A Glorious Spring Equinox — March 20th 2018

Titillating  on the tongue, the word Equinox seems to get our attention by reverberating throughout our body. The word is as ancient as time, evoking distant memories of incantation, prayer and mystical rite that brought us to a reverential interval of the year that awakened our Souls. Along with the Earth renewing itself with fresh growth and progression — we humans are also promised a fresh beginning. As the Sun starts to warm the Northern Hemisphere — the bitter cold dissipates and the Earth begins to respond with emergent foliage and vegetation.

How blessed did our ancestors feel to have survived yet another cold and stormy winter with their stores of root vegetables, preserved meat and fish, chutneys, jams and jellies. Fortitude, planning and Yankee grit managed to get them through those long bitter days. Hunkered down in their homes, the fireplace central to their ability to stay warm, their water gathered every day from spring or ancient pump — they endured, learned, suffered, overcame and persisted, through all of the trials they had to face. Stolid, sturdy, strong-minded, resolute and determined they triumphed over the elements, to begin anew that primeval cycle of renewal, growth, harvest and winter doldrums.

How magical to see the Earth responding to the sunlight and spring rains, blossoming with life — restoring our inner core of optimism — bringing us Hope! Giddy with the effervescence of anticipation — we chose to honor, celebrate, dance, feast and give thanks to the generosity of Mother Nature. Working together, life was good — progress was made — we were sustained by our enduring strength and faith in something beyond our knowledge. We honor the memories of those who have gone before us — we are humbled by their fortitude and resilience. We are grateful to be the living recipients and testament of their hard work and their undying love!

A Glorious Spring Equinox!



New Moon in Pisces Reminder — March 17th 2018

Today’s the day to write out your affirmations, wishes, dreams and desires with the charisma and energy of the Pisces New Moon. Magical, enigmatic, spiritual, intuitive, sensitive and yet with a massive amount of timeless strength and power, our Pisces Moon being a mutable-water sign can, with time, find a way to reach any goal and withstand any obstacle.

From 8:11 AM DST throughout the day will be the best time to put your ideas and hopes down on paper, where, with the help of New Moon power, and Mars in Capricorn’s mighty passion — we can be sure they will reach the outer-limits of the Galaxial mists and they can become real.

Especially this year, we also have the “Luck of the Irish” as many celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! All in all — a day of intensity, strength, and optimism.

Good Luck!

New Moon in Pisces — March 17th 2018

Cresting at 8:11 AM DST the New Moon at 26 degrees of Pisces creates a welcome moment in time where we can allow ourselves to dream, evaluate, and reconnect with our souls. We can immerse ourselves within the Galaxial momentum and harmony that is a gift from the Universe. The energy from any New Moon is like a freshening breeze that helps to blow away all of the detritus we have been storing up during the month. Anger, fear, annoyances, frustrations, roadblocks, and our own self-doubt can be swept away in a powerful tsunami of revitalization and renewal. We can sweep all of the angst we have been storing within our psyche, soul and spirit and let it drift off into the mists of eternal emptiness. The massive vacuum of space and time is never-ending, and we can disperse every vexing issue to be sent out into the celestial clouds where they will disappear forever.

We must, as individuals, tap into our innermost selves to find those concerns that matter to us the most — only then, can we truly be ready to accept the rebirth that a New Moon affords us. Especially with a Pisces New Moon whose Neptunian mysticism reaches not only into our psyche but into our soul. Steeped in the hallowed spirituality of the ages, the Moon in Pisces is our moral compass, our north star of forgiveness, and our ability to evolve ever higher into the consecrated beings we are destined to become.

Hearken to that inner voice you hear, your intuition, instinct, perception — your gut feeling — it is telling you your own truth! Listen carefully and you will be able to avoid so much sadness and regret. Much of our unhappiness comes from ignoring our own self-knowledge — we know when someone is toxic to us, yet we ignore the signals, we know when a situation is dangerous — yet we enter where angels fear to tread, we know when we are being played — yet we ignore our own self-protective instincts. Now is the time to accept that there is a more resilient intelligence within — and we ignore it at our peril. Tap into that soul-level of understanding and knowledge that will allow you to move away from anyone who is not going to be a positive and loving part of your life.

We all can use the energy and power of the New Moon in Pisces to become more aware of our own strengths and intellect. Along with the revitalization of the Spring Equinox on March 20th, the stage is set for us to embrace a new chapter of our lives in which we are the arbiters of ourselves. We can take charge of who we are and where we want to go. Think about all of the wonderful ways in which your life could improve — and think about how you would express those changes in your own words. Start to think about writing your future story in the pages of a Divine memoir. You do have the ability and power within your grasp to alter any negativity that is holding you hostage. Begin to create your new lifestyle within the parameters only you have set. Create your own renaissance within and it will begin to take hold for all to see.

The New Moon in Pisces crests at 8:11 AM DST at 26 degrees of the sign — so all day and evening will be the most powerful time to write out your affirmations, desires, wishes and dreams. Be as specific as you can, and remember to dig deep into your soul to determine those changes that will bring you to the highest peak of personal perfection. Enjoy the physical aspect of actually writing down your wishes, feel the frisson of energy moving through your entire body as you allow yourself to acknowledge that there needs to be changes. Change can be intimidating and nerve-wracking — but we all have been given an inner core of righteous strength to face our future. Find that center of understanding and personal awareness that will never lead you away from your most inspired karmic destination.

We also have the lucky and spirited inspiration of it being St. Patrick’s Day! Lucky for everyone who encourages, approves, and loves all of humanity. We are all on this magical mystery tour called life on Earth — perhaps we should take a moment to bask in this miracle called life!

Peace on Earth



Mars Enters Capricorn — March 17th 2018

Following the New Moon in Pisces, that crests at 8:11 AM EST (adjust for DST), Mighty Mars will enter the sign Capricorn on March 17th at 11:41 AM EST (adjust for DST). Mars becomes a bit cranky and more stoic whilst in Capricorn — as this Cardinal Earth sign just doesn’t fit with Mars energetic nature. Capricorn is more of a step-by-step mover, cautious and patient — neither trait Mars can truly appreciate. Still after a while psyching each other out — Mars begins to realize that Capricorn is quite the good buddy when trying to reach what seems to be an unattainable goal. Indeed — Mars begins to think — this stodgy Old Man’s calculating pace might be able to be used to further My dynamic thinking and dramatic outlook.

So Mars begins to coddle this staid Oldster in order to win Him over with the charm and charisma only Mars can emit — especially when there is something He wants. Of course, Capricorn isn’t new to Mars games — He has been through this routine before and can, with his patience and stamina bring Mars around to the more comfortable pace Capricorn is most in favor of using. Once they establish the Yin and Yang of one another, their relationship will blossom and there isn’t much that they cannot accomplish by working together. Moving more slowly through Capricorn, Mars won’t enter Aquarius until May 16th as it is working towards going Retrograde in late June. If the Zodiac House where Capricorn lives in your chart is particularly important, Mars will certainly bring some changes and energy into play for the next several weeks. Check out any aspects in opposition also, as this mighty power will be strutting His stuff and making His presence known.

Mars in Capricorn doesn’t hit much resistance moving through the month until He runs into a snit with Uranus in Aries on the 30th, really trying Mars patience by interfering with the path He wants to take no matter the consequences. Uranus will put a spanner in the works along with Rx Mercury’s help and Mars will suffer some annoying frustrations. On April 2nd Mars and Saturn seem to see eye-to-eye and work together to accomplish a long-term goal — just be wary of taking on too much too soon (remember Mercury in Aries is in Rx mode until April 15th). Mars in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces have a moment on the 14th when they meet, and your intuition is providing you with some vital information — use your renewed insight and power to do some good. Your dreams may be vivid as Mars in Capricorn meets with Jupiter in Scorpio after midnight on the 24th, bringing your psyche into the mix in order for you to find solutions to reaching your objectives. The 26th finds Mars and Pluto in accordance early in the morning hours, your passions run high and your desire to win at any cost may overwhelm — take a moment to breath and reevaluate your plans.

Entering April, on the 2nd, Mars and Saturn connect mid-morning, and can help you get the week started on a good note. Just be sure to hold your temper, and release any angst by exercising and eating in a healthy manner. On the 4th Mercury in Aries and Mars square off in the wee hours of the morning, the night may have been restless and you may be holding on to some anger from earlier in the week. Try to let any frustration evaporate into the ether, and return to work with the mindset that everything can be squared away and won’t favor any one side. Around lunch time on the 7th there is a snag that irritates, perhaps going to a sports event will help ease the anxiety. After midnight on the 11th Venus and Mars enjoy a touching moment when all seems well with the world, you might find someone new who is interested in you. The 14th brings an awesome connection with Neptune, after the lunch hour, you can tune in to those you’re with and you want to help others in need. Allow yourself to bask in this moment and you’ll be thinking back on it with a smile for the next week. Mercury in Aries goes direct on the 15th, once again allowing us to move forward with a more positive outlook. Also the New Moon in Aries crests at 8:57 PM DST, charging the atmosphere with renewed energy and elan. After midnight on the 24th Mars and Jupiter are in a good place, you feel invigorated and sharp both physically and mentally. You have decided on a pathway and will use all of your power to reach your goal. The 26th finds the morning commute frazzled as Mars and Pluto join up, you may have big plans and an overwhelming desire to take on a task or issue, but think before you blurt out any comments or arguments that might take someone unawares, and you are facing an uphill battle. At the end of the month, Mars and the Moon in Scorpio take some time in the evening to recap your month, and reassesses where you want to go from here. Entering May, Venus and Mars aren’t having a good moment around mid-evening and if you are with your significant other, perhaps don’t respond negatively to any suggestions! Just sayin’! The 12th of May finds Mercury and Mars annoying each other as you enter the office, something you notice might get your ire up, try to breathe and take a moment to truly see what is going on. As Mars is almost out of Capricorn on the 14th Mars and Jupiter aren’t feeling the love nearing the lunch hour, wait until Mars moves on to Aquarius on the 15th before voicing your opinion.

Once ensconced in Aquarius, Mars whole persona takes on a Devil-May-Care attitude. The sky is the limit for this duo and they can’t wait to get started.

Mars in Capricorn Love Style — Mars is a bit more stable and connected to loved ones when in Capricorn — family means a lot to this combination. They thrive on tradition and keeping to some old world ideas. Customs, mores and the conventional thinking of tried and true family values is of utmost importance. As they age, they can take on the appearance and attitudes of their parents, to the point where other family members take note! Good providers and although often perfectionists, they are devoted to their kith and kin. Often they would like their offspring to follow in their footsteps into whatever field in which they have found success. Perhaps causing some conflict as their children become adults and may have vastly different interests. All in all, our Mars in Capricorns may be a bit stodgy, but with the energy and seemingly limitless power of their immense physical and mental strengths, our Mars in Capricorn mates are in the relationship for the long haul. This combo is for you if you desire commitment, continuity and a lifetime connection.


Lady Venus Enters Aries — March 6th 2018

What a change for Lady Venus as She leaves mystical and intuitive Pisces for bold and fiery Aries on March 6th at 6:46 PM EST. Having had Her say in compassionate Pisces, Lady Venus must now change her entire persona when She enters Aries — sadly leaving the watery realm she so enjoyed, our Lady Venus is immediately immersed into a hot and intense domain. No shrinking violet here, our Lady Venus puts on her Macho-Mama leathers and is off on a road trip to free her soul. Imbued with the energy, passion and headstrong attitude of a warrior, Lady Venus will have her way in whatever venue She chooses. Never underestimate a Lady Venus in Aries individual — they are born with the ability to lead — but with a wealth of feminine charm. Lady Venus in Aries has the ability to sway the coldest, hardest, and most rigid heart with Her zeal, zest and zip — along with an ability to “read” their innermost secrets. Of course, there is the Lady Venus in Aries who is blunt, candid and forthright — they just tell it as they see it — no filters and no finesse!

It is a little difficult for our Lady Venus to fully embrace this Cardinal Fire sign with all of its dynamism and over-the-top opinions. However, we must listen to the underlying hints we are being given as our Lady Venus in Aries will tell us the unvarnished truth. Lady Venus in Aries will let the chips fall where they may — no matter the consequences. There is a cleansing effect as the fiery chaos clears the air, but not without some drama. Also, we must consider that Mercury enters Aries on  the 6th and Retrogrades on the 22nd — understanding that Mercury does rule communication, transportation, computers, other technology and neighbors.  Combined with Lady Venus in Aries we all will be best served by holding our tongues when we are stressed, irritated or just plain irked. It’s easier not to have to apologize and/or live with the regrets of having hurt someone’s feelings that you really care about. As my mother used to say, “if you can’t say something nice — Don’t say anything at all!” Lady Venus is moving quickly through Aries, as She enters the sign Taurus on March 30th — so we must use this Fiery energetic phase of Lady Venus in Aries whilst we can. Much can be accomplished by working with this duo and knowing the Zodiac House position that Aries occupies — knowing what the House rules and the vagaries of Aries — one can better use this sometimes volatile and yet scintillating energy that Lady Venus in Aries embodies.

On the 7th the Moon in Sagittarius trines both Mercury and Lady Venus throughout the evening — life is good and love may be in the air, you can enjoy an evening of companionship and good conversation. The 8th brings us Jupiter turning retrograde until July 9th in Scorpio — allowing us to recap the past few months to see if we are getting the most benefit from this combination of “more is better” in careful but passionate Watery Scorpio. On the 13th at breakfast time and through the morning commute Lady Venus and Saturn may bring some annoyance with a loved one, try to forgo making the situation worse by being inflexible — take a deep breath and consider the long-term significance. Lady Venus and Neptune find common ground on the 18th and you may find a spiritual answer to a mundane question, or your empathy will encourage you to help someone in need. On the 23rd as you are leaving work, Lady Venus and Pluto  aren’t compatible, watch out for distracted drivers and if you and your loved one aren’t getting along — you may want to bring a peace offering home. If you were out late on the 24th, your sleep may be filled with bizarre images and when you awake you may find you are not feeling well. The 28th finds Lady Venus in Aries connected to Uranus in the early evening, perhaps bringing an exciting new acquaintance into your realm — enjoy the immediate connection, but remember with Uranus involved — it might burn hot for a while but then just fade away. As Lady Venus once again finds a connection to Neptune on the 30th, you may realize that instant attraction hid a few major issues. However, Lady Venus moves into Taurus late on the 30th bringing a bit more stability and common-sense into our romantic endeavors.

Hint — Find your Lady Venus love at a motorcycle shop, driving a red car, shopping for red shoes, dining in a authentic Barbecue restaurant, sunbathing on an island beach, helping at an animal shelter, having her hair dyed red, enjoying a sauna, having a mani/pedi and painting her nails fire-engine red,  at a rave, a formula-one car race, a rock concert, and eating pizza after dancing all night long.



March’s Astrological Activity — 2018

The month of March is another month this year with two Full Moons — one on the 1st in Virgo (encouraging us to think about our health and fitness), and the other on the 31st in Libra (giving us pause to think about our relationships). The energy expelled by the Full Moon in Virgo may allow us to think back to our New Year’s Resolutions about improving our overall health and well-being. The Libra Full Moon tweaks our thoughts on our relationships both familial and romantic — with an eye to improving those ties in a loving and caring manner.

As we enter March, the Moon has just entered Virgo, and at breakfast time, we can enjoy a beautiful trine between Lady Venus in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio that will help to brighten our morning with love and understanding. As the day moves on, building up to the Full Moon in Virgo at 7:52 PM EST, we encounter a pleasant moment around the noon hour that can bring us satisfaction in getting the job done. However the energy posited by the Full Moon at 11 degrees of Virgo may linger into our evening hours and bring some angst about an issue that you’ve left on the back burner. Perhaps you haven’t been feeling as well as you should, or have been battling some winter viruses. You will want to improve your health and exercise routines in order to get back into peak condition. We also will have a second Full Moon/Blue Moon in the sign Libra this Month on the 31st at 7:38 AM EST (add one hour for DST). In this instance, Libra is bringing to light any issues you may be having with family members, romantic partners or co-workers. Use the vibrancy of Cardinal Libra to get to the bottom of any unsettling matters before they truly get out of hand.

Our New Moon in Pisces crests at 26 degrees on the 17th at 8:11 AM EST (add one hour for DST), and can help us realize how many blessings we enjoy. We are feeling so much love for our closest loved ones that it may feel overwhelming. We are now seeing the magical and wondrous connections we have with those karmic ties that have always stood by us through thick and thin. Allow yourself to bask in the loving, caring embrace of those folks that will always keep you in their hearts. And it is St. Patrick’s Day!!!

This year the Spring Equinox arrives on the 20th at 11:16 AM EST (adjust for DST), beginning our new Zodiac year, and bringing that wave of renewal, growth and hope! The Ancients honored and celebrated the Equinox as they were grateful that they had successfully come through the bitter Winter alive and well. Now they could look forward to the burgeoning new growth of plants and crops. Their careful planning for the Winter had stood them in good stead, and they looked forward to beginning their eternal cycle of the yearly progression. Lives depended on the planting time to be amenable to their efforts, so that their crops would be heavy with the fruits of their labors. Each season, having its own rhythm and time span, that carried its own necessities for survival. It’s no wonder the Old Ones learned to appreciate the changing seasons and celebrated each for its unique gifts that were hard earned. Life was precious but also precarious, depending on the bounty of Nature to see them through the year. Today there are celebrations around the World that mark these important moments in time, incantations are chanted, invocations are raised on high, prayers are offered in order to placate the Earth Mother to be sympathetic to their needs. However, it seems we in this modern society hardly note the day — busy with our daily chores, connected to our technological gizmos, and blinded by the plethora of products on our supermarket shelves. Yes, there are those that take a moment to remember, but we all should pause in our busy day to remember those Ancestors whose mighty efforts to survive, allowed us to live!

Some are still in the throes of the Uranus/Pluto square, (Born mid to end of April), and (January 9th through 14th). There will be challenges, but you have the ability and protection to see things through with a little planning and common-sense. By June these irritations will have resolved, and you will feel a sense of freedom and elation that you managed to find your own truth.

Mercury will be turning Retrograde on March 22nd in the sign Aries until going Direct on the 15th of April. The usual caveats apply if planning anything during this time span — double check any travel plans, make sure your car is in tip-top condition, keep an eye on all your electronics , especially if you use on-line banking, etc. Allow some time to pass after Mercury goes Direct before initiating anything new, and just be aware of meeting places, appointments, and any other activity that has been planned during this time period. We do go through this process a few times a year, yet it seems we all have a favorite story to tell about Rx Mercury messing with our daily lives.

The Planet Jupiter will also be in Retrograde mode from late in the evening on the 8th until going Direct on July 9th. During this period we will be able to readjust any plans or issues that haven’t been set in stone. Also we can take an inventory of where we are, and  perhaps where we would like to be by the end of this year. Jupiter in Scorpio will help us to dig deep into our psyches to find those pathways that will be the most fortuitous for us to follow, and we can if we wish, begin a fresh way of thinking that will allow us to embrace a wider viewpoint of this complex World in which we live.

Of course, the New Moon in Pisces on the 17th fills me with hope, optimism and a tingly sense of anticipation. With Neptune also in Pisces we can explore the depths of our innermost and most precious dreams, and discover the appropriate route to be able to bring them into our realm. Pisces has a never ending ability to find the most hope and optimism out of the bleakest of situations. Believing in themselves, their abilities, and in the faith that we all have a meaningful place on this Earth. Everyone we encounter can be a teacher, all those we love and who love us, are our guiding force. Evolving, growing, developing — emerging into the sacred Human Being we are meant to become.

The 2nd of the month finds a positive connection between Mercury in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio during the morning commute. Your dreams may have given you a brilliant idea that will be accepted by your peers, and you will be able to explain your vision with clarity and aplomb. The 3rd follows up with a nice Lady Venus and Uranus connection that can bring you some good news after the lunch hour. Activity on the 4th is positive throughout the day with the Sun and Neptune riding in the sky together bringing your intuition to the fore, and perhaps giving you a special insight about your spiritual path. Also, Mercury and Lady Venus meet up to make your social life sparkle with good conversation and congenial friends. Lady Venus enters Aries on the 6th at 6:46 PM EST, bringing a little more zest into our love lives. Jupiter turns Retrograde on the 8th just before midnight, perhaps allowing us to review the last few months to readjust our goals or find a deeper meaning for the things that have been happening.

On the 11th as you awaken Mars in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries are in sync — you may feel a surge of energy and feel the need to find some freedom for yourself. The Sun in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn enjoy each other’s company right after, and you may have an epiphany that completely bowls you over. You may awaken on the 13th with a sense on uneasiness as Lady Venus an Saturn are at odds, if you can, allow some time to pass before giving your opinion — as later in afternoon a pleasant connection between the Sun and Jupiter may just solve the issue. If you are feeling unsure of yourself as you awaken on the 14th, give yourself some time to fully understand where this self-esteem issue may be coming from and once you know the answer address the problem with loving kindness.

The New Moon in Pisces crests on the 17th at 8:11 AM EST (add one hour for DST) and it is St. Patrick’s Day! Try to immerse yourself in the harmonious vibrations of Pisces and connect to that immense field of Universal love that descends upon us while watching a parade and wearing green. Mars also enters Capricorn later in the morning with a more mature outlook on life and a practical approach to any problems. Late in the evening of the 19th Mercury and Venus blend in Aries, you might catch up on your favorite shows, or have a great conversation with someone you are interested in pursuing. On the 22nd Mercury goes Retrograde, setting the stage for missed appointments, trouble with our electronics, and perhaps the ability to set right something that has gone awry in the past! At dinnertime on the 23rd Lady Venus and Pluto are not happy with each other, you and your significant other may also be at odds — try to take a deep breath before saying something you may regret.

As the month begins to wane, the 28th brings Lady Venus and Uranus together in the evening, you may be infatuated with someone, but with the Planet Uranus in the mix, it might be one of those quick attractions that fade quickly. As you get into work on the 29th the Sun and Saturn literally square off, don’t be surprise to find some drama unfolding with participants just not getting each other’s message. Late on the 30th Lady Venus, just before She enters Taurus and Neptune aren’t happy, someone may have let you down — remember the Full Moon in Libra crests tomorrow (31st) as you awaken, it might be a good idea to hit the snooze button.

Maybe we should all just concentrate on St. Patrick’s Day (17th), when everyone is Irish! Well — sorta! Enjoy!





Jupiter in Scorpio — Through Zodiac Houses Nine to Twelve

As Jupiter in Scorpio moves through the last four Zodiac Houses, He will make all of us know where He is with his magnanimous presence. These Houses are of great importance as they cover a multitude of interests, our belief systems and our higher education (9th), our social standing and career (10th), our friends, hopes and wishes (11th), and of course, there is the 12th Zodiac House of our karmic past, our own self-undoing, and those hidden and obscure issues we may have brought forward into this lifetime. Nevertheless, with Jupiter’s usual bigger-than-life presence herein, there will be blessings — some may be bittersweet as Scorpio brooks no nonsense when letting us know where we have been misguided. But — I believe that these transits help us to evolve into the dynamic and deserving person we are meant to become. Let’s Tally Ho into the blossoming fray!

Ninth Zodiac House — This is such an inclusive Zodiac House, here we find where we may tend to go for our higher education (Jupiter will bring many offers), also where we might plan our long vacations and travel (this may be the year for that once-in-a-lifetime trip), so important — our religion or belief system that we may have been questioning, (Jupiter in Scorpio will indeed help you focus on the details and ferret out any uncomfortable questions you may have) or you will find a deeper  and more divine sense of who you are and where you belong in the Universe, and realize how committed you are to your Faith. You will be thinking about future plans for yourself, and also visiting distant relatives or in-laws. Jupiter in Scorpio will insist you delve deeply into whatever path you are on presently, and will help to cut through the flotsam and jetsam of any underlying factors that have been holding you back. Within this time span it may be important for you to listen more than expound your own theories, to be more accepting of other’s points of view, and temper your most ardent and fixed ideas about all things religious and political. You will have the most luck by being in the moment every day, hearing the truth of your inner being, and by acknowledging what you must do to improve yourself, your situation, and your eternal life.

I love the Ninth Zodiac House because it seems to me we have a lot of input herein, we can choose our pathway, and we are allowed to follow our hearts. Whether our educational goals, our spiritual beliefs, keeping in touch with our distant family members, looking forward to our life unfolding — which is after-all our biggest adventure! With the joyous help of Jupiter in Scorpio, there is an abundance of wonder to behold and we are or should be the willing recipients.

Tenth Zodiac House — The Tenth Zodiac House is at the Top of our chart, the Medium Coeli (MC) or the Midheaven. This House is so important because it has rulership over our careers, our social standing, our most prominent parent, business, and dealing with superiors. Opposite the Fourth Zodiac House of our foundations, a lot of how we deal with this House is because of the input from our parents, teachers and mentors. Any honors we may receive also are highlighted by this House and have an impact on our standing in our community. Mainly, I think of the Tenth House as giving us a heads-up about our career path, job opportunities, avocations or hobbies. Having the Planet Uranus at the top of my Zodiac Chart gave me an interest in learning about more esoteric thinking in the world, which eventually led me to study Astrology, but also Palm Reading, Tarot, and Meditation. Also having the sign Taurus at the top of my Chart, made me practical, plodding, and careful of believing everything I was being taught. I quickly realized that my pathway was learning all I could about Astrology and how it could be of benefit to myself as well as others. It has been a wondrous journey and helped immensely in my being accepting of others whose lifestyles, beliefs, and interests were different from my own. Any combination of Sign and Planet will be of utmost importance in one’s life if posited at the top of your Chart. Also any Planet that opposes one’s MC will have an impact on the way one can use the energies involved.

It behooves us to think about those who are our superiors (bosses, supervisors), and be able to “read” them and their own biases or preconceived notions about the job, ourselves and others. We in the real world have to be able to work among and with many who will not share our ideas, standards, ethics and conscientiousness. Those who realize this dilemma and can keep their demeanor in check will be more likely to succeed in a business environment. Those who must give their opinions vocally with strong emotional verve — may find the higher echelons of the business world not to their liking.

Use Jupiter in Scorpio to enhance and improve your relationships with your business partners and co-workers, you may find you have a bit more know-how now, and can uncover those issues that make your workplace less inviting, and you can find a way to correct the situation. Use subtlety and tact when proposing your own ideas and be inclusive with others thoughts on the subject. Find a way to be acknowledged for your intelligence, common-sense, and keen abilities. But most of all, find something you love to do — learn all you can about that field, and find the best fit for yourself amongst those companies that will cater to your strengths.

Eleventh Zodiac House — herein lies your lifelong friends, acquaintances, and social activities like clubs and organizations that cater to a particular charity or interest. Also housed here are some of your hopes and wishes for your future goals. Especially if they revolve around animals, service to others and/or helping to educate or mentor the young. There is a subtlety to this House that isn’t easily defined — it appears the impact of Planets here seem to need interaction with another or needs to be stimulated by a transiting orb. Much can be accomplished within this Zodiac House if there is someone who has your back. It seems that when we are bolstered by people who care about us, we can accomplish our goals with optimistic and positive ideas. Having a cadre of good and faithful friends is of utmost importance (yes family members can also be friends). The caveat here is to learn to recognize those who have your best interests at heart. It seems those with a prominent 11th House can choose companions who are not truly “good” friends, and they are often dismayed to find they have been betrayed by someone they trusted. Jupiter in Scorpio will enhance your ability to “see” the true depth of a person’s humanity, thus giving you the upper hand in choosing whether or not to allow this person (or persons) into your realm.

Many folks with an active 11th House take on a lot of charitable work, humanitarian efforts and animal rights affairs. Large animals as pets are also included in this wide-ranging House — and there is often an interest in Veterinary work. Clubs, associations, brotherhoods, unions, and guilds may allow you to find those with like tendencies in whatever area you wish to pursue. You will do well with Jupiter in Scorpio to seek out those groups that help to protect, monitor, or safeguard those areas that you wish to be associated with, in order to have more of a positive influence in changing things for the better.

Twelfth Zodiac House — As we come to the end of the Zodiac Circle of Houses we encounter in the 12th House our own misgivings, our fears and often our own self-limitations. However with Jupiter in Scorpio giving us the inside scoop on what has been going on, and what can be accomplished, this might be the year to clean out the cobwebs of our past and renew our commitment to our future goals. After Jupiter has transited this House you can feel like a new person, having discarded the detritus that you have been carrying around for years. It can be as if a light bulb has gone off — chasing the darkness away and bringing a divine light into your life.

Within this House we do bring some of our past transgressions into this lifetime, however, as the Planets traverse the skies and our Zodiac Charts there is a subtle shift in our awareness and our understanding of our journey here on Earth. We can find ways to let go of any previous hurt,  past mistakes, being misunderstood by others or even abased by those envious of your inner strength. You can find your own inner light and bring it out into the open by acknowledging your humanity. None of us is perfect — but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep trying to evolve into an ever more humane persona. Reclaim your individuality and identity by cleansing your psyche of old angers, upsets, enemies, and learn to forgive not only those who have done you harm, but also yourself. Let unconditional love flow over and into you like the Sun shining on your body and warming your soul. Let your Spirit soar into the Universal ether where it will be renewed and transformed.

Whilst Jupiter in Scorpio is transiting the 12th House you may find you need to spend more time in closed institutions (hospitals, prisons, or clinics) — however, Jupiter is a bastion of protection and harmony, and Scorpio will only insist that you pay attention to the smallest details to find those positive and/or negative areas you must attend to for your own potential to grow. Make sure you are living a healthy life-style, and try to omit any bad habit you might have. Try to find an exercise plan that works for you — if you don’t enjoy it you won’t continue with the routine. By the end of Jupiter in Scorpio’s tour through this House, you can be free of any guilt, pressure, irritation, and grief — and you will have a plan to move forward to some new and exciting goals. Think positive, find your Bliss!