New Moon in Aquarius (Solar Eclipse) Reminder — February 15th 2018

On February 15th, at 4:06 PM EST the New Moon in Aquarius crests and brings us another chance to put our thoughts, wishes and affirmations into the Galaxial ether. Our thoughts have a substantial weight within the realm of our Universe. Our thoughts, ideas and desires can be sent into the solar winds of time, space and eternity, and they can be gathered up by the Universe in order to create a spark of divine light that grows and becomes part of our reality.

Give it a try! Just think about those things that would improve your life, and write out a short, precise sentence about them. With the New Moon in Aquarius everything is on the table — what would make your life better, more productive,  and would make you feel more empowered? Put your thoughts, wishes, desires and affirmations down on paper for the most powerful impact. Feel your own energy pulsing down your arm into your hand as you envision those dreams coming true.

The best time is after the New Moon crests — 4:06 PM EST — so all evening the greatest influence of the Aquarius New Moon is at its height! Go for the gusto!


New Moon in Aquarius (Solar Eclipse) — February 15th 2018

I love the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius as it brings a freshening of the atmosphere with its zest for life, need for personal freedom, and its fervent joy with the new and innovative. Cresting on the 15th of the month at 4:06 PM EST at 27 degrees of the sign, the Aquarian New Moon will encourage us to find our own truths, our own moral code, and our own idea of personal success. The Planet Uranus rules this unique sign, and if anything, Uranus loves the unusual, ground-breaking and whimsical. Uranus enjoys shaking up the status-quo, but not in order to destroy — but rather to reform into a stronger and more sturdy platform for us to use. After a bout with Uranus distinctive abilities, we realize we are truly transformed into an improved and more adaptable human being. Those whose birthday is on or near the New Moon will be starting a new lunar cycle with the promise of opportunities of personal growth and an eye-opening ability to observe life in a new way. All of us can benefit from this New Moon Solar Eclipse if we look to our Zodiac Chart to see where the sign Aquarius lives. The profile of that House position will clue us in on how we can most effectively use this powerhouse energy. Simple steps that provide us with an insight into our own abilities, and future opportunities for evolving into the embodiment of the most altruistic human being we can imagine. Prepare to write out your affirmations, wishes and desires with the power of this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius to start your own personal journey into a future of amazing and wonderful prospects. The only thing hindering you is the limit of your own imagination, and the vision you have for your future. Implement your most gracious ideas and strategize your goals with determination and resolve, to find that elusive moment when you realize embracing your humanness, empowers you to rise above the ordinary and into the rarefied air of pristine transparency.

Also this month we can use the energy and vision of Lady Venus in Pisces along with Mercury to enhance our ability to “see” a new pathway before us. We will be able to express our love for others in a meaningful manner, that may help our relationships bloom. Open your hearts and minds with this dynamic combination of mental acuity and heartfelt sentiment to bring those long cherished hopes and dreams into your realm.

This month’s New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius can help to bring your most precious dreams to reality. Thinking outside the box when writing our affirmations, hopes and wishes can be instrumental in conveying our thoughts out into the Universal flow, where they can be manifested into our own reality. Dig deep into your psyche to find those truths and desires that would change your life for the better. Write out your affirmations and wishes with that fierce inner fire burning deeply within your soul, and truly feel the harmony from the Universe that will help propel your most passionate desires into the Galaxial mists.

Our February 15th Aquarian New Moon Solar Eclipse crests at 4:06 PM EST — so all evening long will be the most powerful time to write out your most ardent wishes. Don’t let this opportunity slip by without acknowledging your own personal needs. Close your eyes — and imagine yourself achieving those elusive goals that you have been working towards. They can come to fruition — you can find yourself attaining all of your dreams! Just Believe!







Lady Venus Enters Pisces — February 10th 2018

Well, Lady Venus might be having too much fun in adventurous and quirky Aquarius to smoothly enter Pisces without some reservations, yet enter She must. However, once ensconced in Watery Mutable Pisces, She quickly realizes that walking on the wild-side isn’t what life is all about — indeed — Lady Venus embracing Her renewed Pisces spirituality, intuition, and compassion envelope Her in an aura of transcendental and mystical beauty. Aha — She thinks — I am ending my journey through the Zodiac with the most sensitive and knowing sign. Immersing Herself into the watery depths of Pisces wisdom, Lady Venus understands how much She can accomplish whilst within the realm of sagacious Neptune. Yes, Lady Venus, exalted in Pisces rises to the illustrious heights of Her most loving, fervent, and divine feminine persona.

Love, acceptance and forgiveness are the hallmarks of Lady Venus in Pisces, Her ability to overcome any pettiness, greed or vilification are legendary. Yet Her standards are high when traversing Pisces realm, the bar is set to the utmost limits of human compassion, concern, consideration, kindness and empathy. Lady Venus in Pisces is the Madonna of the Zodiac as She becomes Mother Earth and Mother Nature, the eternal guiding forces of creation.  Lady Venus in Pisces gets a little help when Mercury enters Pisces on the 17th, together they can help us more wisely communicate our feelings to our loved ones, and allow us to find the right words to express our truest and most loving feelings.

Lady Venus enters Pisces on the 10th at 6:20 PM EST, as She begins her passage through the sign She tries to find the kindest and most loving ways to let others realize their own potential for reaching the epitome of true Love! On Valentine’s Day (14th) Lady Venus isn’t feeling the love, as She and Pluto aren’t seeing eye-to-eye. Your evening may not go as planned — so be prepared for some angst as outside influences may interrupt whatever loving ideas you were hoping to bring to the table. Actually since the New Moon Solar Eclipse is on the 15th — ( the rule of thumb in Astrology is that anything presented or planned the week prior to the New Moon’s cresting just doesn’t work out). If possible, perhaps you can present your loved one with a sweet bouquet or card, and include a sincere invitation to a lovely romantic dinner on the coming weekend. After the New Moon things will run much more smoothly! Just sayin’! Also at dinner time on the 15th Lady Venus and Saturn in a jolly good mood will bring understanding and trust. The 19th finds Lady Venus and Uranus in the wee morning hours not enjoying each other’s company, you might not have been able to sleep, or an alarm somewhere made you awaken; you may have begun to review your relationship with a jaded eye and found it wanting — wait a bit until you’ve had your morning coffee before making any permanent decisions. On the 21st around the lunch hour Lady Venus and Neptune connect with love and respect, make plans for lunch with your lover, best friend, companion, or even your Mother — someone you would truly enjoy spending an hour or two with, for sparkling and affectionate conversation. Or just plan on doing something you yourself would enjoy, go to a museum, art gallery, shopping trip, yoga class, or take the time to meditate! Feel the vibrations of Venus and Neptune as they encompass you with their aura of unconditional love. The breakfast hour of the 25th finds Lady Venus and Mars at odds, you might want to hold your tongue when faced with someone who just isn’t in the mood to be respectful — avoid any unpleasantness if you can, or try to offset any outbursts that occur by being the voice of sanity. If you are an early riser on the 27th Lady Venus and Pluto are on the same page, you understand the needs of others, and are perceptive to subtle clues from your loved one. Entering March, Lady Venus and Jupiter understand one another for a pleasant interlude. However, on March 2nd we encounter the Full Moon in Virgo that may make us accountable for some transgression. Again this month, as in January of this year, there will be a second Full Moon (Blue Moon) on the 31st in the sign Libra. Forewarned is, as always, forearmed!

Hint — Find your Lady Venus in Pisces love at a seafood restaurant, walking along the ocean, playing water polo, reading to toddlers, having a pedicure, watching the latest Star Wars movie (again), visiting with elders at a retirement home, bringing meals on wheels to those in need, finding treasure in a thrift shop, in a dark and esoteric book store, playing poker, shopping for shoes, finding herself in a meditation class, sending packages to the troops, wearing purple and lavender, working at a travel agency.



February’s Astrological Activity — 2018

We enter February on the heels of the Full Moon Eclipse in Leo that crested on the 31st of January! If you had any Planets in the vicinity of 11 degrees of Leo or 11 degrees of Aquarius, you might have had an interesting day — however the effects of an Eclipse of the Moon continues throughout the week that follows. Depending on the Zodiac House position or any major involvement with the Nodes you may not have noticed any change at all! The energy of the Leo Moon will be strongly in effect throughout the week and actually may have an impact on the World stage for several months. We as a society have weathered a variety of so-called Super or Blue Moons! My common-sense says that this is all part of the whole of Mankind’s Karma, and yet we have been able to survive and thrive regardless, throughout the Centuries.

Actually February will not have a Full Moon this month — but March will be the bearer of two Full Moons!  February will however enjoy a beautiful New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 15th at 27 degrees of Aquarius cresting at 4:06 PM EST! Now would be a good time to prepare your Valentine’s surprise for your loved one — especially if you are planning something truly out of the ordinary! Valentine’s Day is on the 14th for all those romantics out there, and with the build up of the New Moon (piquing our emotions), we may be feeling the need to get more openly connected to all our loved ones. Any activity taken before, after and during a New Moon Eclipse will be a harbinger of all things Karmic! See if you can feel the vibrations, as the New Moon will be stimulating your deepest sensitivities. It is as if the fine hairs on your arms and the back of your neck are standing up. It’s a frisson of exquisite delicacy that reaches into your soul. Embrace this Lunar experience, and acknowledge your empathy, compassion and human warmth. The Aquarian New Moon will inspire, innovate, energize and transform our outlook — Aquarians appreciate freedom, openness, opportunity and all things unique! Allow your most artistic, creative and imaginative persona to reign.

Both Venus and Mercury will be in Pisces for the last half of the month bringing us the ability to forgive and forget, to find acceptance and approval for all phases of our life. Use this Neptunian understanding that Mercury and Venus brings to find that middle ground in any controversy. Seeing the other person’s point-of-view can give us a more positive outlook in order to keep our house in order. Working with the Aquarius and Pisces Suns in place this month, there may be a renewal of passion for the underdog, and a call to action to resolve seemingly opposing factions. We are all members of Mankind and whenever any of us is being maltreated, ignored, or oppressed  —  we all are!

Jupiter and Neptune will be in a beautiful trine from April to September, and with help from Pluto in Capricorn, these Planets will be a force to be reckoned with indeed. Spirituality will reign, our consciousness will rise, and we will find practical and useful ways to implement those actions that will help to make this World a better place. Venus and Mercury riding in the sky together will allow us to express exactly how we feel with clarity and simplicity. In fact this whole month seems to be pushing us to examine our goals and to fine-tune our schedule for reaching them. Try to reach out to those who can help you and strive to perfect the details that will support your pathway throughout this lifetime. Remember to write out your affirmations, wishes and desires during the period of the New Moon in Aquarius — this powerful Eclipse can carry you into new territory where you will find your bliss!

February 1st finds the Moon going void-of-course after 5:59 AM EST, until the Moon enters Virgo at 2:13 PM EST, so the morning may not have gone as well as you planned. If you can, plan any meetings until after the Moon enters Virgo and be prepared to present your case with details and precision. In the late afternoon hours on the 2nd we find Venus and Pluto teaming up to get things done, however — if there are unresolved issues, a Venus and Saturn spat may have you bringing work home, much to the irritation of your spouse or other loved ones. The 3rd sees Mars and Pluto also at odds with one another, at the breakfast hour, someone may have an axe to grind. There is a lot of turmoil, and you may find yourself apologizing. If you are out and about very late on the evening of the 3rd, you must be careful as a negative aspect between Venus and Jupiter in the early hours of the 4th brings those who feel entitled, and insist on having their way. Try to create a little sanity before things get ugly. On the 6th in the evening, Venus and Uranus have a moment where the unusual becomes strongly appealing, be aware this attraction may be brief.The 8th brings Mercury and Neptune connecting in a spiritual way as you arise, you may have had a dream that gave you a wonderful idea. In late afternoon, the Sun and Pluto find common ground and see a way out of a tiresome issue. During the morning rush-hour on the 9th brings the Sun and Saturn butting heads — somehow work seems oppressive and you can’t wait for the weekend. Although the Sun and Jupiter square off as you awaken, and you may realize your plans are just too complex to be carried out. The workweek begins on the 12th with Mercury and Pluto feeding off each other to find ways to complete a project and catch the eye of your superior. Just at bedtime, Mercury and Saturn find you second-guessing yourself and it might interfere with your sleep. Although the morning might seem promising on the 13th, tone down your enthusiasm to a practical level and later on in the evening a Sun/Uranus meeting will have you happy you reigned in your more expansive ideas.The 14th heralds Valentine’s Day — be sure your loved one know how much you care — and as you get ready for bed don’t allow negative thoughts to weigh you down, remember there are those who envy you. The New Moon Eclipse in Aquarius, on the 15th,  brings positive energy for us to use, and there is help from Mercury and Uranus giving us innovative ideas, and later in the day Venus and Saturn lets you know that someone has your back. You may have had trouble sleeping the evening of the 16th and you awaken with an anxious and confused mind, but Mercury and the Sun team up to bring you clarity and the ability to make the right decisions. On the 19th you may be feeling tied down as Venus and Uranus don’t see eye-to-eye, try to find a quiet spot to meditate, pray, or just chill for a few minutes. Plan a luncheon on the 21st with a good chum or new interesting acquaintance as Venus/Neptune are close and will bring a meeting of the minds (and perhaps hearts). Later in the afternoon you will find yourself making good decisions with the help of Mercury and Saturn beaming upon you. The evening of the 23rd will be a bit difficult as Mercury and Uranus are in a snit — don’t over-react or make snap decisions. Just before bedtime, the Sun and Pluto also have some difficulties, try not to get involved in any complicated situations or you won’t be able to get enough rest. At lunchtime on the 25th the Sun and Saturn are enjoying each other’s company, perhaps you can relax and do something you truly enjoy. The 27th starts off on a positive note with Venus and Pluto in sync — try to work with others in a non-competitive manner. The 28th brings an end to this short month with Mercury squaring off with Mars — so keep your opinions to yourself — a bit later, Mercury and Pluto are content and you can correct anything that has gone awry.

For being the shortest month of the year, this February packs a punch with its Solar New Moon Eclipse in Aquarius bringing our need for freedom and self-expression to the fore. We are being prompted to let go of our prejudices and biases, to embrace all of Mankind, and find our true Spirituality. Any one of these endeavors would be a heady agenda — we must know ourselves, and tune into the inner core of Humanity we all possess. Until we do we won’t be able to find our own bliss.

When we enter March, we encounter a Full Moon in Virgo on the 2nd, practicality and precision will rule.





Full Moon Eclipse in Leo — January 31st 2018 — Supermoon — Blue Moon

There has been a lot of newsprint devoted to this month’s second Full Moon. Let’s discuss the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 11 degrees of  Leo that crests on the 31st at 8:27 AM EST. Many are calling this a “Supermoon” or a “Blue Moon” since it is the second Full Moon of this month, and it’s closer to the Earth than previous Moons. Actually because of the Eclipse — those who can view this phenomenon may see it turn a reddish hue — not blue at all.

All Full Moon Eclipses have been watched carefully throughout the ages as it often seemed to bring some ominous ongoings, or a major event on the World Stage. For us as individuals, there is less drama, unless one has the Sun, Moon, Nodes, or another Planet that conjuncts 11 degrees of Leo, or is in opposition at 11 degrees of Aquarius. It also depends on the Zodiac House where it takes place. All of the above can influence how this energy will be dispersed. In this case, something on your agenda may be altered or enhanced — the energy of a Full Moon Eclipse last strongly for the following week, and can impact the international arena for several months.

Having lived through so many “dire” predictions surrounding Full Moon Eclipses, I am perhaps a little jaded by their true impact on society and we as individuals. This is not to say that no one will be subjected to  some discomfort according to their personal planetary set-up. Usually these are moments in time we manage to get through with aplomb and grace.

Enjoy seeing the Full Moon as it rises hugely above the horizon in all its splendor, breathe in the majesty of our tiny World, and live each day with a sense of adventure and hope!



Mars Enters Sagittarius — January 26th 2018

Although Mars can work with Scorpio, He is often overwhelmed by that Fixed/Watery, emotional, yet determined sign, and it makes Him uneasy. Greeting Sagittarius with a jovial hug and “Fare fellow well met” slap on the back — Mars will enjoy being back in a Fiery abode. Actually, Sagittarius allows Mars to ease up a bit and not take things too seriously. Sagittarians have a joie de vivre that cannot be denied — no matter the circumstance. They want to live every day to the fullest, and depend upon a cadre of friends in order to always have something to do, someplace to go, and are somewhat irrepressible in their search for adventure. Their enjoyment of life and love is all encompassing, and they are kind of like a kid in a candy store — often overwhelmed with the choices they have to make —  Sagittarians want it ALL!

As Mars enters Sagittarius on the 26th at 7:57 AM EST, we will feel a sense of freedom and will have renewed energy to go after our goals. Whilst Scorpio made Mars fussy and possibly cantankerous, it did manage to get him on the right pathway for completing His plans for the future. Now Mars in Sagittarius will take the reins and gallop forward with renewed vigor and a zest for life! Look to your Zodiac Chart to see in what House Sagittarius lives, and as Mars transits that area, you will feel the frisson of vitality coursing through your veins.

On February 3rd, Mars and Pluto get into a snit during the morning rush hour, you may want to keep your cool if confronted by a frustrated or distracted driver.  Later in the day Mars and Saturn decide that baby steps are the way forward for now — keep those big plans on hold for a while. The 12th again brings Mars and Pluto into the same neighborhood where they jockey to be in the front position, try to be your best self. At the breakfast hour on the 17th Mars and Neptune really don’t appreciate each other, there is a conflict between your physical and spiritual self — in an hour or so, you may be able to have a constructive chat with your significant other that clears the air. Mars and Saturn find themselves at odds on the 22nd in the early afternoon, control your exasperation and find a way to use your zeal to find a solution. if you are out and about  just around midnight on the 24th, as Venus and Mars are riled up, you may be too emotionally connected when a situation arises that makes you angry — try to remain calm especially if alcohol is involved. The 26th brings Mercury and Mars into conflict at the dinner hour and harsh words could be exchanged — remember you don’t have to take back what you didn’t say! Entering March Mars and Pluto seem in accord so an early morning office meeting may go well if there isn’t someone who seems to know it all in charge. In the early evening of the 5th Mars and Jupiter have a moment when all seems to be going well, there may be some excess going on however. During the morning commute on the 11th Mars and Uranus understand each other and you may have a moment of unexpected good karma. Bring your “A”- game if you’re meeting with higher-ups. Mars meanders through to the 17th when He reluctantly moves into Capricorn — after his Fiery time in Sagittarius, Capricorn will bring Mars back to Earth with a mighty thud!  However, if you have planned ahead, Mars in Capricorn will move your agenda forward with a steady pace.

Mars in Sagittarius Love Style — here we have the carefree but ardent companion who wants nothing more than someone who enjoys adventure. Traveling, skiing, hiking, fast cars, exotic food, and a fast-paced lifestyle would be ideal for our Sagittarius partner. Now if it’s a home-based quiet lifestyle you enjoy this might be a little difficult as our Sagittarius always wants to be on the go and busy with a zillion ideas. But once they have chosen their “soul mate”, they are loyal, loving and dedicated to their family. I often think that to keep a Mars in Sagittarius interested and involved takes a little planning, and a long, loose leash! They love to feel free and want to roam — but enjoy knowing they have a loving home base to return to. Love, laughter, and living life to the full is all our Mars in Sagittarius truly want. Enjoy the chaos!

Diamonds in the Snow — Contemplation– 2018

When I was very young and would look out upon a new snowfall — not yet muddied or disfigured by shovels and city traffic, I would say to my Mother — “Look! There are diamonds in the snow.” She’d smile and say “It’s just the sun shining on the tiny snowflakes — they aren’t diamonds.” Dismayed, but not convinced, when I went out into the icy air and looked all about me — I was sure that tiny diamonds were scattered throughout the landscape. As I would gather up a handful of this magical manna from the sky — I could still see those sparkling bits that defied definition. So, for me every snowfall was a miracle of nature — filled with wonder and mystery.

Somehow, even today, I manage to see the wonders and magic in Nature, and in the little things that life brings our way. Every day I try to find something wondrous that I can hold onto throughout the day, that will make me smile, question, or fascinate. I’ve never failed at this task, and always see something that leaves me breathless!

Like the crocus that appears through the snow in early spring, or the newly formed leaves that make the trees look lacy and serene. Sunrises and sunsets are masterpieces of a true artist — with hues of flame, lavender and turquoise. The ocean waves with white caps throwing up a trail of foam in the summer, or looking glacial as the winter winds pummel them into submission. Each season brings a magic of their own — summer heat waves over the paved streets blurring the landscape. Winter snowfall creating a wonderland of white, making everything look new and clean. Autumn with its colorful displays atop the trees never fail to amaze the senses. Spring brings fresh life in all its forms — from new farm animals to crops being planted in the recently plowed fields. Our lives are full of wonder and mystery as life bursts forth, renewing our faith in all that is good.

Watching a baby seeing all the new things that appear in its life, its mother’s face so beautiful and safe, the crib mobile moving, creating new shadows and light, their first snow or rain storm, their first solid food –so many firsts that we can enjoy along with them. Delight exudes from their entire tiny body as they embrace all that is novel and different.

How lucky are we to be able to enjoy these precious moments of joy — how many miss those small milestones? Being aware of all the minutiae that really is a big deal, if we but notice! A glance, a sigh, a  touch, a moment of bliss in a torrent of the mundane.

Try to remember how your inner-child delighted in just being — engaged, involved, busy with living each day to the full. Tap into that forgotten place deep within your psyche and remember how wonderful it felt  — just to be you!

Thoughts drifting through my mind like dandelion fluff wafting in a gentle breeze, bringing subtle memories of times so long ago. So many years flown by, so many wonderful memories to recall. Yes there have been travails — and they remain in the back of one’s mind; it is the truly kind, caring and loving memories that are hard-wired into the fore. It is the precious moments of loving, honoring, and being a part of the whole of humanity, that keeps our souls alive and well; willing to trust, love, and be vulnerable to whatever life has to offer. Allowing us to choose those blessed and harmonious moments to cherish.

Loving is taking a leap of faith — and the rewards come back ten-fold. Allow yourself to open your heart and soul to the greatest gifts — love, wonder, enchantment, spirit, and believing!

Oh — and don’t forget those Diamonds in the Snow!