Jupiter in Scorpio Through Zodiac Houses One through Four — October 2017 to November 2018

Whilst Jupiter is in Scorpio it will have an effect on each Zodiac House depending where it is in your own Chart. Its impact will be determined by the “realm” that the House rules (See the post “Zodiac House Domains” — in the September archive), whether there are any Planets within the House or opposite it, and the aspects between said Planets and/or any other Planets that Jupiter in Scorpio might influence within other areas of your Chart. Jupiter in Scorpio will bring a surge of new positive energy into the Cosmos with an agenda of renewal and transformation — it is up to each of us to find how, where and why our lives are being fine-tuned by this majestic pairing. Standing still is not an option when this combination decides to offer a new way of thinking. We will have to acknowledge what the Universe has in store for us, as we continue on our journey here on Earth.

First Zodiac House (Ascendant) — when Jupiter in Scorpio begins to influence one’s First House it is the beginning of a new 12 year Jupiterian cycle for these lucky folks. As each year passes, Jupiter will enter each House in turn for approximately a one year stay working its way through the entire Zodiac Chart. The First House has rulership over our hopes and dreams, our pet projects, and our leadership qualities. Jupiter in Scorpio will bring new interesting people into your realm and you do best finding a way to incorporate those you meet into your life as befits your interests.

Opposite the 7th House of partners, allies and also competitors, it will serve you well to see clearly those with whom you truly enjoy and are compatible with, in order to be discreet in your business and personal dealings. You might be thinking of changing some of those you are currently in contact with through your work. Take your time in eliminating anyone, however, it you feel it is a toxic relationship — by all means cut it loose.

Use this time span with Jupiter in Scorpio to fine tune your plans, eliminate anything you know is holding you back — and feel the depth of Jupiter’s instincts in helping you  to improve your life while it’s in Scorpio. You may look back at the end of this year of Jupiter in Scorpio’s transit,  and think, “It’s amazing — how far I have come!

Second Zodiac House — If Jupiter in Scorpio is visiting your Second Zodiac House, you may be in for some financial gain over the period of this year. Our Second House rules our earned income, but also any monies from inheritance, gifts and bonuses. Jupiter in Scorpio will bring opportunities to increase your money in various ways, your own earnings may increase, you may find some hidden treasures in your home that you can sell, and/or you may find an entirely new way of handling your income. It will behoove you to take care of all financial matters in a professional way, protect your interests, and be sure you know those with whom you trust with your valuables.

Another way you may increase your bottom-line is by paying off debts in an orderly manner, with “found” monies from previously untapped sources. With Scorpio in the mix, we must look beneath the surface to find ways in which to bolster our income in new and creative ways. Jupiter in Scorpio will bring some perhaps over-the-top methods for us to make more money — just be sure everything is above board and not a get-rich-quick-scheme!

Opposite the Eighth House of other peoples money, death and taxes, and renewal and regeneration, you may be in for a windfall or perhaps a sentimental keepsake from a beloved relative. Either way — you can find extra income with a little bit of work. Keep aware of all the ways in which the Universe is presenting you with opportunities. There may be something magical involved!

Third Zodiac House — Our Third Zodiac House holds some of our closest relatives, neighbors and social connections. It’s our local area, our community, town or city, it’s where we feel at home with others of our ilk. We find our casual acquaintances, aunts and uncles, and brothers and sisters herein. When we plan short journeys or trips, this is the area that connects with that objective, also it is here where we can keep in touch with distant relatives by writing notes and cards to keep that familial connection. (Yes folks, actually taking pen to paper — putting your heart and soul into your writing, to let others know your truest feelings.)

If we are socially-minded, we may seek out local town offices as a way to keep our town running smoothly, or we may volunteer at local shelters or food pantries in order to help our neighbors in need. It is here we commune with our neighbors, especially those older citizens who might need to be checked on from time to time. Here we place our roots in what we consider a protected place — where we can raise our children in a surrounding of caring folks. We want to protect our environment in order to insure that we can live in peace and harmony.

Opposite the Ninth Zodiac House of justice, higher education, long journeys, religion and ideals — we build on the foundations of our Third House — the foundations of our future, we begin to see and feel our destiny, and there is a glimmer of what our life can become. Jupiter in Scorpio will bring renewal and growth, improve relationships with close relatives and friends, and open the door to new opportunities from which we can plan ahead with confidence and self-reliance.

The Fourth Zodiac House  — Here we find our first encounters with our parents, siblings grandparents and other relations who are of great importance in nurturing our life. It is the foundation of our lives, our first home and the basis upon which we begin to fashion our outlook on what our life will be. Being loved and loving in return, will bring us to the realization that we are of importance, that we matter to those who love us. Our existence is an intricate part of the whole picture of humanity and its future evolution.

It is within this House that we begin to learn the tenets of our faith, our moral code and those basic lessons of what living a good life as an empathetic human being entails. We are honed by the gentle care and kindnesses shown to us as an infant, and later as we learn about our family, we begin to understand and honor those who have come before us. Opposite the Tenth Zodiac House, there may be a job change in your future, however, it should be a positive move. Also, you may be invited to join an exclusive club where you can network with others of your abilities. Keep in mind — that we are not our jobs — it is just what we do! The bottom-line in this pathway on Earth is Karmic in nature — and our Karma lies within our family circle. (Of course, our family circle can consist of any group that we consider kindred.) It’s our relationships that will ultimately be the guiding light of our life.

Jupiter in Scorpio will bring out any hidden secrets that may have been hidden, but also will enable you to find your own innate persona. You might also find you are going to move from your family home to create one of your own.Or if you are already established in your own abode, this transit of Jupiter may find you upgrading to a larger home, remodeling one, or buying a second vacation home (especially near water).

In the Fourth House Jupiter in Scorpio can assist you in beginning new projects, saving for future prospects, combining your community activity with your family interests. The best is yet to come this year with Jupiter in Scorpio in your corner, opportunities will appear as if by magic, and your past hard work will be appreciated and rewarded.

Next Installment Zodiac Houses Five through Eight — Coming Soon!


Lady Venus Enters Libra — October 14th 2017

Happiness will reign when Lady Venus enters Libra on October 14th at 5:12 AM (adjust for DST). This isn’t a long stay for Lady Venus as She will enter passionate Scorpio on November 7th at 6:39 AM EST. However, Lady Venus is delighted with this change of venue into Libra, because whilst in Virgo her natural vivaciousness and elan were a bit stifled. Indeed, Virgo — although fashionable and tasteful in all ways, is still a bit on the stuffy and overly proper side. This is not really Lady Venus’ cup of tea — however, in Libra her sense of self, her unique style and her whimsical persona can shine without thought of censure.

Libra is a Cardinal Air sign that has reign over marriage, courtship, beauty, art, flowers, decor and all things of natural beauty. Lady Venus is a co-ruler of Libra along with Taurus (her other more staid personality), so once ensconced in Libra Lady Venus can let her hair down, become the maven of the moment, the fashionista with flair, and the personification of the feminine principle! Perhaps not as careful of Her actions when She is in Libra, our Lady Venus knows she is going to have a jolly good time! Still, Libra has its own agenda and will insist upon good taste (not as determined as Virgo), is more adaptable to the latest fads and modern ideas of beauty in all its forms, and will try to find a balance between Lady Venus in Libra’s need for admiration and adulation, and the necessity to remain the icon of femininity, and still be able to rock the flamboyant flirt. I think Lady Venus in Libra will take us on a merry chase as She enjoys the latitude of Libra, but willingly understands the balanced limits of generous and outgoing Libra’s boundaries.

Lady Venus in Libra soon meets up with Jupiter in Scorpio on the 15th in the early morning hours, perhaps giving us a moment to appreciate what we have, and allowing us to drift off to sleep with good thoughts. The Moon and Lady Venus have a tete-a-tete on the 17th in the late evening, allowing us to connect to loved ones emotionally. On the 20th a dust up with Mars might make our morning commute a little hectic, however — staying calm will help to get you through to a harmonious work day. In the late afternoon of the 23rd you may find some hassle to attend to in order to please the boss — however, don’t take on more than you should for someone else. Lady Venus has a scrape with Pluto in Capricorn on the 27th in late evening. You know you are not the problem — it may be a power struggle. On November 3rd, in the wee hours of the morning, Lady Venus and Saturn in Sagittarius see eye-to-eye on relationships, legal matters and business interests. Right after the midnight hour on the 4th Lady Venus squares off with Uranus and it’s anyone’s guess what will ensue, an exciting end to the previous evening, meeting someone new and interesting, or observing some unusual occurrence that gets stuck in your mind. Around the noon hour on the same day Lady Venus and Neptune in Pisces are in thrall, as you feel uncomfortable with others asking you for favors. Be sure those you are with are of good reputation and not taking advantage of your good nature. Lady Venus and Uranus in Aries will meet on the afternoon of the 5th where the unexpected could occur, people want some space. Try to keep on an even keel as you may feel overwhelmed with emotion. Lady Venus enters the sign Scorpio on the 7th where She will, on the 13th meet up with generous Jupiter, enjoying each other with admiration.

While Lady Venus is in Libra we can embrace our own inner beauty, see the beauty in others and heighten our observation of all that is creative, enchanting and natural. We can observe those diminutive and magical moments that might otherwise escape our attention. Lady Venus in Libra brings to us that special ability to be brave and commanding without losing one whit of our feminine allure. With Lady Venus in Libra we are Woman and you can hear us roar!

Hint — find your Lady Venus in Libra love in a fancy boutique, in a yoga class balancing on one leg, at any chick flick — old or new, with flowers in her hair, working as an accountant in your bank, wherever there are flowers, wearing fabulous clothes and sensible shoes, hiking woodland trails, playing with nieces and nephews in the park, in law school, handing out flyers for equal rights, at an advanced cooking class, sitting on a bench eating her lunch, at any book store, and of course, at a fashion show with the latest trends.



Jupiter Enters Scorpio — October 10th 2017

Jupiter will enter the Fixed Water sign Scorpio on October 10th 2017, at 8:21 AM (adjust for DST). I hesitate to say “Scorpio’s rejoice“, yet that’s kind of how I feel. Indeed Jupiter’s effects on all Scorpios and those who have a major Scorpio presence in their Zodiac Charts will also be receiving the blessings of Jupiter’s generosity and bounty — this is a mighty force to enter our lives, and there will be change, whether these changes are positive and transforming, or difficult and life-altering will depend on the aspects of Scorpio’s presence in your Chart. Those who have positive and optimistic aspects (trines, conjunctions, and sextiles), will most likely have changes that will bring long-hoped for dreams to fruition, blessings from unlikely sources, and hidden things brought to light that will prove to be encouraging and affirming. On the other hand, those who have difficult aspects to the sign Scorpio (squares, oppositions, and semi-squares) will find challenges — but with Jupiter in the mix — these challenges will have the ability to be solved in extraordinary and surprising ways, that will bring about renewal and growth. Eventually Jupiter in Scorpio will bring about a solution that is both fair and just — allowing forward motion towards future goals, and an awakening of the soul and spirit that can prove to be transforming.

Jupiter’s entrance into Scorpio will have a major influence on so many levels — Jupiter is the Greater Benevolent, and the sign Scorpio is so deep and varied in its complex and multifaceted facades, that the connection between these two opinionated and powerful elements will indeed be an intense and over-the-top experience for many of us. If you have a strong Scorpio presence in your Zodiac Chart, the House therein will have some passionate intervals through which you will find a deeper understanding, especially of your own life, but also of life in general, of your spirituality and deepest beliefs, and you may find previously unseen ways to reach your bliss. Also, you may find hidden depths of passion and emotion that you hadn’t until now been privy to in such a profound manner. Finding your most creative and inventive identity will be on the agenda — you may be inspired to pursue a totally different career than the one where you are now currently working, as you begin to understand your soul’s mission, your human journey, and your true vocational calling.

Scorpio rules four symbols rather than the one or two of most Zodiac signs — indeed the breadth of Scorpio’s realm reaches far and wide. From the Scorpion that we associate with the sign that shows the dual capacities of which it serves, the Scorpion is hard shelled but soft within, and when provoked it has a righteous sting! Then we have the Eagle the emblem of our Country — majestic, able to soar to great heights but disconcerting with its steely-eyed stare. Now the unexpected Dove with its message of Peace and tranquility — conciliatory and patient with those less knowing and wise. However, the most amazing and fascinating of Scorpio’s symbols is the Phoenix — a survivor, rising from the ashes to live anew. Yes, Scorpio is not easy to understand and is undeniably unique among the Zodiac Hierarchy —  when connected to mighty Jupiter, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished with this union of benevolence and transformation. Rebirth and regeneration are Scorpio’s watchwords, and true to this calling with Jupiter on board — there will be reform, renewal, renaissance, revival, and reawakening!

I personally feel that this combination of Jupiter and Scorpio will be like a “reset button” — within the wisdom of this dynamic duo, we find deep understanding, ancient knowledge, and a  profound appreciation of the Earth. Jupiter wants, indeed needs, to bring blessings and goodness wherever he roams, and Scorpio wants to eliminate all that is greedy, materialistic, and ignoble. Rising above the petty and mundane, Jupiter in Scorpio can change not only the mindset of this time-span, but can also drastically change the physical aspects of the Earth. It’s up to us to choose wisely the ways in which this transformation will take place. Will we choose chaos or tranquility — wisdom or absurdity — hostility or peace.

This partnership will weed out those who are taking advantage of people, the law, the banking system, and all those who do not have an ounce of true humanity. Anyone who discriminates, blasphemes, mistreats, or diminishes any human being will be brought out into the open and publicly excoriated. There will be no room for those pitiful people who lord it over anyone they consider “less” or “different” than themselves. It is my hope that Jupiter in Scorpio can and will bring about a transformation of this disillusioned and cynical world as it seems to stand now — opening our eyes to the transgressions of those in power around the world and bringing a breath of fresh air that can cleanse the Earth of the users and manipulators. Perhaps a big order for a one year stay in the sign, however,  this year can be a landmark year for more compassion and consideration for the Earth, and its inhabitants — a kinder and gentler World.

Jupiter in Scorpio will be getting assistance in both the Spiritual and magical world, and for the fundamentals of Beliefs. Pluto, now residing in Earthy Capricorn will help to bring forth the powerful bounty of Jupiter in Scorpio, and allow many to find their way to re-invigorating their faith in a deeply divine manner. Indeed, there may be a renewal of many charitable and benevolent organizations that will be able to open new ways of connecting to those in need. Also, Neptune in Pisces by itself has a very spiritual and mystical depth that Jupiter in Scorpio will enhance with motivation and practicality. Those who are sensitive, will find that their intuition, psychic abilities and healing practices are now greatly heightened. Enriched by these two Watery, emotional and transcendent Planets working together, we can hope for a worldwide confirmation of faith and devotion to a higher consciousness, with a keen and discriminating honing of our sixth-sense, a maturing of our karmic/evolutionary journey upon this Earth.

Although those with Water sign Suns will perhaps reap more benefits from this transit of Jupiter through Scorpio, if we look at our Zodiac Charts, I am sure many of us will have at least one Watery Planet or placement in one of the Houses or House cusps. As the degree of Jupiter in Scorpio changes throughout the year, all Water signs will be stimulated by the transit. When the Moon is also in a Water sign there will be a harmonious connection between all of these orbs. You may find you are more emotional, more compassionate, and more caring about others at this time. You also may also experience some profound and deep feelings you hadn’t tapped into before Jupiter entered Scorpio. You may become passionate about a particular kind of music, poetry, art, and/or find a new way of “seeing” things you hadn’t noticed before. Your eyes may be opened to new experiences , knowledge, and adventures that would never otherwise have been brought into your life. Listen with your heart and soul to all the information that is surrounding you, in order to become familiar with these new sensations. Your psyche and soul are being taught a fresh way of living your life — a way that will forever change your outlook and attitude for the better. We all can become a superior version of ourselves and we will be able to reap the Universal benefits of our renewal.

Those who have never experienced prophetic dreams or visions may find themselves on the road-less-traveled during Jupiter’s time in Scorpio. There are so many ways that our subconscious, extrasensory capabilities and our mystical abilities may be enhanced. Dreams, intuition, insight and perception can all be stimulated under Jupiter in Scorpio’s mantle of mysticism, magic and clairvoyance — but also by its keen sense of observation and common-sense. Opening our eyes and our hearts will bring a subtle whispering, elusive “knowing”, and greater understanding of the mundane everyday world, and also the spiritual and divine world of mysterious and enigmatic knowledge. There may be new finds in the archaeological world that will bring insight into the mystical words in all of the Holy books. An amazing discovery could change the way in which we understand the beginnings of mankind’s journey upon this Earth.

There will be especially powerful times with Jupiter in Scorpio when this combination is in aspect with Pluto in Capricorn — a watery/earthy mix — but as Pluto is Scorpio’s ruler, it’s made even more dominant. Pluto has great power in varied areas — regeneration, revitalization, taxes, wills, and the masses — Pluto also rules transformation, and the underworld (we are talking Hades, not the mob). Pluto in Scorpio will make changes, whether for good or ill, we all will have to adjust to these variables. Our spiritual and psychic abilities will be enhanced, and our creativity will also expand. Look for this energetic pattern to emerge starting January 8th to 21st, April 7th to the 22nd, and September 7th to 17th 2018.  A beautiful trine from Jupiter in Scorpio to Neptune in Pisces will begin as early as November 28th to December 5th 2017, also May 20th to June 1st, and August 12th to the 23rd in 2018. This amazing combination will enhance our dreams, bring appreciation of beauty and creativity, and perhaps awaken a deeper understanding of our inner spiritual capabilities. We can all tap into the power of these aspects by checking the Zodiac House where these signs are living. Pleasant surprises may be in store for many — and perhaps for some a major bit of very good luck. Mostly we can find some common grounding in our lives with Pluto in Capricorn being blessed by Jupiter in Scorpio. With Neptune in Pisces, there could be an awakening of the soul personally and globally. Be open to the new vibrations surrounding all of us, opportunities will be appearing for those who are aware and alert to the subtle whisperings of the new patterns that are metamorphosing. The heady atmosphere surrounding us will be filled with the basic and essential building blocks of self-realization and fulfillment. Jupiter in Scorpio — direct, ingenuous, unrelenting, passionate, and above all truthful. No artifice or waffling  — we will get straight talk from Jupiter in Scorpio. Find your own way to use this year-long preeminent pairing of Jupiter in Scorpio to get on the right pathway to your own fabulous future!  Motivation, inspiration and transformation are on the Jupiter in Scorpio agenda — make sure you get your piece of the action!

Each sign and each Zodiac House will have its own ability to use Jupiter in Scorpio and we will have the inside story on all of these changes in the next post — Jupiter in Scorpio through the Zodiac Houses. Coming soon!




October’s Astrological Activity — 2017

October starts off with a nice trine from Mars in Virgo to Pluto in Capricorn perhaps gearing us up for the work week ahead. Indeed any leftover work you may have taken home can now be finished up with mental acuity and practical energy. The 3rd finds Lady Venus in Virgo also trining Pluto in Capricorn, the after lunchtime connection can perhaps bring someone new into our lives whom we will find compatible and also a Karmic tie. We soon go into the Moon’s Full phase on October 5th, the Moon in Aries at 12 degrees crests at 1:40 PM EST (adjust for DST). Opposing the balancing Sun in Libra might find us a bit off key, and wishing that others would think the way we do — allow some time to pass before expounding on your favorite grievance, and you might decide to forgo the tirade.

The New Moon this month is on the 19th cresting at 2:12 PM EST (adjust for DST) — in late Libra at 26 degrees we will once again have a Moon-Void-of -Course, until the Moon enters the sign Scorpio at 8:43 PM EST. Writing out our wish lists should accommodate this aspect, and so the late evening of the 19th after the Moon enters Scorpio will be the best time to begin.  With a Moon-Void-of-Course, we are suspended in a kind of foggy area in which positive outcomes are not in the cards. So the wise will delay writing out their affirmations until the evening or the next day, when more positive energy abounds.

Around the noon hour on the 5th Venus and Mars collide, bringing a combustible element into a day already compromised with the Full Moon in Aries, arriving on its heels. This will be a day to “hold our tongues”  (as my Mother used to say) —  what isn’t said — doesn’t have to be taken back or regretted! An early morning meeting on the 7th between Uranus in Aries and Neptune in Pisces can be difficult to traverse, as we may not be able to “see” the whole picture. If your sleep was restless and filled with strange dreams, you might awaken with a feeling of unease all day — after you’re home from work, things will seem a little more upbeat and comfortable. A home-cooked meal does wonders for our sense of comfort. At breakfast time on the 8th Lady Venus in Virgo has a tiff with Saturn in Sagittarius — don’t let someone get under-your-skin with their careless remarks. By the late afternoon, Mercury and the Sun meet up in Libra, to provide compatible companions and lively conversation. Drive defensively on the morning of the 9th as Mercury in Libra has a run in with Pluto in Capricorn and don’t expect an overly warm welcome when you get into work. Jupiter enters the sign Scorpio on October 10th, and will remain there until November 8th 2018, we will all have to find a compatible way to use the massive energy of this connection. Wherever Scorpio lives in your Zodiac Chart, that House will be influenced by this duo depending on the aspects to your Sun and the other Planets. Jupiter in Scorpio will bring out any hidden and underlying issues you might have, however Jupiter usually bring protection and benefits. On a Global scale we will probably see some political fallout, and those who might have seemed to be both charitable and altruistic will be exposed, and shown to have feet-of-clay! Confusion reigns on the 11th with several conflicting aspects that might throw our common-sense out the window. Late evening on the 12th sees Mercury in Libra mellowing Saturn in Sagittarius and giving us the ability to calm any situation with a practical and balanced outlook. Lady Venus enters the Airy sign Libra on the 14th, bringing Her unique and graceful ideas about fashion, home decor, marriage and courtship. The wee hours of the 15th may have us tossing and turning, unable to sleep — Mercury and Uranus are keeping our minds roiling with worries. Try to relax and when the Sun comes up things will look better. The Sun in Libra and Saturn have a pleasant interlude at breakfast time on the 16th, you feel in control and look forward to the work week ahead. In the early hours of the 18th Mercury meets up with Jupiter in early Scorpio, opening lines of communication with loved ones, try to see the other person’s point of view without judging. The Sun opposing Uranus in Aries at lunchtime on the 19th (along with the energy of the New Moon in Aries) might make for an unexpected occurrence, try to keep cool and don’t overreact to anyone’s bad mood. The 22nd has Mercury in Scorpio fussing with Saturn in Sagittarius, in the middle of the afternoon, there may be some disappointment because a plan didn’t work out. Mars also enters Airy Libra on the 22nd for a rather uncomfortable stay in His opposite sign. However, Mars will learn to use the balanced presence of Libra in order to move His agenda forward. In the late morning hours of the 24th, Mercury in Scorpio is blessed by Neptune in Pisces and your creativity is increased, your intuition is on point, and you feel you have a solution for a work project. There also may be a romantic message waiting for you in your In-box. The Sun and Jupiter meet up in Scorpio on the 26th after the lunch hour, you are energetic and know what you are going to do to get things done.The evening hours of the 27th are a chaotic jumble of aspects that may be confusing, try not to make any rash decisions and perhaps call it an early night. Mercury in Scorpio and Mars in Libra are at odds in the morning hours of the 29th, you are feeling ill at ease, and defensive — don’t let anger get the best of you at this time. The Moon enters Pisces for the rest of the month, bringing a spiritual, magical and spooky Halloween evening! Happy Samhain to all and to all — only treats — no tricks!

November will begin with the Moon in Aries — bringing Fiery energy into the Holiday Season that is just beginning.

Enjoy a Happy Halloween! Blessed Be!




A Jubilant Autumnal Equinox — September 22nd 2017

Our Jubilant Autumnal Equinox begins at 3:02 PM EST (adjust for DST) on the 22nd — the Sun entering Libra whilst lowering in the sky as its Summer warmth begins to ebb, and long dark shadows portend the coming change of season. The Jubilant Autumnal Equinox — that enduring and eternal moment when our lazy New England Summer has ended. Thus continues the primordial cycles of our lives — Spring (Vernal Equinox) when the first greenery begins to appear, the temperature begins to warm, crocus peek up above the ground, and we celebrate having survived the long cold Winter’s fury. Summer (Summer Solstice) is soon ensconced with Mother Nature spurring the growth of crops and births of baby animals as the Earth’s fecundity brings forth all the bounty of its richness. Ah — then our beautiful Autumn (Autumnal Equinox) — crisp, cool dry air replaces the humidity, heat and brilliant Sunshine of Summer — the green crops are now a golden hue bearing their heavy burden of ripened vegetables and fruits. The colors of Autumn are scattered throughout the land — fields scattered with bright orange pumpkins, orchards full of trees with deep red apples and gilded yellow pears bending their branches low with the burden of their succulent fruit,  golden grains waving heavily in the wind as they await the harvest. This is the bounty for which we have worked so diligently — our survival is assured in the bursting silo’s, the filled root cellars and the preserved vegetables and fruits of our cultivation. Okay — today most of us head to the supermarket, local farmer’s markets or butcher shops for our daily fare — still — somewhere, someone had to do the difficult work of planting, growing and reaping the crops so that we would be able to thrive throughout the bitter Winter months. Of course, Winter (Winter Solstice) comes with its own quiet beauty, with vistas of snow-covered mountains and trees turning the landscape into a Winter wonderland — not so great on local roads or highways though. Sigh!

Equinox — the sound reverberates on our tongue — conjuring up visions of ancient ritual and sacrament. Inculcated into our psyches, we cannot remember the how or why of our knowledge — however, the cadence of these primeval progressions are as embedded into our DNA as is the color of our eyes. Our lives flow in a never-ending rotation of the time/space continuum. As we immerse ourselves into the eternity of the birth — life — death cycle, we are karmically attuned to the transcendent and divine plan driven by those limitless forces of our everlasting symbiosis with the Universe. The ecstasy of our existence confirms the sacredness and sanctity of all life! Our corporeal presence gives credence to our Universal consciousness — holy, sacred and consecrated by a higher power. Indeed — in meditation, prayer and supplication we combine with the ethereal awareness and understanding of the infinite.

Reality can be harsh, difficult and often unforgiving in our day-to-day existence. However, we have the ability and spirit to rise above the mundane and ordinary issues of life with the power and insight of our infinite life-force. Energy cannot be destroyed, merely changed — as entities of light, energy, passion, spirit and soul — we cannot be diminished.

While honoring our ancestors accomplishments and sacrifices, that future generations would flourish upon this Earth, stop for a moment whilst the Equinox crests — and immerse yourself in the rarefied atmosphere of the timelessness that is our heritage. Breathe in the same air that has been circulating for eons — that the ancient ones also breathed. Connect with the most hallowed essence of your humanity. Engage all of your senses as you begin to feel that spark of ecstasy that runs through your veins and swells every atom of your soul with unconditional love.


New Moon in Virgo Reminder — September 20th 2017

Since the New Moon in Virgo has such power in helping us help ourselves, we all should try to write out our list of affirmations, wishes, desires and dreams today. All day is just fine to remind the Universe of our own goals and pathway throughout our time here on Earth. We can write as few or as many wishes as we want, and there is no subject that isn’t in the cards.

Virgo, of course, has an interest in good health, is fussy about the food they consume, and enjoy being in charge! We often find that they do have a way of being right about a plethora of subjects — although they may not present their ideas in a way that we want to hear.

Practical and to the point, our Virgo’s don’t have time to waste and therefore won’t always be patient with those who don’t get the gist of their conversation. Yes, perhaps a bit impatient with those of us who might like to take our time to peruse an idea for a while, they lose interest and probably move on. Still their adept minds and down-to-earth philosophy carries a lot of weight. It always is a good idea to listen to what our Virgo brethren have to say — but we always have the option to make up our own minds.

Write out your affirmations with good intentions, all the wisdom you have at your command, and your deepest emotions — sincerity will go a long way in making your dreams come true!


New Moon in Virgo — September 20th 2017

Our New Moon in Virgo crests on the 20th of the month at 12:30 AM EST (add one hour for DST), at 27 degrees of the sign. I like the New Moon in Virgo as it seems to be able to rid us of the past few months clutter. Virgo so loves order and neatness, that it is almost impossible not to find a project that we have been putting off — whether finding warmer clothes for the coming cooler weather, or just getting rid of the beach towels and Summer toys that are in the garage! Summertime can make us a little lackadaisical, and we put off those bothersome chores that come with the changing of the season. So we can indeed find ourselves picking up the renewed vigor from the Universe, that will re-energize us in getting to those tasks that when cleaned up will make us feel lighter and more free.

In fact there is a lot of major Planetary energy going around this month for us to choose from — now that the North Node is in Leo, it is complementary to both Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries giving us a Fiery boost both mentally and physically! Working within the Planetary dynamism can and will allow us to get the most bang-for-the- buck in tackling those onerous jobs we have been dreading. Tune in to the lavish gifts that the Universe is providing  to us, and find your true inner bliss!

Our tiny dynamo Pluto will be turning Direct on the 28th allowing its more positive spirit into our realm — dust off those delayed plans and find a new way to refine them, in order for you to be able to make them work. Still have anger or resentment issues with a family member, take a new look at what’s really been going on — perhaps you are more frustrated with your own lack of forward motion. Relax a little, and give yourself and your loved ones the benefit of the doubt. Everyone is trying their best — but life has a way of putting a spanner in the works no matter how hard we seem to try to get it right! Remember we are all human-BEings and none of us is perfect.

Along with Mercury now in forward motion, we can somewhat safely make plans that have the possibility of coming to fruition. And the Autumnal Equinox on the 22nd can bring another breath of fresh air into our lives. With the Sun entering Libra we mark another Season of change, from seed, to growth, to harvest — our lives have an ancient rhythm that is instilled into our DNA. We all are captive to the timing of the Seasons as the months quickly pass by, and we must bow to the primordial cadence, that is the Earth’s harmony and music in accordance with the  eternal heartbeat of the Universe.

With our New Moon in Virgo, things of a practical and useful nature are in the forefront — Virgo doesn’t like waste or superfluous meandering — no, Virgo wants definite plans, practical solutions and the sooner the better! So — when thinking of your affirmations and requests to write under the auspices of the New Moon’s energy, be succinct, practical and concise. With Virgo details are important — but not too many — brief but comprehensive will be the best way to express yourself. Perhaps not as easy as it sounds — sorry!

Virgo wants sensible and easily understood affirmations — especially about personal needs and/or desires. Desperately need a new job/raise/promotion — now is the time to be clear in your intentions. Home need upgrading — put your most practical ideas down on paper and “see” those improvements as if already finished. Need more organization, vision, tenacity, better health habits, stamina in your life — the New Moon in Virgo can help. Think about what would truly improve your life right now and write out your affirmations, desires, and wishes on paper. Feel your own energy blending with the mastery of the Universal flow and be one with the basic elements and origins of life.

Our New Moon in Virgo crests at 2:30 AM EST (add one hour for DST),  as this is the last aspect before the Moon enters Libra, we have a Moon Void of Course condition. A Moon Void of Course time period lasts until the Moon enters the next sign — when this is in play, there is confusion, and misperception — our plans fail to come to fruition, and we cannot seem to get anywhere. So, although the best time to write out our affirmations is usually within a couple of hours of the New Moon cresting — I am strongly suggesting that we wait until the Moon has entered Libra at 5:06 AM EST (plus one for DST) before writing out our affirmations. So all day after the Moon enters Libra will be fine for writing down our lists.

Actually the timing may be perfect except for those few night-owls who would ordinarily be happy to write our their lists in the wee hours of the morning.  For most of us the daytime is much preferred — good luck in reaching your most ardent wishes.