“Reclaim Your Light” — Jone Victoria’s Chronicles

I want to introduce you to a wise and very dear friend of mine who left this mortal coil much before her allotted time here on Earth should have been over. She was a treasure in our lives, and her wisdom was given freely and with love to all who wished to be enlightened. I offer her words to all who seek a higher realm of understanding and light!

Every Winter Solstice is a bittersweet time for me — my dear friend Jone crossed over on Christmas Day 2010. I remember writing some of my thoughts at the time, to ease my broken heart — and I wrote about the “Cold Winter Sun”, giving little or no warmth — appearing bright and golden but with no true influence upon our cold ground. And I felt that it epitomized Jone’s journey from the Spring of the year when the burgeoning Sun gives us hope, brings forth the blossoms and greenery of new life, and gives us a hint of the warmth to come, when she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer — to that final day, when the Sun gave no hint of warmth, and her spirit could no longer keep her on her painful and agonizing path.

When told she would probably have less than a year to live, she accepted the doctor’s words and diagnosis, but her inner being was strong, and she felt she could overcome this disease. Her daughter Wendie was with her and devastated with the news, but Jone just gave her Mona Lisa smile and said “Don’t worry, I have a few tricks up my sleeve.” Wendie knew better — she had heard the resonant tone of the doctor, and knew that she and her Mother and family were on a dark passage. For many of Jone’s friends, there was some hope she wouldn’t leave us so soon. She was a healer, reiki master, astrologer, psychic, inspirational writer, Mom and dare I say Grandmother (her grandchildren called her Kukla) — and she was so much more — caring, kind, learned, wise, teacher, student and human being. It wouldn’t make sense for her to leave us so soon.

Yet I know she understood that there would be no “death” — because she believed in the spirit surviving our existence here on Earth — and every day, I can feel her presence as she still guides her loved ones toward their highest goals. I also meditated after her passing and asked for some sense of what she was going through on the other side — I opened a book of thoughts, and on the random page I had opened read “The Janissaries say that when we die, we know everything”. An eerie chill went up my spine that let me know this was truly a message from beyond.

But, more importantly — when Wendie asked if there was anything I wanted to remember her Mom, I asked if there were some way in which we could preserve her writings. Jone hosted a blog called “Reclaim Your Light” — and for several years she shared her knowledge and instincts about life, magic, mysticism, relationships, and ways to improve our own existence here on Earth!

Wendie came through for me with a wonderful book of all of Jone’s thoughts and theories! And now, it seems to me it is time to share her writings with others. With Wendie’s permission I will post excerpts from my “Jone” book with you. I hope you will enjoy the journey and brilliance of her journal as she walked her own unique pathway throughout this lifetime. She had great happiness, joy, sadness, turmoil, light-bulb moments, and always had the love of her family and friends. I know we will meet again dearest Jone — may this be a tribute to all of your work, and all of the healing, knowledge and love you shared so generously with all of us throughout your shortened lifetime here on Earth. Peace!


2 comments on ““Reclaim Your Light” — Jone Victoria’s Chronicles

  1. Linda says:

    very touching, I lost my sister 2 1/2 years ago from pancreatic cancer and she is also with me daily.I like to think she crossed over to a better life , Thank you Nancy

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