Winter Solstice — December 21st 2017

As the Sun enters the sign Capricorn at 11:28 AM EST, we begin the shortest day of the year here in New England with the Winter Solstice. Steeped in history, the ancient Scandinavian and Germanic people were early practitioners of rites and rituals as the dark days would finally be lifting. With incantation and prayer they asked that they would survive the harsh winter months.

Today there are celebrations and acknowledgements around the world to mark this singular day. For we New Englanders it raises the hopes of longer days soon to come and heralds the coming holidays. But on the Winter Solstice, the cold winter Sun shines brightly but sends no warmth as its angle to the Earth is slanted and the rays of the Sun bear little heat. This night will be long, cold, harsh and bitter. The Sun leaving a compliant and adventurous Sagittarius to go into the stern and stoic sign of Capricorn is abrupt, and as the winter winds will sting our faces, the Capricorn Sun will burden our spirit.

We know the winter has just begun, and our ability to survive its blizzards, ice storms, sleet and snow will test our mettle. But each day the Sun lingers a bit longer and there is the tiniest hint that things are changing. We know there are some dreary, wintry days ahead, but the extra daylight seems to bring a lightness to our psyche. We endure, tolerate and sustain ourselves — until we know we will not only persist  — indeed we will flourish!

The Winter Solstice is as ancient as time, and allows us the time to contemplate, reflect, meditate and consider our current pathway. A new year is upon us, and we can think about those goals we haven’t yet achieved. Perhaps this quiet and soulful time can bring us to an awareness of our own truths. Perhaps this yearly moment can energize that inner connection to the core of our ancestors, and we can begin to understand our own place in history.

Consider using this Winter Solstice to garner information from your deepest longings, and perhaps to find your own Bliss!

Peace on Earth — and Goodwill to all


New Moon in Sagittarius — December 18th 2017

Our New Moon this month rises in the sign Sagittarius, on the 18th at 1:30 AM EST. The Sagittarius New Moon is always welcome as the Holiday season is at its peak. Being outgoing, curious, and full of wonder, our Sagittarian brethren epitomize the sign of the Centaur! Shooting his arrow aloft into the future, our Sagittarius are always interested in what comes next? Ever busy and entertaining, Sagittarius will be the center of any gathering — expounding on a plethora of subjects, of which He or She will know in depth.

I think the word Freedom epitomizes the sign Sagittarius — they chafe under a watchful eye, and have a need to roam and to find their bliss. They need to feel that they have autonomy and extreme independence, or they will dig in their heels and become cranky. Of course, their usual genial nature can modify any momentary angst they may have when being pressured to do something, or go somewhere they really have no interest in doing. It’s difficult to pin down our adventurous Sagittarius, as they often just disappear for hours at a time, with little thought of what others may be thinking. They can get caught up in any novel or unusual happening, or perhaps just talking to the guys at the garage! A force unto themselves, they are often sidelined by indefinable situations that fascinate them, that only they can explain.

Once settled down — our Sagittarius are devoted to their family, loyal and hard-working, however, they never lose that wanderlust or sense of adventure that lies deep within their soul.

Since this New Moon will come before Christmas — you may want to make wishes for a joyous and angst-free holiday celebration. Also you can put in a few good words about what you truly wish would happen — whether for that special gift, vacation, job, new home, or just a happy and successful holiday season! Sagittarius has dominion over higher-education, the laws and court system, religion, long-distance traveling, knowing the truth, starting new ventures, anything to do with sports, banking and finance, and that indecipherable “knowing” that we all can tap in to when we need that extra boost

The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 18th crests at 1:30 AM EST — so all day will be perfect for writing out your affirmations, wishes and desires. Try to sit in a quiet spot, take a few deep breaths, and open your heart and mind to the infinity of time and space, and realize that you are a part of the whole. Your thoughts carry a weighty punch when sent into the ether with intent, knowledge and love. Give it your all, as you write out those wishes and affirmations that will enhance your life for the better!

Good Luck!



New Moon in Scorpio — November 18th 2017

This month’s New Moon crests in the sign Scorpio at 6:42 AM EST, at 26 degrees. You may have awakened remembering some unusual dreams, that kindles your curiosity. Perhaps the lingering feelings induced by your dream has allowed you to remember fond memories of past times, or of someone who is no longer living. You may feel a bit unsettled for the rest of the day, however, you may want to try to remember the feelings the dream brought, rather than the content. Scorpio is such a strong, and yet sensitive sign, that it is often misunderstood. Having our New Moon in Scorpio allows us to dig deep into our psyches to find those things that are missing that would make our lives better and more fulfilling.

I find that Scorpio is so powerful simply because it harnesses so much of our human identity — dealing with rebirth and death. We are often brought to task by those times in our lives when there is a crisis, whether physical, ethical or emotional. With our fight or flight attitude, when caught off guard, we often respond harshly or find ourselves in complete denial. If we embrace Scorpio’s deep understanding of our psyche, we can find a way through most of life’s trials and tribulations with our strength of character and our common sense. There are usually a few times when we must put our everyday mundane values on hold, and just trust in that ephemeral and amorphous thing called faith. It doesn’t matter what you believe in, if in times of chaos, it brings you comfort. Indeed — how difficult it must be for those with no handle on the karmic and eternal lives we have. Scorpio brings us to the realization that there is more to our “lives” than the current episode we are living in at the present. Not only does Scorpio bring us rebirth, but regeneration — this sign gives us the wherewithal to look into our own depths to find that inner core of “knowing”. With Jupiter in Scorpio, we all will have the opportunity to find our own karmic truths. Open your heart, mind and spirit to the mystical mysteries that are embedded within your soul. Reach into the most cognizant intricacies of your being to find the simple truth.

Neptune will turn Direct on the 22nd, bringing us more positive and emotional visions of what our future could convey to us, with its strong Spiritual component that can inspire us to create greatness.This time span is best used to look within, meditate, and ponder how we want our lives to improve. Find your Bliss and become that beacon of light for all who cross your path.

Also use the energy of Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries as they are in good aspect to one another — and we are able to enjoy the Fiery positive vibrations these two Planets are dispensing our way. You can feel the crackling power as they meet in the Cosmos mutually benefiting us with their dynamic energy and vigor.

With our New Moon in Scorpio on the 18th, we have the ability to tap into the positive and cleansing capacity that is Scorpio. Those areas under Scorpio’s realm include sex, regeneration, our soul-mates, obsessions, passion, peace, vengeance, and rebirth. Of course, you can write out any affirmation, wish or desire with any New Moon, however, if one keeps within the realm of the sign there will be more energy in allowing your wish to get into the ether. Perhaps, think of a few new things that you want to happen in your life, and write them out in a way that will include the depth of Scorpio’s persona. If you are looking to buy a house or relocate, use Scorpio’s ability to find those hidden gems that might have been passed over. Create anew your usual list to include some that relate well with Scorpio’s vision.

Independence, love, lifestyle — all can be influenced through a Scorpio New Moon. Need help in overcoming a negative habit or toxic friendship that should have been addressed long ago. Put an affirmation down that will explain your issues and ask that they can be resolved. Need to be more appreciative of what you actually have accomplished during this lifetime, put your feelings down on paper and sense the deep gratitude surrounding you. Acknowledge your shortcomings, but also accept those time when you got it right! There is no deceptiveness when Scorpio digs into your psyche, the truth will be revealed — warts and all. Ruled by Pluto — there is no place to hide when this tiny Planet decides to expose any negativity. Purge yourself of guilt, anger, remorse and outrage — cleanse your inner being with unconditional love for  yourself and your fellow-man.

We are all in an evolutionary dance-macabre that will in time bring us to a greater understanding of ourselves and our place in the Universe. We learn, we falter, we rebound, we crash, we become greater than the sum of our parts! We evolve within the sanctity of our souls.

The New Moon in Scorpio crests at 6:42 AM EST, so all day will be apropos to write out your affirmations, wishes, dreams and desires. Believe that the Universe is listening to your pleas and will be of benefit to you and your loved ones.



July’s Astrological Activity — 2017

July is usually an active month here in New England as Summer activities are underway — the ocean beckons us with gentle breezes and sandy shores, the mountains and lakes are also calling us to partake of their bounty, with a myriad of hiking trails, and lazy afternoons lolling within the  crystal clear essence of our secluded and tranquil waters.

On July 4th our Independence Day celebrations start the month off with a BANG as fireworks light up the sky with brilliant intense displays that make the ground tremble. Marching bands, parades and local observations at memorials and cemeteries complete our busy day — except for all of the outdoor parties that will surely ensue. July’s celebration brings family together, rejoicing in our freedom, enjoying our ability to celebrate as we wish, and to reconnect with those we love and to remember those who are no longer with us.

Harking to the  words of our Founding Fathers, allows us to reinforce our determination to keep our country strong, and to keep to the intentions of our forebears — to be tolerant and to permit all who live here to pursue life, liberty and happiness!

Although Saturn and Uranus are in good aspect throughout this year, their dynamically opposed profiles will engender some agitation and uneasiness. Saturn in Sagittarius looks to the law, history and sees the future as a promise made, whereas Uranus in Aries wants to shake up the established mores in order to bring a breath of fresh air into the mix. Working together they can bring the best of both worlds, in order to create a more moral and forward looking criteria that will work for everyone. Working in concert these dynamos can and will bring a new outlook and an innovative way of perceiving our world in order to bring about the best it has to offer.

A period of adjustment may be needed as Jupiter in Libra is aspecting Neptune in Pisces in a quirky manner — you may find that your dreams are more vivid, your intuition is piqued, and you may be feeling the need for more soul connections with your loved ones. As Neptune is in Retrograde motion, this may be the time for you to reconnect with those you haven’t seen for a while, start to listen to your inner consciousness, and come to truly believe that you are joined to the whole of humankind in a visceral, primeval and instinctual way. Listen to your “gut” and follow the feelings that are leading you toward love, toward compassion and toward your own personal truth!

The Full Moon crests on the 8th at 17 degrees of Earthy Cardinal Capricorn, at 11:07 PM EST (add one hour for DST), and may engender some conflict between the generations about the right ways of doing things, or we may be feeling exceptionally fragile during this time span. Our New Moon arrives on the 23rd at 4:46 AM EST in the Fixed Fire sign Leo at zero degrees, bringing us a warm and friendly feeling for all, but mostly for the very young. Of course, ruling the 5th House of romance may also get some banked fires burning once again, or ignite a new bonfire in someone’s heart.

Lady Venus will enter Gemini on the 4th of the month, where She becomes a bit giddy with an influx of coquettishness inspired by this Mutable/Air sign. After her stay in Taurus where, although She enjoyed the beauty, fashion and fastidiousness of Fixed Earthy Taurus, She is ready to shed the seriousness and determination of Taurus for the effervescent and intellectual Gemini persona! Wonder Woman will have nothing on our Lady Venus when she begins to feel at home in this Mercury ruled sign. Lady Venus will engage the attention of all with her wily ways and offbeat witticisms — Lady Venus so enjoys the lighthearted yet brilliant Gemini facade. Mars will remain in sensitive family oriented Cancer until the 20th when He enters Fiery Leo! In Leo, Mars feels right at home with the fiery warmth, outgoing social skills, and a true sense of self-possession. Indeed, when Mars and Leo finally learn to work together peacefully — they can move mountains, start revolutions or bring compassion and caring to those in need.

On July 2nd at breakfast time, Mars and Pluto clash — stay cool if confronted and use common-sense for the rest of the morning hours. This aspect will fade quickly as the Moon goes void-of-course a couple of hours later — and things might not get back on track until the Moon enters Scorpio at 12:00 PM EST (remember to add one hour for DST). With Lady Venus entering Gemini on the 4th a lighthearted feeling may prevail, although there are those whose strong opinions will cause consternation — words may be exchanged, but with Uranus in the mix — all will be soon forgotten. The 5th has Mercury entering the sign Leo — so wordiness may be a problem, but we also have a beautiful Sun trine Neptune aspect that will make us aware of all that is beautiful and good in our lives. The morning rush hour on the 7th brings a sweet connection between Mercury and Venus — you may meet someone special at your usual coffee shop. The Full Moon in Capricorn the next day has things a bit topsy-turvy throughout the day — tomorrow will look a lot better when we awaken. If you are out and about late on the 9th beware of a road-rage incident and/or a conflict with a superior. Friday the 14th will have a busy but unfulfilling afternoon, although if you got off work early, you may be pleasantly surprised by how relaxed and happy you feel. Monday the 17th may have a rocky start with a long commute — be aware of hidden hazards. On the 18th a Venus/Jupiter trine in the early evening will bring a congenial meeting, perhaps a dinner date or just a drink after work will prove to be special. The afternoon of the 19th may find one of your ideas at work has caught the eye of a superior — make sure you have all the details at your fingertips. Mars enters Leo on the 20th with a sigh of relief — being in Cancer wasn’t His cup-of-tea — there will be more energy and stamina for your future endeavors. On the 24th we will be getting mixed messages throughout the morning hours — take your time to digest what is being said, and by mid-afternoon things will fall in your favor. The 28th finds the Sun and Mars together during the early evening, we can push our own agenda or find allies to help us in our quests. We may awake on the 30th with good feelings, well-rested and looking forward to the plans we have made. With Lady Venus entering Cancer on the 31st our focus may be more on family, mother and/or friends during the coming month. You may find your muse in whatever creative or offbeat visions you have for your future — find your Bliss!






April’s Astrological Activity — 2017

Our dreams may be piqued by Mars and Neptune conjunct in Pisces on the 1st bringing us some otherworldly knowledge about what direction our future plans and actions may take us. Try to rise above the mundane in thinking about what you’ve experienced, and dig deep into your psyche to find the facts that will support your ideas. Then and only then, try to incorporate what the Universe is trying to tell you.

In New England we look forward to our April showers, a nice respite from the snows and bitter winds of March — and henceforth, can May flowers be far behind? I always try to be the optimist when it comes to our weather — especially as Easter and Passover celebrations are just around the corner. It’s so nice to be able to see everyone in their holiday finery — pastels, flowery prints and gauzy materials. The children especially are so adorable with their matching coats and hats, shiny shoes, and carrying their baskets of Easter eggs or candies left by the Bunnies! April is a month of transition — still able to whip up wintry winds, or surprise us with some almost Summery weather. Still, we know the weather will improve until we are complaining about how hot and humid it is in July! Perhaps that is the magic of New England, the weather is always a topic of interest — and it really can change in a nanosecond.

There is a lot of Astrological Activity in this month of April as several Planets will begin their Retrograde motion, bringing a change in their ability to put forth their most positive vibes. Mercury in Taurus Rx on the 9th moving back into the later degrees of Aries until turning Direct on May 3rd, Saturn in Sagittarius Rx on the 6th for a long Retrograde period ending on August 25th, and Pluto in Capricorn Rx on the 20th — all joining Jupiter in Libra moving backwards through the signs. However, Venus will turn Direct on the 15th in Pisces, continuing in Pisces until entering Aries on the 28th, once again bringing her most lovable, caring and romantic vibrations to the fore. Probably the one we all feel the most is Rx Mercury as it tends to delay day-to-day activities, messes with our cars, contracts and computers, and makes conversation difficult.  Saturn Rx can help us to slow down and take a look at where we are and where we have been, in order to plan a little better for our future. Of course, Saturn is always trying to teach us patience, fortitude and self-perseverance. All good lessons that will serve us well, but are often difficult to deal with as life has a habit of testing our determination and ability to stick with our agenda.However, when we learn one of Saturn’s lessons, there is always a reward awaiting us. Pluto in Rx will probably have a more global impact, perhaps delaying many governmental plans, and making life a little more difficult in any areas that are under siege. On a personal level, secrets may out, and depending on where transiting Pluto is in your chart, you can figure out what hidden messages are in store, also where you may need to pay attention to an ongoing issue. While all of these Planets are in Rx mode is always a good time to review your journey, and perhaps make more definite plans for some future date that will be able to be met with positive input and know-how for your progression.

The Full Moon crests on the 11th at 1:o9 AM EST (add one hour for DST) at 27 degrees of Libra! When the Full moon is in the sign Libra our focus is always on balance, equilibrium and stability. It behooves us to keep an even keel in all of our activities, and not go off the deep-end of anger and antagonism.

Our New Moon in Taurus crests on the 26th at 7:16 AM EST (add one hour for DST) at 6 degrees of the sign, if your birthday is near or within a day or so of this date it will be a new Lunar cycle for you this year. Find your bliss with the help of generous Taurus — ruling beauty, loyalty, art, music, social standing, self-appreciation, real estate, and often our money, you can write out your affirmations all day on the 26th for those things that will enhance your life and the lives of your loved ones. Often those with a strong Taurus affinity will have a sweet tooth, and of course, we all know how (ahem) determined and/or stubborn a Taurus can seem. Their ability to focus on their tasks at hand and plan for their future allows them to move steadily forward to their goals. Earthy and fixed — this sign has a lot going for it — and we all would do well to see where Taurus lives in our charts, for there will be your ability to move your own agenda forward with definitive planning and perhaps a sweet surprise in the offing.

Venus in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius on the 8th in mid-afternoon, both are now in Rx mode, bringing lack of compassion and difficulty in relationships. Allow yourself some “Me” time to figure out just what is going on, and if you want to pursue the path you’re on. Later in the early evening, the Sun in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn, bringing some ego issues into play — back off of any conflict until you have all the facts, you may be missing a piece of information — bide your time. On the 13th, Mars meets up with quirky Uranus early in the morning — you may want to go jogging to get your mind together before the day starts, or you may have been awakened by some unusual noises or activity outside your window. Venus turns direct on the 15th in Pisces bringing good vibes to our Easter celebrations. The 16th brings us a pleasant connection between Venus and Mars, you may meet someone vibrant and romantic in the evening, don’t discount the mutual attraction. Early morning office hours on the 17th, find the Sun trine Saturn — if you have a presentation or idea to contribute, this is a good time to get upper management to notice. After midnight on the 20th you may be awakened by vivid dreams or find yourself going over some issues from earlier in the week — try to concentrate on the simplest solution. Rush hour on the 21st may find you at odds with someone important to you — don’t allow anyone to put you or your ideas down — you know what is right for you and yours. You may find yourself waking early with a brilliant idea or solution to a problem thanks to Mercury meeting up with Saturn, keep the thoughts to yourself for a while as you peruse the best path to take.The afternoon of the 27th may find you dealing with some deceit — your ire is up so it might be best to wait until you know what is really going on before confronting someone. Morning hours on the 28th finds you have exciting ideas, but they may not be everyone’s cup of tea — let them steep for a while as you decide how much impact they might have. After a tense afternoon on the 30th, you’ll find that the evening brings clarity and a sense of tranquility — you know the right thing to do and that it will bring you peace of mind.

April’s showers taper off to bring us the beautiful displays of May’s flowers — how can any of us not respond to warmer weather, brilliant flowery yards, and azure skies filled with puffy white clouds! Breathe in the freshened air, bask in the Spring-like warmth of the Sun, and be in awe of the wonders of this Earth we call home. The land is responding to the new season and bursting forth in greenery, blossoms and new life wherever you look — find your quiet zone, your inner soul, and your magical spirit in all of Nature’s glory. Be in this moment of your life!








Jupiter in Libra Through the 9th to 12th Zodiac Houses — September 9th 2016 to October 10th 2017

Completing the Zodiac Circle of Houses we will peruse the 9th through 12th Houses — Jupiter in Libra will bring its own kind of beauty, excesses and balance to each of these Houses according to the Planets that might live there and their placement within the Circle. These Zodiac Houses are important because they can show us our educational interests or goals, our spiritual needs and desires, our yearning to travel long distances (9th House) — also, the 10th House holds our social standing and perhaps our career goals, the 11th House is where our hopes and dreams reside along with our friends, and the 12th House is the karmic  House of self-undoing, hospitals, prisons and any place of confinement.

So we will see what might transpire throughout the transit of Jupiter in Libra’s more optimistic outlook and genuine ability to see both sides of a question — we have an entire year to use the brilliance and balance of Jupiter in Libra for our own agenda — don’t miss out on this once in 12 year occasion!

Jupiter in Libra in the 9th House – The 9th House of the Zodiac holds so many variants of our lives — here we find our higher educational goals, our spirituality and religiosity, our desire for long distance travel (although) opposite the 3rd House perhaps short trips too! Also opposite our 3rd House may bring some concern about siblings, old neighbors, in-laws, and in general some unease about those relatives you may not have seen for some time. But we digress — the 9th House is such a busy House, those who may have children looking into colleges will have a boost from Jupiter in Libra allowing you to balance the pros and cons of each school. Also, Jupiter in Libra may help to clear up some legal issues that have been pending for some time with a positive outcome. On a high note, that long-dreamed about vacation could come to pass this year — especially if there is some higher purpose in your journey — seeing elderly relatives, volunteering for some social or educational activity, or maybe just that once in a lifetime trek that you truly deserve.

All of these possibilities can become your reality this year. Find a way to enhance anything you’ve planned by looking ahead and finding those extras that may help to either get you to your goal, or might allow you to take a longer and more interesting journey. Along those lines, you may find that someone is willing to help you in your endeavors. A mentor, or friend who is interested in the same field might be a source of information that will help, or one who knows  a way to get you to the right place at the right time.

During this passage of Jupiter in Libra you may find a source of new spirituality — perhaps attending a new church or temple, or just by having that awe-inspiring moment in Nature that makes you realize that life is precious and worth living to the full. Or it may be that you find re-consecration for yourself in your present beliefs that open a whole new area of  interest wherein you find yourself doing meaningful work — mentoring or volunteering. Also, you may find that you are fascinated by philosophy and begin to study the elder’s works. Or you may find a New Age belief system that fits your spiritual and idealistic needs. Be prepared to be amazed and awed by your new view of life and love.

Jupiter in Libra will pique your interest in learning new things, will find you perusing libraries for information, or perhaps looking up your ancestors to find out just where they came from and how they managed to survive and thrive throughout the ages. The 9th House holds so many varied and stimulating areas that with the help of Jupiter in Libra you will be amply provided with the energy to find your bliss!

Jupiter in Libra in the 10th House — Here we have the pinnacle of our charts (the Mid-Heaven) where our careers are located, our social standing (popularity) is enhanced, and where we might find our dominant parent, also any government associations, our responsibility to our families, our companies, and our personal goals. Here we can find any honors or adulation we might receive for work well done, or for service to our country. Our ambition and motivation to get ahead resides herein. Opposite the 4th House of home, you may find that your zeal to get to the top of the corporate ladder is interfering with your duties to your family and home life. There will always be some conflict between these two Houses, the 4th being our foundations and early childhood memories — and the 10th House that holds our own personal ambitions and need for social standing. This antagonistic relationship can often be our undoing when trying to balance our responsibilities. However, with Jupiter in Libra in residence, there should be some happy way to find an amenable reality. Perhaps you will find a way to work from home more — or find some extra time for one-on-one time with children and/or spouse (so important).

Depending on your age, this could be a wonderful year for you to push your own agenda to reach your personal goals, get that promotion, upgrade your domicile, or find new ways of melding your work and home obligations. Jupiter in Libra is a wonderful chance for you to take measure of where you are and where you want to be — in 5, 10 or 20 years from today. Perhaps a 12-year plan might work as Jupiter will once again be in Libra coming full-circle in the year 2028! You may laugh, but timing is everything when looking ahead, and with Jupiter in Libra in the 10th House, you know that good things, happy times, and success can be yours. Working within the confines of the Planetary movements and transits is one way to prepare yourself for what is coming up in the future. Just knowing when the good-luck Planet will be in your 10th House is power and time for preparation!

In opposition to the 4th House, you may find yourself selling your childhood home, or resettling elderly parents into an assisted living arrangement. You also may realize that time is quickly slipping into the future and those goals you want to reach will have to be intentionally planned for, if you are going to realize them in a clearly defined amount of time. Now, with the help of Jupiter in Libra’s energy and ability to get everything into balance, this is the time for you to promote yourself and your ideas. Bring the gift of Jupiter’s largess to yourself and your loved ones by striving for the best and most satisfying lifestyle you can hope to find. Remember to include all those who have helped you succeed and you will receive your generosity back ten-fold. Make this is your year to shine — become the leader, innovator, mover and shaker of your field and reap your Jupiter in Libra rewards.

Jupiter in Libra in the 11th House — The Eleventh House holds our dearest and closest friends, (don’t be surprised when you realize many of them are in the same Zodiac sign). It also harbors our fondest hopes and wishes — not necessarily our goals, but those familial and acquaintance connections that bring us that feeling of belonging to a tribe, group, clan, society, or community in which we feel comfortable and at home. Also many of our social contacts will be found herein, social/country clubs, factions, families, cliques, workplaces, and any group to which we might feel we are a part. Traditions are important and a sense of togetherness, attachment and devotion will bring us to those whom with we have a karmic tie.

With Jupiter in Libra taking up residence here, we may find our social schedule will be filled with parties, organizational meetings, work-related conferences, family get-togethers, and gatherings of many kinds. With Jupiter in Libra, I’m sure you already sense that balancing your time will be of utmost importance. Indeed, Jupiter often brings too much of a good thing — but Libra sees the difficulty in organizing your personal, work, and companionable times. Try to find a way to attend as many functions as you can, but be aware of the consequences of missing an important family or friend’s event.

Also with Jupiter in Libra, you may be re-evaluating your acquaintances, friends and/or companions throughout this year, perhaps realizing that many of your many “friends” are hangers-on, or just not in the same space as you are now. Not that you should eliminate these folks from your life, but perhaps find a different way to interact with them on a more flexible schedule. You may also find some new acquaintances seem to be on your personal wave-length and you are clicking as if you were friends for years. Take your time in embracing these people until you have known them a little longer — sometime that first blush of meeting has a romantic or serendipitous start that won’t hold up over time. Still — opposite the 5th House of romance — this may be your year to meet the one!

If you are feeling a little sidelined by some old pals, try to reconnect now while Jupiter is smiling down upon you — it may have been that they got caught up in their own issues and didn’t want to burden you with what was going on. Allow them to vent, explain or clear up any misunderstandings and be open to forgiveness. Of course — friendship is a two-way street and if you have been doing all of the calling, it may be time to cut those strings. It’s a work in progress when we choose to allow people into our lives, there is an ebb and flow to our relationships — sometime there are those who appear just when we need them — never to be heard from again. And you, yourself may be that very same person to someone else.

Think of all the ways that Jupiter in Libra could influence your life for the better, and work toward those goals that you truly want to come to fruition. With the upcoming Holiday seasons, it is the perfect time for you to reconnect with those you love and who love you. Don’t let this unique time-span pass by without reviewing your connections — whether family, friends, acquaintances, or companions. Make this the year you find those who will always have your back, who love you unconditionally and who will be there for you forever.

Jupiter in Libra in the 12th House — Our 12th Zodiac House holds so many secrets — our past lives, our own fears, doubts and uncertainties — also our personal misgivings, our suspicions and our inner worries. It is called the House of Self-Undoing, because so often it is here that we hold on to old wounds, we cannot let go of our inner fears, and we self-deprecate. Here in the 12th House is that tiny whispering voice we hear that berates us with its constant barrage of anxiety and irrelevance . Time for that to be put to a stop! Now with Jupiter in Libra it is time to realize your self-worth — not with overtones of grandeur — but with a true account of just how good, smart, loyal, understanding, loving and caring you are! Stop listening to those naysayers, or critics or jealous cohorts  — and also stop berating yourself with those childhood issues, or words from that teacher who should have retired years earlier, or from any source that has allowed you to feel you were less than you are — indeed — sometimes it takes years to overcome some bullying experience, or nasty comments from an inferior human who just wanted to make themselves feel better, or a trauma that was not your fault.

Now is the time, with Jupiter in Libra to find your true balance in this lifetime, your true bliss, and your most evolved persona! Now may be the time for you to take a look back to see how far you have come in this lifetime. You are no longer that bullied child, the teacher’s whipping boy, or anyone’s punching-bag. Just the fact that you are a human-being gives you the right to feel proud, unique, individual, feeling, empathetic, and perhaps most of all respected and worthy of love.

Jupiter in Libra can free your mind and heart from all of the burdens you may have been carrying for years. There is a mystical light within you that needs to be seen — an inner beauty that will enrich all those who know you — and the knowledge that you are worthy, worthwhile, and a wonder to behold! Jupiter can bring a plethora of good feelings that will lift your heart and allow you to truly see yourself as the wonderful human being you are and have been. Libra opens our hearts to love, commitment and all of the beauty in this magnificent world we live in. Allow yourself to breathe in the heady ethereal vapors of life being lived to the full. Fill your heart and soul with the knowledge that you are as precious as any treasure on Earth — feel yourself filled with the enormous love that you so deserve. Opposite the 6th House, we may have to deal with an elderly parent or friend who needs extra care or should be in assisted living. Also, there may be a trip to a hospital to see someone who is ill or has had an unfortunate accident. Your usual helpful self will bring joy and comfort to those in need.

Often, our House divisions are not exact — i.e., they don’t go from zero degrees to thirty degrees, but rather flow into the next House — the 12th House will lead into the 1st House, and here lie your innate hopes and wishes — you might be able to feel the change when Jupiter in Libra moves into the 1st House, a subtle shift of priorities — and herein, you will be able to put forth your own dreams and desires for your future and the future of your loved ones. Use these transits of the Planets to your advantage, and let the Universe help you to be the best and most perfect YOU — that you can be! Release any old anger, fright, trauma or limitation you may feel — and find your new and renewed self! This could be the year that you find your true identity, your inborn spirit, and your soul-self — imagine how free and happy you will be when you shed those dark clouds from your life. Imagine Bliss!

July’s Astrological Activity

July starts off with a New Moon in the sign Cancer on the 4th — what a great way to celebrate our Independence Day! The sign Cancer has so much to do with Mother, home, family, motherland — that it seems appropriate that we can combine this New Moon with our holiday celebrations. We may feel a bit more emotional and patriotic as the parades pass by with all the Veterans of earlier wars, and those currently serving our Country who willingly put themselves in harms way. Our Nation would not be as secure or as free without the efforts and sacrifices of our brave Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force. I have a great respect for those who serve — Thank You!

Now to the ongoing astrological events taking place in the month of July — the New Moon in Cancer is at 12 degrees and crests on the 4th at 6:02 AM EST (add one hour for DST) — it rides along with Mercury the Planet of communication, transportation and literary/educational matters. Opposing mighty little Pluto it carries a lot of oomph! There may be a media blitz when a juicy news story is aired, and a fire storm of conflict ensues. I usually feel the New Moon brings  a positive new lunar cycle that is like a freshening breeze — but with celebratory crowds there can be opposition to someone’s point of view — so we must watch our words and not become inflamed because of  any over-the-top rhetoric that may be said. Maintain a rational outlook in order to avoid those who would incite any controversy about government, religion, or the economy! All major button-pushers for many folks — enjoy your time with family, friends and acquaintances with the knowledge that what isn’t said does not have to be apologized for or taken back! Hmm — perhaps some of our “leaders” could use a pep talk about this subject! Just sayin’! I have to reiterate that we all should watch our words and conversations for the next few weeks, as we may be misunderstood or misquoted. Hopefully those hearing an incorrect or disingenuous remark will consider the source and get the true information from whomever was the original speaker.

A nice Mercury in Cancer and Mars in Scorpio aspect on the 5th in mid-afternoon, will help us to talk to someone who seemed a bit daunting, but as conversation develops, we find many social and other interesting connections. The morning commute on the 7th may be a bit of a struggle as many drivers seem to feel that they are entitled to the entire roadway. Late on Saturday the 9th a nice Moon and Venus aspect meets with up with a Sun and Jupiter sextile early on the 10th, that can make us enjoy the company we are with and brings good fellowship. Lady Venus enters Leo early on the 12th, changing our motherly Venus in Cancer into a Leonine bombshell of beauty and brains. At breakfast time on the 16th the Sun and Uranus clash  perhaps bringing out someone’s frustration and angst. a good aspect between Mercury and Venus later in the day will have the power to smooth any ruffled feathers. The Sun trining Mars during the late evening brings conciliation and loving vibes.On the 20th a positive meeting between Venus in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius will highlight stability, a loving connection and commitment to family. The Sun enters Leo on the 22nd allowing us to think more about having summertime fun in the sun, and doing those things that make us happy. The late afternoon of the 29th has us dealing with Mercury in a fit of pique with Mars — both in Fixed signs mean that no-one wants to give in to the other, watch out for road rage incidents. Venus meeting up with Jupiter allows us a lighter look at life’s inequities. Uranus is Stationary Direct and will start to begin forward motion — allow a few days to feel the more positive vibrations from this quirky Planet. Mercury enters Virgo on the 30th, giving us a more focused approach to any issue — and a more precise use of our language capabilities. This month ends with a late night Venus/Uranus trine — perhaps bringing someone new into our realm — you will want to express your own ideas, want autonomy, and will need to find your own idea of perfection.

The July Full Moon crests on the 19th at 27 degrees of Capricorn in a negative aspect toward Uranus at 24 degrees of Aries. If you have any Planets at these degrees it behooves you to be aware of sudden changes in plans, and to use equanimity when deciding in what direction to go. The House placement will have a lot to do with the area that may be affected. Check your chart for a clue as to what your particular irritation may be.

Mars is now moving direct in Scorpio, helping us to get back on track — any delays you’ve experienced or plans that just weren’t working out at a past time may get a new chance. It may be a bumpy road, but with determination and hard work, you will find a way to reach your goals. You may find you don’t have the backing that you expected, but give it time and those who failed to see the practicality of your dream may begin to “get it“!

Jupiter in Virgo is in good aspect to Pluto in Capricorn as is Mars, this mid-month  trio can and will assist us in relating to others, bring us opportunities, and will allow us to get a better picture of our goals. And although Saturn and Neptune are in a negative aspect to one another, practical Saturn in Sagittarius and imaginative Neptune in Pisces can work to help us make a pragmatic plan for our future dreams — indeed these two Planetary connections may bring some of our dreams into a realistic realm that will be able to be brought to fruition. Take some time to write down some of your ideas no matter how impractical they may seem, and try to bring in some of Saturn’s realistic common-sense into your plan. When imagination and proper planning are combined, magic can happen! Saturn is known to bring rewards for hard work and sticking to your highest ideals.

I’d have to say that the theme this month is to work hard and you will receive your rewards — but perhaps not immediately! Also — with the New England summertime in full blossom — we should try to be in touch with our nearest and dearest. Everyone should try to accept as many invitations to meet with family and friends as often as possible during this carefree time. Conversation is a two-way street, don’t let too much time pass before reconnecting with loved ones — even if it is only by phone or texting (sigh), it helps to keep the lines of communication open!

There seems to be a lightening of angst as the month comes to an end — allowing us to contemplate new adventures, new friends, and perhaps a new love interest. It may also be time to take up a new hobby, find a cause that touches your heart, or join a new group (book club, gym, animal rescue, art class, walking group, well — you get the idea). Look inward to find your bliss and move toward finding a way to bring it into your life. Hint — affirmations help — New Moon on the 4th!

Have a safe and happy Independence Day celebration!