Talking Trees — Jone Victoria — November 14, 2008

Grammie Tower was one of my earliest mentors and I loved her.

The day Grammie Tower took my hand and said “let’s go listen to the trees” I remembered thinking that something quite out of the ordinary was about to happen. On an October day we stood side-by-side as the wind blew the branches gently and defoliated them of their rubicund, butterscotch and brown leaves. She looked at me whispering, “Listen”. Never taking her eyes off the trees she asked me, “What are they saying?”

Well, of course, I thought what kind of game was this? Trees can’t talk.

Not wanting to be left out of future magical meetings, I sheepishly looked at her. She closed her eyes. I obviously wasn’t trying hard enough, I thought. so I closed my eyes too. Holding hands I distinctly felt she was trying to get me to figure out the mystery. Then I heard the trees talking. To me. Startled, my eyes flew open and I could still hear them talking in that high-pitched ethereal tone that often comes with Spirit’s voice. Without saying a word Grammie Tower just smiled at me and led me into her kitchen. She set down a crazed saucer of tea and milk on the table for me to sip and never asked me what the trees had said.

For me, an electrifying connection was made that day with Mother Earth. As time went on, and my training increased, I came to realize that all things in Nature vibrate at their own levels. My skills needed to develop to find that level within me and to connect to it. Only then could I “hear” the language of the trees, rocks and other living things.

Too often people are afraid of Nature. They’re disconnected. Nature is not an unspeakable language. It is the language of life. Trees, the Standing People, have been Guardians of this planet since the last Ice Age 9,500 years ago.

I’ve been listening to trees ever since my childhood, and I encourage you to do so. Once you hear them, teach your children, and don’t forget to have that cup of tea and milk waiting for them.

Jone was fortunate to have connected at a young age with her special gifts — but all of us can relate to what Nature has gifted to us. We must listen with our heart, mind and spirit — and only then will we be able to blend our life-force with that of all the beautiful things of this Earth. The bounty of Nature is unending, and our ability to join with Her abundance is part of the magic of our existence. Behold your world with your eyes newly opened to the vastness of your abilities. Immerse yourself in the harmony around you and feel the symbiotic and scintillating rhythms of your Universe.


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