Mars Enters Leo — July 20th 2017

Mighty Mars enters Fiery Fixed Leo on the 20th at 7:20 AM EST (add one hour for DST), and He is delighted to be able leave watery Cancer behind for the hot and egalitarian Fixed Fire sign Leo. Although there may be a clash of egos here, these two Fire signs have too much in common to keep at odds for long. Mars will soon enjoy the jovial and welcoming persona of Leo, “Hail Fellow Well Met” is Leo’s usual style. Being a fantastic host, Leo will realize that having Mars in the house brings a plethora of energy, new adventures, and perhaps even a love connection. This dynamic duo is most assuredly a force to be reckoned with indeed. They both love the limelight, fill a room when they enter one, and enjoy holding sway over an audience.

Perhaps a bit over-the-top for many folks, those who admire the unlimited energy and elan of this pair find their charismatic persona draws them like a magnet into their circle of friends. Not for the faint of heart — this twosome’s strong and masculine personalities cannot be overstated. Captivating and charming they draw followers like a moth to a flame. Herein lies a cautionary tale, for all their compelling and perhaps hypnotic appeal, this combo can be a bit fickle. They know how appealing they are to the opposite sex, and also to those who admire their macho personality — and if not of good character and with their feet firmly on the ground, these adoration’s can and will go to their head. Time is the answer to getting involved with a Mars in Leo lover, friend or acquaintance, give yourself enough time to see both the wonderful positive traits, and those that are perhaps less so.

Usually of pleasant visage, it is difficult not to find oneself in awe of a Mars in Leo person — the mixture of Fire energy in both Fixed and Cardinal modes brings a powerful and irresistible individual. Usually willing and able to help anyone out when needed, whether helping to move, being the designated driver, or a dependable chap to call for assistance day or night. They might not let you forget the favor, however, their willingness to get involved and be there for you, will more than makes up for any future braggadocio.

A minor dust up with Saturn at the dinner hour on the 30th might make for an uncomfortable meal — make allowances for any teen-age angst or a grouchy elder who isn’t feeling their best. This too will pass — however, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on August 7th in Aquarius at 1:11 PM EST might seem to step upon someone’s idea of right and wrong — breathe — and find a way to distract those who are upset, if in a work setting try to ease out of a testy personal situation without giving your own 2 cents worth! On the 10th during the morning rush hour you may find yourself in some kind of drama — just ignore any rash responses to a thoughtless jibe. The 12th finds Mercury going Retrograde in the sign Virgo, it might be a good time to revisit anything that went wrong during the past few months for a redo. On the 20th Mars and Jupiter in Leo meet up around lunch time to rev up your creative juices, finds you seeking a new adventure, or brings a surplus of exciting news. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo, on the 21st enhances all the Leonine traits of this duo, and they may feel entitled to do as they please. On the 22nd the Sun dashes a bit of Earthy dusty practicality¬† into the mix by moving into the sign Virgo, and while you’re arriving at work,¬† Mars and Saturn team up for a congenial few hours wherein you can revisit an early morning idea that has been bubbling in your subconscious. You might have had a dream that answered some questions about the validity of this notion. Ponder both sides of the question before acting. The evening of the 30th brings some warm feelings and perhaps an interesting new acquaintance. On September 4th, Mars will move into Virgo — a different cup-of-tea than Fiery Leo — Mars feels a bit underwhelmed in Earthy Mutable Virgo, still He will always try to make the best of this transit into Virgo — perhaps bringing some practicality to his extraordinary zest for life.

Mars in Leo Love Style — this combo will keep you constantly amused and interested. They will enjoy being busy, active and want to be learning or creating something new. Not for the reticent and laid-back unless you are willing to stretch your limits to the utmost. Almost always upbeat, but often unthinking in remarks — (I call it “foot-in-mouth” disease), they may say what is on their mind without any filter. Often they don’t realize the pain they may engender with their off-the-cuff remarks, and are truly remorseful when alerted to their gaffe. As they get older this trait can either modify or become their “signature” persona — we all know someone who makes us cringe with their occasionally blunt words. Sometimes the truth hurts, and our Mars in Leo folks can be the messenger of those things we all perhaps should hear, but really prefer to be kept secret.

Devoted to family and friends, our Mars in Leo person can be the  Man for All Seasons as they are erudite, good workers, loving partners, truly romantic, dynamic, and fierce in defending their loved ones in all ways. Choosing a Mars in Leo mate can be a wonderful adventure, never boring, often a bit too exciting, always loving and if connected karmically a dream come true!