New Moon in Taurus — April 26th 2017

Our New Moon crests in Taurus this month on the 26th at 6 degrees of the sign at 7:16 AM EST (add one hour for DST). This month has been plagued by a Rx Mercury (still in place until May 3rd),  however, Venus  did go direct mid-month giving us a more positive outlook on our relationships, and perhaps lightened our hearts with renewed hope. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto remain in Rx mode through next month, all presenting us with challenges and less than ideal input from their lofty realms. Jupiter Rx in Libra can unbalance the status-quo, that will make our decision making a bit more difficult — be sure to have all the facts in deciding any major lifestyle decisions. Saturn Rx in Sagittarius has tweaked us by making us review our choices for our future and bringing some serious evaluations about where we want to be in the next 5, 10, or 15 years.  Pluto Rx in Capricorn is a conundrum — not overly happy in Saturn’s natural realm, we find we must be more practical and use more common sense in our everyday lives. Still, Pluto has more sway over worldly woes and actions — perhaps wiser minds will take charge and make this world a bit safer and kinder for all, other options will have consequences.

The Taurus New Moon gives all of us the chance to influence our lives and the lives of our loved ones, but also — if enough folks could think positive thoughts about our fragile world, perhaps it would offset the imbalance we are experiencing and bring about constructive and encouraging changes for the better. Indeed — this is the only world we have — and it behooves us to treat it and all of its inhabitants well, with respect and love.

Now to the changes we can help to make in our own lives — the Taurus New Moon is good for so many reasons — ruled by Venus, it encompasses beauty in every form, loving kindness, acceptance and admiration for everyone, on a practical note — Taurus has reign over money and real-estate, business and powerful mentors. Those who are born near this New Moon on the 26th will begin a new lunar cycle enabling them to move forward with those plans that are closest to their hearts. All of us can benefit when we tune into the rhythm of the Galaxy, feel the impulses that emanate from the deepest abysses of space and time. These cadences have been streaming throughout our sphere since creation, bringing us the evidence of a greater power, a Universal consciousness of spiritual connection, that joins all of us in our pathway in this lifetime.  Learn to use these karmic gifts of Providence to enable you on your individual journey with those for whom you love and care.

We all deserve to be loved and to find happiness during our lifetime here on Earth — with the help of the ebb and flow of our Galaxy we can find a way to put our hopes and dreams forth into the ether — where they can take root and become manifest in our own lives. Each New Moon has its own profile that will make your wishes more powerful — in Taurus we can wish for financial stability, wealth, and for a loving and caring family, we can release our anger and stubbornness with the stroke of a pen just by writing out our hopes, wishes and affirmations. Let your imagination soar to new heights and think outside the box to stimulate a new wave of desires that haven’t been requested heretofore.

With the positive aspects of Taurus, you can bring more positive ways of moving forward — Taurus has the ability to move to a goal step-by-step, never looking back and keeping your heart positive and goal-oriented. Use this power to move yourself into a fresh way of seeing your pathway — Taurus can also keep you on your path — steady and committed, they are unwavering in their knack for getting things done.

As always — try to find a quiet time to sit and think about what would improve your life right now — write as many affirmations or wishes as you like — and breathe into each word a sense of accomplishment and finality. Pretend for a moment that your wish has already been answered — see yourself with all of your wishes completed in a positive manner. You can write out your affirmations all day after the New Moon crests on the 26th at 7:16 AM EST (add one hour for DST) for the most potent times of New Moon energy. However, the power of the New Moon can last for the next 48 hours.

Blend with the harmony of the Universe in order to fulfill your most ardent dreams — feel the flow of the Life Force we enjoy here on Earth. Immerse yourself into the dynamic atmosphere that surrounds us every day — and refresh every atom of your body with a spiritual and transcendent renewal. There is magic in the air we breathe, and the hope and wonder of our mere existence as we evolve ever higher on our human journey.



New Moon in Aquarius — January 27th 2017

Our New Moon is in the sign Aquarius at 8 degrees and crests at 7:07 PM EST — any one whose birthday is on or near this date will be starting a new Lunar Cycle, opening opportunities for emotional growth and compassion. This date also heralds the start of the Chinese New Year of the Rooster — a year that heralds good business and health. However, Rooster’s must be diligent in their work habits, stick to their agendas and should try to face East when on interviews, or bargaining for things — also helpful if their beds face East during this year!

Jupiter in Libra will be opposite Uranus in Aries, keeping us a bit on edge and bringing some unexpected challenges and/or opportunities — we may be questioning our relationships, finding a way to bring about some positive changes in our ability to feel more free, and find we are attracting some interesting suitors. Uranus in Aries also trines Saturn in Sagittarius — again bringing a need for our own space, allowing us to see the possibilities of future growth and prosperity. Blending the practicality of Saturn and the brilliance and unpredictability of Uranus can show us the way to new interpretations of our goals and also surprising new ways to reach them. Using the planetary connections and aspects in conjunction with our Zodiac charts can help us achieve our highest potential.

Our New Moon in Aquarius is our chance to use the unique and distinctive facets of this sign in choosing to write out our affirmations, wishes and desires. What are these features of our Aquarius Moon (ruled by Uranus) — we have an open agenda to write out our most outrageous and far-fetched ideas, because Aquarius has no equal when it comes to brilliant intellect and pushing the envelope of our more mundane concepts . Shoot for the Moon when writing under the auspices of the dynamic and daring New Moon in Aquarius!

Often — our Aquarius brethren are stoic loners who sometimes long for closer relationships and friendships — however, their sometime quirky nature can be off-putting to others who don’t share that spark of genius that stirs within their souls — and they can be socially uncomfortable and awkward — especially when young. They often also have an interest in the occult sciences, new inventions, telepathy, and other-worldly philosophies. They are fascinated by those things that cannot be explained — and often will search out answers for themselves traveling wide and far. Always interesting and with massive amounts of information, they can when moved to — share a wealth of knowledge about many diverse viewpoints and beliefs.

So let your imagination soar to new heights before you write out your New Moon list of affirmations, and bring some new ideas in order to spice up your list. Nothing is off the table with a New Moon in Aquarius — think outside the box and let yourself believe in the magic of this process. The Universe is listening to your requests in order to begin the manifestation of a new cycle in your life!

This month’s New Moon crests on the 27th  at 7:07 PM EST — at 8 degrees of Aquarius — check your chart to see what Zodiac House Aquarius lives in so that your can tailor your requests within the abilities of that particular House! You might be amazed at your results! All evening on the 27th and the next day are apropos to write out your affirmations. Good Luck!



New Moon in Libra — October 12, 2015

Our New Moon this month crests at 19 degrees of Cardinal Air sign Libra at 7:05 PM EST on the 12th day of the month. Bringing us a beautiful breath of fresh air and a jaunty flair, we will be able to begin to balance our lives with a renewed outlook and an optimistic attitude. Mercury went Stationary Direct at zero degrees of Libra on the 9th, which will improve our ability to take care of our daily tasks with a bit more ease. Venus will enter Virgo on the 8th at 12:30 PM EST, changing from elegant Leo to staid and practical Virgo will impede her more lavish ideas! All of these changes in such a short time may bring some confusion or unexpected happenings into our lives. Still the energy of any New Moon is a positive happening and we can have confidence that something good will come of it!

Libra needs, indeed, requires balance — beautiful, smart, and avid our Libra folks can easily be thrown off their game by little annoyances, or just the unexpected. Airy and ethereal, Libra brings beauty, love, marriage, relationships, friendships, and a special kind of brilliance that can befuddle us and can blind us to reality! Having difficulty in deciding between two choices, Libra can be stymied and short circuited because She just cannot choose — it’s the same with two divergent selections in any field — politics, religion, law, education or everyday options. Libra sees the advantages and disadvantages of Both sides of the question, idea, choice or controversy! Even if it’s just choosing an article of clothing, Libra will hem-and-haw over each blouse, shoe or jacket, and will probably end up getting both. Many of the “dual” signs have the same issue, but not to the extent of our Libra brethren. However — whatever they choose will be in good taste and beautiful to behold — and as for other perhaps more important choices, they will endeavor to seek out the very best qualities of each, and then agonizingly make a decision that makes sense to them and that they are comfortable in choosing.

With the Sun in Libra until entering Scorpio on the 23rd, we have a pleasant time-span to connect with our partners, find balance in our lives, and bring beauty into our homes. Libra beckons us to infuse our lives with all that is honest and pure, attractive and useful, and a pleasure to behold. Never one to dance to another’s tune, Libra casts Her spell and creates a home with exquisite good taste and fresh flowers in abundance. Artistic, musical and dramatic, our Libra will find a home at a theater, concert, opera or museum — whether on stage or as a sponsor — our Libra folk will find their niche and make it their own. Usually gregarious and outgoing (Cardinal sign) they have many friends and admirers. Ready to help with their many ideas, talents and abilities — our Libra brethren will be a source of succor in many instances throughout their lives.

Busy with all that life has to offer, our Libra partners, spouses, and friends may not take the time to think about themselves — especially health-wise. It may be up to their nearest and dearest to keep an eye out for any issues and bring them to the fore. Possibly stoic in their need for a balanced life, they will ignore any little warning signs of impending ailments. Intelligent and sprightly, they have an air about them that refutes their true age — any lower back pain, kidney issues, or skin concerns should be dealt with promptly. Maintaining a steady and balanced life is their constant goal, their significant other will have to be aware of their intense need to have a schedule, be on time, and make sure their home is a haven of peace and tranquility. Want to feel truly free — unclutter your life — clean out the garage, the storeroom, that closet that is always askew, and perhaps your desktop! It will make you feel lighter and more in control.

Of course, we all want an idea of what we should wish for on the New Moon — anything and everything is on the table — but the most power is generated when you use those ideas that are close to the sign’s heart! For instance — Libra rules marriage, partnerships, decorators, tailors, dressmakers, beauty shops, courtship and clothing. So any wish or affirmation that has to do with these areas will have more connection to the New Moon in Libra and therefore will employ the energy with more zest. Just starting a relationship — perhaps you can wish for a compatible contact. Is your house looking a little shabby — you might ask for a good contractor who has reasonable pricing — but especially if you need a new wardrobe — more harmony in your partnership — need more cooperation in your job — this is the New Moon for you!

Try to think about your affirmations in a meditative mood — let your mind release any angst or concerns you have, and just allow your spirit to bring what you really need into your mind’s eye spontaneously. Breathe slowly and imagine what would better your life and the lives of your loved ones right now — perhaps think about the coming Holidays and see if you can intuit the best gifts for each person. Sometimes it is just your presence, or time, or listening skills that will fit the bill. Feel the essence of all those who have crossed over, and beseech their help, while sending them good thoughts, love and a free spirit. Dig into your psyche to find what really matters to you at this time. Slowly start to write out your wishes, affirmations and desires — let it be almost effortless and ethereal. Close your eyes and let your imagination soar — then read what you have written. Does it say what you truly want it to say? If not — tweak it a bit and come back to it in a few hours and reconnect with what you have written down. Take your time to be honest and clear about your needs and desires.

The New Moon in Libra crests at 7:05 PM EST — so all evening of the 12th and all the next day will be advantageous for writing out your list. The more you believe in your ability to influence your own life for the better, the more success you will eventually have come into your realm. Our thoughts have a solidity that seeps into the Universal ether and can take hold to become your reality. And I believe that the good we send outward does come back ten-fold. My wish for all of you is that you find your true bliss — find fulfillment in this lifetime — and evolve into the mystical energy that is truly the unique essence of your being. Peace!