Lady Venus Enters Leo — August 25th 2017

Lady Venus Enters Leo at 11:30 PM EST (add one hour for DST) on the 25th of the month. Moving from matronly,  nurturing, sensitive and watery Cancer into dramatic, romantic, bold and fiery Leo is quite the change for our Lady Venus. She will need to take a few days to adjust to this extravagant transformation — but adjust She will and begin to immerse Herself into the charisma and charm of Her Leo persona. Now our Lady Venus is the Fashionista, the Social Butterfly, the Goddess of Glam, and Her abilities to engage others with Her wit and whimsy will be enhanced ten-fold. Of course, it goes without saying that her intelligence quotient will be off the chart, with Her talent for perceiving what others really want, and how She can gently or boldly (whatever works) inspire folks to do Her bidding.

Lady Venus in Leo brings us the ability to bond with loved ones, to find new romance and to appreciate how much love we have in our lives. We can also find a way to reconnect with those  who may have drifted out of our lives. Lady Venus in Leo is all about our ability to engage in social banter, be the life of the party and show our inner light. I kind of think of Lady Venus in Leo as a modern doyenne who can entertain the high and the mighty without breaking a sweat. Comfortable in Her own skin, she is capable and knowledgeable in many areas. Her expertise can span the Hostess with the Mostest, to the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company! PTA maven, Movie star, Doctor, Lawyer, Astronaut, Politician (with style), or any field at any time! Amazing, articulate, action-oriented, adorable, and avid in Her pursuits, our Lady Venus in Leo can be all things to all people.

Also happening on this day the Planet Saturn in Sagittarius will turn Direct after several months of Retrograde — at 5:19 AM EST (add one hour for DST). This will enable us to use the more positive vibes of Saturn’s teachable moments, and perhaps we have gleaned some new knowledge from Saturn’s vast storehouse of information that we hadn’t previously accepted as fact. Saturn is always trying to impart some basic tenets of living a good and just life. Now in Direct motion until April of 2018 we can begin to use the true facts of what life is all about and how our own truths can impact the pathway we have chosen. Listen with your heart and spirit whilst Lady Venus in Leo is in a complimentary aspect to Saturn until She enters Virgo on September 19th. Using the movement and interactions of the Planets can give us an idea of what is written in the stars. With Venus and Saturn working in concert, we can make practical yet longed-for decisions if we make sure our facts are grounded in common-sense. Hold off on anything of real importance (if you can) until Mercury goes Direct on September 5th, otherwise make sure you read all contracts extremely carefully!

On September 5th Mars enters Virgo, Mercury goes Direct and Lady Venus in Leo and Neptune in Pisces don’t see eye-to-eye, if you have to work overtime, your mate or partner may not be very understanding. Bring home something that will soothe their angst — maybe ice cream? Noontime on the 8th sees Lady Venus and the Sun having a tete-a-tete where a lunch date may turn into a shopping spree! On the 12th Lady Venus and Saturn have a sit-down chat in the evening — a nice time to connect with your significant other. A joyous connection with Lady Venus and Jupiter on the 15th can be the start of a wonderful weekend, partners are in sync and conversation flows easily. The late evening of the 17th can bring an exciting someone or something into your realm, as Lady Venus and Uranus get together — you may feel unrestricted and uninhibited!

Lady Venus will leave exuberant and cheerful Leo to enter the more staid and proper Virgo on September 19th at 8:16 PM EST (add one hour for DST). Our emotional outlook will become more serious and we will want to do what is appropriate and suitable at all times. Each Zodiac Sign the Planets enter will subtly alter their facade according to the Sign and depending on where in your own Chart the Sign lives.

Enjoy this upbeat, bold and charismatic time that Lady Venus is in the sign Leo — we all can appreciate the good-life that Leo enhances and enriches with its Fiery flamboyant flare. Allow yourself to indulge in Leo’s abundant and lavish outlook. Go for the gusto!

Hint — find your Lady Venus in Leo love while in a jewelry store, at a designer fashion show, at a family barbecue, having a mani/pedi at a luxury spa, in the park with her young nieces and nephews, at the newest epicurean restaurant, volunteering at a kids camp, driving a little red corvette, tutoring at a high school, watching a NASCAR race, running her own boutique, being a Mamma Lion , buying flowers (probably red roses), having a girl’s/guy’s night out, at a romantic movie, wearing bright red lipstick, and in the leading role at a neighborhood theater.






New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo Reminder — August 21st 2017

Okay — today is the day — so powerful and full of celestial energy! The Leo New Moon will enhance the Zodiac House in your own chart — try to use the vibe of the individual House to increase the power of your affirmations and wishes.

The New Moon crests at 1:31 PM EST (add one hour for DST) — this afternoon and all evening will be the best time to write out your list, although the power of this New Moon in Leo will last for the next 24 – 48 hours!

Allow your own ideas and wishes to enter the astral plane to become your new reality — the Universe is listening and your thoughts have essence and power when written down with your specific intentions in mind. Breathe in the magnetic and enchanted atmosphere of this magical moment as you put your pen to paper and send your own personal life force out into the Galaxial flow.

Become one with the power and force of the Natural and Supernatural world — keep yourself grounded here on Earth, as your Spirit ascends into the ancient mists of the mystical and transcendent expanses of the  Astral-plane where your wishes and dreams can take hold, become acknowledged and be affirmed.

Be bold, be brave and boundless in your quests!



New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo — August 21st 2017

Since this month’s New Moon in Leo on the 21st,  is a Solar Eclipse, I thought I’d post a bit early so everyone can plan on how to express and write out those dreams and affirmations they want to include in their New Moon wish list. Family, Love, Romance, Children, Creativity, Drama, Friends, Vacations, Social Status, and the Joy of Living Life to the full are all under Leo’s mantle.

I guess by now everyone has heard about the major Solar Eclipse that will happen on the 21st of the month — visible in its totality to a huge swath of America. Cresting in the Sign Leo at 28 degrees on the 21st at 1:31 PM EST (add one hour for DST), it brings a bit more vitality and energy than most New Moons and the lasting effects of this Leo New Moon will be extended for a few months.

Leo is a Sign that holds such exciting promise — loving, sensitive, entertaining, and with a bold swagger! The natural ruler of the 5th House, The Leo Sun and Moon spotlight children, romance, freedom, creativity, and our idea of pleasure whether playing the lottery, gambling,  vacationing, taking in a Las Vegas Show or attending an  intense Shakespearean drama. Pleasure seeking is kind of a Leo thing — loving the dramatic and over-the-top experiences that few seldom experience — Leo loves the spotlight but needs devotion and true love. Overly sensitive when criticized, Leo can become piqued easily and may become angry and spiteful. Handling a true Leo persona one must use gentle language when censuring and give positive feedback at the same time. Not a task easily done or understood by many. The last thing a true Leo wants is to be the “Emperor With No Clothes”! His/her ego is fragile, although their “face” to the world may be one of supreme confidence and self-assurance.

Family oriented and considered a good provider, our Leo folks have high expectations for themselves and their loved ones. Woe betide those who interfere with a Leo household — this Mama Lion will defend her young and their abode with all of the intensity of the wild creature her sign depicts. Look to your chart to see where Leo lives, and that Zodiac House will hold the most promise and potential for initiating your wishes under the auspices of this New Moon.

We must remember that Mercury is still in Retrograde mode and there may be a delay in our sincere wishes coming to fruition, still — just putting our desires in writing will begin the process of allowing the Universe to understand our goals, and perhaps give a little push towards our achieving our requests. Also, Mars in Leo is helping us to push our agenda forward with the Fiery energy of this combination! Lady Venus is moving towards entering Leo on the 25th and that may also give us a boost, especially if one of our New Moon wishes was for love and romance. On this same day, Saturn will turn Direct in Sagittarius bringing more positive energy into the mix, and we can hope the lessons imparted to us during its Retrograde period will hold us in good stead as we move forward.

Opportunities will appear, doors will open and our future prospects may fill us with confidence and assurance that we are on the right pathway during this lifetime.

The Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse crests at 1:31 PM EST (add one hour for DST) at 28 degrees of the Sign. So all afternoon and evening will be the absolute best time for writing out your Wish List — although the energy will remain for the next 24 hours. Think about all those things that would make your life a little easier, kinder, or more loving and write out your affirmations with sincerity and honesty. Try to feel your own energy reaching out into the ether as you write out your wishes — be one with the Universal flow and believe that you have the power to influence and change your life.




Not Like Your Sun Sign — What’s Going On?

Hmm — let’s think about this for a minute — there are so many reasons why! Sometimes we read the usual blurb about our Sun Sign, and we just don’t relate to it at all. Well, maybe there are some minor likenesses, but in general — we feel a disconnect. Why don’t I have the “usual” traits of my Sun Sign — isn’t that the most powerful orb in my Chart? Well — yes and no!

If your Sun is in an intercepted Zodiac House (One Sign is on the cusp of two Houses), your Sun is under a kind of umbrella that shades the sharpness and clarity of what would ordinarily be the ancient characteristics of that Sign. When your Sun progresses out of that House, you will find that you begin to reveal new facets of your personality that have been hidden — perhaps a late bloomer! You may have known that you had more to offer or more to share with the power of your Sun Sign, but had difficulty explaining yourself to others. Each Sun Sign has positive and negative attributes — these are modified by the rest of our Chart — however, we always carry a profound imprint of the Sun Sign that we were born under. Even if the Sun had progressed into the next sign when you were a youngster, there remains that deep and intense spiritual profile of your Natal Sun.

Also, some Signs are actually more potent than others (think Aries and Scorpio)— we all seem to feel that Pisces is kind of wishy-washy — however, being a Water sign it carries a lot of clout over time — just think about it — water can erode an area as large as the Grand Canyon given enough time! Pretty powerful if you ask me! In addition, if you have a Water Sign Sun (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) but you have a Fire Sign Ascendant (Aries,Leo, Sagittarius) — folks won’t pick up on your Watery Sun as it will be rather scorched  by the Fiery flames of your Ascendant, and may fizzle into a steamy haze to those who meet you, especially in your younger days. Conversely, if you have a Fire Sign Sun (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) and have a Water Sign Ascendant (Cancer,  Scorpio, Pisces) — we have our Fiery Sun trying to be seen through a Watery mist. Your Sun Sign is being hidden by the circumstances of your Zodiac Chart at the moment of your birth. Even bold Sun Signs like Aries or Scorpio can find it difficult to be “seen” if there are impediments from opposite Elements.

There are also Stelliums, a group of three or more Planets (perhaps including the Sun), all within a few degrees of each other especially within one Zodiac House! This configuration of Planets will have a definite impact upon the profile of one’s Sun especially if it is included within the Stellium, but also if the Stellium is opposite the Sun or is in a powerful Sign or angular House that may overwhelm the Sun Sign’s usual strong characteristics. If there is a huge Planet like Uranus, Jupiter or Neptune in the mix — there will be an even stronger influence from these Planets to overshadow or impact the Sun.

We are often “seen” through our Ascendant, and if our Ascendant is compromised by a Planet on or near it, there will be some impact from whatever Planet is rising. For instance if Mars is on or near your Ascendant it will indeed give more oomph and presence to your personality — if you have Neptune conjunct your Ascendant, people may find you are an enigma no matter your Sun Sign. Our Ascendant is our “face” to the world — it’s where we make our first impression on others, therefore any opposition, Planet or interception will be a factor in how we are perceived no matter our Sun. Also, our Mid-Heaven the cusp of our 10th House, is considered our “social” facade — any major Planet in this area will affect how we project ourselves to others. Uranus on this cusp will certainly give others the idea that we are a bit quirky, eccentric or just different — even with a strong Sun Sign! I know! So many ways in which our Sun can be hidden under a blanket of misperception.

As we get older our Sun Signs will change over to the next Sign in line — for instance if you were born at zero degrees of a Sign (Capricorn) — your Natal Sun won’t change until you are 30 years old (30 degrees in each Sign) and it moves into Aquarius! If you were born with your Sun at 10 degrees of the Sign — your Sun will change Signs at 20 year so age — get the idea? These changes can impact your persona greatly — especially if born at 28 or 29 degrees of a Sign — your Sun will move on when you are only one or two years of age! In this case — although you were born with the Sun in one Sign, it turned over whilst you were a babe — and as you grow — the Progressed Sun Sign may be more influential in how your personality blossoms and develops. Our Sun changing signs is one of the ways we evolve, learn, grow and become our completely true selves.

Another impediment in expressing and feeling your Natal Sun Sign is if it is in close aspect to a major Planet — Saturn conjunct your Sun will indeed keep any sign more modest, staid and understated (perhaps even coming across as angry, dour or stubborn). Even with an upbeat Sign like Gemini or Leo — there can be a stifling of the natural exuberance of the Sign. Uranus conjunct your Sun may bring about the quirky or eccentric in your Sign — even a staid Taurus will have an unusual trait associated with Uranus free-spirited outlook that isn’t the norm for our “usual” idea of a Taurus. Possibly someone who doesn’t need order and can be happy with life as it flows — unlike our usual Taurus who often loves order, neatness and control.

The Water Signs may have more misunderstanding about them than most — as the Watery temperament can pick up the aura of those surrounding them, and they might tend to seem able to fit in with any group — however, at their deepest core they are all a bit more sensitive to other’s moods — and can appear amorphous in their daily lives. The fluidity of their Element does make them more pliable and receptive to outside stimuli. Still, as noted before — Water as an Element is truly a force to be reckoned with, as it can in time have an impact on any other Element. That said, Water sign folks can often not feel as powerful as their Sun Sign because of their extreme sensitivity.

Libra is also a Sign that can be overlooked — as they are usually kind, can see both sides of any situation, and have a difficult time deciding which way to choose. But think! Libra is an Airy (Intellectual) Cardinal (Strong-minded) Sign — they have the inner strength of that Cardinal drive to succeed. Often overlooked in any competition — our beautiful Libra can and will overcome all opponents and challenges with a smile and a perfectly charming demeanor. Also, Aquarians have so many areas in which they shine that it is difficult to pin just one or two traits to their personalities — they also are a Fixed Air sign which many don’t realize, because their symbol is the Water Bearer, they believe that Aquarians are a Water sign — no — our Aquarians are that Airy-Fixed, Uranus ruled rebel, outsider or variable that we just cannot put into any normal category with ease. In this case — one-size doesn’t fit all — they are such a combination of Sun with Uranus energy that can allow them to choose almost any agenda where they can shine!

Each Sign has a plethora of characteristics that are too voluminous to mention, so only a few perhaps over-the-top features are noted. For instance, our Taurus brethren are considered stable, hard-working and loyal — and they can also be considered stubborn, determined and controlling. But — there are those Taurus that belie these traits by being overly sensitive, shy, bookish, or conversely — enjoy adventure and can be fickle in playing the field. (Perhaps a hint of Gemini here?)

We are not just our Sun Sign — we are a compendium of our entire Zodiac Chart — and our Natal Chart is like our fingerprint, never changing — however like our baby fingerprints, we do grow and become larger, it’s still us — unchanged, except in the natural order of growing up. Our Zodiac Charts also progress — and we are somewhat changed and honed by our experiences as our Sun changes Signs — still our Natal Characteristics remain the same as when we were born. But we must consider the whole Chart and how our Natal Sun Sign connects with the other Planets — our Moon Sign is also of great importance being our emotional quotient, our Venus gives us our compassion and love for others, any Planet conjunct our Sun will have an influence upon they way we appear to others, and how we feel about ourselves — each distinctive component of our Zodiac Chart has a story to tell about us as an individual — as a unique and incredibly miraculous divine creation of spirit, light and energy.

Our Zodiac Chart is a map of the Heavens at the time we were born, each one matchless and incomparable for the Year, day, hour, minute and second of our Birth and where we were born — even twins have slightly different Charts depending on how far apart they were born. They could even have different Moon Signs! There is a complexity and rhythm to our Charts that is unique unto us alone and from the moment of our birth as we take our first breath, our persona takes hold. Some of our pathway throughout this life-span will be in accordance with our Natal Charts — however, we are immediately honed by the circumstances surrounding our births, by our mothers and fathers, by siblings and all of the stimuli we are subjected to as we begin our transient and ephemeral journey toward our own humanity.

Embrace your own irreplaceable existence — live every day with unbridled joy, love generously, and when your time has come to its end — know that your place here on Earth was unique — that you were and are a sacred Entity of Light, Love, Energy and Soul — and your Spirit will endure forever!


*Also check out a previous post in the Archive of July of 2015, it explains the Decanates of each sign and how they subtly influence the Sun Sign we were born under. I’m sure I haven’t covered all of the ramifications of how our Sun Sign may not be perceived as the most powerful orb in our Zodiac Chart, however, it may give you a clue as to why there may be a disconnect between yourself and what is considered the usual characteristics of the Sun in each sign of the Zodiac.

**And — if you don’t know your Ascendant sign — you can check out “An Easy Way to Find Your Ascendant” in the July 2014 Archives.




Do You Read a Daily Horoscope — Try This!

I know many folks read their daily horoscope in the papers or on line, and although there is always a grain of truth in these posts, if you are only using your Sun Sign as a guide, you might be only getting a bit of the picture — you also want to read your Rising Sign  — that is your Ascendant, (1st House Cusp) for more accuracy. The two together can give you a more rounded idea of what the stars are up to on any given day.

Here’s why – our Zodiac Chart starts with the Ascendant (1st House Cusp) and follows accordingly to the 12th House Cusp. So — if your Ascendant is in the Sign Aries — the Houses will follow with Taurus, Gemini, etc. through to Pisces on the 12th House Cusp. (There are such things as intercepted Signs that might skew things a bit.) Now — if your Ascendant (Rising Sign) is in Cancer — that will be your 1st House Cusp and the 2nd House Cusp will be Leo followed by Virgo, Libra, etc. through to Gemini on the 12th House Cusp.

(If your Ascendant is in Leo, the Sun in Leo is going through your First House at this very time. When the Sun moves into Virgo on the 22nd of August — it will begin to influence your Second House! So it goes throughout the year as the Sun enters each sign it also moves around your Zodiac Chart.)

When the transiting Sun is in the same sign as your Ascendant — your 1st House will be in the spotlight! Then as the Sun moves into each Sign throughout the year, it will highlight each Zodiac House as it traverses through that area. It helps to know just what Houses are being influenced and highlighted in our daily lives so that we can plan our schedules accordingly.

A Daily Horoscope is just one of the many tools in an astrologer’s toolbox — our Zodiac Charts are unique unto ourselves, and there can be so many variations that it is difficult to give an overview or accurate reading in just a couple of lines. However, that said, sometimes we just need a guideline to encourage us to move on or take a chance, or conversely to take it slow and reconsider our options. Optimism always works for me — with Common Sense as a solid foundation!

If you don’t have your Chart already — there are many sites on the Net that have them for free!

Check them out  — and try looking at both readings — you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.


August’s Astrological Activity — 2017

Although August doesn’t seem to have the panache of July with all the fireworks displays, parades and celebrations, this year August has a few plans for itself — containing several Retrograde Planets, Jupiter and Pluto are sparring, Mercury goes Retrograde, and there are two potent Eclipses during this month. What are the Heavens trying to impart to us? Are we in turmoil, confused, frustrated? It seems that all of the above is true to some degree for all of us. This month may supply us with enough Cosmic bang for us to cut through the mindless chatter, and begin to separate our idealism and naivete for what is actually true and happening now! We can find our way to clarity of purpose, respect for ourselves and others, and at the end of the month, we may have found our own pathway to truth.

August starts off with Lady Venus just entering the sign Cancer bringing family to the fore, and a Sagittarius Moon inviting us to seek adventure — however, the Planet Uranus in the later degrees of Aries begins its Retrograde motion on the 2nd, perhaps putting a spanner in the works for any of our new and/or unusual plans. Also beginning its Retrograde action will be Mercury in Virgo beginning on the 12th and lasting through September 5th having moved into late Leo — Mercury often disrupts our day-to-day activity, interfering with our communications, transportation and our technology (UGH — please don’t mess with my computer!). Along with Saturn in Rx until the 25th of the month causing delays, and Neptune and Pluto remaining Rx through the month — we can use this time to reflect upon our actions and perhaps our plans that haven’t quite come to fruition. Also, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 7th in Aquarius, and the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 21st in Leo will be activating our emotions, altering our perspectives, and generally fine-tuning what it is we really want, and how to go about realizing our intentions!

With so much activity between the Heavenly Lights, and some powerful Planets, it might feel as if we are in a free-fall, and we can’t seem to find anything to hold on to. However, we human-beings are made of stern stuff (the right stuff), and we can and will prevail — it is our birthright to find our own pathway throughout this lifetime. We can employ those positive lessons we learned as a child — respect, honesty, loyalty, love, kindness, and those other foundations that keep us one step above the fray — our family and friendships that have been honed by many years of commitment and love. We are not merely entities of flesh and blood, but entities of Light, Spirit, Soul, Consciousness and that transcendent and divine spark of celestial energy that cannot be destroyed. We are human BE-ings — evolving ever higher to raise our rational mind to more profound, esoteric and sacred levels. Be in the moment every second of your life — it is your life — live it, bring your A-game, never underestimate your influence in this World!

OK — I shall get off of my soap box now and get on with this month’s activity — the Eclipses are encouraging us to open our mind and hearts to new experiences, and allowing us a moment in time to adjust to what may be unexpected and/or bewildering activity in our lives. Any new experience is an opportunity for us to grow as a person, to expand our knowledge and to learn how we can cope with those things that weren’t in our daily planner. We all will have some influence from the energy of both Eclipses. However, if your birth degree is at or near 15 degrees of Aquarius (or opposite at 15 degrees of Leo) you may find you have to deal with a more dramatic change in plans or even find yourself with an opportunity you never saw coming  — this is the work of the Full Moon Eclipse on the 7th — embrace any changes and make them your own. Also, the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo, will bring more energy to you if your birth degree is on or near 28 degrees of Leo (or opposite at 28 degrees of Aquarius) there may be an adjustment that will stimulate your creativity — breathe deeply and recognize that the Universe is leading  you to your true destiny! Both Eclipses will be stimulating our consciousness, and will help us to believe in our own innate worthiness.

Jupiter and Pluto are squaring off although the aspect will lessen as the month progresses, and they are trying to allow us to create our own ideas of personal identity, our ability to choose our options in life, and to let go of any undesirable habits, people or conduct we have allowed into our realm. Saturn in Sagittarius will turn Direct on the 25th enabling us to once again receive the positive messages and lessons that Saturn insists upon imparting to us. Having been in Rx motion since early April, Saturn has allowed us to absorb those truths we are so prone to ignore! I hope that Saturn’s karmic teachings and truths have been embedded into your psyche as you progress along on your own personal journey.

Mars in Leo will hear our Leonine growl — as we feel like the king of our realm — of course, a wise and judicious leader knows how to treat His loyal subjects properly. Mars in Leo is all about generosity and grandiloquence (perhaps in equal measure)! Still our Mars in Leo persona is a true romantic, loves to be surrounded by family and friends, and knows how to throw a successful party! Enjoy the energy and elan of this aspect — for tomorrow is probably another work day!

The 4th of August may find us having to stay late at work — TGIF may have to wait until your project is finished. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, on the 7th at 1:11 PM EST (add one hour for DST), may see us explaining our reason for some action we had taken. Be sure you know just what happened and why your actions were appropriate. Don’t try to wield your power on the 9th as you could find yourself on the defensive. The late afternoon of the 10th finds us capable and able to find solutions and to promote our own agenda.Be wary on the 11th during the evening rush hour — everyone is trying to get away — expect the unexpected. Sunday the 13th brings a wonderful Sun/Saturn trine in the late afternoon, that can help us get organized and prepared for the week ahead. The 15th at breakfast time might not be the best time to try to discuss any issues with a mate or partner, as Venus and Pluto aren’t feeling friendly. Venus also has a dust-up with Saturn on the 18th — it’s not worth the effort to squabble. On the 20th around lunchtime, we can expect a jolly time with family or friends — perhaps a backyard barbecue, don’t forget to play some games. The Sun and Uranus connect on the 21st making us feel invincible and heady — and it’s the day of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo, remember to write out your affirmations, and enjoy the effervescent energy! On the 22nd when you are just getting into work, Mars and Saturn will help you to push your agenda forward, be confident and approachable. You may want to take a long lunch hour on the 24th as several issues at work or home are being raised that aren’t ready to be resolved.The afternoon of the 26th might bring a spark of an idea that will produce results — be optimistic and try to explain things simply and with patience. Since the Moon is void-of-course until almost 3 O’clock in the afternoon of the 28th — your best bet may be to hide out in the office until the dust has settled.With the Moon in Capricorn on the 31st our month ends on a stable and practical note — you might want to take this Friday off (if you can) to extend the long Labor day weekend and connect with family and friends in a happy and celebratory atmosphere. Enjoy the Labor Day Holiday!






Lady Venus Enters Cancer — July 31st 2017

Lady Venus exits frivolous yet exciting Gemini to enter the nurturing and sensitive Cancer on July 31, 2017 at 9:54 AM EST (add one hour for DST) until August  25th when She enters Fiery Leo. Giving up her flirtatious persona in Gemini to become our Madonna, Mother, Iconic Woman, Ultimate Female, Wonder Woman, the personification of Woman in all her forms. The Cancerian Woman can be motherly, nurturing, demanding, strong, spiritual, idealistic, sensitive, emotional, aware, and often everything to her family and those who love her. A Cardinal Water sign, our Lady Venus in Cancer might have some difficulty in adjusting to the totality of being so emotionally vulnerable and sensitive to all manner of intuition and insights. Indeed — Lady Venus must use all of her greatest feminine abilities when transiting Cancer — trying to be all things to all people can be a time-consuming and also a humbling experience. Being the Go-to person for any and all problems, illnesses, issues and grievances, will and can bring Lady Venus to tears, as she tries to respect and tend to all of her loved ones.

Always thinking of family first, our Lady Venus in Cancer can become overwhelmed when there are crises, as there are in any family. However, gifted with a steely determination, a can-do attitude, and capable of boundless empathy — our Lady Venus in Cancer is able to handle most any situation with aplomb, smarts, dignity, confidence and most of all Her unconditional love!

August has a lot of cosmic activity with two Eclipses — the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 7th in the sign Aquarius and the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 21st in the sign Leo! These are potent eclipses that will bring us an awareness of our life’s pathway, and will trigger us to adjust our plans if we are not sure of our goals. Beginning with the February eclipses, this is a continuation of the theme — look to your future permanency and stability to better enable you to flourish in an atmosphere of hope and confidence. Keep your eye on the prize — have faith that the Universe will bring you to your ultimate objective.

We also have a Retrograde Mercury in Virgo starting on the 12th at 7:56 PM EST at 11 degrees of the sign. This may prove to be a difficult period since Virgo is such a precise and statistic-oriented sign. We all must remember to dot all our “I’s” and cross all our “T’s” — and be aware of any decisions that we must make. The up-side of a Rx Mercury is that it often gives us the opportunity to revisit something that didn’t work out in the last few months — and we can find a way to turn our missed opportunity into a new and even better one.

Also in Retrograde motion for much of the month are Saturn in Sagittarius until the 25th when it begins Direct motion once again, on the 2nd Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn — all giving us less than their best during this period, but allowing us to think about ourselves and our future.

On the 12th Lady Venus and Neptune blend their mystical vibes in the wee hours of the morning, a karmic romantic moment is rife with emotion and sentiment. The 14th brings Lady Venus and Mars together, perhaps a very early morning call brings some news. On the 15th during the morning rush hour, there is a dust up with Pluto, and Lady Venus isn’t happy with the status-quo, there may be some issues at work. Jupiter in Libra and Lady Venus clash on the 17th again in the early hours of the day, possibly bringing about some simmering family issues. The discomfort continues on the 18th in the early afternoon, as Saturn in Sagittarius and Lady Venus don’t see eye-to-eye, use common sense and respect to get through this time. The 24th brings Lady Venus in Cancer and Uranus in Aries into contact in the early afternoon, any anxiety or upset can create a momentary power struggle. Allow some time to pass, before making any anger-induced decisions, and when Lady Venus enters Leo on the 25th there will be less emotional reactions and more loving responses.

Hint — find your Lady Venus in Cancer love at a bake sale, at a PTA meeting, at her mother’s, at the seashore, buying seafood, dancing, watching a Chic-flick, having a Hot-fudge Sundae, running a food pantry, volunteering at an animal shelter, reading to toddlers, buying sensible shoes, advocating for seniors, kayaking, playing volleyball, in a car pool, working at a day-care center, driving a dune buggy, and picnicking in the park.