The Great Invocation — Jone Victoria — May 8th 2009

I was working in the corporate office of “special divisions” for Howard Johnson’s in 1974. To this day I have no idea what was special about it. The people who worked for this company were, for the most part, awesome and professional. My memories of the work the richest tasting ice ream ev-ah! and friendships that I still have today, hold a “special division” in my heart.

One morning I came to work and noticed a thick, blue covered book placed squarely on my desk. the title was A Treatise on white Magic or The Way of the Disciple, by Alice A. Bailey. I cautiously leafed through the pages and a blue bookmark fell out with the following words:


From the point of Light within the Mind of God

Let light stream forth into the minds of men.

Let light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God

Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.

May Christ return to Earth.*

From the centre where the Will of God is known

Let purpose guide the little wills of men —

The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

— Master Djwhal Khul aka D.K.

I could not for the life of me figure out who left me this book. Born with an Aspy mind tinged with flakes of paranoia I mentally scrolled my internal Rolodex to try and identify who was secretly guarding their own interest in deep esoteric studies. Then the phone rang. A female voice on the other end said, “I thought you would enjoy this book.” After a brief stuttering on my part to say thank-you, the conversation ended. I will always be grateful to K.E. for introducing me to the works of A.A.B., as her books are among my treasured library, despite my intolerance for A.A.B.’s personal bigoted beliefs. Like everything I study, gleaning truth from written works is akin to cleaning the muck from oysters to find a pearl.

I’ve carried the Great Invocation with me since that day and have made it part of my daily prayer practice. I felt compelled to share this with you today as words of power, spoken aloud, illuminates the dark so all may see their unique path.

*May Christ return to Earth refers to the Universal Principle of Love & Wisdom


Jone’s journey ended upon this Earth 7 years ago on Christmas night. She was a Light that offered us the opportunity to connect with many Universal Truths. She was an avid reader, and she always sought out new books, new ideas and new philosophies. Her interests varied far and wide, and her enthusiasm had no bounds. Always willing to learn something fresh and original, she attended many venues where those with a message could be heard. She admired and felt a kinship to the Native Americans and their varied ideas about the Great Spirit. However, she always knew in her mind, heart, and spirit a truth that was her own. Accepting the validity of the visions others held for themselves, she ultimately returned to her own unpretentious and earthy ideals. Her knowledge of so many philosophies, religions, and belief systems allowed her to form her own simple standards and faith. She was unique, inimitable, and to so many of her friends and family — irreplaceable! Dearest Jone — may your indomitable spirit always be free!


Winter Solstice — December 21st 2017

As the Sun enters the sign Capricorn at 11:28 AM EST, we begin the shortest day of the year here in New England with the Winter Solstice. Steeped in history, the ancient Scandinavian and Germanic people were early practitioners of rites and rituals as the dark days would finally be lifting. With incantation and prayer they asked that they would survive the harsh winter months.

Today there are celebrations and acknowledgements around the world to mark this singular day. For we New Englanders it raises the hopes of longer days soon to come and heralds the coming holidays. But on the Winter Solstice, the cold winter Sun shines brightly but sends no warmth as its angle to the Earth is slanted and the rays of the Sun bear little heat. This night will be long, cold, harsh and bitter. The Sun leaving a compliant and adventurous Sagittarius to go into the stern and stoic sign of Capricorn is abrupt, and as the winter winds will sting our faces, the Capricorn Sun will burden our spirit.

We know the winter has just begun, and our ability to survive its blizzards, ice storms, sleet and snow will test our mettle. But each day the Sun lingers a bit longer and there is the tiniest hint that things are changing. We know there are some dreary, wintry days ahead, but the extra daylight seems to bring a lightness to our psyche. We endure, tolerate and sustain ourselves — until we know we will not only persist  — indeed we will flourish!

The Winter Solstice is as ancient as time, and allows us the time to contemplate, reflect, meditate and consider our current pathway. A new year is upon us, and we can think about those goals we haven’t yet achieved. Perhaps this quiet and soulful time can bring us to an awareness of our own truths. Perhaps this yearly moment can energize that inner connection to the core of our ancestors, and we can begin to understand our own place in history.

Consider using this Winter Solstice to garner information from your deepest longings, and perhaps to find your own Bliss!

Peace on Earth — and Goodwill to all

New Moon in Sagittarius Reminder — December 18th 2017

It’s time to write out your affirmations with the energy and spirit of the New Moon in Sagittarius today! Think about how you can enhance the quality of your life, by simply writing out your wishes, desires and affirmations with the joyful and forward looking Sagittarius vigor.

Sagittarius loves life, loves adventure and loves family times together — think about all of your deepest wishes for yourself and your family. Write down those wishes while the maximum energy of the New Moon is swirling about in the ether — your thoughts and desires have a karmic weightiness that can be entered into the Universal harmonics to become the beginning of a change for the better.

Do it now!

New Moon in Sagittarius — December 18th 2017

Our New Moon this month rises in the sign Sagittarius, on the 18th at 1:30 AM EST. The Sagittarius New Moon is always welcome as the Holiday season is at its peak. Being outgoing, curious, and full of wonder, our Sagittarian brethren epitomize the sign of the Centaur! Shooting his arrow aloft into the future, our Sagittarius are always interested in what comes next? Ever busy and entertaining, Sagittarius will be the center of any gathering — expounding on a plethora of subjects, of which He or She will know in depth.

I think the word Freedom epitomizes the sign Sagittarius — they chafe under a watchful eye, and have a need to roam and to find their bliss. They need to feel that they have autonomy and extreme independence, or they will dig in their heels and become cranky. Of course, their usual genial nature can modify any momentary angst they may have when being pressured to do something, or go somewhere they really have no interest in doing. It’s difficult to pin down our adventurous Sagittarius, as they often just disappear for hours at a time, with little thought of what others may be thinking. They can get caught up in any novel or unusual happening, or perhaps just talking to the guys at the garage! A force unto themselves, they are often sidelined by indefinable situations that fascinate them, that only they can explain.

Once settled down — our Sagittarius are devoted to their family, loyal and hard-working, however, they never lose that wanderlust or sense of adventure that lies deep within their soul.

Since this New Moon will come before Christmas — you may want to make wishes for a joyous and angst-free holiday celebration. Also you can put in a few good words about what you truly wish would happen — whether for that special gift, vacation, job, new home, or just a happy and successful holiday season! Sagittarius has dominion over higher-education, the laws and court system, religion, long-distance traveling, knowing the truth, starting new ventures, anything to do with sports, banking and finance, and that indecipherable “knowing” that we all can tap in to when we need that extra boost

The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 18th crests at 1:30 AM EST — so all day will be perfect for writing out your affirmations, wishes and desires. Try to sit in a quiet spot, take a few deep breaths, and open your heart and mind to the infinity of time and space, and realize that you are a part of the whole. Your thoughts carry a weighty punch when sent into the ether with intent, knowledge and love. Give it your all, as you write out those wishes and affirmations that will enhance your life for the better!

Good Luck!



Venus Enters Sagittarius — Mars Enters Scorpio — Better Late than Never!

Well I have been bitten by the Rx Mercury bug — and it lost two of my drafts — I have been searching diligently — however with my meager tech skills — I fear they are off into the ether forever! So — I decided to do a quick synopsis of two longer posts that are possibly drifting through cyber space for infinity!

Lady Venus entered Sagittarius on December 1st (I know!) and has been giving us a merry chase ever since. Although not the most compatible of couples — Lady Venus enjoys the adventurous and outgoing Sagittarius persona. She will enhance the romantic and empathetic side of this roving romeo! Also, our Holiday shopping may be a little easier, as Sagittarius shows Lady Venus how to think like a guy! Yes ladies, sports, cars, and travel are all on the Sagittarius gift-list. You will be a winner if you can hone in on his passion and find that gift that fills his heart with warmth and gratitude. Tickets to sporting events, anything to enhance his enjoyment of his car — detailing, new winter mats, GPS, well — you get it. Also, if you and your special someone enjoy a winter vacation — book it now — and your reward will be doubled as your partner is overjoyed with skiing, basking in the sun, or hiking in a new area of interest. Easy peasy! Lady Venus will exit Sagittarius on the 25th of December — entering Capricorn early in the day — bringing more practicality and common-sense to our Holidays and to our New Year’s resolutions and plans!

Mars Entered Scorpio early on the 9th — actually bringing a bit of joy to Mars as Libra isn’t really His domain. Now although there will be challenges between these two, they will commit to working together in order to promote their own agendas. Mars is all about action and getting things done — Scorpio has a need to dig deep into whatever is going on during the present time. As we have seen — and as previously been said in the (Jupiter Enters Scorpio) post from October, Mars in Scorpio will continue to dig into the dark underbelly of society to root out those who have been flagrantly ignoring the moral high-ground! But that isn’t the only benefit we will reap from this combo — Mars in Scorpio deeply believes in family values and will bring an intense feeling of devotion to the Holiday season. Of course, Mars in Scorpio also has decided ideas about what is right and wrong — and won’t be shy about putting forth His opinions.

Mars in Scorpio will meet up with Jupiter during His January stay in the sign and these two will want to shake up the status-quo. Perhaps our faith in those who are in power will be shaken, or a crisis on the World stage will change the way we truly see ourselves as the arbiter of all that is right and good. We may find disappointment and dismay in the way many programs are being administered.  However, Jupiter in Scorpio will out any of those who would undermine and deter the good that is trying to be achieved. Facing the darker side of the human condition will be a wake-up call for many.

Lady Venus in Sagittarius and Mars in Scorpio will both impact our lives with their diverse and yet softer sides. Both romantics at heart, both loyal to their loved ones, and both wanting and needing that loving acceptance from family and friends — they will work tirelessly to improve our lives every moment. Working with the Planets as they transit the signs of the Zodiac will enhance our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

Embrace the positive and optimistic vibrations from all of the Planets in order to be able to bring your own A-game to the fore. We are all trying our best to meet the expectations we think others have of us. Perhaps we just need to be ourselves and promote the love and caring that is always within our souls for those who mean the most to us. Let’s just begin to feel that which is within — and that spiritual light will be communicated as naturally as breathing!


December’s Astrological Activity — 2017

Where did this year go? It seems time is flying by faster than ever. We here in New England always look forward to the Spring weather — and before we know it — Shazam — it’s already December. This year has seemed extra busy with a great-granddaughter that often visits — as she passed her 1st birthday and is now approaching 1 1/2 years old, she is a firecracker! Busy, curious and loving, she brings such joy into our home and hearts. Everything is new and interesting to her, and it allows we adults to “see” the magical in the ordinary. An empty gallon jug is a treasure, a stone from the jade plant becomes her talisman, piling up cat food cans is an exercise in creativity. Everything that was old, is new once again. The birds and squirrels become exotic creatures because she is so enamored of them as they splash in the bird bath. Her inquiring mind wants to see how things are put together, why they do what they do, and she tries to find new ways of using them — yes you can wear flowers in your hair! Unfortunately — you can’t eat them.

Seeing her grow in size and aptitude is a pleasure to be a part of at this stage in her life — so much is a wonder to behold — no matter how simple, ordinary or mundane. She has brought a beautiful light into the world, and she delights everyone in the family. Her Mom is awesome and so much more aware than I ever was — our little Fally is thriving — and we are so thankful to be a part of her life.

Also, my husband finally decided to have knee-replacement surgery — he is doing amazingly well, but those trips to the hospital and rehab do take their toll. Considering his age, he was up and “walking” within a few hours — and now 6 weeks later, he is doing all of those things he enjoys. Filling the bird feeders, taking care of the feral cat, visiting with Fally, and getting back to the gym. We are all so proud of his determination and quick recovery. It is times like this that either go very slowly, or so rapidly you don’t get to catch your breath. Our Thanksgiving Day celebration had so many things to be grateful for this year — his amazingly fast recovery is just one of many blessing we were privileged to have in our lives.

I guess my point in all of the above, is that we have to live in the moment, enjoy each second of the day, week, year — and then no matter how fast or slow it has seemed, we can look back and say “Every moment was lived with joy, hope, love and awareness.” Even in the stressful times — life is good!

Now to one of the year’s most stressful times — the Holiday Season has begun (if not earlier in the stores) — and putting a spanner in the works — we will have a Retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius for much of the month. We combine a double-whammy on the 3rd, with a Full Moon in Gemini, and Mercury going Retrograde, staying Rx until the evening of the 22nd! This will impact our shopping for gifts, and also may create some transportation glitches, computer problems, and definitely communication issues. I cannot stress enough that if you are traveling make sure of your times, gates, car problems, and phone concerns. Also, buying anything new during a Rx Mercury can go astray — gifts may not be delivered correctly, sizes may be mixed up, things you want may be out-of-stock! If you are planning a large costly purchase, please — try to get it before Mercury turns Rx, or be prepared for some delay, product issue, or confusion.

Uranus in Aries is also in Rx mode for the month and can create other complications with its quirky idea of humor. Depending on the Zodiac Houses within your own charts, the Devil will be in the details!

How do we actually deal with this giant hiccup in our midst? Forewarned is forearmed, and knowing that these enigmatic elements are in the ether, we can try to work around them by using our common-sense, and our sense of humor when inevitably some things go astray. Also — trying to stay calm amongst the Holiday chaos is tantamount to winning the battle. It will be our attitude in handling any off-putting issues that arise, and if we can keep smiling through thick and thin — all will be well. Promise!

Now as stated, the Full Moon crests in Gemini on the 3rd at 10:47 AM EST at 11 degrees of the sign. We all must be careful when dealing with electrical problems, while driving, and if dealing with distractions. If you are doing a chore that has instructions that involves careful scrutiny, do not let your mind wander — accidents can be serious. Mercury goes Rx on the 3rd at 2:35 AM EST — beginning three weeks of less than good concentration, confusing instructions, and meeting places that are difficult to find.

Our New Moon in Sagittarius will crest on the 18th at 1:30 AM EST, highlighting 26 degrees of the sign. Being conjunct the Planet Saturn, we may be disappointed in people we usually count on and perhaps groups that we admire. After the 10th Jupiter in Scorpio may bring us some clarity and understanding of things that were confusing us. Eyes will be opened to any underhanded and duplicitous matters that were until now not fully understood. As said in October’s post Jupiter Enters Scorpio, there has been, and will be devious and hidden corruption uncovered. Especially to do with Scorpio’s forte of anything to do with carnal criminal activity against anyone who cannot defend themselves.

Saturn will depart Sagittarius and enter its own sign Capricorn on the 19th of the month — creating a dynamic shift in the lives of Capricorns. As the Planet transits over your Sun degree, it will bring about a significant opportunity for change. A new job may be in the offing, the birth of a child, more responsibility. It’s a growth process, as Saturn brings new awareness and wisdom into our lives. Saturn is the teacher of the Zodiac and as such, imparts many lessons that we may not be ready to learn. However, learn we must, or suffer the consequences. When in alignment with Saturn’s teachings, we are rewarded with forward movement in our lives — neglecting to listen to the whispered knowledge that Saturn wants us to learn will bring obstacles and difficulties. We cannot ignore Saturn’s insistence on our evolving ever better and better, without some dissatisfaction entering our realm. Also we all must be aware of where Saturn is in our own Zodiac Chart as the House position will give us a hint as to what Saturn may expect of us. For instance, in the 6th house of health there could be issues with our vitality and viability to handle our responsibilities. In the 10th House, our careers could be on the line if we are not doing the work we are meant to do. Saturn hasn’t been in Capricorn since the ’80’s! If you are old enough — think back to what challenges you were confronting. Remember, complying with Saturn’s agenda will always bring rewards. As the Sage Old Man of the Zodiac, Saturn in Capricorn will bring about more sanity, and expect that our leaders will follow the proper protocol in all things governmental and legal. Saturn will want a sound economic plan, equality for those less fortunate, and will be extremely more demanding of those in power to do the right thing!

The Sun and Lady Venus in Capricorn, riding in the sky together at the end of the month can bring us renewal and strength, hope and optimism, with pragmatic and sensible ideas. This duo can help us prepare for a more welcoming year ahead, and can allow us to begin 2018 with strength and compassion.

On the 1st of the month Mars in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries prior to the rush hour perhaps creating some concern in the morning commute, you don’t like your usual easy ride complicated and might be overly aggressive in trying to avoid the traffic. Late on the 2nd Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces see eye-to-eye and you begin to believe in miracles! Of course, Mercury starts Retrograding early in the day in Sagittarius lasting until the 22nd. And later in the morning we have the Full Moon in Gemini cresting bringing a bit more stress and irritability. On the 6th Mercury and Saturn meet up in Sagittarius at breakfast time, and starts your day off with a methodical and practical list of things to do. Later in the day with Mercury in good aspect to Mars you have the energy to follow through and the vision to be creative. And — in the late afternoon, Mars and Saturn enjoy a moment when you can bring your ideas to fruition. On the 10th we seesaw back and forth with Mercury and Uranus in good aspect, but quickly followed by Venus and Neptune in a spat which might find you less than inspired by the morning church service. Mercury and the Sun team up on the 12th and you can forward plans for any holiday travel, be sure to double check all the details. The 14th brings Mercury and Mars in a snit, in the evening, avoid angry folks and situation that seem to be getting out of control. You awaken on the 16th with wondrous ideas brought on by the Sun and Uranus in good aspect, your independent outlook and progressive ideas seem to be working. If out late at night be aware of strong feelings being aroused as Venus and Mars are at odds and things can quickly get out of control. Mercury meeting with Jupiter on the 18th after the lunch hour bring you in touch with those who are in a good mood and connections can be made.The evening of the 20th  brings a beautiful aspect between Lady Venus and Uranus that may spark an exciting evening, the romantic vibrations are tense! On the 21st the Sun and Saturn meet up before the dinner hour to bring more discipline and organization into your life, perhaps your Holiday chores are beginning to come together in an orderly manner. A fractious early morning office meeting on the 22nd may occur as Jupiter and Saturn aren’t getting along, bringing some questions about ability and/or organization. Also Mercury is stationary direct later in the evening putting the brakes on any current plans. Christmas Day the 25th begins with Lady Venus moving into practical Capricorn after the midnight hour — bringing us a calming and practical outlook for the day. At one O’clock she meets up with Saturn putting pressure on everyone to be the best that they can be, to let the Holiday spirit guide them and just let any touchy issue go! A few hours later Mercury and Jupiter aren’t happy, we may just be feeling the overindulgence of the Holiday feast, or fighting off that virus that’s making the rounds — don’t allow the basic tenets of the true meaning of this time be sullied by any mean-spirited outbursts. You might awaken on the 28th remembering a dream that will inspire you all day long, as Mars and Neptune met up near midnight and brought a wonderful sense of peace and goodwill. The month ends with the Moon in Gemini bringing a lighter and more frivolous feeling in the air — making New Year’s Eve parties a bit more sparkly and unique. Although since there is a Full Moon in Cancer on January 2nd one may want to be careful of any overindulgence. That said, enjoy your celebrations! Happy New Year — 2018 to all!

Happy Holidays to one and all — Peace!


New Moon in Scorpio Reminder — November 18th 2017

A friendly reminder for all those folks who like to write out their affirmations, wishes, desires and dreams, with the energy of the New Moon. Since our New Moon is in the sign Scorpio, it is very powerful and has the ability to work a bit of transformative magic. Being the sign of rebirth and regeneration, Scorpio can bring about life-altering changes that can be of benefit to you and your loved ones.

The New Moon crests at 26 degrees of the sign at 6:42 AM EST, so all day long is perfect to write out your wish list. You can write out anything — that you believe would make your life more rewarding and fulfilling. Don’t miss this opportunity to make a difference in the quality of your lifestyle.

For those whose birthday is near the 26th degree of Scorpio, (approximately 17th -19th) this is a New Lunar cycle for you, bringing more understanding, perhaps a soul-mate, emotional connections, intuition and deep reflection and empathy.

Find a quiet spot (more difficult in this age of constant noise and distractions), meditate, or just try to think about what you need — right now to improve your life. Need your own space? Want to get out of a toxic relationship or environment? Have a habit you want to break? Wish you could find a compatible partner? Feel as if you’d be happier if you could let little things go? Want to be more open with your fears and uncertainties about the future?

All of these areas can be explored with Scorpio in charge — indeed, this New Moon can be the beginning of more self-awareness, acceptance, and attentiveness. Bring your affirmations, desires and wishes into the light of the Power of the New Moon in Scorpio — writing out your wishes has power that can send your thoughts into the Universal ether to be taken up and made manifest.

Be the owner of your own Karma, and attract those positive vibrations toward yourself with your own words. Acknowledge your own strength and supremacy in controlling your own life! The magic is in your head, heart and hands — use the passion you know is within you to bring about those changes you know are necessary for you to have the lifestyle you deserve.