Full Moon in Scorpio — May 10th 2017

Just a heads-up about the Full Moon in Scorpio today — it crests at 20 degrees of the sign at 4:44 PM EST — so will be in place during the evening rush hour here on the East coast. Scorpio, a Fixed Water sign can be rigid and also quite emotional when challenged — so it will behoove any commuters during the trek home today to drive defensively. Don’t allow yourself to be agitated by rude or distracted drivers — forewarned is forearmed and you can avoid most travel issues by concentrating and paying attention to what is going on around you.

Safe driving!


Blue Moon — Full Moon in Aquarius — July 31, 2015

Our second Full Moon (Blue Moon) of the month is in the sign Aquarius at 7 degrees, and crests at 5:44 AM EST (add one hour for DST) on the 31st. Having a Blue Moon in one month is relatively rare and we won’t see another until January 31, 2018, that will be followed by another on March 31, 2018.  Since this Full Moon is in the sign Aquarius, we may find some quirky or unexpected happenings that will come out of the “blue”! Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius has that quality of unpredictability and surprise that can pique, fluster, amuse or befuddle us. If you were born near the 7th degree of Aquarius or Leo, you may find this Full Moon a bit more of an issue — and since the aspect builds up many hours before it crests — the night of the 3oth may be more tense than the actual day of the Full Moon.

As with any Full Moon, the caveat is to be aware of your surroundings, avoid anyone who is out-of-control, drive defensively and keep as calm as possible if anything goes awry. The Aquarius/Leo opposition can hold a variety of happenings — ego’s may be bruised, you may find yourself in unusual circumstances, someone may take offense at a comment, plans can get cancelled or forgotten, and there may be controversy over one’s beliefs, politics or principles. Make sure you don’t get caught in a vortex of discord over a minor difference of opinion. Better to walk away from volatile confrontations and take the high road and ignore anyone who seems to be looking for a fight.

We go through at least one Full Moon each month and most of us are unaware of any disturbance, but we all can be prepared for the times when things don’t go as planned. Try to be flexible if any undo circumstances arise — and look for the best solution. Be safe, be wise, look to a tribal elder for the wisdom of the ages. Peace!


Retrograde Mercury — May 18th 2015

Mercury begins its Retrograde motion on May 18th in its own sign Gemini at 8:49 PM EST (add one hour for DST). Mercury is at 13 degrees of the sign and Retrogrades back to 4 degrees of Gemini on June 11th when it then turns Direct at 5:33 PM EST. We can often feel Mercury as it starts to slow its pace before finally turning Rx with little irritations that seem to appear out of nowhere. It seems to me that when Mercury is Rx in its own sign it is a bit more onerous than in other signs (except perhaps Virgo) — Gemini rules ones appendages, so be careful when operating machinery, and of course, Mercury has reign over communications — computers, mail, messages, transportation and meeting places can all be influenced by a Rx Mercury. It behooves us to double check and keep close watch in all these areas. Since transportation can be negatively affected, make sure your gas tank is full, your tires are properly inflated and all your safety features are intact before heading off on a long (or even short) road trip. And if traveling by other methods, check to see if your flight times or gates have been changed, and allow extra time for any delays en route. The bottom line is to plan ahead, stay in advance of any changes, and be sure of  exactly when and where you are to meet up with friends.

Health-wise, a Rx Mercury and any negative planetary markers in one’s chart can bring on lung issues, i.e., asthma, allergies, and other breathing difficulties. If you use an inhaler be sure it is full and that it is within easy reach. Don’t be careless when the pollen count is high, and use common-sense when cleaning if using caustic or irritating cleansers. Make sure there is sufficient airflow and ventilation, and all will be well.

As with all Rx Mercury periods, it’s advisable to be aware of any dangerous surroundings, and when driving — drive defensively and avoid those who are driving erratically. So many drivers seem distracted and preoccupied with other than driving in today’s texting and cell-phone obsessed society. It’s your responsibility to be able to circumvent any fractious drivers or other folks who seem out of control.

Mercury meets up with Venus in a mildly positive aspect on the evening of the 19th, a good time to meet up with friends or family for a happy interlude. In the early hours of the morning on the 27th Mercury is conjunct Mars at 10 degrees of Gemini, this may prove to be hectic for early morning commuters, or you may awaken earlier than usual, because of too many random thoughts or worries. On the 29th in the wee hours after midnight Mercury squares Neptune perhaps bringing vivid dream states and or restless-leg syndrome that makes it difficult to sleep soundly. On Saturday the 30th, Mercury semi-squares Venus in the morning possibly causing some disconnect in plans or family matters. Later in the morning Mercury is conjunct the Sun bringing more information that might help get everything straightened out and will help move plans forward.On June 10th Mercury slowing to reach its Stationary Direct mode on the 11th will semi-square Uranus just after midnight bringing an erratic period of unexpected change and quick decisions. Hold off if possible if faced with serious decisions until later in the morning when Mercury is in good aspect to Venus and better decisions can be made with the help of your loved ones.

Finally, on the 11th of June Mercury resumes Direct motion at 5:33 PM EST (add one hour for DST), allow a few days for Mercury’s forward motion to be returned to its usual pace.  We have Rx Mercury periods three or four times a year in different signs, it is usually a bit exasperating when things don’t go as expected. Most often these are petty little annoyances, but they can be frustrating and we must be ready to adjust to whatever is going on around us. Legal issues can also be confusing and if we are not on our A-game we might miss important nuances within the mystifying legalese that can be difficult to decipher. Get good advice and all should work out well. Retrograde Mercury periods are times that we also might get a “do-over” — so if you missed out on something earlier in the year — now might be the best time to revisit those plans or issues. The Planets are always moving and readjusting their aspect to one another, and if we are aware of the harmony of the Galaxial movements we can more readily use the energy and power of the Planet’s natural areas of proficiency. Learn how to use all of the fantastic largesse available to all of us through the blessings of the Universe.

Be wise, be aware, and be accepting of the gifts from nature, and live each day to the full.