Mars Enters Taurus — February 14th 2019

After being in mighty Aries Fiery realm for several weeks, being cast into Taurus Earthy landscape will be a big adjustment for our passionate Mars. Entering Taurus on the 14th at 5:52 AM EST, our grandiose Mars will feel quite deflated for a while as he comes to grips with the stable and practical Taurus vibrations. Of course, Taurus is also quite the ardent lover, but not the overwhelming powerhouse that Mars epitomizes. Taurus can begin slowly, but begins to burn with a devoted and fervent adoration. This method is much too slow for Mars impatient persona, and He will have to learn to enjoy Taurus unhurried and deliberate pace. Knowing Mars ability to be an excellent student, we believe He will realize that the Taurus way can have more depth of feeling, more emotional connection, and more excitement with a bit of anticipation in the mix.

Mars will have to succumb to being patient whilst in Taurus home turf, being less eager to step into the fray, Mars will have time to avoid those missteps He often rushes into. With Venus also in an Earthy realm (Capricorn) there seems to be a symbiotic connection while Mars is in Taurus between the two. Balance, preparedness, and stability are all hallmarks of a Taurus nature, and Mars will find that these traits can have their place within His own archetype. Also, Taurus relates well to hard work, real estate, business, and money! Mars can become aware of the many ways He can advance His own goals and future plans while in Taurus practical realm. Never one to allow a good idea to go to waste, Mars in Taurus will be able to proceed with any monetary transactions, and will find that with Taurus head for business, Mars will be sure to find a way to maximize His financial dealings.

As Mars enters Taurus early on the 14th (Valentine’s Day), there may be some surprises in store for long-term lovers!   Although later in the evening, Mars and Neptune are at odds, so there may be some misunderstanding about exactly what one is saying. Best to be clear and concise about just what you mean to say! The Full Moon in Virgo crests on the 19th at 10:53 AM EST, emotions may run high, balance may be off, and there may be some confusion in the aftermath. On the 23rd mid-morning, Mars and Jupiter aren’t feeling the love, might be better to avoid confrontation until a later time. The 27th finds the Sun and Mars in a good place, you are feeling creative and eager to strut your stuff — others find you mystically appealing. Ending the month with the Moon in Capricorn and Mars in Taurus feeling the love, you can promote your agenda and it will be well received.

Remaining in Taurus through most of the month of March, Mars enters Gemini on March 31st. On March 10th closing  in on the noon hour, Mars and Neptune find common ground, and you may be inspired by what you heard in Church, your intuition is on point and a hunch may pay off in spades, or your generous nature will be returned in kind. The 14th sees Mars and Saturn understanding one another as you may be waking up, you might remember a positive dream that gives you a good idea, or you may find you have won a better position when you get into work. On the Vernal Equinox (20th), Mars and Pluto are in sync at breakfast time, and you are eager to get into work with an amazing proposal that will impress everyone. The Sun enters Aries at 4:59 PM EST bringing in the fresh air of the Equinox, that heralds the beginning of Spring! We celebrate having gotten through the rigors of Winter, and cherish our hardy ancestors, who left their homeland to establish a new land and way of living. Mars and Jupiter are at odds in mid-afternoon on the 21st, you might want to suppress any irritation you are experiencing, and just ignore any spats that are going on around you. I know — easier said than done! On the 29th the Moon and Mars click after the dinner hour, and you feel energetic and want to get a few chores out of the way. Mars will enter Gemini on the 31st bringing a new wave of frenetic energy into our lives.

Mars in Taurus Love Style — As Mars begins to adapt to the Taurus vibrations, His demeanor becomes more affable and steady. Not overly fond of Taurus slow pace and stable ideas, Mars will soon embrace those positive Taurus traits such as taking time to deliberate on the right pathway. Once our Mars in Taurus has chosen someone whom He feels is worthy of his lofty attention, He will be a slow and steady romantic suitor who will spend an inordinate amount of time to get things right. Our Mars in Taurus will try to find those things that are important to his beloved, and will ensure that He finds a way to enhance the quality of their relationship. Not the passionate and ardent suitor of Aries, still the emotions of our Mars in Taurus persona are burning deep within his psyche. Often feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of His reactions to His love, Mars may back off for a while to try to comprehend this mighty force that begins to control His everyday life. When Mars in Taurus realizes that this is the perfect partner for Himself, there is no stopping His romantic wooing of the object of His affection. Loyal, stable, hard-working, family oriented and wise in the ways of the world, our Mars in Taurus romantic is a force to be reckoned with, and He is forever committed  to the Love of his life.

Happy Valentine’s Day!




New Moon in Aquarius Reminder — February 4th 2019

Remember to write out your affirmations, wishes, desires and dreams today with the New Moon in Aquarius unique energy. Cresting at 4:04 PM EST — at 15 degrees of the sign, you have all evening and the next 24 hours in order to write out your affirmations and receive the most return.

Aquarius is the sign that marches to a different drummer, so anything you might have believed was a bit too “off-the-wall” to wish for, is just exactly what you should write down. Don’t limit yourself to your “usual” wishes — ask for that magnificent goal that you only imagine  could come true! Reach into your most far-flung visions of grandeur, and put it in writing.

‘Faint heart ne’er won fair maid’ — bring your most amazing thoughts into play and believe that they are possible. Go for your most ardent dreams — begin your journey to the world of miraculous potential — and believe that you deserve better. Hey — The Patriot’s Won their 6th Super Bowl — magic happens!

Go for the Gusto! Good Luck!


Lady Venus Enters Capricorn — February 3rd 2019

Lady Venus will find that Her stay in Earthy Cardinal Capricorn is quite different than Her stay in easy-going but Fiery Sagittarius! However, with Lady Venus in Capricorn, you may find that your current relationship is becoming more stable and serious. Suddenly there is more of a familiar intimacy and family vibe that was absent before Lady Venus in Capricorn became more in tune with the idea, that this relationship could offer a lifetime of love and commitment.

As Lady Venus moves through the Zodiac signs throughout the year, there is a growth pattern much like our Progressed Chart — each new sign builds upon the previous sign and we learn more about our partner or present interest, and if the stars connect — our relationships develop accordingly. One caveat is when the Planet Uranus is in play, the immediate euphoria of a new liaison might be a bolt of intense emotion that quickly fades! Having Lady Venus in Capricorn is kind of a barometer measuring the depth, intensity and longevity of a relationship. Of course, since Capricorn is quite pragmatic and rational, there could also be that light-bulb-moment when you realize that this present connection is going nowhere! Either way, Lady Venus in Capricorn can basically take the blinders off and allow you to commit or move on.

Lady Venus moves into the sign Capricorn on February 3rd at 5:30 PM EST, remaining in the sign until March 1st. Although not Her favorite sign to live in, Lady Venus does recognize the unique abilities that Capricorn brings to Her venue. Taking off the rose-colored=glasses, our Lady Venus can more readily see exactly how Her present relationship is going. It may be an eye-opener that will allow one to end an association that isn’t going to work in the long run. Our pathway is always being moved along as the Planets and Sun and Moon, intersect throughout our Chart and throughout our lives.

The most advantageous use of Lady Venus in Capricorn is the business connections one can pursue as Lady Venus moves through this sign. Attracting new acquaintances in the business world can allow us to find those who will mentor us, find us another source of income, or simply help to move us on to a better way of doing our job. Lady Venus in Capricorn can help us to hone in on what we really want in a relationship and in our working goals. Look to your Chart to see where Capricorn lives and the realm of that Zodiac House will give you some idea of where you should look for help in love, business, or future objectives.

Working within the potential of the Universal harmonics is the best way to ensure that we are on the right pathway throughout this lifetime. So often, when we are at odds with our loved ones, our jobs, and the World in general — it is because we have veered off the natural pathway we were meant to take. Allow yourself a moment or two to reflect on your relationships throughout last year, how was the pattern different than what you perhaps wanted? Or — has your job become onerous and boring, depleting your energy and not giving you the satisfaction of doing your job to the best of your ability? It is up to you to take note of just where you are, and where you truly want to be! Perhaps it might be time to see if you have other talents, or opportunities in another field — there are those who can help you figure out what job or career would be a good fit for a happy and content future.

With the Planet Mars moving into Earthy Taurus, there is a symbiotic relationship between both Lady Venus and Mars for a few weeks, which you can tap into as these entities will work together giving you the verve and desire to seek out a change. For those interested in Valentine’s Day romance, with Lady Venus in Capricorn and Mars entering Taurus on the 14th there will be a communion of sorts as those Mars ruled will be more interested in seeking real lasting romance, and Lady Venus is more likely to take the reins to move a relationship forward. Either way we all can benefit from the mutual interests of our “Love” Planets in sync.

Lady Venus and Neptune meet up on the 17th in the wee hours of the morning, giving us pleasant dreams and allowing us to awaken with a new outlook and optimistic feeling for the day. Catching up with Saturn on the 18th puts a serious spin on our thoughts and actions, we may decide to commit to a long-term match–up. The 21st late in the evening, Lady Venus connects with Pluto, bringing intensity and a demanding acknowledgement of our relationship status — or we may have made some precise business decisions during the day. On March 1st just before leaving Capricorn for Aquarius, Lady Venus and Uranus are at odds during the rush hour or just before you get into work — beware of distracted drivers, or be ready to greet some controversy as you enter the office — keep your cool, and it will blow over quickly!

Lady Venus in Capricorn can give us that ability to check our standing in our current relationships, and if found wanting, we will have the wherewithal to make that difficult change for the better. Practical and patient, Lady Venus in Capricorn will not allow Herself to take less than She deserves. Lady Venus in Capricorn knows her worth and will demand that She is appreciated, respected, loved and cherished for all She brings to a relationship — whether a love-match or a business connection. Never deny your power!

Hint – find your Lady Venus in Capricorn love at a spinning class, shopping for organic veggies, working at your bank, in the dentist’s office, on a marathon run, at the neighborhood community garden, taking advanced classes at a local college, buying quality leather goods, driving a performance car — but in a neutral shade, reading on a park bench, lunching at an open-air cafe, and visiting an art museum.

February’s Astrological Activity — 2019

We enter February with the Moon in stable and practical Capricorn, and feeling a bit more calmness, after the hectic Lunar activity of January. Some may still be feeling the dynamic energy of the Solar New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn or the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo, that although magnificent to see, brought some Fiery power into the fray!

Our February New Moon is in the sign Aquarius at 15 degrees, cresting on the 4th of the month at 4:40 PM EST. Ruled by the Planet Uranus, this New Moon has a the ability to surprise us, bring forth some interesting new folks, and can enable us to open our hearts and minds to different venues and experiences. We are urged to “Push the Envelope” of our ordinary daily life, in order to find that which excites and promises us a new way of observing our world!

The Full Moon for the month of February is on the 19th at Zero degrees of Pisces, perhaps tweaking our desire for more spirituality in our lives, finding our Bliss, or on the world stage there may be sudden conflicts, and conflicting opinions about the current state of affairs. Also opposite Zero degrees of Virgo we may become a bit more fussy or particular about our personal likes and dislikes.

Both Mars and Uranus will be entering Taurus — Uranus for a two-and-a-half year stay on March 6th — a major reconfiguration of Uranus mind-set. Taurus has much to do with our financial health, real-estate, and deliberation. With both Mars and Uranus in the mix, there will be some turmoil as these two dynamos vie for attention. If you are out and about late on the evening of the 12th, or early morning on the 13th, be forewarned that the Mars and Uranus conjunction at the sensitive 29th degree of Aries (a day before Mars enters Taurus) could be a sensitive, passionate and explosive time-span.Be aware of any monetary dealings that might be a bit shady, or any dealings with people in authority. You may be at a disadvantage by not knowing all the facts.

Around the 22nd the Planet Mercury may be stirring up some controversy, or there might be a plethora of information coming at you that isn’t helpful. Be careful of expressing yourself too strongly, and be sure to have answers to any questions that you may be asked.

A compatible Saturn and Neptune aspect will be helping us this month to be practical when it comes to chasing our dreams. There is also a spiritual element, with these Planets that can make us aware of the many echelons or dimensions that are always in play. Our abilities to discern the right pathway can be enhanced by this duo, in order for us to proceed forward on our own journey through this lifetime. We can be made aware of other realms we may be familiar with, in other periods of our existence. All of our Karmic knowledge is at our fingertips, if we but take the time to seek that, which with we have known. It is that frisson of energy that passes through our body when we simply “know” that something is true! Tune into the magnificent bounty of your timeless memories and understanding. You know more than you think you do — and you can tap into this brilliant storehouse of information by believing in yourself.

Lady Venus in Capricorn will be allowing us to turn a pragmatic eye on any relationship that has potential, and Mars entering Taurus on the 14th (Valentine’s Day) will also enhance the Earthiness and stability of our decisions. There is an unusual balance to be tapped into as Mars is in a Venus ruled sign. Perhaps a blending of two minds with the purpose of finding the most practical and advantageous pathway to a forever connection.

As Mercury will be turning Retrograde on March 5th, we should try to clear up any misunderstandings, any unfinished business, and get all of our ducks-in-a-row during February’s reign.

A beautiful trine between Lady Venus and Uranus around the dinner hour on the 2nd may bring an exciting moment while on a first date, or meeting someone new that seems interesting and free-wheeling! Just try to keep your feet on the ground. The 3rd sees Mercury and Jupiter in sync in the late afternoon allowing us to have a good conversation with a witty and learned companion. Of course, the New Moon in Aquarius crests on the 4th, allowing us to get our affirmations and wishes into the Universal ether. On the 7th the Sun and Jupiter are compatible after the dinner hour, you feel all is well with  your world, or perhaps it’s just that your favorite TV shows are on this night. The 9th has Mercury and Uranus stirring up some intellectual conversation during the dinner hour that you might find fascinating. Late on the 14th Mars and Neptune are at odds, perhaps you don’t have all the facts or are just out of sorts this evening. In the wee hours of the 17th Lady Venus and Neptune are connecting on a spiritual level, you might have a dream that answers a lot of questions, or you awaken with a feeling of comfort. Mercury and Uranus are in a snit as you get into the office on the 18th, you may want to take the time to test the waters before giving your opinion too soon. With the energy of the Full Moon in Pisces on the 19th, there will be some confusion and controversy mid-morning — might be a good time for a coffee break! Also, Mercury and Saturn are agreeable before bedtime, you may come up with a practical idea for an ongoing issue. On the 20th the Sun and Saturn are a bit off as you get home from work, you may face an immediate problem with the plumbing. The mid-afternoon connection between Mercury and Jupiter isn’t the best on the 22nd, you may be asked to stay late at work, or the traffic is just a horror show. Just take your time and remember it will be the weekend! At noon on the 23rd, Mercury and Pluto see eye-to-eye, you can sum up a situation in a nanosecond, and give profound advice. Late on the 27th the Sun and Mars find common ground, there is a sense of accomplishment, and acknowledgement of a job well done. The Moon enters Capricorn on the 28th ending the month on a practical and stable note, enjoy the calm before Retrograde Mercury begins next month.




New Moon in Aquarius — February 4th 2019

February’s New Moon in Aquarius crests on the 4th at 4:04 PM EST at 15 degrees of the sign, bringing us a wave of exciting energy with the erratic promise of Uranus’ unpredictable nature tweaking the Universal flow with its extraordinary idea of whimsy and eccentricity. The sign Aquarius seems to give us the permission to push the envelope of our usual limits, and to open ourselves to the unusual, odd, mysterious and creative sides of our persona.

Personal freedom, unique goals, willingness to express ourselves without limits, and the vision to see just where we want to expand our horizons, is opening up with the vast power and vigor of the New Moon in Aquarius. It can, perhaps, be a little unsettling to feel the frisson of excitement as we allow ourselves to actually admit that we want more out of life! More autonomy, more independence and more individuality will be our mantra. I love the sign Aquarius — it is kind of the “rebel with a cause” in our lives. Humanitarian, nurturer, caregiver, and truth-teller extraordinary. Of course, they are also uber-independent, a self-contained package of intensity and control, an indecipherable phenomenon, and perhaps some of our best friends.  They will “tell it like it is”, so if you don’t want the naked truth, you may not want to ask the question!

Still — we all need the unique personality of our Aquarian brethren, we might never know just where we stand with them, yet — they will be there when we need them — often when no one else wants to be involved. Creative, visionary, spiritual (in their own way), searching and curious, brilliant and eccentric, funny and serious, our Aquarian friends and family make our lives richer, more interesting, fully integrated with what is going on in the world and an absolute joy in our lives.

January 31st leaves us with a beautiful Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces aspect as we enter February that can make us feel there is a change in the ether. Blending Saturn’s practical work ethic and Neptune:’s compassion for humanity, we may find that our current discordant dealings with others is softened, and we can finally find a commonality between one another. We may if we wish find that balance between our idealism, and our ability to actually reach our lofty goals.  Jupiter will reign in its own sign of Sagittarius bringing optimism and an openness to explore our interests. However, with Jupiter being the Planet of excess, wanting more and needing gratuitous extravagance, we must be wary of going too far in our search for unnecessary volume over quality. Lady Venus will enter Capricorn on the 3rd of the month creating a new challenge for her sensitive feelings, as the sign Capricorn will insist on truth, hard work and a no-nonsense approach to our goals and also our love life. It may be time to tell-it-like-it is to whomever you are currently seeing. It may be a new beginning or an abrupt ending to what may have seemed to have potential. Your choice! Mars will take a turn in Earthy Taurus on the 14th, feeling a bit reined in by Taurus patience and perseverance. On a good note, with Lady Venus also in Earthy Capricorn on the 3rd, there might be some new attractions around your work-place, home-front or neighborhood! Possibilities will abound — be aware of any new employees, family friends, or new neighbors. Just sayin’.

Mercury is in the signs Aquarius and Pisces this month but will be slowing down towards the end of the month, when on March 5th it will begin another Retrograde period until March 28th when it again returns to Direct motion.

Now to our Affirmations written with the potential of the New Moon in Aquarius’ quixotic, extraordinary brilliant and quirky energy, taking our wishes to new pinnacles and soaring within the Galaxial vortex to become our new reality. With the New Moon in Aquarius, we can ask to be empowered to extraordinary heights, we can think “outside the box”, and we can use our most imaginative abilities to find new and magical goals. Possibly the most creative, eccentric and unusual sign in the Zodiac, Aquarius can bring us to a clearer understanding of our most intimate needs.  Everything is on the table with Aquarius in the House, creative, humorous, genius, humanitarian, all-round man/woman for all seasons!

We can affirm our wishes for material, spiritual, and mundane needs — prepare your list of ideas ahead of time, and be prepared to write succinctly, and with fervor for all those desires you truly want to happen. Pour out all of your yearnings, ideas, needs, and hopes onto your list so that you can start the process of getting your ideas into the Celestial ether.

Write out your affirmations in alignment with the New Moon in Aquarius’ cresting at 15 degrees of the sign, at  4:04 PM EST — and for the next 24 hours to have the most impact. Especially those born on or near the New Moon date or within a degree or two of 15 degrees of Aquarius or Leo — who will be able to use this energy most positively. Funny, quick-witted, curious, friendly, worldly, quirky, creative and so very human — we can use the Aquarius New Moon for anything our hearts desire. Be one with the movement of the Earth, Planets and Stars — find the cadence that works for you — feel the magic in the air, and accept what the Universe is offering. Peace




Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo — January 21st 2019

Well this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo has been hyped to the max in the news as the “Full Blood Wolf Moon”! Now that is scary indeed. Of course the Moon is Full, under an eclipse it often looks red, and the Native Americans named it for the Wolves who indeed howl at the Moon. However powerful a Full Moon, there is a narrow swath of the Zodiac that it covers. I’m sure we all have said “Oh no, it’s a Full Moon weekend — there’s sure to be some problems.” For sure, those who have the Sun, Moon or a Planet at or near zero degrees of Leo or its opposite, zero degrees of Aquarius, may have some issues to attend to during the Full Moon phase that is happening. However, there are many facets that will affect the tenacity of this Lunar Eclipse. What Zodiac House does Leo live in within your own chart — that is where there will be the most intensity, especially on the cusp of Leo or Aquarius! Also, any interplay between that degree and any aspects between the other Planets or the Sun or Moon. If there is an aspect to one of the so-called difficult Planets — i.e., Saturn, Pluto, Mars — there may be more of an impact, that we can, however, find a way to modify by adjusting our schedule, mind-set, attitude, or outlook. True, a Lunar Eclipse can have long-ranging influence for the months following — still, this will probably bring up past issues, an emotional moment, or possibly surprising news, for those most compromised because of their Natal Chart positions.

Most of us may encounter some minor or irritating moment — especially during the run-up to the actual Full Moon cresting on Monday the 21st  at 12:16 AM EST. So — for those who may be unsettled about facing some huge disaster personally, there is only a small window of time — perhaps if you are out and about very late on Sunday the 20th just before the Full Moon is in Full Eclipse mode. Whatever uneasy happenstance occurs, you may be facing a few months of angst in order to get things squared away. (Perhaps a minor auto accident, slipping on ice, arguing with your spouse), or any other upsetting incident that will need some time to square away.

I often find that those folks who were born under a Full Moon have more sensitivity to any Full Moon phase, whether an Eclipse or not. They often feel the energy build up as early as the week before the aspect is scheduled to crest. So — if you are one of these folks, try to breathe and realize that you have successfully sailed by several Lunar Eclipses without any problems, except perhaps some uneasiness. For most of us this Full Moon Eclipse will escape our notice, until it has passed and we may think back to some tiny incident that we can attribute to the extra energy that was expelled.

Since Leo rules drama, over-the-top excesses, and our friends, families and loved ones — it behooves us to remember to be aware of any building frustrations, irritations and family issues that might be brewing. Forewarned is forearmed, and we can if we wish, forestall any anger, outbursts or other unnecessary confrontations with love, understanding and a desire to smooth over any ongoing issues. A similar pattern emerged last year at this time, if you think back, you might remember some incident that rocked your boat. It might be about resolving old issues, and repairing any rifts that are ongoing. Use this energy to renew, repair, and restart a conversation to heal if necessary.

Try not to have a knee-jerk reaction to any happening if you can, and wait until a few days after the Full Moon has passed to begin a conversation, or bring up something that has been eating at you. Time is our friend in many instances, forgiveness is our divine gift, and love is the epitome of all that is good in humanity.

Breathe, feel centered, become one with the dynamism of the Universe; become your best self and find your Bliss, and all will be well in your world!




Lady Venus Enters Sagittarius — January 7th 2019

After Her stay in intense and sexy Scorpio, Lady Venus revels in entering the optimistic and outgoing sign Sagittarius. Her stay in Scorpio brought about some deep desires, dark feelings and dubious dealings! Lady Venus find Sagittarius a welcome change from all of that haunted netherworld that is often Scorpio’s playground. Considering now the light attitude, and forward seeking transit of Sagittarius, Lady Venus is gearing up Her adventurous spirit, Her love of Mother Nature, and Her winsome ability to win the hearts of all those who fall beneath Her benevolent spell. In Sagittarius, Lady Venus can plan for jolly fun, unexpected good fortune, and the ability to spend time with a plethora of friendly folks. Outgoing, friendly, adventurous and ready to party, Sagittarius enjoys having Lady Venus within His realm. This duo will see to it that there is never a dull moment – enjoy the ride!

Beginning on the 7th and lasting until February 3rd, Lady Venus in Sagittarius will bring a sense of connectedness to new couples, and more romance within long-term relationships! This might be the time for that once-in-a-lifetime vacation for those so inclined. Travel is in the stars!

On the 12th The Moon and Lady Venus connect in a playful afternoon tete-a-tete that could turn out to be where you meet that someone special. A luncheon with friends may bring about a new love connection. If you are out and about after midnight on the 13rh Lady Venus and Pluto are having a spat, don’t be too selfish, or envious of others —  perhaps you should just go home early! The 17th has Lady Venus and the Moon in good stead, during an afternoon break, you may have a flirtatious moment with a new employee — enjoy the moment. Lady Venus and Mars connect big-time on the 18th just before the lunch hour — perhaps you already have a lunch date — enjoy the atmosphere and friendly banter — it may lead to something more. In the wee hours of the 20th a couple of difficult aspects disturb Lady Venus usual calm demeanor, perhaps your dreams are disturbing your sleep, or an earlier incident has you rankled. Just before midnight Lady Venus and Neptune are at odds, it might be that you are reading too much into a recent connection — let some time pass before setting your heart on a relationship that might be just a fantasy. The 22nd brings better vibes as Lady Venus and Jupiter connect on your way to work, a generous surprise might await you or you are just feeling optimistic and happy within yourself. On the 27th Lady Venus and Pluto again meet up but in a friendlier manner, very early in the morning — your job may be going well or a relationship is heating up. Watch what you say on the 29th as you get into work, something may be eating you and Lady Venus and Mercury are not in sync. February 2nd finds Lady Venus and Uranus playing together well, at the dinner hour, a new area opens up for you if you are ready — learning a new craft, extending an ability, or just enjoying an art class will bring you a sense of wonder and magic. You will meet some interesting folks along the way. On the 3rd, Lady Venus will enter the sign Capricorn, allowing Her to express Her more serious and practical side. Enjoy Lady Venus stay in Sagittarius — find new adventures, new friends, and new love interests!

Hint — find your Lady Venus in Sagittarius at a horse or car race, hiking in a local park, horseback riding, volunteering at an animal shelter, buying outdoor clothing, on a bus tour around the city, teaching arts and crafts at evening adult classes, taking friends from out of town to a local “farm-to- table” restaurant, at a cooking class, or visiting a nursing home with her service dog.