When Books Fly — Jone Victoria — March 13th 2009

The Universe provides signs by offering distinctive directions, much like a GPS system, if you are aware and paying attention. Flying books are one of those signs.

The first time it happened to me I was in Yokefellows Bookstore in Framingham, MA. Leisurely pacing up and down an aisle, a book flew from the shelf and landed at my feet. I picked it up and just stared at the title, then shifted my eyes to the space where it had fallen from, then back to the title. It crossed my mind that someone on the other side of the aisle returned a book to its rightful place, which resulted in my book being rudely shoved on the floor. Examining the bookcase I discovered that this bookshelf had a solid back.

I placed the book back on the shelf and reconciled myself to the logical thought that it was probably sitting precariously on the edge and the vibration of my walking up the aisle had caused it to fall. As I continued searching other titles, I heard a book fall again. Turning, I remember feeling sick in my stomach — it was the same book. I picked the book up and purchased it. The book was The Seth Material by Jane Roberts.

Throughout the years I purchased every book written by Jane Roberts, whose writing and insights stretched my belief system and exercised my mind like a Pilates class.

Books still fly at me, and I still question this rare occurrence. The location is not a factor. This phenomenon has happened to me in intimate title bookstores, where you can smell the dust and mold, as well as those new book chain stores that serve up overpriced croissants. I’ve yet to determine if my own energy causes the book to fall off the shelf, or there is some guiding intervention by a discarnate entity. When this experience happens, I feel my personal shopper is helping me make a decision on reading material that I, obviously am too stupid to select on my own.

I purchase whatever is thrown at me, due in most part, to a feeling of higher obligation, that if I don’t accept this unseen gift of guidance the experience will somehow cease to happen.

Jone always had some otherworldly experiences happening to her, and usually she found there was a real-world reason that these occurrences happened. All adding to her knowledge about the netherworld that defies our human understanding. She also found that she could use her own powers in moving items through her thoughts. On one New Year’s Eve, we found ourselves at separate celebrations, however, she said to me — “I’ll be right there celebrating with you!” I asked, “really — how will I know!” She laughed her infectious laugh, and said “Oh, you’ll know!” Well the midnight hour approached and we were getting ready to cheer on the New Year — when the clock started to chime, and I heard a loud startling bang! I looked around — and there on the floor was one of the biggest books I’ve ever seen lying on the floor! The hostess, who was also startled looked dumbfounded as she said ” that book has been on that shelf for years, and has never been moved” — we all took a deep breath, as the shock of that sound dissipated from our psyches, and we shared a nervous chuckle! The next day, Jone called, and cheerily asked — “did you know when I arrived at your party?” Astounded, I replied — “that was you?” She just laughed and laughed. I told her it scared the blazes out of the party-goers — but certainly made for an interesting celebration. So I guess Jone developed her own ability to toss books off of the shelves. I have to smile when I think of the many ways that Jone brought a little mystery, inscrutability, and enigmatic nuances into my life. Life is a little less eccentric without her quirky sense of humor, and a lot less fun!  


August’s Astrological Activity — 2019

Enjoying the boost of New Moon in Leo energy to start this month and perhaps more importantly — having rid ourselves of the seemingly unending Retrograde Mercury on the 31st also, our hearts are lightened, our spirits are soaring, and we feel the best is yet to come! August is a transitional month — bringing some of New England’s hottest weather, but also some balmy Autumn-like days when the air is as crisp as a fresh picked apple, and the azure sky is full of puffy white fair-weather clouds. August seems to have something for everyone — as the summer produce is beginning to be harvested, and fresh vegetables are sold from backyard gardens, full of that unique taste that can only be found in small batches.

We encounter the Full Moon in Aquarius on the 15th at 7:30 AM EST, cresting at 22 degrees of the sign. Opposite Lady Venus, we might find ourselves wanting to beautify our homes or ourselves! We also might have some opposite views from our significant other — allow some time to pass before trying to explain your side of the situation. Full Moon conversations can deteriorate quickly — Breathe!

The New Moon isn’t until the 30th in the sign Virgo, cresting at 6 degrees, at 5:38 AM EST — close to Mars at 7 degrees, and Venus at 11 degrees, will make this a particularly vigorous New Moon. Also in the arena is Mercury at 2 degrees of the sign. So — we might have romantic conversations, some passionate requests, or become aware of the swirling issues of the day, particularly in the area of those who may be oppressed because of their gender.

We may also see a resurgence or interest in the art world, social groups forming for the greater good, and folks seeking a spiritual message or insight into those areas of our life that often seem out-of-control. There is a double-header of sorts on the 11th, with Jupiter (the Good Luck Planet) turning Direct at 14 degrees of Sagittarius at 8:37 AM EST, and Uranus (the Planet of the Unexpected) turning Retrograde at 6 degrees of Taurus, at 9:27 PM EST. Perhaps you have been waiting to start a new job, buy a car, or are moving — this combination can put a positive spin on these occasions. Try to work with the energy of these behemoths in order to further your journey in this lifetime.

On August 24th Lady Venus and Mighty Mars are conjunct at 4 degrees of Virgo, we can look for romantic interests to arise, social occasions will be lively but sensible,  With any new relationship — be aware of any underlying concerns — especially if someone seems a bit controlling. Run — do not walk away.

With Jupiter moving forward, we can use the positive energy of this Planet to help us find new opportunities, people who will be able to help us, and realize that we have what it takes to help make our own dreams come true. On the other hand, with Uranus going retrograde until January 10th 2020, we may feel a bit as if it is always Groundhog Day — repetition might be the major activity of this period. Also keep an eye on your finances — try to make the most of what you have, and be alert for any unexpected ways to increase your income. Uranus will be in Taurus — check your Zodiac Chart to see in which House Taurus lives — therein will be the testing of Uranus Rx. With Saturn in practical Capricorn, we can use this mundane energy to steady our course, find some useful ways to improve our lot in life, and when we feel overwhelmed and conflicted, Saturn in Capricorn can help to bring some transparency and simplicity to our feelings of confusion.

Now that Mercury has gone Direct, we can get down to business — moving quickly through Cancer, Mercury enters the sign Leo on the 11th, helping to bring more emotional satisfaction our way, then entering Virgo on the 29th, making us aware of more day-to-day issues (bills to pay, repairs needed, and catching up on those things we have been letting slide).

On August 2nd, Lady Venus and Uranus just aren’t friendly — early in the dawn light, a confusing dream about a loved one might make you restless all day, give them a call just to catch up. In the wee hours of the 7th, the Sun and Jupiter are in sync, you might feel at the top of your game — just be sure you don’t overdo anything physical. The 8th sees Lady Venus and Jupiter seeing eye-to-eye, after the lunch hour, you may find a gift waiting on your desk, or your optimism garners notice from a higher-up! The 14th sees Lady Venus and the Sun linking up in Leo, before the alarm goes off, perhaps a beautiful dream will keep you optimistic and joyous for the rest of the day. Mars enters the sign Virgo, putting a damper on His reign in Leo, now it’s all work and no play. Lady Venus enters Virgo on the 21st, She will be much more particular and fussy — but Her fashion taste is impeccable. Mercury will be chummy with Jupiter as you arise, giving you a confident attitude throughout the day. Just after the midnight hour on the 24th Lady Venus and Mars connect in Virgo, bringing a frisson of romantic interest into the day — perhaps a chance encounter while on your errands will bring a new admirer. On the 26th Lady Venus and Uranus are digging each other mid-morning, be aware that someone thinks you are really special — prepare for a romantic whirlwind. It may be wonderful but temporary — enjoy the moment. On the 28th Mars connects with Uranus — as you ready yourself for work, there is a sense of adventure in the air, you are looking forward to presenting some original ideas to those in command.The Sun and Uranus meet up on the 29th in the late evening hours, you may have a date with someone exciting and novel — go wherever your heart takes you. The New Moon in Virgo crests at 5:38 AM EST on the 30th, write out your affirmations with precision, accuracy and detail — the World is your oyster!

We leave August as the Moon enters Libra on the 31st — giving September 1st a beautiful aura of love, and with two inspiring aspects during the day — Mercury trines Uranus — bringing us unique ideas that can have practical uses, and Lady Venus trines Saturn — making long-term relationships stronger, and new connections solid and reliable.


New Moon in Leo Reminder — July 31st 2019

At 10:11 PM EST the New Moon in Leo crests at 8 degrees — If you are up and about at this hour, remember to write out your affirmations to get your own wishes, desires, and dreams into the ether with the most power. The sign Leo is lavish, romantic, enjoy all the finer things in life — but also is family oriented. Especially with children — Leo’s will go all out to bring about a good life for their offspring, be a devoted parent, and find unique ways in which to inspire and motivate the young. Often teachers, healers, Captains of Industry, Governmental employees, innovators, hoteliers, Military figures and socially active and responsible folks.

You can still write out your affirmations until the evening of August 1st, and your wishes will be connected to the Universal harmonics to become your new reality. When writing out your list, concentrate on each wish or desire, feel the weight of your own resolve — and allow your mind to encompass the idea of having a spiritually connected moment with the invisible forces that surround all of us.


New Moon in Leo — July 31st 2019

This is our second New Moon this month, cresting at 8 degrees of Leo at 10:11 PM EST (add one hour for DST) — conjunct Lady Venus, may make this New Moon bring new romantic interests, unusual connections through friends, and enhance our interest in becoming more creative, artsy, and resourceful. If any of your Planets or the Lights are near or opposite 8 degrees of Leo, you may be in store for some complimentary input, a boost in your self-esteem, and some adventurous plans that you haven’t  enjoyed previously. Open your heart to all new and creative offers that come your way — it might be one of the best  times of your life!

The Moon in Leo is adoring, playful, intense, romantic, and can be in love with love! Enjoying family and friends, their generosity is unbound. They want to “spoil” those they love with every frivolous, artistic, and family fun adventures that can be imagined. Not to say they don’t demand a quality of respect, kindness and  thoughtfulness in return. Still — there may be no more loving parent, son or daughter, friend or acquaintance than a Leo persona. They enhance our lives with bountiful gifts of love, adoration, interest and fundamental consideration of our own personality traits. Our Leo family and friends can be the most loving and understanding of relations.

Now — our beautiful Leo’s often have a tremendous need for praise, admiration and flattery — to the extent that they can sometimes be swayed by those who would use their abilities for their own enhancement. Usually not naive — their heads can be turned by those lesser folks who have their own agenda. However, our Leo brethren are most likely used to getting false praise and will know when someone is just using their need for love and flattery to no good end.

We love our Leo friends and family because they bring us joy, laughter, a positive outlook and presents! Not necessarily in that order. Seriously — Leo’s enhance our lives with their deep emotional attachments, their fashion flair, their obvious enjoyment of life in all of its forms, their generosity and elan, and their often down-to-Earth ability to make each of us feel special.

Writing our affirmations under the power of a Leo New Moon is one of life’s little pleasures, as we can wish for anything, no matter how outrageous, frivolous, or perhaps nonsensical to others. Leo’s love the festive, lavish, over-the-top, elegant, creative, chic, fashionable and superfluous bauble that is sometimes one of our greatest delights! Create your affirmation, desire, dream or wish list with nothing off the table — let your imagination soar to new heights, and find a way to wish for your ultimate Bliss!

On a practical note — the New Moon in Leo can help us create warm friendships, restore family relationships, help us find a way to bring in more earnings, find the best ways to raise our children to become their best selves, enhance our efforts in sporting events, and perhaps find the most magical areas in which to take that once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Also, Leo is big on business, advancing socially, and garnering favors from those in authority.

The New Moon in Leo crests at 10:11 PM EST on July 31st 2019, as stated before the first few hours after the moon crests is the most potent for writing our affirmations, however, the following 24 hours still hold the New Moon energy. Create your wish list with deep determination, mental acuity, and a deep belief within yourself that you deserve to be happy.


Full Moom Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn — July 16th 2019

Seems there is a lot of buzz about the upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 16th, which crests at 4:38 PM EST, at 24 degrees of the sign Capricorn. While it is true that these Lunar Eclipses have more energy than the average Full Moon, however, it will probably pass for most folks without any notice. The Capricorn Moon will be opposite the sign Cancer — if you have a Planet or Light at/or within a few degrees of the 24 degrees that this Lunar Eclipse will light up, you may have some anxious moments or irritations with which to deal. Also, it will depend on the Zodiac House oppositions and/or squares that this combination might make, as to how it will impact your personal realm. In the 10th House of career and social standing you may have to make a difficult job decision or find a new social circle, in the 6th House of health — there might be a brief illness — or a past problem may return, in the 11th House of friendships and pets — you might have a falling out, or an older pet may need extra care.

Capricorn opposite Cancer brings up some work versus home priorities, emotions versus truth, idealism versus actuality — and can make one’s head spin if we don’t keep it screwed on straight! This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is also conjunct the Planet Pluto bringing a thornier edge to the moment. If your Zodiac Chart shows some of these aspects, you may want to sit this one out. If you must be in the usual fray of everyday life, it will behoove you to keep your head, avoid those out of control, and be aware of your surroundings. Forewarned is indeed forearmed!

Also, the energy expelled with this potent Full Moon in Capricorn will increase our need to be in charge — perhaps we all can find a way to just breathe through any anxious moments, and just “Let it GO!”

If we can adjust ourselves to the possibility of some emotionally charged moments, find our own way to be independent, realize we don’t need to be validated by anyone but ourselves, and begin to feel our inner spirit of individuality and self-reliance, we can discover our distinctive strengths and begin to appreciate our own unique humanity.



Lady Venus enters Cancer — July 3rd 2019

Leaving quirky Mutable Airy Gemini for emotional Cardinal Watery Cancer will be quite the change for our Lady Venus, from flirtatious and enticing, our Lady Venus suddenly finds herself becoming the representation of the Mother Principle, embracing Her altruistic feminism in all of its facades. Madonna, Eve, Aphrodite, Lilith, Mata Hari, Siren, Moon Child, Mother, Daughter, Sister — all are variations of Lady Venus in Cancer. If in opposition to a Planet in Capricorn or Saturn there could be a sharp side to Lady Venus or She is more sensitive and fragile dealing with this dichotomy.

Still — Lady Venus in Cancer is usually a very loving, giving, caring, and compassionate individual that brings a lot of emotional comfort to Her family and friends. Willing to serve others without a moments thought — Lady Venus in Cancer will devote Herself to the needs of those who are under duress. Indeed our Lady Venus in Cancer is the epitome of graciousness, especially within Her home — lavishing care, ample food, protection, and the ability to truly listen to those who may be in need of Her advice.

Ruling the Moon, Cancer is emotional, empathetic, sensitive and fragile at times — however — Cancer is a strong Cardinal sign that can find strength in whatever situation they find themselves. Lady Venus in Cancer can become a warrior woman when the need is great, a fighter for freedom, and a Mother Lion when under attack. Never underestimate a Lady Venus in Cancer persona — although kind, caring and often shy — their inner Amazon can blaze like a beacon of truth, loyalty, courage and security! Our Lady Venus in Cancer has among the highest of feminine virtues — never surrendering to chaos or disorder, rather championing forward with dynamic energy in the pursuit of happiness for all those she loves.

Entering the sign Cancer on July 3rd, at 10:19 AM EST, and remaining in Cancer until July 27th when She enters the sign Leo. We can embrace our Lady Venus in Cancer during these Summer holidays and reunions with family and friends all coming together. Often the Matriarch who keeps the family records, stays in touch with distant relatives, and is the Heart and Soul of the family circle — those with a Lady Venus in Cancer in their realm is truly lucky!

Lady Venus in Cancer connects with Mars in Leo on the 5th early in the morning, bringing a sunny outlook for the rest of the day. Uranus in Taurus and Lady Venus are in sync on the 8th mid-morning, perhaps you connect with someone new in the office, or some exciting news makes you smile. In the wee hours of the 16th, Lady Venus and Jupiter are adjusting to one another, you may have awoken because of a dream that seemed so real, and you just can’t seem to relax. The 17th brings Lady Venus in touch with Saturn in Capricorn — just after the midnight hour — you feel some sadness or a sense of loss. However, on the 18th our Lady Venus and Neptune find common ground, in early afternoon, creativity and pleasant company are in order — perhaps a love connection will become a spiritually karmic bond. The 21st brings Lady Venus opposite Pluto in Capricorn, in the wee hours of the morning, you may be having a restless night, or someone is in competition with you at the office — you can overcome their offensive! Later in the day your opinion will be valued. Late evening on the 26th the Moon and Lady Venus find loving care and understanding. The 27th sees Lady Venus and Jupiter in excess, around the dinner hour — you may want to sit back and observe what’s happening —  later on things will mellow out!

Hint — find your Lady Venus in Cancer at a cooking class, looking for moonstone jewelry, reading to toddlers at the library, buying lacy lingerie, driving a practical mini-van or rocking an Aston-Martin, making goodies for a bake sale, visiting an elderly neighbor, hosting a family reunion, traveling to the seashore, attending religious services, running her own company, and bringing meals to shut-ins.


New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer Reminder — July 2nd 2019

Set your clock for 2:16 PM EST, to remind yourself that the New Moon in Cancer will be cresting at 10 degrees of the sign!  This time will be the most efficacious time to write out your affirmations, wishes, desires and dreams. The sign Cancer has realm over home, family, mother, emotions, water sports, swimming and short journeys. But you can write an affirmation or wish about anything that will improve your life at this moment. Give it a try — Good Luck!