New Moon in Gemini — June 13th 2018

The Gemini New Moon crests on the 13th of the month at 22 degrees of the sign at 2:44 PM EST (add one hour for DST). We may find this New Moon energy stimulating and upbeat, as Gemini’s facile mind always wants to find new and interesting happenings. Travel, communication, new friends, and new experiences await the adventurous. Lady Venus also enters Leo on the 13th giving us another favorable boost to seeing life as something to be enjoyed with abandon and elation. Free your mind of clutter and chaos, in order to embrace this moment in time of personal renewal, robust strength and divine and mystic energy.

Mars is continuing its long stay in Aquarius and will Retrograde on the 26th, slewing its usual energy patters and giving us a chance to look back at the past few months to see where perhaps we haven’t been true to ourselves. Mars in Aquarius is all about individuality, personal responsibility and our own take on truth! Think about your journey during your time here on Earth, and contemplate how you can find a way to enjoy this incredible gift of the Universe and Heavens. Dig deep into your psyche to find those strengths that make you who you are, — a perfectly evolving human being — clothed in your own ideas, values and moral code. You are the perfect YOU! Claim your own identity, begin to value your own persona and the abilities that you have honed as you have grown. Begin to live with the extraordinary talents you now possess, and find that pathway that will bring you to your own wholeness, your own inclusiveness, and your own idea of bliss!

Neptune will Retrograde on the 18th, perhaps throwing us into a bit of a tizzy as we re-orient ourselves to this sensitive and mystical Planet’s delicate forces, that allow us to feel those things that are not visible. Embrace the vibrations that are always surrounding us and try to open yourself to those sensations that are letting you know there is more to life than what we can see and touch. Our abilities are so much more profound than only what is corporeal. We are entities of thought, light, energy and love — we can sense the feelings of those around us, we can, if we wish, see the aura that surrounds each and every one — and we can tap into a higher power in order to evolve into an ever more kind and compassionate human being. Your inner voice is always trying to help you in your journey here — learn to tune into the many ways that the Universe is trying to guide you to a better and more fruitful life.

Our Gemini New Moon is the perfect tapestry for us to weave our affirmations, dreams and wishes into our own reality. Having the capacity of mental acuity, a facile wit, understanding both sides of a situation, makes us incredibly able to work our own magic upon our future. The Gemini New Moon can cover any situation, all manner of requests, and any of our wildest dreams and ideas with a brilliant ability to understand our needs. Give yourself some time to think about what would improve your life — in this moment — and begin to build a strong statement that would bring you to the fulfillment you desire. Write out your affirmations, wishes, and dreams as you contemplate your future. Allow yourself to think “outside the box” — and realize that with Gemini in your corner, nothing is off the table. You can allow yourself to let your imagination roam to any corner of any part of the Universe. Putting your affirmations in writing will ensure that they become part of the eternal ether and harmony of the continuum. Our thoughts have substance and solidity and can become your new reality.

The New Moon in Gemini crests on the 13th, at 2:44 PM EST (adjust for DST) — so all evening and for the next  24 hours will be the strongest and most dynamic forces for you to write out your wishes. Breathe in the sanctity of your own existence and believe in your own power to create your own reality.





August’s Astrological Activity — 2017

Although August doesn’t seem to have the panache of July with all the fireworks displays, parades and celebrations, this year August has a few plans for itself — containing several Retrograde Planets, Jupiter and Pluto are sparring, Mercury goes Retrograde, and there are two potent Eclipses during this month. What are the Heavens trying to impart to us? Are we in turmoil, confused, frustrated? It seems that all of the above is true to some degree for all of us. This month may supply us with enough Cosmic bang for us to cut through the mindless chatter, and begin to separate our idealism and naivete for what is actually true and happening now! We can find our way to clarity of purpose, respect for ourselves and others, and at the end of the month, we may have found our own pathway to truth.

August starts off with Lady Venus just entering the sign Cancer bringing family to the fore, and a Sagittarius Moon inviting us to seek adventure — however, the Planet Uranus in the later degrees of Aries begins its Retrograde motion on the 2nd, perhaps putting a spanner in the works for any of our new and/or unusual plans. Also beginning its Retrograde action will be Mercury in Virgo beginning on the 12th and lasting through September 5th having moved into late Leo — Mercury often disrupts our day-to-day activity, interfering with our communications, transportation and our technology (UGH — please don’t mess with my computer!). Along with Saturn in Rx until the 25th of the month causing delays, and Neptune and Pluto remaining Rx through the month — we can use this time to reflect upon our actions and perhaps our plans that haven’t quite come to fruition. Also, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 7th in Aquarius, and the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 21st in Leo will be activating our emotions, altering our perspectives, and generally fine-tuning what it is we really want, and how to go about realizing our intentions!

With so much activity between the Heavenly Lights, and some powerful Planets, it might feel as if we are in a free-fall, and we can’t seem to find anything to hold on to. However, we human-beings are made of stern stuff (the right stuff), and we can and will prevail — it is our birthright to find our own pathway throughout this lifetime. We can employ those positive lessons we learned as a child — respect, honesty, loyalty, love, kindness, and those other foundations that keep us one step above the fray — our family and friendships that have been honed by many years of commitment and love. We are not merely entities of flesh and blood, but entities of Light, Spirit, Soul, Consciousness and that transcendent and divine spark of celestial energy that cannot be destroyed. We are human BE-ings — evolving ever higher to raise our rational mind to more profound, esoteric and sacred levels. Be in the moment every second of your life — it is your life — live it, bring your A-game, never underestimate your influence in this World!

OK — I shall get off of my soap box now and get on with this month’s activity — the Eclipses are encouraging us to open our mind and hearts to new experiences, and allowing us a moment in time to adjust to what may be unexpected and/or bewildering activity in our lives. Any new experience is an opportunity for us to grow as a person, to expand our knowledge and to learn how we can cope with those things that weren’t in our daily planner. We all will have some influence from the energy of both Eclipses. However, if your birth degree is at or near 15 degrees of Aquarius (or opposite at 15 degrees of Leo) you may find you have to deal with a more dramatic change in plans or even find yourself with an opportunity you never saw coming  — this is the work of the Full Moon Eclipse on the 7th — embrace any changes and make them your own. Also, the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo, will bring more energy to you if your birth degree is on or near 28 degrees of Leo (or opposite at 28 degrees of Aquarius) there may be an adjustment that will stimulate your creativity — breathe deeply and recognize that the Universe is leading  you to your true destiny! Both Eclipses will be stimulating our consciousness, and will help us to believe in our own innate worthiness.

Jupiter and Pluto are squaring off although the aspect will lessen as the month progresses, and they are trying to allow us to create our own ideas of personal identity, our ability to choose our options in life, and to let go of any undesirable habits, people or conduct we have allowed into our realm. Saturn in Sagittarius will turn Direct on the 25th enabling us to once again receive the positive messages and lessons that Saturn insists upon imparting to us. Having been in Rx motion since early April, Saturn has allowed us to absorb those truths we are so prone to ignore! I hope that Saturn’s karmic teachings and truths have been embedded into your psyche as you progress along on your own personal journey.

Mars in Leo will hear our Leonine growl — as we feel like the king of our realm — of course, a wise and judicious leader knows how to treat His loyal subjects properly. Mars in Leo is all about generosity and grandiloquence (perhaps in equal measure)! Still our Mars in Leo persona is a true romantic, loves to be surrounded by family and friends, and knows how to throw a successful party! Enjoy the energy and elan of this aspect — for tomorrow is probably another work day!

The 4th of August may find us having to stay late at work — TGIF may have to wait until your project is finished. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, on the 7th at 1:11 PM EST (add one hour for DST), may see us explaining our reason for some action we had taken. Be sure you know just what happened and why your actions were appropriate. Don’t try to wield your power on the 9th as you could find yourself on the defensive. The late afternoon of the 10th finds us capable and able to find solutions and to promote our own agenda.Be wary on the 11th during the evening rush hour — everyone is trying to get away — expect the unexpected. Sunday the 13th brings a wonderful Sun/Saturn trine in the late afternoon, that can help us get organized and prepared for the week ahead. The 15th at breakfast time might not be the best time to try to discuss any issues with a mate or partner, as Venus and Pluto aren’t feeling friendly. Venus also has a dust-up with Saturn on the 18th — it’s not worth the effort to squabble. On the 20th around lunchtime, we can expect a jolly time with family or friends — perhaps a backyard barbecue, don’t forget to play some games. The Sun and Uranus connect on the 21st making us feel invincible and heady — and it’s the day of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo, remember to write out your affirmations, and enjoy the effervescent energy! On the 22nd when you are just getting into work, Mars and Saturn will help you to push your agenda forward, be confident and approachable. You may want to take a long lunch hour on the 24th as several issues at work or home are being raised that aren’t ready to be resolved.The afternoon of the 26th might bring a spark of an idea that will produce results — be optimistic and try to explain things simply and with patience. Since the Moon is void-of-course until almost 3 O’clock in the afternoon of the 28th — your best bet may be to hide out in the office until the dust has settled.With the Moon in Capricorn on the 31st our month ends on a stable and practical note — you might want to take this Friday off (if you can) to extend the long Labor day weekend and connect with family and friends in a happy and celebratory atmosphere. Enjoy the Labor Day Holiday!