New Moon in Leo — July 23rd 2017

There is so much going on in the Heavens during this weekend, from Mars entering Leo on the 20th, the Sun entering Leo on the 22nd and the New Moon cresting in Leo on the 23rd — we may find this time -span an exciting and busy one. Our New Moon in Leo crests on the 23rd, at 4:46 AM EST (add one hour for DST).

For those lucky individuals, whose birthdays coincide or are near to the New Moon, they will be starting a new lunar cycle, enhancing their instincts, emotions and empathy towards others. They may also find that they are more spiritually aware and seeking answers about their own pathway during this lifetime and they are curious about the ancient mysteries of our being and existence.

The New Moon in Leo is especially warm and generous — there isn’t anything a Leo wouldn’t do for their loved ones — loving profoundly and totally engaged in living life to the full, our Leo brethren are a joy to behold. Perhaps a little over-the-top when lavishing gifts upon their loved ones, they often feel they aren’t doing enough for their nearest and dearest. Of course, they may expect the same in return, but always appreciate anything thoughtful done for them in any way. Our Leos are bigger than life, have a zest for living that makes every experience seem awesome, still — they understand the fragility of this lifetime. If there is a Leo in your life, you are blessed with an adoring and protective family member or friend. Always having your back, once befriended you are theirs for life!

Curious and inquiring, our Leos want to know about people, their lives, and their feelings — tapping into Neptune in Pisces can help us understand our differences, and how we can better find common ground in order to get along in this fractious world. Find where Pisces lives in your chart and the House position will give you a hint about how you can go about fine-tuning your acceptance and approval of all human beings. Venus in Gemini is giving us an upbeat and frivolous look at ourselves this month, perhaps we will lighten up on our more negative ideas about what and who people may be, and concentrate on the diversity and yet amazing similarities we share as humans. We all want to live our lives in peace, be able to raise our offspring without fear, have a safe place to live throughout our lives, and be able to find acceptance for ourselves, our beliefs, and our lifestyles within our communities, neighborhoods, and indeed OUR world! A little compassion, acceptance, understanding and consideration goes a long way in assuring that we live in a world that offers peace and harmony for all.

I am always excited by the Leo New Moon — following the Cancer Moon (all about family), and followed by the Virgo Moon (very staid and proper) — our Leo New Moon (think royalty, extravagant, overgenerous) gives us the chance to thing BIG — it allows us to color outside of the box, and helps us find our most whimsical and fantastic ideas of what we really want. Let your imaginations soar, write down a few of your most idealistic, ridiculous, and outrageous ideas — Leo brings good things and you may find a magical surprise!

Our Leo New Moon on the 23rd, crests at 4:46 AM EST (add one hour for DST) — so all day will be auspicious for you to write out your affirmations, dreams, wishes and desires. Creative, intense, enthusiastic, and a true romantic — our Leo New Moon can and will help you to get your truths into the ether, where they can manifest in your own reality! Try to be inspired, innovative and imaginative when writing out your list — there is nothing to lose by letting the Universe know your desires. Magic can and will happen when you have faith and believe in your ability to help yourself. You are the arbiter of your life — give yourself this chance to change things for the better. Only you know your truest dreams — only you can put out your deepest affirmations into the Cosmos — believe that you deserve to be happy, to be content, and to be at one with your spirit, soul and the Divine mystery that is life!