Prana — You’re Only a Breath Away — Jone Victoria — November 5, 2008

Prana, the lifeforce that surrounds and connects every living thing on our planet. Want to see it? Oh yes, it can be seen. This stuff isn’t meant for a select few Yogis. Practice is the difference that separates the psychically adept from a beginner.

First, it’s all about the breathing. There is a simple order of breathing that not only slows down the astral chatter in your brain. It allows you to enter into an alpha state of mind. A state of mind known as “awareness”. Awareness takes on many forms. It can be what your gut is telling you about a situation. It can help you “see” and “feel” without using your hands and eyes. Think of Luke Skywalker, as Yoda taught him how to use the force. Awareness personified.

Let’s review what a proper inhale should feel like to your body. Take any book that weighs about 3 pounds and lie down on the floor. Rest the book on your diaphragm and place your arms by your side. Inhale through your nose. The book should rise on your diaphragm. Slowly exhale, the book should now descend and be resting on your diaphragm. Once you have the diaphragmatic breathing down you can do the next step lying or sitting. As a side note: keep your legs uncrossed and your arms by your side if you are lying down, or hands lightly resting on your thighs if sitting. This is the secret — inhale for the count of four. Exhale for the count of eight.

I’ll be posting numerous exercises on my site. The psychic breath pattern of 4:8 is just the first step to cascading levels of development. I’m old school, and it’s all about the basics. So go practice!

Jone was a consummate teacher — bringing wisdom and practical steps to raising one’s psychic abilities. She (as do I) felt that everyone has this sixth sense — it just has to be energized with some mental and physical input to be stimulated and revealed. I use this breathing method daily and although not gifted with Jone’s psychic abilities — I have become more aware, in-tune and sensitive to my surroundings and more conscious of other’s aural output. It has helped me to be more empathetic and open to all of our human foibles and strengths. Anyone can employ this technique to improve their chaotic thoughts, become more sensitive, and be able to connect to others in a non-verbal manner. It is worth the effort — good luck in your journey.


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