December’s Astrological Activity — 2018

It’s always seems hard to believe we have reached the last month of the year — we question — “Where did the time go?” I have to say as one ages the years continue to fly by — with a new great-granddaughter on the scene, I am aware of how unimaginably quickly those tiny newborns grow — and now our newest addition will be 6 months old on Christmas Eve! WHAT??? There never seems like enough time to see the newest additions to the family, although their parents are so willing to take the time to let us visit or to visit with us! In the two-and-a-half years since our first great-granddaughter was born it is as if life has accelerated to sonic speeds — and life is so full and busy for everyone that there just isn’t enough time in the Universe to partake of all the precious moments together. Sigh!

Well — on to the information that may help us move forward with as few hitches as possible, in order to get to all of our shopping, food preparations, visiting and generally finding the joy in the chaos, the blessings in the busyness, and to reap the benefits of all the love being expended as we sally forth to the end of this remarkable year.

December begins with Retrograde Mercury entering the latter degrees of Scorpio, remaining there while turning Direct on the 6th at 4:23 PM EST, continuing moving forward until entering the sign Sagittarius on the 12th. Rx Mercury in Scorpio can forecast a period of less than truthfulness — be aware of anyone or scheme that seems too good to be true! Mercury in Sagittarius will bring us joyful energy, and a happy outlook for the Season ahead.  On the 2nd Lady Venus will enter Scorpio for the rest of the month, bringing our thoughts to our loved ones, especially those whom we have not seen for some period of time — perhaps a good time to reconnect.

Our New Moon in Sagittarius crests at 15 degrees of the sign on the 7th at 2:20 AM EST, giving us a boost of Lunar energy to get all of our Holiday plans in order, especially as Mercury has begun forward motion also. Use the vigor of mighty and joyful Sagittarius to infuse your psyche with the creative ability to think outside the box — and find gifts and surprises that will amaze all the folks on your list! Try to pick up the child-like enthusiasm of Sagittarius in “seeing” these Holiday preparations. Our Sagittarian brethren all seem to have the ability to tap into their inner-child in order to enjoy all of the stages that lead up to an exuberant and festive Holiday Season! Become that carefree child, with eyes of wonder, even if for only a few minutes a day — revel in the joy you felt as a child, as the magical and blessed Holiday came ever nearer.

Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces (spirit and soul) will be stimulating our psyches to reach the epitome of our deepest empathy and compassion for our fellow man.  What better time of year to reach out with loving kindness to those that are less fortunate. Compassion is innate in our nature for all living things — a divine gift that allows us to “feel” for others of our kind and for the four-legged variety also. Remember those acts of kindness and love that were unconditionally given to you, and if possible, try to pass on a little of the love and caring you have enjoyed throughout your lifetime. I truly believe that what we give out comes back to us in measure — we can all enjoy those benefits we receive, as we are aware that in many ways throughout our lives we have paid it forward with loving kindness.

On the 2nd, the Sun and Mars just aren’t feeling it — after the dinner hour, someone’s nose may be out of joint and they aren’t feeling the love — try to understand their brief impulsiveness and quickly move on. The 5th finds the Sun and Neptune also at odds, at dinner time, use this aspect as a time to create and maximize your unique ideas. Mercury goes Direct on the 6th bringing a more positive use of our minds and creativity. The New Moon in Sagittarius, on the 7th will usher in a breath of fresh air, sweeping away any cobwebs of fuzzy thinking. Mars and Neptune find common ground also as you enter the workplace, others are receptive to your ideas and jolly mood. Mars and Uranus have a dust up at the dinner hour — folks are probably tired from the work week — perhaps you can order pizza to make everyone happy! On the 8th the Capricorn Moon’s practicality and doggedness will help us organize for the next few days — make lists, schedules but remember to also make time for fun. The 11th find us a bit at sea with Uranus bringing some unpredictable ongoings, and Pluto pushing His weight around — be an observer and avoid the fray. Lady Venus and Jupiter are free-wheeling with their upbeat idea of fun and games on the 14th. Safe driving on the morning of the 15th as Uranus and Neptune make drivers erratic. The 16th finds Lady Venus and Jupiter truly in sync, during the morning hours, you can count on your friends and family to support you in your endeavors. After midnight, Mars and Pluto are rearing to go — perhaps you might have trouble falling asleep. The Taurus Moon on the 18th helps us have the power to get things done in an orderly manner, staying true through the 20th when the Sun and Uranus smile upon each other and you find new energy, passion and optimism in going forward. The 21st (Winter Solstice)  finds Lady Venus and Neptune in good order, during the lunch hour — perhaps an office party brings someone new into your life, or you are the life of the party! The Full Moon on the 22nd might bring too much energy into your day, go with the flow and find your happy place to rest and relax. There will be some confusion on the 24th, perhaps the weather may interfere with your plans — try to get things sorted out as best you can. The Moon in Leo makes for a joyous and breathtaking Holiday! Gifts will be plentiful and luxurious, food ample and rich, and relationships jolly and loving! What more could we ask? On the 27th in early afternoon, Jupiter and Saturn brings organizational ability and a practical optimism. The 28th is a bit hum-drum until the Moon enters Libra in mid-afternoon, use the earlier part of the day to get caught up on old business. After the Moon crests, your evening will improve as Lady Venus and Pluto bring some intense attractions and/or you and your significant other are truly seeing eye-to-eye. The evening of the 29th could find that your hard work has paid off handsomely.

On the 31st (New Year’s Eve), it’s time to showcase your best party attire, and bring your most optimistic outlook with you, to whatever venue you are attending — you will stand out! This day ends with Mars entering Aries — for the energy to meet the New Year with positivity, and the Moon and Neptune are working together to bring us a most Holy and blessed year ahead.

Happy Holiday to One and All — Peace



Mars Enters Gemini — April 21st 2017

Hearty and passionate Mars enters Gemini on April 21st at 5:32 AM EST (add one hour for DST) staying until entering Cancer on June 4/5th. After blundering his way through Taurus, and being able to intimidate anyone weaker, he has had a good run while in Fixed Earthy Taurus, as they share an attitude of determination and fortitude. However, as Taurus has patience and reliability within his realm, Mars prefers a more ardent and reckless abandon when getting to his goals. Taurus had a tempering effect on Mars more impulsive escapades, and Mars has had his fill, now he is ready for a lighter and more amenable companion in his tour around the Zodiac.

Gemini will fill the bill — Airy and Mutable in nature, Mars will find a grand companion for his more light-hearted and perhaps irrational forays during this stay. Mars will be in his most flirtatious mode in Gemini, wanting  happy-go-lucky relationships and spirited and carefree acquaintances! Not that a Mars in Gemini can’t be a faithful companion, indeed Mars nature is one of ownership and desire, however — in Gemini there will have to be a reasonably confident and strong partner who won’t be intimidated by Mars in Gemini’s constant need for approval and coquettish behavior.

I find Mars in Gemini a delightful and an amusing character — quite different from his usual bravado and audacity! There is a little bit of uneasiness for Mars, and his usual confident and bold manner is softened by Gemini’s brilliant mind and capricious manner. These two will find a way to work together, and have the time of their lives while doing so. We must remember that Mercury is still in Rx mode until going direct in Aries on May 3rd, so any new plans or ideas started now may be delayed or need to be redone after Mercury is well on its direct pathway.

Another way that Gemini can affect Mars is by allowing whatever is on his mind to be quickly out of his mouth! There is much less moderation or restraint, in Mars wanting to share his every thought, often to the consternation of his nearest and dearest! This can lead to many family “secrets” being revealed, or just prosaically passing on something that was to be kept within one’s personal opinions or perhaps judgements. Oh well — with age perhaps there will be wisdom, but somehow this combination is all about the NOW!

On the 6th of May, Mars in Gemini encounters Uranus in Aries, in the evening when there might be a clash of ego’s or some upset that gets Mars motor running! Try to back off if anyone seems to be in the mood for a fight or conflict of any sort. Since this is a Saturday night — alcohol may enhance the emotional stakes — use your higher mind to just walk away from those who would challenge you. On the 11th around the lunch hour Mars in Gemini has a dust-up with Neptune in Pisces, you may find you don’t have all the facts in a given situation, allow a little time to pass when later in the day your mind will be better able to handle the problem. The 12th during the morning rush hour, Mars in Gemini meets up with jovial Jupiter in Libra — bringing brilliant ideas into the realm, and allowing your day to start off on a positive note., or perhaps starting a long weekend respite. The morning hours of the 19th brings a bitter mix-up with Pluto in Capricorn — there will be no winners here, just go with the flow and allow any anger to just wash away. In the wee hours of the 29th Mars in opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius may find you at odds with a friend — try to assuage their feelings and help them to get home safely. The evening hours of the 30th brings a positive connection with Uranus that can help you see the innovative side of a project, and begin to make plans to move forward with a long-held dream. Enjoy the lighter side of Mars in Gemini, a facile mind, enhanced sense of humor, and energy to spare — while remembering to use a little common-sense when encountering some of those outre happenings that might go over-the-top and get you in trouble. Bask in the capricious, light-hearted and whimsical aura of Mars in Gemini — give in to your inner child and find that area of unconstrained joy that we all knew when we were young.

Mars in Gemini Love Style — this Mars is quite different from any other sign of the Zodiac, in that Mars truly enjoys the whimsy and flirtatiousness of Gemini — and Gemini enjoys the energy, power and determination of Mars! We have a powerhouse of can-do-it spirit, melded with innovation and intelligence. The downside with this duo can be a lack of cohesion in how to meet their goals — Mars wants instant gratification and a fast-track to his desires — whereas Gemini is impatient in many areas, but knows when to opt for quality over quantity. A bit more insistent on having beauty and elegance in her life, Gemini finds that Mars falls short because he wants what he wants, and he wants it NOW — not necessarily the best of the best, or the most rewarding — but good enough. This will set Mars teeth on edge, as he sees his ultimate objectives being left in the dust. Gemini — although usually extremely amenable won’t give up her insistence on those areas that she deems important enough to go for the best she can get.

There can be agreement when Gemini using her facile wit, rare intelligence and ability to seemingly conform to others tastes and mannerisms, will outmaneuver Mars Bull-in-a-china-shop mentality and his impetuosity in moving too fast and too soon. Gemini will somehow hone in on Mars true feelings and desires, and will offer alternative plans and objectives that will appeal to Mars masculinity and bravado.

Mars in Gemini is always going to be flirtatious and needing appreciation, and Gemini will be more than able to provide a place of comfort, safety and interesting adventures. They will often dance a merry dance, but their timing may often be a little off. Soon, though — they will find themselves in step and enjoying this Fiery/Airy combination of passion, innovation, strength and a quirky eccentricity. This diverse blending can move mountains, if only they rely on each others strengths and brilliant originality! A match for the ages — a match forever!