Mars Enters Leo — July 20th 2017

Mighty Mars enters Fiery Fixed Leo on the 20th at 7:20 AM EST (add one hour for DST), and He is delighted to be able leave watery Cancer behind for the hot and egalitarian Fixed Fire sign Leo. Although there may be a clash of egos here, these two Fire signs have too much in common to keep at odds for long. Mars will soon enjoy the jovial and welcoming persona of Leo, “Hail Fellow Well Met” is Leo’s usual style. Being a fantastic host, Leo will realize that having Mars in the house brings a plethora of energy, new adventures, and perhaps even a love connection. This dynamic duo is most assuredly a force to be reckoned with indeed. They both love the limelight, fill a room when they enter one, and enjoy holding sway over an audience.

Perhaps a bit over-the-top for many folks, those who admire the unlimited energy and elan of this pair find their charismatic persona draws them like a magnet into their circle of friends. Not for the faint of heart — this twosome’s strong and masculine personalities cannot be overstated. Captivating and charming they draw followers like a moth to a flame. Herein lies a cautionary tale, for all their compelling and perhaps hypnotic appeal, this combo can be a bit fickle. They know how appealing they are to the opposite sex, and also to those who admire their macho personality — and if not of good character and with their feet firmly on the ground, these adoration’s can and will go to their head. Time is the answer to getting involved with a Mars in Leo lover, friend or acquaintance, give yourself enough time to see both the wonderful positive traits, and those that are perhaps less so.

Usually of pleasant visage, it is difficult not to find oneself in awe of a Mars in Leo person — the mixture of Fire energy in both Fixed and Cardinal modes brings a powerful and irresistible individual. Usually willing and able to help anyone out when needed, whether helping to move, being the designated driver, or a dependable chap to call for assistance day or night. They might not let you forget the favor, however, their willingness to get involved and be there for you, will more than makes up for any future braggadocio.

A minor dust up with Saturn at the dinner hour on the 30th might make for an uncomfortable meal — make allowances for any teen-age angst or a grouchy elder who isn’t feeling their best. This too will pass — however, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on August 7th in Aquarius at 1:11 PM EST might seem to step upon someone’s idea of right and wrong — breathe — and find a way to distract those who are upset, if in a work setting try to ease out of a testy personal situation without giving your own 2 cents worth! On the 10th during the morning rush hour you may find yourself in some kind of drama — just ignore any rash responses to a thoughtless jibe. The 12th finds Mercury going Retrograde in the sign Virgo, it might be a good time to revisit anything that went wrong during the past few months for a redo. On the 20th Mars and Jupiter in Leo meet up around lunch time to rev up your creative juices, finds you seeking a new adventure, or brings a surplus of exciting news. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo, on the 21st enhances all the Leonine traits of this duo, and they may feel entitled to do as they please. On the 22nd the Sun dashes a bit of Earthy dusty practicality  into the mix by moving into the sign Virgo, and while you’re arriving at work,  Mars and Saturn team up for a congenial few hours wherein you can revisit an early morning idea that has been bubbling in your subconscious. You might have had a dream that answered some questions about the validity of this notion. Ponder both sides of the question before acting. The evening of the 30th brings some warm feelings and perhaps an interesting new acquaintance. On September 4th, Mars will move into Virgo — a different cup-of-tea than Fiery Leo — Mars feels a bit underwhelmed in Earthy Mutable Virgo, still He will always try to make the best of this transit into Virgo — perhaps bringing some practicality to his extraordinary zest for life.

Mars in Leo Love Style — this combo will keep you constantly amused and interested. They will enjoy being busy, active and want to be learning or creating something new. Not for the reticent and laid-back unless you are willing to stretch your limits to the utmost. Almost always upbeat, but often unthinking in remarks — (I call it “foot-in-mouth” disease), they may say what is on their mind without any filter. Often they don’t realize the pain they may engender with their off-the-cuff remarks, and are truly remorseful when alerted to their gaffe. As they get older this trait can either modify or become their “signature” persona — we all know someone who makes us cringe with their occasionally blunt words. Sometimes the truth hurts, and our Mars in Leo folks can be the messenger of those things we all perhaps should hear, but really prefer to be kept secret.

Devoted to family and friends, our Mars in Leo person can be the  Man for All Seasons as they are erudite, good workers, loving partners, truly romantic, dynamic, and fierce in defending their loved ones in all ways. Choosing a Mars in Leo mate can be a wonderful adventure, never boring, often a bit too exciting, always loving and if connected karmically a dream come true!

Lady Venus Enters Gemini — July 4th 2017

Just how much fun can we have? Lady Venus entering sprightly Gemini on the 4th at 7:12 PM EST (add one hour for DST), can give us a hint! Lady Venus in Gemini is all about energy, movement and joy! Her persona welcomes the Airy Mutable delight that Gemini provides. She becomes giddily intoxicated by the effervescence of Gemini’s elan and zest for life — adventures, exciting escapades and jovial jaunts will be the norm. Lady Venus willingly joins with intellectually stimulating Gemini to revive her ingenuous and naive outlook on all that life has to offer. Lady Venus is ready to party, looking forward to learning new skills and generally enjoying the next few weeks of unbridled joy.

In Taurus, Lady Venus was the elegant and well-turned out lady, the matriarch of the family, and the fashionista with the newest and most sophisticated attire. Now in Gemini our usual paragon of femininity becomes our outre hippie with flowers in her hair, our punk rocker, and our mystical sprite with a keen sense of magic and  enchantment. Zany, unconventional and avant-garde, our Lady Venus in Gemini piques our imaginations, creates new ways of seeing and creating her own romantic and idealistic realm. Upbeat and full of pure happiness, She brings laughter and delight wherever She goes. We all would be a little happier, more joyous and full of delight if we had a Lady Venus in Gemini friend in our life.

However Lady Venus in Gemini is so much more than just a fun-loving coquette — indeed with the higher intelligence of Gemini’s persona, our Lady Venus can be an accountant of major abilities, a business woman with money acumen, and — well why not — a high-powered CEO! Smart, beautiful and savvy — our Lady Venus in Gemini can cover a multitude of entrepreneurial skills. Any drawbacks you ask? Hmm, well there is that inability to focus if not taught to do so at an early age. Decision-making can also be an issue, however our Lady Venus will often opt for two, or both of any choices she has to make. Strong-minded, it isn’t long before our Lady Venus in Gemini can rein in her less laudable traits, and become the steely-willed yet incredibly innocent naif we all admire.

Venus has a dust up with Pluto on the 7th at dinnertime, perhaps it’s just been a long week and everyone is edgy and tired — hold your tongue until you have rested a bit, and you don’t have to apologize for what you didn’t say! On the 15th Venus and Mars bristle, and although feelings may be hurt, just let it go and find some common ground. The 17th brings Venus and Neptune into play — it may be that reality didn’t live up to your romantic dreams. Move on — because the 18th Venus and Jupiter are in sync and all is well in the world. Monday the 24th during a coffee break, Venus and Saturn clash — don’t argue with a superior even if you know you are right — just explain your theory and let the chips fall where they may. In the wee hours of the 30th, Venus and Uranus meet casually sparking some interesting conversations — enjoy the moment it may fade quickly.

Enjoy this lively and whimsical time with Lady Venus in Gemini — don’t take things too seriously, She enters the Cardinal Water sign Cancer on the 31st at 9:45 AM EST — changing our spirited Venus to a more sensitive and family oriented Lady!

Hint — find your Lady Venus in Gemini love at a rave, shopping for the latest fashions, dying her hair, in a magic shop, reading in the park — then sliding down the kiddie slide, buying flowers just because, reading to a kindergarten class, driving a silver-blue sports car, at the cosmetic counter seeking the latest shades of lipstick, at a music festival, seeing the latest drama, buying penny candy, window shopping, at the acupuncturists, volunteering at a food bank and being noticed because of her beautiful smile.

Progressed Sun Signs — Growth, Wisdom and Evolution — Reprinted July 2017

When we are born our Natal Chart is like our fingerprints, it doesn’t change — it is as the Heavens were at the moment of your coming into this world. We are always ruled by the Sun sign we were born under, and our persona is individualized by the many differences in where our Moon and other Planets are located — sign, house position, aspects to the other Heavenly bodies, etc.

However, since the Planets and Sun and Moon are constantly in motion and moving forward, we all will have what is essentially a Progressed Chart. This Chart tracks where the Planets have moved from the moment of our birth. The usual way to chart a Progressed Chart is by using one-year of our life which will translate to one-day in our Progressed Chart. This means that depending on what degree your Sun was at the time of your birth, the Sun will change signs — for example: If you were born at zero degrees of a sign, your progressed Sun wouldn’t change for 30 years (30 degrees in each sign) — at age 30 your Sun would  progress to the next sign in Zodiacal order. If you were born at zero degrees of Aries — your Sun would change when you reached 30 years of age and would go into Taurus! For those born at different degrees, for instance — if you were born at 15 degrees of a sign — it would progress into the next sign when you reached the age of 15.

Often when our Sun moves into the next Zodiacal sign there is some lifestyle change or some subtle alteration in our lives. Again — for instance: a sibling is born, you enter school, you graduate from school, you get married, you face some family dilemma, etc. These are not necessarily dramatic changes — but changes that promote our growth. It all depends on the aspects our Planets and Sun and Moon make to each other. Still — the Sun progressing into the next sign starts to influence our thinking, perhaps altering our outlook, honing the way we perceive things, and brings a new level of understanding and development. You can imagine an Aries Cardinal Fire Sun Sign persona — dramatic, passionate, ruled by Mars, dynamic and bold — when this individual’s Sun moves on to the next sign Earthy and Fixed Taurus — there will start to be a subtle remodeling of the Aries persona. The Fire is still there, however through the degrees (years) through Earthy Taurus, the blazing fiery dynamo will slowly change into a molten hot ember — still full of immense heat but not bursting into a flaming conflagration! Still passionate, but a deeper and more mature desire that burns within. Perhaps becoming a bit more obstinate — or determined — moving toward their goals with more zeal and ardor. You can visualize the growth and newly-found manner of “seeing” things with a more calm and staid demeanor. Taurus will hone Aries explosiveness to a well-banked fire, thereby being able to use the intensity of Aries passion without destroying everything in sight.

Each of the Planets moves with its own cadence, as does the Moon and Sun — so there will be variations in just where these orbs will end up  — the Progressed Chart is used to look ahead for a seeker, and can hold the knowledge of at what age the Sun will change signs and how the aspects between the Planets have altered. Since the outer Planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto move at a much slower pace they may not be more than a few degrees away from your birth chart, even in several years. Venus, Mercury and Mars move more quickly and can be in an entirely new sign than that with which you were born. Especially if the Planet has been in Retrograde motion during the intervening years, it could be just returning to the degree it was at when you were born. All of these movements of the Planets begin to subtly alter your original persona — after all you are not the babe you were at birth! Every stage of your life has been a learning experience and has allowed you to grow and mature in stance and knowledge. The Progressed Chart is just another tool in an astrologer’s arsenal of helping you to understand your unique and distinct place here on Earth. We are born, we are cared for by our parents, we become toddlers, children, teens and adults — all the while we are finding out who we are and where we fit into our lives with our family, our friends, our co-workers, ourselves and this magnificent Earth we inhabit.

Also, if the Progressed Sun has changed houses in your chart it adds another level of development — especially if your Sun was in an intercepted house. This would be someone we thought of as a “late bloomer” — who suddenly breaks free of his/her shell and find their perfect pathway throughout the rest of their life. But even changing house position will again influence the evolution of the person. Someone born with a Fourth House Sun might have been a homebody, content not to travel too far from home — perhaps even going to college nearby — when the progressed Sun moves into the Fifth house, they get a new lease on life and might decide to travel extensively, move to a new location, or even a new country! Whatever their chart has in store for them will come to fruition — probably a measured and step-by-step journey for most, but for a few a dynamic and welcome change in outlook!

When our Sun moves into the following sign, it is an opportunity for us to learn a new way of thinking, of opening our eyes to a brighter outlook and giving us a magical mystery tour of another dynamic and often energetically different sign. Sometimes because of aspects between the Planets (if Saturn is adjacent to the Progressed Sun it might slow down our awareness of the change) we don’t feel any different, but we are being honed by all of the input of our Natal and Progressed Chart’s influences.

This is the journey we take when we travel throughout our lives — being molded and remolded in order to find our greatest talents and gifts. We can be sure there is a final accounting as we grow older as we look back and evaluate how positive or negative our lives have been to ourselves and to others. We are not at the mercy of our Natal Chart, nor are we flotsam and jetsam meandering along some stream — we have the power and majesty to create our own lives within the framework we have been born with — even those with Charts that seem harsh and meager, can overcome the deficits with hard work, knowledge, and faith. Will they have more trouble than one born with many pluses and easy aspects — perhaps — but we all will have to find our way with some semblance of common-sense, good luck, and a willingness to learn. We all have the potential for greatness — whether on the stage of a small town, or in the largest of metropolises. Our journey is unique to ourselves and is taken with those with whom we are karmically connected from our past journeys.

We have such a unique opportunity to grow in our humanity, to evolve into the epitome of Love, compassion and empathy, to help others along our way, to nurture and protect, to find the true meaning of life, to embark on our own singular pathway, to find the harmony and syncopation of the Universe and make it our own! How can we refuse this magnificent offer from the mystical vestiges of time — we have been chosen for this time period — we are to use our time well and find the secrets of humanities place in the Galaxy.

How can we refuse this offer from the Heavens — how can we not answer the call to evolve ever higher — how can we not move forward? Our charts can help us to follow the most authentic plan for this lifetime — find your truest pathway — follow your Stars!

Find your Bliss!

July’s Astrological Activity — 2017

July is usually an active month here in New England as Summer activities are underway — the ocean beckons us with gentle breezes and sandy shores, the mountains and lakes are also calling us to partake of their bounty, with a myriad of hiking trails, and lazy afternoons lolling within the  crystal clear essence of our secluded and tranquil waters.

On July 4th our Independence Day celebrations start the month off with a BANG as fireworks light up the sky with brilliant intense displays that make the ground tremble. Marching bands, parades and local observations at memorials and cemeteries complete our busy day — except for all of the outdoor parties that will surely ensue. July’s celebration brings family together, rejoicing in our freedom, enjoying our ability to celebrate as we wish, and to reconnect with those we love and to remember those who are no longer with us.

Harking to the  words of our Founding Fathers, allows us to reinforce our determination to keep our country strong, and to keep to the intentions of our forebears — to be tolerant and to permit all who live here to pursue life, liberty and happiness!

Although Saturn and Uranus are in good aspect throughout this year, their dynamically opposed profiles will engender some agitation and uneasiness. Saturn in Sagittarius looks to the law, history and sees the future as a promise made, whereas Uranus in Aries wants to shake up the established mores in order to bring a breath of fresh air into the mix. Working together they can bring the best of both worlds, in order to create a more moral and forward looking criteria that will work for everyone. Working in concert these dynamos can and will bring a new outlook and an innovative way of perceiving our world in order to bring about the best it has to offer.

A period of adjustment may be needed as Jupiter in Libra is aspecting Neptune in Pisces in a quirky manner — you may find that your dreams are more vivid, your intuition is piqued, and you may be feeling the need for more soul connections with your loved ones. As Neptune is in Retrograde motion, this may be the time for you to reconnect with those you haven’t seen for a while, start to listen to your inner consciousness, and come to truly believe that you are joined to the whole of humankind in a visceral, primeval and instinctual way. Listen to your “gut” and follow the feelings that are leading you toward love, toward compassion and toward your own personal truth!

The Full Moon crests on the 8th at 17 degrees of Earthy Cardinal Capricorn, at 11:07 PM EST (add one hour for DST), and may engender some conflict between the generations about the right ways of doing things, or we may be feeling exceptionally fragile during this time span. Our New Moon arrives on the 23rd at 4:46 AM EST in the Fixed Fire sign Leo at zero degrees, bringing us a warm and friendly feeling for all, but mostly for the very young. Of course, ruling the 5th House of romance may also get some banked fires burning once again, or ignite a new bonfire in someone’s heart.

Lady Venus will enter Gemini on the 4th of the month, where She becomes a bit giddy with an influx of coquettishness inspired by this Mutable/Air sign. After her stay in Taurus where, although She enjoyed the beauty, fashion and fastidiousness of Fixed Earthy Taurus, She is ready to shed the seriousness and determination of Taurus for the effervescent and intellectual Gemini persona! Wonder Woman will have nothing on our Lady Venus when she begins to feel at home in this Mercury ruled sign. Lady Venus will engage the attention of all with her wily ways and offbeat witticisms — Lady Venus so enjoys the lighthearted yet brilliant Gemini facade. Mars will remain in sensitive family oriented Cancer until the 20th when He enters Fiery Leo! In Leo, Mars feels right at home with the fiery warmth, outgoing social skills, and a true sense of self-possession. Indeed, when Mars and Leo finally learn to work together peacefully — they can move mountains, start revolutions or bring compassion and caring to those in need.

On July 2nd at breakfast time, Mars and Pluto clash — stay cool if confronted and use common-sense for the rest of the morning hours. This aspect will fade quickly as the Moon goes void-of-course a couple of hours later — and things might not get back on track until the Moon enters Scorpio at 12:00 PM EST (remember to add one hour for DST). With Lady Venus entering Gemini on the 4th a lighthearted feeling may prevail, although there are those whose strong opinions will cause consternation — words may be exchanged, but with Uranus in the mix — all will be soon forgotten. The 5th has Mercury entering the sign Leo — so wordiness may be a problem, but we also have a beautiful Sun trine Neptune aspect that will make us aware of all that is beautiful and good in our lives. The morning rush hour on the 7th brings a sweet connection between Mercury and Venus — you may meet someone special at your usual coffee shop. The Full Moon in Capricorn the next day has things a bit topsy-turvy throughout the day — tomorrow will look a lot better when we awaken. If you are out and about late on the 9th beware of a road-rage incident and/or a conflict with a superior. Friday the 14th will have a busy but unfulfilling afternoon, although if you got off work early, you may be pleasantly surprised by how relaxed and happy you feel. Monday the 17th may have a rocky start with a long commute — be aware of hidden hazards. On the 18th a Venus/Jupiter trine in the early evening will bring a congenial meeting, perhaps a dinner date or just a drink after work will prove to be special. The afternoon of the 19th may find one of your ideas at work has caught the eye of a superior — make sure you have all the details at your fingertips. Mars enters Leo on the 20th with a sigh of relief — being in Cancer wasn’t His cup-of-tea — there will be more energy and stamina for your future endeavors. On the 24th we will be getting mixed messages throughout the morning hours — take your time to digest what is being said, and by mid-afternoon things will fall in your favor. The 28th finds the Sun and Mars together during the early evening, we can push our own agenda or find allies to help us in our quests. We may awake on the 30th with good feelings, well-rested and looking forward to the plans we have made. With Lady Venus entering Cancer on the 31st our focus may be more on family, mother and/or friends during the coming month. You may find your muse in whatever creative or offbeat visions you have for your future — find your Bliss!






New Moon in Cancer Reminder – June 23rd 2017

Yes! Today is the day to write out your affirmations, wishes and desires — any time after the New Moon crests at 9:30 PM EST (add one hour for DST) is the best to begin your journey with the energy and power of this New Moon.

If you’re not able to write our your wishes on the evening of the 23rd, you still have all day tomorrow to get your list onto paper for them to be enhanced by entering into the Galaxial mists to begin percolating with the help of the massive omnipotence of the Universal grandeur!

Make this special time work for you and yours — write out your list to enrich your life!

New Moon in Cancer — June 23rd 2017

The Cancer New Moon crests at 2 degrees of the sign on the 23rd at 9:30 PM EST (add one hour for DST). All those who have a birthday near this date will be starting a new lunar year — bringing good tidings within their family groups. Helping us move forward on a positive note is Jupiter in Libra moving forward once again bringing its jovial and balanced ideas into our realm. New partnerships can be formed of both business and romantic appeal, allowing us to explore new avenues to advance our own agendas. Jupiter is also working hand-in-hand with Neptune actually expanding our dream states, bringing visions and inexplicable feelings of empowerment. Allow some of these spiritual messages to perk a while in your psyche to see if they have application in the real world. Or perhaps, it will just find you more appreciative of art, music and other ethereal elements in your daily life. It’s a win/win either way!

With Neptune in Retrograde motion, it is a good time to look within ourselves, find our true inner being that is just waiting for us to recognize the power within. Meditate, cogitate and contemplate what the Universe is trying to impart to you, and see if you can find a way to incorporate these enigmatic feelings and insights into a new way of perceiving yourself and your journey throughout this lifetime. The ongoing Saturn/Uranus match-up is continuing to fuel our need for movement and accomplishment. If you feel you have just been treading water for the last few months — now is the time to make a move in order to awaken that dormant energy within. Take a chance on something wonderful, unique, or just different and see where it can take you. Adventure is the spice of life!

With our New Moon in Cancer, family becomes the focus — isn’t it amazing how the Cosmos operates? As we come into our usual vacation and Summertime activities that often include family partys, reunions, or get-togethers, the Sun has entered Cancer the sign that has so much to do with the Mother principle, home, our fierce protective instincts, and that epitome of our lives — Family! The sign Cancer (Cardinal-Water), has dominion over the Moon, rules all domestic issues, the breasts, female qualities, the stomach (when too emotional, a Cancer’s tummy is often upset), short journeys, water sports, swimming, and emotions.  If there is any caveat here — it is to control your emotions, don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by your feelings. This is difficult for any Cancer because their feelings are often on their sleeves — there for everyone to see — yet once they can control the delicacy of their emotions they become better able to survive and thrive in the world. Being a Cardinal sign can be the saving grace of our Cancer brethren, as they have the wherewithal to employ their mighty persona to control their very soft interior.

The New Moon in Cancer will crest at 9:30 PM EST — so all evening on the 23rd and all day on the 24th will be the most powerful times to write out your affirmations. Since Cancer has a karmic dominion over all loved ones, family, and domesticity it will behoove us to keep these subjects in mind as we prepare our lists. However, we can wish for anything with the positive power of a New Moon — so wherever you feel there is a need, desire, emptiness or lack — be sure to write out the appropriate affirmation in order for it to be sent into the ether to take hold in the massive intergalactic harmony of our Universe. Our thoughts are actions that emit a solid piece of ourselves into the heavens, where it can evolve into an action that will enhance our life and the lives of our loved ones.



Summer Solstice — June 20th 2017

As the Sun enters the sign Cancer on June 20th at 11:25 PM EST (add one hour for DST), we celebrate this feast of antiquity. Many gather to see the Sunrise in selected places around the globe.  As the warming rays of the Sun’s enormous energy reach down to us here on Earth, they herald the news that the New England Summer has officially begun.

We had a rainy and rather chilly Spring this year (with the exception of a 3-day May heat wave),  with temperatures soaring into the 90’s! The bonus here is that the grass is greener, the trees are fuller, and the flowers are radiant with brilliant colors. I can hear the groans of those who are thinking “Sure, but the pollen was high, fungi flourished and the allergy prone suffered.” All true — still — we in New England have come to realize that our weather is a fact of life — and we must all deal with it in all its forms.

Ancient practices were held in many cultures celebrating Midsummer — bonfires were lit, many danced in celebration, libations were imbibed, and incantations were voiced. The Greeks honored Cronus the God of agriculture, the Romans held Vestalia to honor the Goddess of the Hearth, the Chinese of old celebrated the Earth’s feminine principle and the Yin force. All over Europe time was put aside to rejoice in this special time, even today Viking rituals and celebrations are practiced and draw many tourists to Iceland. The Maya and Aztec built their Temples to create certain shadows and elements when the solstices arrived, and here in the USA the Native Americans held ceremonial Sun dances — actually the Wyoming Bighorn Medicine Circle is believed to be aligned to the solstices built long ago by the Plains Indians. Of course, the Druids held special rites that today are best known for being held at Stonehenge.

It seems since we are no longer strictly an agrarian country, that we no longer need to pay attention to these passages throughout the year — yet — if we are not in tune with the harmony of the Earth we become detached from our roots and heritage. It’s as if we are just floating free of all encumbrances and are at the will of our own needs, desires and psyches. Herein lies a disconnect between ourselves and our environment, and there is danger in forgetting our ancient history. Our Earth sustains us not only physically but psychically — we are bound to the vagaries of our globe as hand-in-glove we must work together to become whole. When we are detached from our environment we become less aware and less in tune to the ancient rhythms that help us to endure.

Return to the sanctity that the Solstice brings — feel the primordial rhythms that have for centuries guided our species. Breathe in the transcendent and divine elements of our origins. Find within yourself the beautiful, sacred and blessed connection that our ancestors have handed down to us of our singular relationship with our Heaven and Earth. There is no stronger or cohesive blending of our true selves than with our fellow man and with our small Blue Planet.

We do well when we remember that we are all a part of this unique whole, our lives are intertwined, our destinies are forever linked as we spin on our tiny planet within the vast cosmos. The Universe, our Galaxy, our minuscule corner of creation is all we truly have. Perhaps we all should appreciate how fragile and infinitesimal we are without each other. How can we not appreciate and approve of our fellow man — we are all human beings — together within the miraculous concept that is life!