Happy Anniversary to Me! — Jone Victoria — October 31st 2009

Maybe it’s not a big deal to YOU — but this is one incredible accomplishment for ME! 197 posts in one year.

One year ago I finally put into motion the energy to set up my blog. It was launched with the growing pains of trying to figure out the behind the scenes workable components of how to work with a server, design, software and templates. Thanks to the knowledge my daughter shared with me on how to tie all those things together making it readable online. I am at the one year mark. Fancy discipline.

I don’t consider myself a writer, but my main goal was to educate people on how they could traverse this world by tapping into the inexhaustible supply of energy and answers from within. Those answers are available when we are most confused, or disillusioned, or feel alone. There is a spark of light flickering within us, shouting to our Souls to Get up! Get going! Don’t let the dark side win!

Since early childhood I have always known there is a real Spiritual battle of light against dark going on in our little blue planet. The majority of people are grey. Some are bright white, blinding the dark negative forces around them, aren’t those the people who inspire us and make us feel more empowered? Dark natures are always visible. It’s the smile with a bite. The abuser to tells you how much they love you. It’s the jealous people who tell you they’re sorry for your unfortunate circumstances, but turn their face away and mouth the work, “Yes!” It’s anyone who makes you feel less of yourself.

You came onto this planet to make a difference — don’t let anyone take that from you.

Thanks to all who have supported my efforts — to those that read and leave comments, and to the thousands who have stopped by this past year wanting to expand their knowledge of how to Reclaim Their Light.

Take all sparks within and breathe them stronger with your will.

I believe Jone was a writer, storyteller, empath, teacher and empowered with a magnificent insight and light that most of us can only imagine. Her understanding of human nature, and the various journeys that any of us can take, allowed her to create her own idea of an idyllic pathway — for all of us to find a way to Reclaim that initial burst of Light that we all have inside of us when we are born. Her own journey brought her much joy and happiness, but also the troubles and travail of not being understood, of not understanding her own power, and of searching for that spark within herself. She found her own Light and characteristically knew it was something she wanted to share with anyone who was in need of finding their own enlightenment and purpose during this lifetime. A seer, psychic, healer, medium — still Jone was conscious of the frailty of her own humanity and mortality. She understood how quickly life passes by, and how short a time any of us has here on Earth. I believe that Jone left an indelible mark on all who truly listened and learned from her writings, classes and lessons. Jone opened her heart and mind so that others may be healed. I, for one, still use many of Jone’s little ways of improving one’s innate power, finding one’s bliss, and of trying to bring more Light into the world. Because — what is the outcome if the Light fades away — but darkness, dread and dismay — Jone helped us to find and create our own Light in order to be able to live a life free of anxiety, fear and hopelessness. May her pioneering Spirit always be free — and may there be Peace in the realm where now she dwells.

In Light


Resonance — Jone Victoria — December 1st 2008

“The temple bell stops but the sound keeps coming out of the flowers” – Basho

Imagine that you are sitting on a mountain top with lush green valleys below you. You hear the temple bell ring for the final time. As the sound slowly wanes to a distant echo you hear the whispering flowers singing.

The Universe has a tone, a sound that resonates throughout all living matter in the four kingdoms of plant, mineral, animal and man. Some call it a vibration, as in “good vibrations”.

Sensory attributes have been imprinted in all four kingdoms. Plants transfer energy from molecules and turn it into fuel. Oxygen is consumed and carbon dioxide is generated. Minerals are coded with their atomic matrices to determine their specific properties. Animals are especially sensitive to energy fluctuations of the Earth. Then there is man. How do we connect with the vibratory pattern of our Universe?

All kingdoms are naturally attuned to the movement of the Earth, and in the infinite wisdom of the original creator of the Universe, we have not been left out of the natural gifts of connecting with the sound of All That Is.

The resonance of the bell tone to the flowers merging with the luminiferous Ether that flows effortlessly in and around us is an auditory sense that began with the sound of the Universe.

Here’s how to connect with the Universal Tone:

Ideally you would do this outside while lying on a blanket. Nowadays so many people don’t have the opportunity to do this, so lie down at home where you can be comfortable and uninterrupted. Cell phones off, land phones unplugged, Do Not Disturb sign on the door.

Close your eyes.

Inhale for the count of four. Exhale for the count of eight.

Let sounds of the outside world drift away from you.

Relax your body.

Imagine a spiral in the top of your head. Spiral it down slowly so it encompasses your entire body.

When you are in a true state of alpha-awareness you will hear a tone, a hum.

Connect with it.

Remember it.

When stressed, or you want to feel more balanced emotionally, connecting with that tone will center you.

Note: The hum is not the OM mantra. It is a distinct tone that, with practice, you will be able to identify as the Universal tone. Progress is different for everyone; it can take weeks to connect with it, so try this simple yet effective, exercise for a few minutes each day.

Jone was able to connect to the Universal Tone, merging her consciousness with the energy and harmony that was generated eons past. Jone realized early on that there were those areas that needed a special acumen in order to partake of the gifts of the Universe. She was able to help others find their own way to enjoy the joining of our own psyche and consciousness with that of the Universal flow. There is a divine association between we humans and the ancient primordial development of our Galaxy.  We are as much a part of the Earth, Planets and Stars as any other creation engendered throughout the passages of time. It is our birthright to be able to pursue that brilliant essence to become one with our own quintessential spirit. Jone could connect to that Universal Tone when she needed that extra boost to help in healing others. One can only use supposition in knowing another’s experience when being in touch with such delicate and yet powerful power. It is our own individual journey in finding the often elusive and  yet generously given energy that surrounds us always. Give this method a try — and find your own ability to master those times when the world around you becomes disordered.

Jone’s birthday is on May 27th, and I remember my friend each day with a grateful nod that we connected during this lifetime. Friend and teacher, fellow seeker, finder of our own truths. I miss her still — Happy Birthday — may your spirit be ever free!


Reality — Journal Entry — Jone Victoria — March 24th 2004

One dimensional thinking is confining. Is that your reality?

Barriers of thought are just three dimensional visual challenges. Peel your own reality, to find layers of sub-structures seeking explanations: wanting definitions.

Too much mind chatter is associated with trying to make sense of our realities. Where is the reality of stillness and solitude?




By escaping physical reality we transform to a near silent reality. Translucent, almost Spirit-like, we can rest in a stillness until a flicker of thought shatters the line of demarcation.

It’s an inner spiral — a vortex of depth in which you can transcend, trying to extricate yourself from matter — from physical — from thought.

Vibrating light, pure soundless light, thus creating an opposing holographic form of double helix, the pattern of the Universe, of which all cellular structure is created and remains in the fabric of time.

Connective –ess, connective-essential, to the original infinite structure reaching outward and pulling inward. Identical moments, dissipating the physical until you are truly radiating in pure light.

I used to believe that what you could see and feel is reality and now know the illusion of the senses are mere distractions of common trickery. In losing your way you find yourself.

We are light-seeds interacting with each other in various Universes, often unaware or ignorant of the multiple realities that exist within us.

Our realities are infinite.

Jone always kept a journal, and used it to keep track of her progression and evolution as a human being. This post was written long before she started her “Reclaim Your Light” blog — and you can only imagine the complex workings of her brilliant mind as she tried to find her own truth. She often fought against her own inner knowledge and the veracity of her beliefs. Yet Jone’s journey was one of inner discovery and awakening. Shortened by her early demise, we can only try to enter the complex and vivid insights she found when allowing herself to let go of the ambiguous hold on what seems to be reality.

She often found the way into the depths and heights of our human limitations — and eventually was comfortable in wearing her own truth. We all must come to grips with our own reality — and wear our own personal truths. We have limitless possibilities open to us — if we but observe and examine all aspects of our existential human existence.

Don’t Squint – Jone Victoria – September 16th 2009

This past couple of days my granddaughter has been under the weather. She’s been snuggled up on the couch with her DVD player and a blanket.

Observing her squinting, in an effort to shut the streaming sunbeam out of her eyes from the skylight, it brought me back to my own childhood memories of being sprawled out on a blanket on Old South Cape Beach decades long past.

The sun was a hypnotic orb, I was constantly being told not to look at. Don’t look at the sun you’ll go blind!, screamed my parents. I looked anyway, I was that kind of a kid.

Looking at the sun had incredible advantages. I would start by making my eyes tiny slits, and then gradually, ever so slowly, work up to a full direct megaton millisecond confrontation. For twenty minutes I would look around the beach and see black orbs everywhere. You see I was a scientist in the making. Personal experimentation, logging my results. I was going to be the first person on the planet who could make direct eye contact with the sun and keep my sight.

That huge ball of yellow-white power just hanging above my head, taunting me “to look”; to take in its energy from 93,000,000 miles away. As the heat and light reached my insignificant cellular being, I challenged it to infuse me with strength and inner light.

When I bored of the black orbs, and knowing logically that I could not make a steady diet of burning my retinas, I would lie down on the hot sand and squeeze my eyes as tight as I could.

LSD I scoff at you. I could make any color appear just by loosening my clamped shut-tight eyes. I could see all the colors behind my eyelids, and with every color revealed a variety of geometric shapes outlined in white. It was glorious this gift of producing my own light show in my head. There I was, starting out with darkness, and by simply doing eye crunches, not unlike an exercise for the abdomen, a full out artistic process, sans paintbrush, was created for my entertainment.

Looking at my granddaughter I wondered if I could still trick the light fantastic. Standing face forward, until the sunbeam caressed my face, I began to tightly squeeze my eyes, loosen them, and re-crunch my lids. There it all was. Prismatic colors, and enhanced images danced and played inside of my mind.

The light is without and within and darkness was nowhere to be found for the moment.

Just thinking about the recent Solar Eclipse, I came upon this post by Jone Victoria.

Even as a child, Jone was a unique individual — going her own way! I can remember her telling me about Kirlian energy — which one could “see” during the daylight — if one concentrated on tuning in to the energy that always surrounds us. We would lie out on chaise lounges and observe the swirling and multi-colored waves of sparkling energy that is indeed visible to one and all. The Kirlian effect was mostly used in photographic images of the human aura — i.e., we all have our energy body that can be seen when one is adept at the process. I’m not sure how effective this process was in actually being able to photograph this  energy, but it was popular for quite some time. Nevertheless, when we so choose we can observe much of our world, that is not immediately noticed by our everyday consciousness. I, of course, would NOT recommend that anyone look directly into the Sun – that is a definite don’t! However, we can train ourselves to see the auras of others — in its many dimensions. We all have our energy body that produces our energy aura, our health aura, and our emotional aura. Yes, when someone is very angry — you can see red surrounding them! So seeing RED is not just an old wives tale. Also, people in love have a rosy glow, and an expectant Mom will be surrounded by pink (not just for girls). There are so many ways to expand our observation of the world, why would we not?



Be A Brilliant Light — Jone Victoria — June 14, 2009

What sets you apart?

Making a positive difference, in another’s life, is not hard.

Some guidance on how to begin:

Show restraint in saying the first thing that comes out of your mouth.

Be mindful when you drive, read, eat, talk, even when you listen. Give full attention to your actions of the moment.

Remember what your childhood was like when raising your children. Words are powerful and can create emotional fissures of low self-esteem or motivate greatness in all deeds.

Be seen with someone in public when everyone else has turned against them. Do not kick someone when they are down; one day you may be on the bottom looking up.

Surprise a friend in turmoil by not asking them what you can do — just do it. Doing the dishes, laundry, making a grocery run, picking up a prescription, washing a person’s hair can be invaluable gifts.

Help a friend who is overwhelmed with unemployment: take them to lunch, balance their checkbook, call the credit card people for them and reduce their interest rates, sit with them while they open their bills; anonymously pay for a home fuel delivery.

Donate food to the food pantry, clothes to the shelters, and time to the elderly who have no visitors in senior care centers.

When seeing a homeless person make eye-contact with them.

Imagine the word Tolerance tattooed on your chest.

You get the idea. The list is endless on how you can impact someone’s life.

This life is to be shared, not only with the four-legged, six and eight-legged, and winged ones that co-habit this Earth with us — with the two legged as well.

Spirituality is hard work, it takes effort. When you pass from this third dimensional reality you have your “light”, your essence, to be seen and welcomed by those we have loved and who are waiting to be with you again.

Each person has this incredible capacity to truly love and give forth of themselves to improve the quality of someone’s life.

Make your energy brilliant while you are in the present moment.

Karma is about action, not dormancy.

Jone’s blog was called “Reclaim Your Light” — and this post seems to be a part of her ongoing journey to bring this message to one and all. Jone believed that we are all born with that inner “Light” within our spirit — and that it is up to us to acknowledge this inner force, and to use it for good. How many of us are so involved with our phones or other technical devices that we are not paying attention! We seem to be living on the fringe of what is true and real. Let’s all try to be mindful and be aware of  each precious moment.

She cared for those she met who had lost their light, those who had wandered off their karmic pathway, and one of her most ardent desires was to help these individuals to be able to once again begin to get in touch with their spirituality. Jone believed that our “Light” transcended death, and our consciousness lived on without the baggage and pain of our earthly body. Much of her life was devoted to helping heal those who had lost their way or couldn’t seem to heal themselves either spiritually or physically. Her karma was a difficult choice — helping to heal is draining, especially when there is not only spiritual depletion, but physical as well. Jone had a hands-on approach that helped many — but also took a toll on her own physical being.

Jone tried to share her innermost truths with all of us — in straightforward and simple language, she put forth her ideas, visions, philosophy, learned principles, hard-won facts, and always with a compassionate love of humanity. It would serve us all well to try to live by her example and show empathy for all our brethren.


Nature a Perfect Roommate — December 19, 2008 — Jone Victoria

When I lived in an apartment, there were times that I yearned for the Nature Spirits I enjoyed as a kid. I was so fortunate to have spent countless hours as a kid playing in acres of woods across from my home. Sure, there were challenges bringing some element of the outdoors into my cramped little dwelling, but even within the smallest spaces there are solutions to be found.

Feeling Walled In?

If you lease your space, ask your landlord if you can paint the walls. When I lived in New Jersey, my apartment had stark white walls, but I was allowed to paint them, as long as I returned them to the original color upon my leaving. A visit to the craft store for ivy stencils and acrylic paints was the quick fix I needed. I then stippled my way to garden heaven covering the bathroom walls with leaves, tendrils and flowers.

Soaking in a warm, herb scented bath transported me to a place that looked like a magical garden. I placed small potted flowers on every flat surface and larger leafy greens on the floor. At the end of a stressful day the idea of spending a solid hour in the bath with my books and watching the zillion tea lights flicker and throw shadows against the walls of ivy was tranquil bliss.

Windows of Your Mind

If you don’t have the liberty to paint, there are plenty of creative ideas to choose from. When you look out your windows, what do you see? If your vista lacks an expanse of nature or is less than desirable, I found a place today on the internet that may solve this problem for you.  Can you imagine having cathedral stained-glass windows?

Other Suggestions

Buy a bamboo room divider that you can paint or stencil. Use it to create a corner of Sacred Space.

Not using a small utility closet? Take the door off its hinges and create an altar space of all things meaningful to you. Hang up a photograph of nature on the back wall to use as a focal point. Add a zazen bench or zafu for meditation; throw in some plants and incense.Voila! You have your own altar space.

Place a large bowl of beach shells, sea glass, or rocks you’ve collected in your Sacred Space.

Display wonderful things you’ve found, i.e., rattlesnake skins, feathers, unusual tree branches.

Buy a Bonsai plant.

Put up any photographs of nature: corn stalks, seascapes, Mt. Everest, clouds, bushels of apples.

Purchase Sounds of Nature CD’s i.e., tropical rain forest, ocean sounds, thunderstorms. Or play indigenous chanting/songs of power.

String up some Buddhist prayer flags.

Add a Medicine Shield.

Even in a studio apartment there is space for Mother Nature as a roommate.


Happy Birthday dear Jone — May 27th — never forgotten — always loved.

As you read this post, you can feel Jone’s need to commune with Nature — we often talked about the Earth and our capacity to be healed with the power of simply breathing in the myriad essences of Mother Nature. Jone actually had a stele (a large upright stone) placed in her front yard, providing a meditation focus and its own earthy vibration. We both were able to feel the ancient energy of those huge stones deep within the ground (the Earth-keepers) — and every time we passed a construction sight that was dismantling these behemoths we were saddened as they were slowly crushed and their primordial spirit was lost and scattered to the four winds.

Jone’s homes always had some area where Nature held sway — a shelf with plants, a nook with stones and shells, Native American Dream-catchers and drums, a photograph of a sunflower or as she mentions — corn stalks. I am privileged to have a huge framed photograph of a sunflower taken by her friend — and also the corn stalks — a smaller photo that seems to hold within it a sprite or djinn — one of the Nature Spirits she so loved. Actually, Jone was able to make wherever she lived her own space. Her vivacious personality and elan overtook any mundane or ordinary area with an inner light and spiritual wisdom. Jone loved the ocean, the woods, any bucolic area where she could commune with Nature was where she found solace, strength, and succor.

I can still imagine Jone with me as I see a beautiful tree, an unusual stone, or just observe the new leaves beginning to blossom in the Spring — I can feel her smiling as she shares these magical moment with me.

Nothing Exists Independently — Jone Victoria — May 5th 2009

You are born as a witness to changes of Nature, in turn, Mother-Earth, known by many names will witness your life as well.

All humans are connected to their immediate environment upon birth. The first connection outside the womb is light, followed by sound. As a baby’s sight strengthens they take notice of any movement – trees outside of a window, or they follow the sound of a buzzing insect with their eyes.

What sophistication, in our desire to get older or accumulate riches, do we supplant to eliminate the awe factor of our youth?

Today I thought about how easy it is to be the child again; to re-connect with nature, no matter where you live. If you live in the city is there a park or boulevard that envelops you with a scenery of trees, flowers, or a body of water?

If you live in the desert is there a place of solitude to use for inner stillness as you gaze upon the painted layers of the Earth’s mesas or witness soaring birds?

If your environment is one of snow and ice is there a night sky filled with dark clarity to reveal the heavenly stars? Is there Sun during your day to reflect the hues of a prism in the snow?

If your surroundings are mostly filled with rain, what’s to keep you from sitting in your backyard to realize the infinite shades of green?

All of nature feeds us. We are connected by the air we breathe, the ground we walk upon, and the food that sustains us.

In mindful living, there is a simple way for our Soul to be constantly nurtured. It’s called observation.

Mind chatter is set free when observing nature. Observation slows the mind chatter so new perspectives and insights flow gently, like a cool breeze into our over-heated mind.

If you feel the restlessness of dissatisfaction within your life, allow Nature to heal you with her gifts.

Put out a few pieces of fruit, bread or seeds to coax birds from their hiding places. When they come to eat, be still and just observe.

Relax your mind in watching a spider spin her web, or a butterfly drinking nutrients from a flower.

Place some metal pans outside when it rains and listen to the music of Nature.

Observe any insect in their daily task of foraging.

Sit and observe any flower as it turns its face to follow the Sun.

We are all sharing space, and resources on this planet. Seek true beauty in each day by simple gestures. Co-exist with Nature – she has much to teach her dependent children.

Jone was one with Nature, she appreciated and honored all living things! Actually she felt the spirit of the Earth, Rocks Water, and Weather. She regaled in Nature’s gifts to all of us, the ocean, woods, rocky trails, and especially those areas she called her own — quiet glens, or circles of stone, or the sound of waves crashing upon a rocky coast. She absorbed the majesty and grandeur  wherever she found herself, on a busy city street, on an airplane 30,000 feet above Earth, under an overpass, in a dark occult book store, Jone would find a hint of Nature’s beauty in a sound, smell, feeling or sight that inspired her. She was at her most alive I think, when she was in a natural setting with all of the cacophony of Nature’s rhythms and breathtaking images. She was a keen observer of life, of people, of beauty and even the mundane. Indeed she could find eloquence in a blade of grass, a rock or a simple dandelion.

I think her observation of a child-like awe is so right on! A baby sees everything as a new shiny penny — no matter how unimposing an item, in a child’s eye it can be magical, interesting, amusing, useful, or just fun to play with. There is no modification as to monetary value, day-to-day usefulness, necessity, or beauty — it’s just new and interesting — something to be observed! I also sometimes think how wonderful it is to be able to tap into our own inner-child where everything is new, bright and shiny!