DST) before writing out our affirmations. So all day after the Moon enters Libra will be fine for writing down our lists.

Actually the timing may be perfect except for those few night-owls who would ordinarily be happy to write our their lists in the wee hours of the morning.  For most of us the daytime is much preferred — good luck in reaching your most ardent wishes.




Zodiac House Domains — Each Zodiac House has its Own Realm

The Zodiac Houses (1 through 12) each has a dominion over which they have reign. From our First House Cusp — Zodiac House 1 (our ascendant) to Zodiac House 12 (our karmic past) — there are several key areas over which each House has sway. Knowing what Planets are in each House can help us understand our own Karmic pathway throughout this lifetime — and we can use this information when more dramatic aspects are affecting certain areas of our Zodiac Chart. Each day there may be one House that is in the spotlight — knowing which House (or Houses) are in power can help guide us to a more positive outcome during that particular day.

Simply put — we can “see” what may be happening by observing the present placements of the Planets and knowing what Zodiac House these Planets are in at any time. Of course, when the Sun is in one sign for its usual month — the emphasis on that House will be more intense — and when a Planet with a long transit  in any sign stays in a significant House it will have an impact on your current life’s path and/or in your day-to-day life. Especially if that Planet or the Sun is conjunct another Planet, the energy is increased in that particular area.

For instance — with the Sun in Virgo at the moment, the Zodiac House where Virgo lives in your chart will be highlighted for the month, and if there are any Planets within that House they will be influenced by the Sun conjoining with that Planet. If there are positive aspects from that Planet to another, you may find an easy and optimistic experience whilst the Sun warms that Planet, of course, the down side is if that Planet has negative aspects to others, there may be a challenge awaiting you. Still — knowing in advance can give us that edge in completing a task or renewing our efforts in order to bring about one of our goals.

The Moon also will influence any Planet within each House, giving off a more emotional response, it could be abundant joy, or a maudlin remembrance. Fortunately the Moon moves so quickly, that we only have two and a half days for this aspect to be fulfilled. Remember the Planet must conjunct/oppose (most powerful) trine/or square (positive and negative) the Planet/Sun/or Moon in your chart within its time span in the sign for it to have some effect.

With the outer Planets, their long orbits keep them in one Zodiac House for a long time period — for instance Jupiter is in one sign for approximately one year! So within that year it will conjunct any Planet living within that House and oppose Planets in the opposite sign. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto all have a long stay that varies in each sign — Mercury, Venus and Mars also have varying terms, but usually much shorter than the outer Planets unless they begin a Retrograde period during that time. Last month Mercury was Retrograde in Virgo — so Virgo’s House, or any Planet you have in Virgo was influenced for a longer period than is usual for Mercury.

When a Social Planet (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Sun, Moon) is in a Zodiac House they bring our social life, personal issues, love, family, and current ongoings to the fore. With the larger Planets with world-wide influences — they may impact our own Zodiac Charts in accordance with their own profiles and with our current lifestyle. For instance — bringing life-altering actions on occasion — marriage, home purchase, going off to college, losing a loved one, good or poor health, the birth of a child, etc. Often there can be a dichotomy when two or more Planets in a sign are activated  — one bringing good tidings, and the other one not so much!

The idea of this post is to give you a clue as to what each Zodiac House has rulership over and how we can use it to our own benefit while we traverse this beautiful, wild and crazy adventure we call life!

I am first presenting the traditional viewpoint that has been used by astrologers for eons, but I have tried to put a more modern explanation of usage today.

First Zodiac House — The Ascendant is on the cusp of this Zodiac House and it can influence our lives by being the way in which people first get an impression of us. Depending on the Sign the rest of the Zodiac Houses follow according to the natural pattern of the Signs (Aries to Pisces) so if your 1st House cusp is Virgo — your second House cusp will be Libra. If you have Sagittarius as your Ascendant — your second House cusp will be Capricorn! (Of course this doesn’t take in to consideration an intercepted House which can only be certified by having a Chart done).  That said, the First House has dominion over your hopes and wishes, your image in the eyes of others, your innate energy, your outlook on life, and your leadership qualities. Conversely — it can enhance your need to control, find you feeling entitled, and since it is opposite the 7th House it may have an impact on partnerships and marriage.

In today’s technological world — I think the 1st Zodiac House might represent the way we are observed by our use of  our smart phones,  Ipads, tablets and laptops. How savvy are we? Are we in touch with the New World Order of all things technological? We do judge others when we see a flip phone, and those not keeping up with the latest and greatest of new gadgets. Those who do not embrace the latest technology are often left behind in other’s thinking and objectivity.

Second Zodiac House — This House is important because it has a financial bent — it may show how you can earn your own money, how you handle your finances, and whether or not there are hindrances in your ability to comprehend the importance of keeping records and control of your funds. Opposite the 8th Zodiac House gives it a bit of a challenge as the 8th House can be where our monies disappear too easily, also having to do with inheritance, taxes and joint accounts. How best to use this important House — we will have to learn how to invest our earnings, budget our income, and find ways to enhance our savings. Being rash in spending, unaware of where your hard-earned money goes, and carelessness with valuables and important papers, and casual with credit cards will lead to disaster. This House is where most of us find ourselves running into difficulties if we are not in control of our own income and outgo. Planets within this House can give a hint as to how to best find a way to financial stability and freedom.

 In today’s technological world — How we earn our money (high tech) and how we invest (computer generated trading and banking) in today’s economy may be highlighted in this House. So many are working from computers in their homes, and perhaps only get into the office occasionally. Others commute to far off places on a weekly schedule. High Tech firms seem to be littering the landscape with their often innovative and pioneering ideas that leave many folks in the dust of yesteryear. There does seem to be so many more state of the art businesses springing up that need those who are skilled and accomplished in the future of technology, robotics, and even in the cutting edge of medicine.

Third Zodiac House — Our Third House relates to our siblings, neighborhood, general relationships, short trips, and early education. I find this also seems to have some connection with our cousins, aunts and uncles along with our brothers and sisters. It also is noted historically for communicating by writing letters — which I now feel is rapidly becoming a lost art! So perhaps in this day of rapid communication we will have to say it relates to email, texting, social media and other more modern methods of connecting to our loved ones. Most of all I feel this House has to do with keeping ongoing relationships in tact, and reaching out to those relatives who may live far away — this House is about connecting and developing our social ties. Opposite the 9th Zodiac House of higher education, religion, law, and long journey’s there is a kind of karmic connection that these two share. It is as if what we learn  in our 3rd House in our younger years will carry over into the 9th House as we advance in age. Our early education will eventually lead to our higher educational goals, our enjoyment of short trips allows us to dream about those longer journey’s when we are adults. A symbiotic and perhaps karmic link to our truest selves.

In today’s technological world — Well we all know that the art of letter writing is waning in light of the rapid way we can communicate today. Texting, face time on computers or phones, and more innovative science is being delivered every day. Even the very young are used to so many devices that it seems to many that TV is just old-hat. Every way we connect to our loved ones has gotten faster and more direct. Also with all the new car services even some of our short trips are handled differently. And driver-less cars seem to be on the brink of being used in many areas.

Fourth Zodiac House — One of the most important Houses (in my estimation) is the Fourth — this is our karmic foundation — our family — our heritage — our ancestry. What we learn here will stay with us throughout our lives for good or ill. It’s our first meeting with our parents, grandparents, siblings, and other family members. It is where we learn the basics of living, the tenets of how life is to be lived, our morals, ethics, caring, kindness and ability to love begins here! It is where you will begin your own family history and foundation — begin to raise your children and find your own way to domestic bliss. We honor our parents herein — the 4th House will be more about the less dominant and perhaps more loving parent, while opposite the 10th House will honor the dominant perhaps stricter parent. Here we find our basic secure home — where we long to be in the safety of our elders. This is our comfort zone where we are loved, protected, taught, and learn how to get along with others. On a different note, when Saturn transits over the cusp of our 4th House we may find ourselves moving — it may only be that a child is going off to college, or one is getting married and starting their own adult life. Or we could be downsizing, moving to a larger home or being forced to move because of a job promotion or advancement.

In today’s technological world — Well we already have smart houses, lights, heat, alarms, coffee can all be accessed from afar — so our foundations are changing. We can talk to Siri, Alexa, and many more helpful household appurtenances that make life easier. We only need ask “What movies are playing” “What time is it in England””Who is the closest plumber” — well you get it! Our domiciles are now a storehouse of technological advancements. Still parents and grandparents haven’t changed — well except they are now also on the internet!

Fifth Zodiac House — Most folks think of the 5th House as the “Fun House” — herein lies entertainment, romance, creative outlets, gambling (including the lottery), pregnancy (especially one’s first child), babies and children in general, social activities, some of our hopes and wishes, and on the negative side — issues of addiction whether alcohol, drugs or gambling. We can find our blessings here but also some of our demons. Since the 5th House is in good aspect to the 7th House of partnerships, if there is a good Venus and/or Mars position here it may relate to one’s future marital partner or business partner. Any Planet in this House can bring a modicum of luck, and may serve to bring rewards into your life. Saturn here may delay having children or perhaps a later marriage or an older partner, Jupiter here will create a protective aura over your younger years and for your children. Opposite the 11th House of friends, many folks with their Sun in this House will be very social, have a plethora of friends, and an outlook of hope. Small pets may also play a big part in your life — as companions and best buddies. We have to be aware of our more vulnerable issues herein, do we have a compulsive or addictive personality that may be easily swayed by friends or acquaintances? It may be that we have to constantly monitor ourselves in order to be strong in allowing any negative habits taking hold, this House may try our strengths and weaknesses. Look to the 11th House for those steady and worthwhile friends who want only what is best for us. Rely on your inner warrior to help you in any crises because you do have the faith and conviction to overcome any weakness. Your strength is within yourself and with your family circle.

In today’s technological world — This House may have changed the most — the opioid crisis today is overwhelming. On-line gambling has become an issue for those inclined to addiction. With Neptune now in its own sign, the veil between reality and fantasy may be even more intense and those who cannot “see” their own frailties will perhaps be drawn into more excesses and misery. Even romance is on-line with dating services rampant — some better than others. We are immersed in a world that can honor any request with the click of a key! For those not having a solid foundation beneath them, it might be a bit like going down the rabbit hole.

Sixth Zodiac House — This House encompasses such important areas as our health, our day-to-day jobs, our careers and our small pets. With positive Planets in this area we are sure to find work with compatible people, doing work we love, and perhaps even combining them as Nursing and medicine are under the Sixth House Dominion. Physical therapists, personal trainers, gyms, health food stores, and the health and welfare of your mate all reside under the umbrella of the Sixth House. Here we can find a way to our own personal health plan — dietary and physical — also where we can enjoy the work that we do and the people with whom we work. Opposite the 12th House of our own undoing — it is sometimes difficult to find a way to the perfect plan for our overall health, and when a Planet is in opposition in the 12th House we may face health issues and depending on the Planet they could be minor (the common cold) or as serious as a life-threatening disease. However, that said, most of us manage to get through this life with many minor issues, and perhaps one major health matter. Of course today, medicine is much better than in the days of yore — and we now know how better to take care of ourselves. Still we must use common sense in this area of our Chart no matter the Planetary influences or the oppositions that could be our bane. It is up to us to handle the day-to-day stress of life, and also to find a way to continued good health for ourselves, our family and our beloved pets.

In today’s technological world — Herein may lie the most positive of technological inventiveness. The world of Medicine has made so many breakthroughs during the past few years — finding new ways to fight Cancer, being able to use the power of the atom for good purposes, charting our DNA for diseases and cures, the speed and accuracy of computers can lessen the dogged routine of laboratory explorations into new methods of treating illnesses. In the area of Health and Wellness, we have new information in what we should be eating, and how to exercise to create a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. Rehabilitation has improved markedly over the past several years, as have prosthesis and micro-surgical techniques.

Seventh Zodiac House — Halfway through the Zodiac we begin to find those Houses that bring us out into the open, the Seventh House is one of partnerships (business and marital), it rules your allies but also your competitors. Within this House you will interface with the public, find compatible companions, and also find your connection to business alliances. Opposite the First House of hopes and dreams, you might find some difficulty in reaching your ultimate goals without good connections and some upper echelon networking. Since partnerships are so prominent in this area, you may have to be careful with whom you associate as others may not always have your best interests at heart. Also, as there is the need to maintain a good relationship with one’s spouse, if a negative Planet is transiting you may have to work harder to keep things on an even keel. Look to your future goals, where do you want to be in 5, 10 or 15 years and act accordingly. You may also find a connection to the arts, the beauty industry and entertaining.

In today’s technological world — Relating to our partners and mates has become so much more enhanced with cell phones and computers, that sometimes things are said that cannot be taken away because we are so quick to hit the “send” button. Our phones have so much memory that at times the wrong information can get into the hands of others. Connecting in an instant from any part of the world is as easy as hitting a button. We are never but a moment away from being able to access someones phone, computer, Ipad, tablet or laptop. There seems to be little privacy for those who may seek “alone” time — and sometimes conversations in person are actually interrupted by someones phone clamoring to be answered. Trying to keep a business partnership going certainly may be easier, but to manage to keep a loving relationship on track with today’s cacophony of myriad technical devices vying for our attention, requires intimate planning, romance and a deep devotion to connubial bliss.

Eighth Zodiac House — This House opposite the 2nd House of earned monies, is often where our disposable income disappears. Especially if there is a negative Planet or aspect from the 5th House or even the 11th House. If you are having trouble balancing your checkbook — look to see if something is in the 8th House that is allowing you to squander your funds — perhaps without even realizing how it’s happening. However, the main purpose of this Zodiac House is Karmic — rebirth, renewal, reawakening and reincarnation! It is here we come face-to-face with our nemesis, which in this House is often ourselves. We can “Shoot ourselves in the foot” — by not being attentive to our monetary issues, we can find ourselves in secret or underhanded business dealings, and we can fail to accept our own responsibility for our misdeeds. Of course, the Yin and Yang of Astrology teaches us that we always have the answers to our problems if we but seek them out. Here in the 8th House, we can overcome our failings, find ways to realize our dreams, and become the hero of our lives. Also, this House holds the possibility of inheritance, using other peoples money, and alas — death and taxes! Herein lies a complex and sometimes dark outlook on life, but there is always the possibility of overcoming all odds, issues, and failings wherein we can rise to our ultimate and most humane of human beings.

In today’s technological world — Perhaps the rapid ability to sell stocks and/or invest in the stock market has a downside here. We could act precipitously and with so much information bombarding us every moment of the day, might decide on some whimsical information to just chuck it all in. When there is an inheritance to be meted out, there will probably be reams of legal papers to peruse all generated by lawyers, trustees, and bankers that will try our souls. Or if we are the adaptable (and technical) sort, we may find a new pathway to earn our living — those knowledgeable folks who can wheel and deal on the market might find a way to a windfall, whereas others may find some deeper understanding of what they really want out of life.

Ninth Zodiac House — Our 9th Zodiac House holds a plethora of differing areas of interest. This house’s emphasis is on long distance travel, religion, law, higher education, medicine, politics, in-laws, distant relatives and your future goals. Yes, here we have many varied expanses to explore. When, if ever you are in litigation, this is the House that will be in play, going on the journey of a lifetime — it’s here you have made your plans, know what college you want to attend — this House will approve or disapprove your choice. Connected to the 3rd House of your youth, your religious experiences will truly become your own in the 9th House. I think of this House as one of growth and maturity — we own up to our abilities perhaps while we attend a college or university, we realize how much our time growing up in a close-knit family meant to us, and we also begin to acknowledge our deficiencies. Here we find it may be better to listen than to talk, and to be sure of your facts if proselytizing about areas in which you are not an expert. Planets here will impact your education, for instance if Saturn is in residence — you may have to delay higher education. If Jupiter reigns within — you may have many offers from colleges and universities throughout the nation. Also if Mercury claims space here, you may find writing is your life’s work, or if in a negative aspect — it might be you often experience missing correspondence or delayed mail. We can find a lofty goal to follow with the 9th House opening the doors to opportunity.

In today’s technological world —  Well we already know how much education has changed, on-line classes, and entire curriculum’s being able to be accessed in order to earn a degree. Traveling (especially by air) has become somewhat of a nightmare scenario today, although amenities do abound, you can charge your phones and laptops at the airport. However, we are scrunched into smaller seats, into fuller planes, and with fewer perks. Church-going has become “tuned-in” with huge screens playing out Sunday themes, showing the chorus in living color, and allowing donations to be made with any electronic device. The Justice System allows the use of  every device, so lawyers have leeway in proving or disproving their cases. And actual writing by hand is almost a thing of the past, as we tap away at our computers, etc.

Tenth Zodiac House — At the top of our charts (the MC), the 10th House is our social facade to the world, within this realm we cannot hide our light under a barrel. Our work (career), personality, business acumen, social skills, common-sense, judgement, intelligence and wisdom are all scrutinized by our peers through this House. Any Planet within this House that nears the MC will have a huge influence on how you appear to others. For instance with Uranus at the top of your Zodiac Chart, others may find you a tad unusual, quirky or downright odd! And, you may relish the fact that you also feel special in some way — indeed, this combination may be strong in astrologers, psychics and perhaps geniuses. A strong Mars herein may make you seem intimidating, or a valiant leader, warrior or sportsman. Opposite the 4th House of our foundation, this the 10th House may also describe one of your parents. Your ambitions are here, dealing with the government, the public, and influential people in your life. Business dealings, the Stock Exchange, Banking are all ensconced in the 10th House. It is here you can climb the ladder of success — especially if you enjoy the fray of the business world. Here lies your standing in your community, neighborhood, and town. If this House is intercepted, it may be that your career will be slow in reaching the heights you want, until you are more mature and sure of yourself. I find that those with a strong 10th House are usually driven to succeed.

In today’s technological world — Without computers and all of the improved methods of communicating, businesses would be dying on the vine. Herein we can see the future of what companies are going to excel and what companies will merely fade away. Amazon seems to have all the cards in the deck — and is using more and more technology in its business plan. Those companies who cannot or will not embrace the coming revolution in technological advances will probably not survive in this competitive world. So much more work can be accomplished with the newest gizmos and with the greatest of ease — of course, I remember non-electric typewriters — OK — I am a dinosaur! That said, business, the government, the military, and any managerial component of any huge oligarchy will need the latest and greatest of whatever technology can supply.

Eleventh Zodiac House — This Zodiac House holds our dearest friends, social contacts, and any clubs or groups we are connected with for fun or business. Also this is where we may have our larger pets, horses, large dogs, llamas or any of the farm animals that are considered family pets. We can also find alternate sources of income herein, and where our hopes and wishes lie (perhaps these can be combined). Our hobby may become another way we can add to our bottom line. Considering the groups or clubs we belong to, our social standing may be judged in this House. Are you a volunteer at an animal shelter, or do you spend your weekends at the Country Club? Opposite the 5th House of romance, adventure, children and speculation we may find our Achilles heel within this House. Sometimes our common-sense goes askew as we concentrate on pleasure and our physical needs. We can find a way to rid ourselves of any negative habits or compulsions herein, with the help of our family, friends and our dearest companions.

Often in this House when a Planet is in opposition or negative aspect we find that some of our “friends” have become burdensome or no longer seem to enjoy those things we used to enjoy together. Marriage is often a reason for a break in some of our friendships — suddenly our wing-man or woman is swooning over babies and blubbering over how cute this mobile would look in a nursery! It may be time to loosen the close ties and let some time and space work out the changes. Eventually you may find yourself on the same page once again in a few years. The 11th House can find us attaining our greatest wishes, and finding the right pathway to success. Usually through friends and/or acquaintances that can help you forge ahead. We sometimes store our assets within this House, but should be careful not to put all our eggs in one basket. Don’t drop a worthy friendship for someone else who is promising you a pie-in-the-sky opportunity. Always listen to those faithful friends who have had your back in the past, and research any plan that may turn out to be a scheme!

In today’s technological world — It might appear that this House wouldn’t have much use for technology, but of course, that simply isn’t true. We all keep in touch with our friends and family with our phones and other techie devices. If we belong to any clubs or groups that meet at certain times, we need to be able to latch on to the schedules at a moments notice. Today’s communication is all about how fast, how many, and how clearly we can connect to those we want to contact. I am amazed when I see a group at a nice restaurant all gazing at their phones, instead of engaging in pleasant conversation. I’ve even seen parents give extremely young children a device to keep them occupied. As a grandmother and great-grandmother, i am disheartened when I see children being ignored while trying to get the attention of an adult who is on the phone. Time with those who are young is so important to be appreciated and cherished because time rapidly disappears into the future — and that moment is lost. And it is also sad to think a child may prefer their tablet instead of relating to their loved ones.

The 12th Zodiac House — Herein lies our demons and self-destructiveness, we can be our own worse enemy in the 12th House. However, there is also the opportunity to find our greatest talents, our true pathway for this lifetime, and those Karmic ties that we have chosen to meet during this span on Earth. The 12th House also rules Hospitals, Prisons, and other institutions where your freedom might be limited. Here we find those traits that may have been brought from a past existence, a talent like being a musician, healer, warrior, ruler, adept, mother/father, or indeed any trait from a former lifestyle. If we have Mars in the 12th House we may have some residual anger issues to be resolved or have the heart of a warrior. If Venus is within, it might be a former love that was lost too soon, and we are searching for this love.  With Pluto in residence, we may have to find a way to resolve power issues or anxieties. This Zodiac House brings us a plethora of past-life circumstances of having had too much authority, needing to find a loving companion, or resolving anger, vengeance or resentment holdovers from our ancient past. We often find Doctors and nurses have a Planetary presence in the 12th House, as do detectives and police personnel. And it is in this House that we can find a way to clear up any residual angst that bothers us today — we can find a way to clear our psyche of any negative vibes from the past by digging deep into our core and laying our soul bare. Opposite our 6th House of Health we may find some issues from the past influence our health with various symptoms — these can be actual illnesses, but their origin may be in unresolved complications from our past lives. Our job is to find the core of any chronic disorder or complaint to see if there is a deeper, underlying problem we haven’t addressed. We can, like the Phoenix rise from the ashes of our psyches to become that beacon of light, to all who encounter us during our lifetime here on Earth!

In today’s technological world — This House seems so far from today’s technical abilities, but of course, in Hospitals and places of incarceration there are many technological advances that are in use. Perhaps our usage of modern devices will help us better understand  how things are slanted to one particular viewpoint or another, in the world today. We hear of Fake News, False Flag Encounters, Road Rage, Racism, Hatred, and animosity.There are spin-doctors whose only job is to confuse and confound what is real and true. Yet most of us prefer those sweet and charitable stories that are the last note on our Evening News. Perhaps our job related to this House is to dig deep, be aware, use common sense, and keep an even keel in today’s highly contentious world.

There are so many ways in which we are offered insight into our own lives whilst here on Earth — especially with Astrology, there are answers in our Stars. The ancients knew deep within their souls that a higher power/consciousness was at work, and that they give us guideposts for us to follow in order to improve and better our existence. Indeed — our job is to evolve into ever more wise, sensitive, compassionate, empathetic, and divine human beings. Every nuance of help in this regard will enhance our innate abilities to reach our most sanctified selves. Allow goodness, charity and mercy to become ingrained into your spirit and find that most sacred and divine spark that lies within.

Lady Venus Enters Virgo — September 19th 2017

Oh what a difficult change this is for Lady Venus — ensconced in Fiery Leo where she can strut Her stuff with all of the accessories and accoutrements She desires — and then to swiftly be transported into Earthy Virgo, so staid, prosaic and banal. It will be somewhat of a crisis for Lady Venus who loves the regal expressiveness and the downright gaudiness of expansive Leo! However, on September 19th at 8:16 PM EST (add one hour for DST), our Lady Venus will indeed realize Her role has changed. No longer the Fashionista with a flair, the seductress with coquettish ways, or the CEO with power and panache! Our lady Venus must adjust her Fiery  excessive ways to a more centered outlook on life — indeed, Virgo doesn’t put up with much that is extravagant and melodramatic — Virgo’s style is one of elegance, of course, a well put-together look that is timeless and sophisticated, stylish and chic. No our Lady Venus will be quite distressed at this change to the down-to-Earthiness of Virgo.

However, as we all know our Lady Venus is adaptable given enough time to settle into the sign She has moved into. Taking a deep breath, Lady Venus will begin to understand, appreciate, and embrace the virtues of Virgo and the enduring style that Virgo creates. Lady Venus will also realize that She becomes an icon of virtue, strength and power in an understated and ladylike manner. There is no crassness or impropriety within Virgo’s realm — Lady Venus in Virgo is a beacon of good-manners, of proper behavior, and etiquette. As soon as Lady Virgo realizes this, She can shine with a halo, of not only timeless fashion, but a grounded and logical outlook on life as She willingly accepts Virgo’s pristine and unspoiled manner of greeting the world.

With a bit of naivete and innocence our Lady Venus in Virgo soon is ready to work with with her new persona as She meanders through and comes to grips with every sign of the Zodiac. As Lady Venus becomes more and more aware of all that Virgo offers, She will willingly embrace this new sign with all of its literary savvy, its high educational standards, and its ability to find answers that might elude others. Lady Venus in Virgo will become the standard-bearer of good taste, fine food and wine, and up-to-the-minute fashions of the season!

As lady Venus enters Virgo on September 19th, She is quickly followed on the 20th, by the New Moon in Virgo cresting at 12:30 AM EST (add one hour for DST),  making it s busy and active time for us all. However, as the New Moon is the last aspect (Moon Void of Course) until the Moon enters Libra at  5:06 AM EST, it will interfere with our writing out our New Moon wish lists — we should wait until the Moon has entered Libra to write out our affirmations, dreams and desires for the most powerful impact. Usually the best time is right after  the New Moon crests to write out our affirmations, however, with a Moon Void of Course there is an empty time span with little to gain by writing your lists out until after the Moon enters Libra. The Sun entering Libra heralds our Jubilant Autumnal Equinox on the 22nd at 3:02 PM EST (add one hour for DST), our New England Summer has ended and the Harvest has begun.

On the 25th Lady Venus in Virgo engages Uranus in Aries around the noon hour and finds Herself feeling a bit tired of the Monday routine, She longs for a change of scenery and to meet some interesting folks for a tete-a-tete. On the 26th at dinner time, Lady Venus in Virgo finds Jupiter in Libra stimulating Her desire to over-indulge in all the senses. The 29th finds our Lady Venus in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces after the dinner hour, leaving Her vulnerable to love, empathy and anxiety. At breakfast time on the 30th you might find your mind reeling with unfounded worries, allow some time to pass before acting precipitously. October 3rd finds our Lady Venus in Virgo getting cozy with Pluto in Capricorn — after the lunch hour — you may find a relationship with a co-worker or old friendship has deepened. On the Full Moon day of October 5th, earlier in the day, Lady Venus in Virgo meet up with Mars in Virgo close to noon leading to a sizzling lunch date or meeting with someone new, but beware of being too critical. The Full Moon crests in Aries at 1:40 PM EST (add one hour for DST) — try not to lose your temper! On Sunday the 8th at breakfast time, Lady Venus in Virgo is annoyed by Saturn in Sagittarius — don’t let someone’s criticism or bad mood alter your usual mellow persona. A quirky meeting of Lady Venus and Uranus in Aries on the 11th in late afternoon could find an unexpected snag in a relationship or work issue. On the 14th Lady Venus enters the sign Libra at 5:12 AM EST (add one hour for DST), bringing yet another vexing change for our Lady Venus, although once ensconced in Libra — Lady Venus will become more well-balanced, loving, and charitable to one and all. Enjoy Lady Venus tour of Virgo — get rid of clutter, clean out all your old files (whether paper or electronic), freshen up your fall wardrobe, (you know it will be in good taste), and find your inner perfectionist! She is a doozy!

Hint — Find your Lady Venus in Virgo Love stocking up on staples in the supermarket, helping out at a food pantry, working with senior citizens, shopping at an elegant boutique, having her car washed and detailed, at the Doctor’s office, having a mani/pedi at a posh salon, at the country club playing golf, driving a sensible car, buying spring water, at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, at a farmer’s market, enjoying the ballet or theater, dining at the newest Ethnic restaurant, and exercising at the gym.


Mars Enters Virgo — September 5th 2017

Dynamic Mars will enter Virgo on the 5th of the month at 4:35 AM EST (add one hour for DST). This is quite the change for our Macho Mars as Virgo is the sign that needs preparation, certainty, and focus — not Mars cup-of-tea! Our Mars persona wants to be in action and ready for any brouhaha at a moments notice. The careful, cautious and well-paced character of Earthy Virgo just doesn’t fit Fiery Mars idea of taking charge when He sees the need for immediate measures to be taken. Mars likens himself to a heroic warrior, always ready for the fray — taking time to suss out the opposition or problem isn’t what He wants to do. NO — Mars wants to go where no-one has gone before, in an over-the-top, all-out, frenzied response to whatever has piqued his dismay.

Of course, our Earthy Virgo is truly no shrinking violet that will just sit by and let Mars bully Her into obedience — oh no! Mars will find Virgo a worthy opponent and She will bend Mars to Her thinking. Indeed, after a few day in the sign, Mars commanding and overbearing persona will wilt under the steely gaze of lady-like Virgo. It’s as if Mars suddenly is taken to task by his most feared teacher and He becomes much more amenable to be quieted down under the influence of Virgo.

When these two get their act together, they can move mountains — Virgo will evaluate, assess and carefully consider any problem or issue, and only then, when She has a plan in mind, will She allow Masculine Mars to move in with his bravado, boldness and swagger — having the game plan in hand, Mars in Virgo will prove that they can handle any untoward activity. Mars massive might and Virgo’s precise intellect will be able to take on any opponent with their combined brains and brawn, they will easily outsmart and overpower any miscreant.

It will take some amazing teamwork to coordinate the differing assets of these two divergent energies, but once they can work in concert they are invincible. The down side can be that Mars in Virgo can be picky, and vocal about it, a bit of a nag, and possibly a stickler for routine. Virgo wants everything in its place, and with Mars aboard, it almost becomes a fixation. No one has as neat a home as a Mars in Virgo person, they are all about order and preciseness. Also elegant and fastidious in their own person and probably have a daily planner with every day written in with activities.

On the 8th Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn have a dust-up during the morning rush hour, be aware and drive defensively. The 23rd finds Mars and Jupiter in Libra getting together in the early morning hours, perhaps you have a dream that gives you a good idea that you can work with, and helps you in understanding your partners qualms. Opposing Neptune in Pisces on the 24th in mid-afternoon, has you in a quandary about the week ahead, try to see your issues clearly and calmly. Later on in the day don’t allow yourself to lose your temper as the vibe between Mars and Uranus in Aries will throw you off balance. October 1st brings a positive meeting between Mars and Pluto in the early evening, a problem you’ve been concerned about will suddenly seem transparent and you will find a solution. About the time you get into work on the 11th, you may find you’re hitting a roadblock with a superior, and your frustration level will rise as Mars and Saturn struggle for power. The 17th as Mars and Uranus again find themselves at odds, you will want to act without thinking, but take some time to consider the consequences — be careful of workplace safety issues.

Mars will enter Libra on October 22nd at 1:29 PM EST, balance, beauty and stability will become more important. Once again, adjusting to Cardinal Airy Libra will be a tour-de-fource for Mars.

Mars in Virgo Love Style — Mars is all about the physical nature of love and passion — Virgo is more about the ideal of love, and compatibility! Mars in Virgo is a multifaceted combination of both, however, Mars does want to be in control. Our Lady Virgo however, always fastidious, demanding and quite the challenge to oppose, will not accept a “command” given by Mars just because He bellows his orders in bombastic terms. Lady Virgo will wistfully smile, and will have Mars obeying her because She can give Mars a reason to reconsider his pomposity! Lady Venus will change Mars macho ways with a gentle smile and a soulful glance. Lady Virgo will moderate Mars burning passion into a more tender, loving and caring persona.

Mars in Virgo can often be critical of his loved one’s habits. It will take a strong personality to overcome a Mars in Virgo mate as they have definite ideas about proper behavior. Mars in Virgo will always have certain criteria that they are unwilling to let go — indeed — often the older they get,  their routines become more ingrained and they become upset when their guidelines are shunted aside. Getting a Mars in Virgo to accommodate ones less fastidious ways will be challenging and often frustrating. However, when adjustments can be made that both can live with, there will be harmony and loyalty.

Our Mars in Virgo mate is always looking to be successful, and wants only the best for their family. Devoted, our Mars in Virgo folks, keep their standards high, working to benefit all in His care.  A Mars in Virgo will  try to find a rewarding lifestyle of comfort and companionship. Mars passion will be tempered by Virgos fastidiousness and perfectionism, but with a deep desire always burning. If what you want is a lover who is into public displays of affection, the Mars in Virgo persona probably won’t be the one for you, but if you want someone who will love you intensely, all of your days — you may want to consider a Mars in Virgo who will bring a deeply passionate and long-lasting loving connection throughout your time together.

Steadfast, loyal, intense, and protective, our Mars in Virgo will be a partner for life — and also your best friend!



Don’t Squint – Jone Victoria – September 16th 2009

This past couple of days my granddaughter has been under the weather. She’s been snuggled up on the couch with her DVD player and a blanket.

Observing her squinting, in an effort to shut the streaming sunbeam out of her eyes from the skylight, it brought me back to my own childhood memories of being sprawled out on a blanket on Old South Cape Beach decades long past.

The sun was a hypnotic orb, I was constantly being told not to look at. Don’t look at the sun you’ll go blind!, screamed my parents. I looked anyway, I was that kind of a kid.

Looking at the sun had incredible advantages. I would start by making my eyes tiny slits, and then gradually, ever so slowly, work up to a full direct megaton millisecond confrontation. For twenty minutes I would look around the beach and see black orbs everywhere. You see I was a scientist in the making. Personal experimentation, logging my results. I was going to be the first person on the planet who could make direct eye contact with the sun and keep my sight.

That huge ball of yellow-white power just hanging above my head, taunting me “to look”; to take in its energy from 93,000,000 miles away. As the heat and light reached my insignificant cellular being, I challenged it to infuse me with strength and inner light.

When I bored of the black orbs, and knowing logically that I could not make a steady diet of burning my retinas, I would lie down on the hot sand and squeeze my eyes as tight as I could.

LSD I scoff at you. I could make any color appear just by loosening my clamped shut-tight eyes. I could see all the colors behind my eyelids, and with every color revealed a variety of geometric shapes outlined in white. It was glorious this gift of producing my own light show in my head. There I was, starting out with darkness, and by simply doing eye crunches, not unlike an exercise for the abdomen, a full out artistic process, sans paintbrush, was created for my entertainment.

Looking at my granddaughter I wondered if I could still trick the light fantastic. Standing face forward, until the sunbeam caressed my face, I began to tightly squeeze my eyes, loosen them, and re-crunch my lids. There it all was. Prismatic colors, and enhanced images danced and played inside of my mind.

The light is without and within and darkness was nowhere to be found for the moment.

Just thinking about the recent Solar Eclipse, I came upon this post by Jone Victoria.

Even as a child, Jone was a unique individual — going her own way! I can remember her telling me about Kirlian energy — which one could “see” during the daylight — if one concentrated on tuning in to the energy that always surrounds us. We would lie out on chaise lounges and observe the swirling and multi-colored waves of sparkling energy that is indeed visible to one and all. The Kirlian effect was mostly used in photographic images of the human aura — i.e., we all have our energy body that can be seen when one is adept at the process. I’m not sure how effective this process was in actually being able to photograph this  energy, but it was popular for quite some time. Nevertheless, when we so choose we can observe much of our world, that is not immediately noticed by our everyday consciousness. I, of course, would NOT recommend that anyone look directly into the Sun – that is a definite don’t! However, we can train ourselves to see the auras of others — in its many dimensions. We all have our energy body that produces our energy aura, our health aura, and our emotional aura. Yes, when someone is very angry — you can see red surrounding them! So seeing RED is not just an old wives tale. Also, people in love have a rosy glow, and an expectant Mom will be surrounded by pink (not just for girls). There are so many ways to expand our observation of the world, why would we not?



September’s Astrological Activity — 2017

As the month begins the Moon is in practical Capricorn, and Rx Mercury has backed into the sign Leo, just before turning Direct on the 5th (I for one will be happy to see the end of this particular Rx Mercury transit) don’t ask! On the 2nd, Mars in Leo trines Uranus in Aries during the breakfast hour, allow yourself to dream big, but wait if you can until Mercury goes Direct on the 5th before trying to implement anything of major importance. Whilst Mercury is still Rx, we would be wise to watch what we say and to whom we say it, there will be a kind of haziness until Mercury has gone Direct for a few days. Waiting until the New Moon on the 20th would be the best course of action, however, life doesn’t just stop — so we must use our common-sense when beginning something new or reorganizing  a project that was held up by Mercury’s Rx phase.

Rx Mercury is conjunct Mars at 28 Degrees of Leo on the 3rd in the early morning hours — you may awake with a brilliant idea or realize that you have met that special someone. Allow yourself some time to ponder your next move so that the timing is just right. The 5th is an active day beginning with the Sun in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces just after the midnight hour, you may find you are having confusing dreams or are restless and can’t stop thinking about work issues. Mars enters Virgo a bit later, and Mercury goes Direct as you awaken — possibly not feeling refreshed but anxious and unsettled. The 6th brings the Full Moon at 13 degrees of Pisces at 2:03 AM EST (add 1 hour for DST), bewilderment reigns and you may find it difficult to get going and organized this morning. At lunchtime on the 8th Lady Venus and the Sun are in a friendly position, it may be nice to take a long lunch break with someone compatible and savvy. On the 9th Lady Venus and Pluto in Capricorn have a snarky moment in the wee hours of the morning, it may be indigestion or some angst from the work week wreaking havoc on your rest. By wake-up time, the Sun and Pluto in good stead will bring a more positive and hopeful outlook — perhaps a phone call has cheered you up. After the dinner hour on the 12th Lady Venus in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius find you feeling loved and protected by family and friends — children bring you joy and all seems well in your world. On the 13th the Sun in Virgo clashes with Saturn in Sagittarius later in the evening and you might feel uneasy about work the next day. Lady Venus in Leo has a chatty interlude with Jupiter in Libra in the late afternoon, there is harmony and a connection to someone special you hadn’t noticed before. The afternoon of the 16th finds Mercury and Mars together in Virgo — you are on your game — both physically able and mentally alert, remember good sportsmanship and don’t allow a small setback to rob you of your usual enthusiasm. On the 17th the evening gets busy with the Sun and Jupiter in sync, perhaps getting you ready for the work day tomorrow. Later on Lady Venus and Uranus in Aries finds a unique connection that brings you a new viewpoint. Mercury in Virgo and Jupiter in Libra are pushy during the evening rush hour, watch out for distracted drivers.

Lady Venus enters Virgo on the 19th at 8:16 PM EST (adjust for DST), bringing us a more practical and staid environment — perhaps time to dig into that project you’ve been avoiding, you’ll have more insight into the pros and cons. Mercury in opposition to Neptune late in the evening may bring uncomfortable dreams, and/or a late night phone call will be upsetting. Lady Venus in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn are once again at odds just about when you are getting in to work — you may be facing someone who is envious of your know-how and is undermining your authority, it may be a Karmic tie. This month’s New Moon in Virgo crests on the 20th at 12:30 AM EST at 27 degrees of the sign. A Virgo New Moon gives us the ability to be precise and accurate in our work — and may encourage you to think about your health. Those born near this date are beginning a New Lunar cycle. Don’t forget to write out your affirmations. The Sun enters Libra on the 22nd at 3:02 PM EST heralding the Jubilant Autumnal Equinox — that enduring and eternal moment when our lazy New England Summer has ended. Thus continues the primordial cycles of our lives. At lunchtime on the 22nd Mercury in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn see eye-to-eye, and can help in discovering some mystery either at work or in your personal life that has escaped detection. Mars in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces in mid-afternoon on the 24th, can find us in flux — not knowing which path to take. You may be better off just lazing about and resting before the work week begins. The morning rush hour on the 25th may prove to be daunting as Mercury and Saturn are at odds — stay cool and try to keep a positive attitude. Late evening on the 27th finds Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries in opposition,  try to take a deep breath and don’t take the bait no matter how delectable it might seem. Pluto goes Direct at 16 degrees of Capricorn on the 28th — more positive vibes can be used as this tiny dynamo brings us more ability to regenerate our inner selves  and find our inner strength. Lady Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces on the 29th after dinner, you may be extra sensitive to someones tale of woe, but check the facts before being too generous. Use this time to be more creative and fanciful with your wardrobe — think outside the box. Lady Venus in Virgo and Jupiter in Libra are rubbing each other the wrong way on the 30th, as you get into work — someone may have an exaggerated ego and be belittling others. Consider the source!

As the transitional month of September comes to its end, many of us begin the busy and often hectic whirlwind that announces the entry into the Holiday season. The next three month period is full of family occasions from Halloween to Thanksgiving and Christmas or Hanuka. There never seems to be enough time to attend to all of the details, however, we all do our best to make the coming season joyous and happy for everyone in our realm. We remember the less fortunate, those who mourn, our military here and abroad, and put a protective aura over all those whom we love and have loved throughout our journey here. We must be ever aware that life is a generous but fragile gift, and each and every moment must be wholly experienced, abundantly enjoyed and lived to the full.