New Moon in Taurus — April 26th 2017

Our New Moon crests in Taurus this month on the 26th at 6 degrees of the sign at 7:16 AM EST (add one hour for DST). This month has been plagued by a Rx Mercury (still in place until May 3rd),  however, Venus  did go direct mid-month giving us a more positive outlook on our relationships, and perhaps lightened our hearts with renewed hope. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto remain in Rx mode through next month, all presenting us with challenges and less than ideal input from their lofty realms. Jupiter Rx in Libra can unbalance the status-quo, that will make our decision making a bit more difficult — be sure to have all the facts in deciding any major lifestyle decisions. Saturn Rx in Sagittarius has tweaked us by making us review our choices for our future and bringing some serious evaluations about where we want to be in the next 5, 10, or 15 years.  Pluto Rx in Capricorn is a conundrum — not overly happy in Saturn’s natural realm, we find we must be more practical and use more common sense in our everyday lives. Still, Pluto has more sway over worldly woes and actions — perhaps wiser minds will take charge and make this world a bit safer and kinder for all, other options will have consequences.

The Taurus New Moon gives all of us the chance to influence our lives and the lives of our loved ones, but also — if enough folks could think positive thoughts about our fragile world, perhaps it would offset the imbalance we are experiencing and bring about constructive and encouraging changes for the better. Indeed — this is the only world we have — and it behooves us to treat it and all of its inhabitants well, with respect and love.

Now to the changes we can help to make in our own lives — the Taurus New Moon is good for so many reasons — ruled by Venus, it encompasses beauty in every form, loving kindness, acceptance and admiration for everyone, on a practical note — Taurus has reign over money and real-estate, business and powerful mentors. Those who are born near this New Moon on the 26th will begin a new lunar cycle enabling them to move forward with those plans that are closest to their hearts. All of us can benefit when we tune into the rhythm of the Galaxy, feel the impulses that emanate from the deepest abysses of space and time. These cadences have been streaming throughout our sphere since creation, bringing us the evidence of a greater power, a Universal consciousness of spiritual connection, that joins all of us in our pathway in this lifetime.  Learn to use these karmic gifts of Providence to enable you on your individual journey with those for whom you love and care.

We all deserve to be loved and to find happiness during our lifetime here on Earth — with the help of the ebb and flow of our Galaxy we can find a way to put our hopes and dreams forth into the ether — where they can take root and become manifest in our own lives. Each New Moon has its own profile that will make your wishes more powerful — in Taurus we can wish for financial stability, wealth, and for a loving and caring family, we can release our anger and stubbornness with the stroke of a pen just by writing out our hopes, wishes and affirmations. Let your imagination soar to new heights and think outside the box to stimulate a new wave of desires that haven’t been requested heretofore.

With the positive aspects of Taurus, you can bring more positive ways of moving forward — Taurus has the ability to move to a goal step-by-step, never looking back and keeping your heart positive and goal-oriented. Use this power to move yourself into a fresh way of seeing your pathway — Taurus can also keep you on your path — steady and committed, they are unwavering in their knack for getting things done.

As always — try to find a quiet time to sit and think about what would improve your life right now — write as many affirmations or wishes as you like — and breathe into each word a sense of accomplishment and finality. Pretend for a moment that your wish has already been answered — see yourself with all of your wishes completed in a positive manner. You can write out your affirmations all day after the New Moon crests on the 26th at 7:16 AM EST (add one hour for DST) for the most potent times of New Moon energy. However, the power of the New Moon can last for the next 48 hours.

Blend with the harmony of the Universe in order to fulfill your most ardent dreams — feel the flow of the Life Force we enjoy here on Earth. Immerse yourself into the dynamic atmosphere that surrounds us every day — and refresh every atom of your body with a spiritual and transcendent renewal. There is magic in the air we breathe, and the hope and wonder of our mere existence as we evolve ever higher on our human journey.


Mars Enters Gemini — April 21st 2017

Hearty and passionate Mars enters Gemini on April 21st at 5:32 AM EST (add one hour for DST) staying until entering Cancer on June 4/5th. After blundering his way through Taurus, and being able to intimidate anyone weaker, he has had a good run while in Fixed Earthy Taurus, as they share an attitude of determination and fortitude. However, as Taurus has patience and reliability within his realm, Mars prefers a more ardent and reckless abandon when getting to his goals. Taurus had a tempering effect on Mars more impulsive escapades, and Mars has had his fill, now he is ready for a lighter and more amenable companion in his tour around the Zodiac.

Gemini will fill the bill — Airy and Mutable in nature, Mars will find a grand companion for his more light-hearted and perhaps irrational forays during this stay. Mars will be in his most flirtatious mode in Gemini, wanting  happy-go-lucky relationships and spirited and carefree acquaintances! Not that a Mars in Gemini can’t be a faithful companion, indeed Mars nature is one of ownership and desire, however — in Gemini there will have to be a reasonably confident and strong partner who won’t be intimidated by Mars in Gemini’s constant need for approval and coquettish behavior.

I find Mars in Gemini a delightful and an amusing character — quite different from his usual bravado and audacity! There is a little bit of uneasiness for Mars, and his usual confident and bold manner is softened by Gemini’s brilliant mind and capricious manner. These two will find a way to work together, and have the time of their lives while doing so. We must remember that Mercury is still in Rx mode until going direct in Aries on May 3rd, so any new plans or ideas started now may be delayed or need to be redone after Mercury is well on its direct pathway.

Another way that Gemini can affect Mars is by allowing whatever is on his mind to be quickly out of his mouth! There is much less moderation or restraint, in Mars wanting to share his every thought, often to the consternation of his nearest and dearest! This can lead to many family “secrets” being revealed, or just prosaically passing on something that was to be kept within one’s personal opinions or perhaps judgements. Oh well — with age perhaps there will be wisdom, but somehow this combination is all about the NOW!

On the 6th of May, Mars in Gemini encounters Uranus in Aries, in the evening when there might be a clash of ego’s or some upset that gets Mars motor running! Try to back off if anyone seems to be in the mood for a fight or conflict of any sort. Since this is a Saturday night — alcohol may enhance the emotional stakes — use your higher mind to just walk away from those who would challenge you. On the 11th around the lunch hour Mars in Gemini has a dust-up with Neptune in Pisces, you may find you don’t have all the facts in a given situation, allow a little time to pass when later in the day your mind will be better able to handle the problem. The 12th during the morning rush hour, Mars in Gemini meets up with jovial Jupiter in Libra — bringing brilliant ideas into the realm, and allowing your day to start off on a positive note., or perhaps starting a long weekend respite. The morning hours of the 19th brings a bitter mix-up with Pluto in Capricorn — there will be no winners here, just go with the flow and allow any anger to just wash away. In the wee hours of the 29th Mars in opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius may find you at odds with a friend — try to assuage their feelings and help them to get home safely. The evening hours of the 30th brings a positive connection with Uranus that can help you see the innovative side of a project, and begin to make plans to move forward with a long-held dream. Enjoy the lighter side of Mars in Gemini, a facile mind, enhanced sense of humor, and energy to spare — while remembering to use a little common-sense when encountering some of those outre happenings that might go over-the-top and get you in trouble. Bask in the capricious, light-hearted and whimsical aura of Mars in Gemini — give in to your inner child and find that area of unconstrained joy that we all knew when we were young.

Mars in Gemini Love Style — this Mars is quite different from any other sign of the Zodiac, in that Mars truly enjoys the whimsy and flirtatiousness of Gemini — and Gemini enjoys the energy, power and determination of Mars! We have a powerhouse of can-do-it spirit, melded with innovation and intelligence. The downside with this duo can be a lack of cohesion in how to meet their goals — Mars wants instant gratification and a fast-track to his desires — whereas Gemini is impatient in many areas, but knows when to opt for quality over quantity. A bit more insistent on having beauty and elegance in her life, Gemini finds that Mars falls short because he wants what he wants, and he wants it NOW — not necessarily the best of the best, or the most rewarding — but good enough. This will set Mars teeth on edge, as he sees his ultimate objectives being left in the dust. Gemini — although usually extremely amenable won’t give up her insistence on those areas that she deems important enough to go for the best she can get.

There can be agreement when Gemini using her facile wit, rare intelligence and ability to seemingly conform to others tastes and mannerisms, will outmaneuver Mars Bull-in-a-china-shop mentality and his impetuosity in moving too fast and too soon. Gemini will somehow hone in on Mars true feelings and desires, and will offer alternative plans and objectives that will appeal to Mars masculinity and bravado.

Mars in Gemini is always going to be flirtatious and needing appreciation, and Gemini will be more than able to provide a place of comfort, safety and interesting adventures. They will often dance a merry dance, but their timing may often be a little off. Soon, though — they will find themselves in step and enjoying this Fiery/Airy combination of passion, innovation, strength and a quirky eccentricity. This diverse blending can move mountains, if only they rely on each others strengths and brilliant originality! A match for the ages — a match forever!



April’s Astrological Activity — 2017

Our dreams may be piqued by Mars and Neptune conjunct in Pisces on the 1st bringing us some otherworldly knowledge about what direction our future plans and actions may take us. Try to rise above the mundane in thinking about what you’ve experienced, and dig deep into your psyche to find the facts that will support your ideas. Then and only then, try to incorporate what the Universe is trying to tell you.

In New England we look forward to our April showers, a nice respite from the snows and bitter winds of March — and henceforth, can May flowers be far behind? I always try to be the optimist when it comes to our weather — especially as Easter and Passover celebrations are just around the corner. It’s so nice to be able to see everyone in their holiday finery — pastels, flowery prints and gauzy materials. The children especially are so adorable with their matching coats and hats, shiny shoes, and carrying their baskets of Easter eggs or candies left by the Bunnies! April is a month of transition — still able to whip up wintry winds, or surprise us with some almost Summery weather. Still, we know the weather will improve until we are complaining about how hot and humid it is in July! Perhaps that is the magic of New England, the weather is always a topic of interest — and it really can change in a nanosecond.

There is a lot of Astrological Activity in this month of April as several Planets will begin their Retrograde motion, bringing a change in their ability to put forth their most positive vibes. Mercury in Taurus Rx on the 9th moving back into the later degrees of Aries until turning Direct on May 3rd, Saturn in Sagittarius Rx on the 6th for a long Retrograde period ending on August 25th, and Pluto in Capricorn Rx on the 20th — all joining Jupiter in Libra moving backwards through the signs. However, Venus will turn Direct on the 15th in Pisces, continuing in Pisces until entering Aries on the 28th, once again bringing her most lovable, caring and romantic vibrations to the fore. Probably the one we all feel the most is Rx Mercury as it tends to delay day-to-day activities, messes with our cars, contracts and computers, and makes conversation difficult.  Saturn Rx can help us to slow down and take a look at where we are and where we have been, in order to plan a little better for our future. Of course, Saturn is always trying to teach us patience, fortitude and self-perseverance. All good lessons that will serve us well, but are often difficult to deal with as life has a habit of testing our determination and ability to stick with our agenda.However, when we learn one of Saturn’s lessons, there is always a reward awaiting us. Pluto in Rx will probably have a more global impact, perhaps delaying many governmental plans, and making life a little more difficult in any areas that are under siege. On a personal level, secrets may out, and depending on where transiting Pluto is in your chart, you can figure out what hidden messages are in store, also where you may need to pay attention to an ongoing issue. While all of these Planets are in Rx mode is always a good time to review your journey, and perhaps make more definite plans for some future date that will be able to be met with positive input and know-how for your progression.

The Full Moon crests on the 11th at 1:o9 AM EST (add one hour for DST) at 27 degrees of Libra! When the Full moon is in the sign Libra our focus is always on balance, equilibrium and stability. It behooves us to keep an even keel in all of our activities, and not go off the deep-end of anger and antagonism.

Our New Moon in Taurus crests on the 26th at 7:16 AM EST (add one hour for DST) at 6 degrees of the sign, if your birthday is near or within a day or so of this date it will be a new Lunar cycle for you this year. Find your bliss with the help of generous Taurus — ruling beauty, loyalty, art, music, social standing, self-appreciation, real estate, and often our money, you can write out your affirmations all day on the 26th for those things that will enhance your life and the lives of your loved ones. Often those with a strong Taurus affinity will have a sweet tooth, and of course, we all know how (ahem) determined and/or stubborn a Taurus can seem. Their ability to focus on their tasks at hand and plan for their future allows them to move steadily forward to their goals. Earthy and fixed — this sign has a lot going for it — and we all would do well to see where Taurus lives in our charts, for there will be your ability to move your own agenda forward with definitive planning and perhaps a sweet surprise in the offing.

Venus in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius on the 8th in mid-afternoon, both are now in Rx mode, bringing lack of compassion and difficulty in relationships. Allow yourself some “Me” time to figure out just what is going on, and if you want to pursue the path you’re on. Later in the early evening, the Sun in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn, bringing some ego issues into play — back off of any conflict until you have all the facts, you may be missing a piece of information — bide your time. On the 13th, Mars meets up with quirky Uranus early in the morning — you may want to go jogging to get your mind together before the day starts, or you may have been awakened by some unusual noises or activity outside your window. Venus turns direct on the 15th in Pisces bringing good vibes to our Easter celebrations. The 16th brings us a pleasant connection between Venus and Mars, you may meet someone vibrant and romantic in the evening, don’t discount the mutual attraction. Early morning office hours on the 17th, find the Sun trine Saturn — if you have a presentation or idea to contribute, this is a good time to get upper management to notice. After midnight on the 20th you may be awakened by vivid dreams or find yourself going over some issues from earlier in the week — try to concentrate on the simplest solution. Rush hour on the 21st may find you at odds with someone important to you — don’t allow anyone to put you or your ideas down — you know what is right for you and yours. You may find yourself waking early with a brilliant idea or solution to a problem thanks to Mercury meeting up with Saturn, keep the thoughts to yourself for a while as you peruse the best path to take.The afternoon of the 27th may find you dealing with some deceit — your ire is up so it might be best to wait until you know what is really going on before confronting someone. Morning hours on the 28th finds you have exciting ideas, but they may not be everyone’s cup of tea — let them steep for a while as you decide how much impact they might have. After a tense afternoon on the 30th, you’ll find that the evening brings clarity and a sense of tranquility — you know the right thing to do and that it will bring you peace of mind.

April’s showers taper off to bring us the beautiful displays of May’s flowers — how can any of us not respond to warmer weather, brilliant flowery yards, and azure skies filled with puffy white clouds! Breathe in the freshened air, bask in the Spring-like warmth of the Sun, and be in awe of the wonders of this Earth we call home. The land is responding to the new season and bursting forth in greenery, blossoms and new life wherever you look — find your quiet zone, your inner soul, and your magical spirit in all of Nature’s glory. Be in this moment of your life!








New Moon in Aries Reminder — March 27th 2017

Today is the day to rev up your affirmations, desires, and wishes and write them out to get them into the ether — where they can manifest to become your new reality! The New Moon in Aries crests at 9:57 PM EST (add one hour for DST). If your birthday is near the 27th or conjunct this New Moon at 7 degrees of the sign it is a new lunar cycle for you — and even more important that you put your thoughts down during this New Moon.

The best time to write out your wishes is right after the New Moon crests and the rest of the evening! Of course, the New Moon energy carries on for the next 24 hours — so if you have forgotten, it’s not too late to get your wishes into the Universal ether. Give it a whirl — you may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. Good luck to one and all.


New Moon in Aries — March 27th 2017


Our New Moon in Aries crests at 9:57 PM EST (add one hour for DST) on the 27th at 7 degrees of the sign. The New Moon in Aries always seems so vital as it starts off the yearly cycle of our New Moons with so much energy and, of course, Aries Cardinal passion. It is our opportunity to once again put our own spin on what our future can become. We have the ability to write out our positive affirmations, desires, wishes and hopes so that they may enter the ether of the Universal flow where they can manifest within our own reality. All of our thoughts have weight and substancejust thinking about something plants a tiny seed into the rich soil of our existence. Given repetitive input, our thought-seeds can germinate and  start to grow into an actual event or happening!

Conversely — negative thoughts can also evolve — and start us on a destructive pathway. It behooves us to choose our thought patterns carefully, to opt for the most optimistic, constructive and helpful ideas that will inevitably help us to reach our goals. If you have never taken advantage of the New Moon energy that is dispersed each month you are missing out on one of the Universe’s most beneficent gifts to all of us. It’s an easy method that we can use for our own benefit and for that of our loved ones.

Find a quiet spot to sit and think about what would help you at this time in your life, and write it down on a piece of paper (or on the computer) in order for your specific wish to be entered into the realm of possibility! No matter what it is you think would help you at this time, just write it out — in simple detail — think about how it could help change your life for the better, and send it off with love. Write out as many positive and optimistic affirmations or ideas that you might have — as close to the time of the New Moon as possible. The New Moon energy will last for 24 to 48 hours depending on the aspects surrounding it, but the most auspicious time to write out your wish-list is as close to its cresting as possible.

With the New Moon in the sign Aries you may want to create your affirmations around Aries strengths — i.e.; courage, passion, our physical bodies, audacity and verve. Also, your deepest desires, a goal you hunger for, anything you truly are invested in having come to fruition can be mentioned. For instance, “I want the courage to ask for a raise” – “I wish to draw towards myself only those people who will help me become the successful person I know I can be” – “I want to command respect and admiration for the work that I do so diligently”. The more personal, the better — it is as if the Universe is listening and knows about our desires and goals, but also knows what would serve us best in order for us to fulfill our karma here on Earth. When we put our own thoughts into the Universal ether, it sets up a positive vibration that begins to fertilize our affirmations — it strikes the right chord in the Galaxial harmonics meant just for us, and that tiny thought-seed begins to grow. Sometimes there is an instant response to our requests — other times it needs to be repeated as if to show that we are serious about this journey. Positive output brings back positive input — on the contrary, negative output definitely brings back negative consequences. Anger, hatred, frustration, ire, rage are all negative triggers that will break down our ability to keep the flow from the Universe moving in a constructive manner. When writing out your affirmations try to eliminate all negativity, don’t think about anything or anyone who knows how to push your buttons! Indeed — try to keep only loving thoughts, happy ideas and a peaceful demeanor within your spirit when writing your wishes.

There is, at this time, a Saturn in Sagittarius trine (good aspect) to Uranus in Aries going on that can bring unexpected rewards to those who have been in tune with the dynamic flow of Universal harmony and have listened to the lessons that Saturn is trying to impart to us. Sagittarius is always thinking about the future and how it is going to manifest, whereas Aries just wants movement and advancement and damn the consequences. Saturn will try to ameliorate the antics of Uranus, but it is kind of a  skirmish between these two to have their own agenda. If we can harness the genuine desire of Saturn in Sagittarius to find a higher calling, and somehow tweak Uranus in Aries into doing our bidding — we may create magic — however, we all can attempt to work within the guidelines of these two behemoths with Sagittarius and Aries cooperating whilst Saturn and Uranus each want their own way! Using the ancient knowledge of Saturn to enhance the creative and unique qualities of Uranus can bring us to our ultimate goals.

Mars in Taurus is trying to help us to use our energy wisely, as Taurus likes an even approach to all situations it encounters. Mars wants to increase the stoic pace of Taurus in order to break through any angst or hesitation that Taurus seems to feel. Again, working within the boundaries of the Planetary actions can bring us an awareness of just how to reach our goals — use Mars power and Taurus determination to jump-start your journey into greatness.

The New Moon in Aries is all about confidence, action, self-awareness, energy and moving forward on our pathway throughout this lifetime. Use these moments in time to find your own sense of personal evolution — what is unique to you — now — in this moment. Only you can define who you are, what you desire, and how and what you are willing to do to achieve your bliss.

Since the New Moon in Aries crests at 9:57 PM EST (add one hour for DST) — the rest of the evening is the most powerful time to write out your affirmations. Try this simple method to help you on your way to personal happiness, fulfillment and joy! After all — you deserve it!


Vernal Equinox — March 20th 2017

We in New England are always happy to celebrate the Vernal Equinox as it heralds the beginning of Spring and the end of our long cold Winter! However, it seems as it often happens, our Winter is loathe to give up its hold on our bitter temperatures. Indeed as I sit writing this at my computer, the outside is gloomy (chance of snow) and rather chilly — not quite having hit the freezing mark of 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Brrr!

Tomorrow, the actual day of the Equinox as the Sun enters Aries at 6:29 AM EDT we are promised a more moderate temperature — perhaps reaching into the 40’s! It has been a strange winter with the Boston area experiencing its 5th warmest winter on record! Still — there has been a bit of a roller-coaster effect as several weeks have presented us with record highs and lows! Snowfall has been modest, but always an impediment to travel and outdoor plans, that do not include skiing or other snow activities.

As you can imagine — just the thought of the first day of Spring puts a bounce in our steps and a happy note in our hearts. We are ready for the more moderate temperatures for our outdoor activities — and look forward to those balmy days of Summer that surely are on their way!

Today — under gloomy skies and a brisk wind, our family will attend a St. Patrick’s Day Parade as we have for the past several years — followed by a hearty corned-beef and cabbage dinner with all the “fixin’s”! It’s always a happy and joyous time as the family gathers together to catch up on the latest news, admire everyone’s wearing of the Green, and honor those veterans who faithfully march every year in the parades — veterans from all of the wars and conflicts that the US has been in since WWII. I remember the Parades when I was young with the young men marching, many going off to war, and those who had been tempered by being in the battles. Vast arrays of armaments thundering along the street, feeling the impact of their weight as the vibrations could be felt under our feet. There was a sense of patriotism, pride, community, family and purpose that seems somehow to be lacking today. But I, for one, will be on the sidelines cheering for each and every veteran, fireman, police officer, boy and girl scout that generously turn out to participate. The sight of our flag flapping in the gusts of wind, and the smiling faces of all who participate and all who come to honor make my heart swell with pride that we have not forgotten those who put their lives on the line for all of us — those who protect our lives and our freedom!

OK — got on a bit of a soap-box there — but perhaps it is just the essence of the Vernal Equinox, with its ancient rhythms and cadence of times past, that move me to think about the bigger picture of life. How many of our ancestors had the strength of purpose and grit to leave their homeland and come to a new land where they hoped for a better life. They toiled for many difficult years — tilling the soil, protecting their homesteads, raising their offspring, and developing this country which today so many call home! America was called the melting-pot, and it seemed that no matter who arrived on this soil, no  matter where they came from, this country was big enough to absorb those who were willing to work hard and wanted to make this their country and their homeland. The diversity of race, creed or culture mattered less than their desire to better their lives and the lives of their families. For so many who worked on the land, the Vernal Equinox presented them with the opportunity to begin anew — they planted new crops with the hope that they would thrive, they brought children into this world with the idea that life would be good here, their family could grow and find that essential feeling of belonging.

The cadence and harmony of the seasons gave them a template for their year ahead — each sector forecasting the necessities and requirements that would be essential for them to be successful in order to move forward to the next seasons business. The primordial rhythms of the Earth have for centuries carried man on his journey of survival, existence and their ultimate  triumph over all the vicissitudes of life. Facing life with dignity and grace allowed our forebears to find their ultimate relationship with nature, and the beat goes on — although we are no longer just an agrarian country — the heartbeat of the Earth rumbles on — and we all would do well to hearken to the cavernous throb of the Universal harmonics that reverberates throughout our lives.

I sometimes long for those simpler times — yet I know they were not a panacea of delight and joy. Life was often short, and often tragic — but the sense of community, of family and of home seemed so much stronger and resilient. A man’s word was his bond, a handshake sealed the deal, honor – integrity – decency – morality were the norm. Perhaps I miss the camaraderie within a town, village, community, neighborhood — we are all so busy today.

So — take a moment during this Vernal Equinox as the Sun stands still — and feel the history, of those times long ago — and join in the ancient acknowledgement of our Earth’s synchronization as we move through the vastness of Space. Be still for a few seconds as you become part of the whole — breathe in the beauty and sacredness of life.


Mars Enters Taurus — March 9th 2017

Mighty Mars enters the sign Taurus at 7:34 PM EST on the 9th of the month, creating somewhat of a tug-of-war as Mars isn’t at home in this Earthy/Fixed sign. It will take Mars a little time to incorporate the strong and practical traits of the Taurus persona. However, once Mars decides he can work within the parameters of Taurus strong and determined identity, He will begin to use these qualities to set His own agenda. Working together, Mars and Taurus are an unbeatable combination of verve, passion, stubbornness, work ethic, practicality and a magnificent integrity to get the job done. No shrinking violet here, indeed this is a combination that brooks no interference when they have decided upon a plan of action. If there is any downside to this combo — it is that they may overwhelm others with whom they must work. A little respect and latitude will be needed in order for Mars in Taurus to not totally try to run the show!

Mars will at times try to push the envelope of Taurus slow and steady pace — but our Taurus folks have an intensity and inner core of self-esteem that will keep them in the game. No pushover for Mars bluster and bravado — Taurus will probably run the show by moving one step at a time — to whatever goal he is pursuing. As much as Mars will huff and puff, He will have to learn that Taurus has his own determined mind and a deliberate plan of action that he will not allow to go off the track. Mars will eventually have more sway over any venture with his over-the-top audacity that Taurus will see has its place in the scheme of things. Both of these entities need to feel in control and want the first and last word on the subject — however, when in concert — Mars energy and ability to lead may slightly overshadow Taurus staid and sedate manner. The end result of any cooperation will be a blending of these two very different entities using the best of each others superior qualities.

There is one other side of this pair — a Mars in Taurus who (believe it or not) hides his light under a barrel. These are usually sensitive and brilliant folks for whom the Taurus sedateness and humility have sway over their Mars need to be heard, seen and appreciated. They truly enjoy working behind the scene — whether in the lab, as a movie producer, or as a quiet artist whose work speaks for him/her. Able to take the most pleasure from their creative abilities, any honors they garner are usually attributed to “the team”! Not relishing the spotlight they will often work behind and with someone who is better able to speak publicly and enjoys the adulation.  I know — not what one would expect from someone with this aspect in their chart — however — there will be other indications within their chart that will uphold this dichotomy. This side of a Mars/Taurus person is forgiving, generous, charitable, loving and charismatic. They can steal your heart before you are aware of their true interest — how lucky to have this more mellow manifestation of a Mars in Taurus individual — they will be loyal to their loved one and family always.

Mars will remain in Taurus until moving on to frivolous Gemini on April 20th — use this time wisely while Mars is in Taurus — the strength of this combo can help all of us hone in on our goals with energy to spare, and also find a practical way to get moving towards them. Mars in Taurus has little interplay with the other Planets during this month, so has free rein to stick to his own agenda. On the 27th Mars meets up with Neptune in early afternoon — perhaps a good time for a business lunch or meeting someone you are interested in to getting to know better. Try to feel the intensity of this Cardinal/Earth duo and you will be able to use each of their strengths to further your own plans. There is nothing that these two cannot accomplish using cooperation, diligence,  patience and passion.

Mars in Taurus Love Styleas you can probably tell, this is not an easy combination to work with in a partnership capacity — whether business or romance. Still I believe that the pluses can outweigh the minuses with a little patience and certainly a lot of love. Our Mars in Taurus persona has passion to spare, determination never-ending, and a strong sense of loyalty, duty, and commitment. It’s when the determination is more stubbornness that can impede a relationship. Those who find they are in love with a Mars in Taurus person will have to be the epitome of integrity, patience, and forbearance. There will be times when our Mars in Taurus will have an idea that just isn’t going to work, and for the life of them — and no matter what anyone says — they just cannot see the truth of the matter. It will take someone of strength, mental and emotional decisiveness to handle that “head in the sand” kind of mind set.  However, the pros usually out-way the cons because of their integrity, work ethic and love of family.

Some of those with Mars in Taurus have a  well-balanced blend of determination, diligence combined with desire and conscientiousness — they are the Salt-of-the-Earth, those who give of themselves, and have a natural affinity for Nature and humanity. They always try to help, preserve and respect others and the natural world. They also have a flair that brings a bright enthusiasm to the usually staid Taurus — you can see it in the sparkle in their eyes and the exuberance of their generous smile.

We can look to the Zodiac House position of Taurus to garner even more information about these folks — in the 4th House of home they would be the Patriarch/Matriarch of the family, in the 10th House they could well be the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company! Their talents are many, as are their interests — grounded with a fiery need to succeed — practical with pizzazz — a homebody with a race-car —  and perhaps a world-class lover, combining passion and sensitivity! You can be sure your Mars in Taurus companion, mate, spouse, partner is in for the long haul; with a need to be needed, an unbounded loyalty, and the deep desire for a home and family.