Not Like Your Sun Sign — What’s Going On?

Hmm — let’s think about this for a minute — there are so many reasons why! Sometimes we read the usual blurb about our Sun Sign, and we just don’t relate to it at all. Well, maybe there are some minor likenesses, but in general — we feel a disconnect. Why don’t I have the “usual” traits of my Sun Sign — isn’t that the most powerful orb in my Chart? Well — yes and no!

If your Sun is in an intercepted Zodiac House (One Sign is on the cusp of two Houses), your Sun is under a kind of umbrella that shades the sharpness and clarity of what would ordinarily be the ancient characteristics of that Sign. When your Sun progresses out of that House, you will find that you begin to reveal new facets of your personality that have been hidden — perhaps a late bloomer! You may have known that you had more to offer or more to share with the power of your Sun Sign, but had difficulty explaining yourself to others. Each Sun Sign has positive and negative attributes — these are modified by the rest of our Chart — however, we always carry a profound imprint of the Sun Sign that we were born under. Even if the Sun had progressed into the next sign when you were a youngster, there remains that deep and intense spiritual profile of your Natal Sun.

Also, some Signs are actually more potent than others (think Aries and Scorpio)— we all seem to feel that Pisces is kind of wishy-washy — however, being a Water sign it carries a lot of clout over time — just think about it — water can erode an area as large as the Grand Canyon given enough time! Pretty powerful if you ask me! In addition, if you have a Water Sign Sun (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) but you have a Fire Sign Ascendant (Aries,Leo, Sagittarius) — folks won’t pick up on your Watery Sun as it will be rather scorched¬† by the Fiery flames of your Ascendant, and may fizzle into a steamy haze to those who meet you, especially in your younger days. Conversely, if you have a Fire Sign Sun (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) and have a Water Sign Ascendant (Cancer,¬† Scorpio, Pisces) — we have our Fiery Sun trying to be seen through a Watery mist. Your Sun Sign is being hidden by the circumstances of your Zodiac Chart at the moment of your birth. Even bold Sun Signs like Aries or Scorpio can find it difficult to be “seen” if there are impediments from opposite Elements.

There are also Stelliums, a group of three or more Planets (perhaps including the Sun), all within a few degrees of each other especially within one Zodiac House! This configuration of Planets will have a definite impact upon the profile of one’s Sun especially if it is included within the Stellium, but also if the Stellium is opposite the Sun or is in a powerful Sign or angular House that may overwhelm the Sun Sign’s usual strong characteristics. If there is a huge Planet like Uranus, Jupiter or Neptune in the mix — there will be an even stronger influence from these Planets to overshadow or impact the Sun.

We are often “seen” through our Ascendant, and if our Ascendant is compromised by a Planet on or near it, there will be some impact from whatever Planet is rising. For instance if Mars is on or near your Ascendant it will indeed give more oomph and presence to your personality — if you have Neptune conjunct your Ascendant, people may find you are an enigma no matter your Sun Sign. Our Ascendant is our “face” to the world — it’s where we make our first impression on others, therefore any opposition, Planet or interception will be a factor in how we are perceived no matter our Sun. Also, our Mid-Heaven the cusp of our 10th House, is considered our “social” facade — any major Planet in this area will affect how we project ourselves to others. Uranus on this cusp will certainly give others the idea that we are a bit quirky, eccentric or just different — even with a strong Sun Sign! I know! So many ways in which our Sun can be hidden under a blanket of misperception.

As we get older our Sun Signs will change over to the next Sign in line — for instance if you were born at zero degrees of a Sign (Capricorn) — your Natal Sun won’t change until you are 30 years old (30 degrees in each Sign) and it moves into Aquarius! If you were born with your Sun at 10 degrees of the Sign — your Sun will change Signs at 20 year so age — get the idea? These changes can impact your persona greatly — especially if born at 28 or 29 degrees of a Sign — your Sun will move on when you are only one or two years of age! In this case — although you were born with the Sun in one Sign, it turned over whilst you were a babe — and as you grow — the Progressed Sun Sign may be more influential in how your personality blossoms and develops. Our Sun changing signs is one of the ways we evolve, learn, grow and become our completely true selves.

Another impediment in expressing and feeling your Natal Sun Sign is if it is in close aspect to a major Planet — Saturn conjunct your Sun will indeed keep any sign more modest, staid and understated (perhaps even coming across as angry, dour or stubborn). Even with an upbeat Sign like Gemini or Leo — there can be a stifling of the natural exuberance of the Sign. Uranus conjunct your Sun may bring about the quirky or eccentric in your Sign — even a staid Taurus will have an unusual trait associated with Uranus free-spirited outlook that isn’t the norm for our “usual” idea of a Taurus. Possibly someone who doesn’t need order and can be happy with life as it flows — unlike our usual Taurus who often loves order, neatness and control.

The Water Signs may have more misunderstanding about them than most — as the Watery temperament can pick up the aura of those surrounding them, and they might tend to seem able to fit in with any group — however, at their deepest core they are all a bit more sensitive to other’s moods — and can appear amorphous in their daily lives. The fluidity of their Element does make them more pliable and receptive to outside stimuli. Still, as noted before — Water as an Element is truly a force to be reckoned with, as it can in time have an impact on any other Element. That said, Water sign folks can often not feel as powerful as their Sun Sign because of their extreme sensitivity.

Libra is also a Sign that can be overlooked — as they are usually kind, can see both sides of any situation, and have a difficult time deciding which way to choose. But think! Libra is an Airy (Intellectual) Cardinal (Strong-minded) Sign — they have the inner strength of that Cardinal drive to succeed. Often overlooked in any competition — our beautiful Libra can and will overcome all opponents and challenges with a smile and a perfectly charming demeanor. Also, Aquarians have so many areas in which they shine that it is difficult to pin just one or two traits to their personalities — they also are a Fixed Air sign which many don’t realize, because their symbol is the Water Bearer, they believe that Aquarians are a Water sign — no — our Aquarians are that Airy-Fixed, Uranus ruled rebel, outsider or variable that we just cannot put into any normal category with ease. In this case — one-size doesn’t fit all — they are such a combination of Sun with Uranus energy that can allow them to choose almost any agenda where they can shine!

Each Sign has a plethora of characteristics that are too voluminous to mention, so only a few perhaps over-the-top features are noted. For instance, our Taurus brethren are considered stable, hard-working and loyal — and they can also be considered stubborn, determined and controlling. But — there are those Taurus that belie these traits by being overly sensitive, shy, bookish, or conversely — enjoy adventure and can be fickle in playing the field. (Perhaps a hint of Gemini here?)

We are not just our Sun Sign — we are a compendium of our entire Zodiac Chart — and our Natal Chart is like our fingerprint, never changing — however like our baby fingerprints, we do grow and become larger, it’s still us — unchanged, except in the natural order of growing up. Our Zodiac Charts also progress — and we are somewhat changed and honed by our experiences as our Sun changes Signs — still our Natal Characteristics remain the same as when we were born. But we must consider the whole Chart and how our Natal Sun Sign connects with the other Planets — our Moon Sign is also of great importance being our emotional quotient, our Venus gives us our compassion and love for others, any Planet conjunct our Sun will have an influence upon they way we appear to others, and how we feel about ourselves — each distinctive component of our Zodiac Chart has a story to tell about us as an individual — as a unique and incredibly miraculous divine creation of spirit, light and energy.

Our Zodiac Chart is a map of the Heavens at the time we were born, each one matchless and incomparable for the Year, day, hour, minute and second of our Birth and where we were born — even twins have slightly different Charts depending on how far apart they were born. They could even have different Moon Signs! There is a complexity and rhythm to our Charts that is unique unto us alone and from the moment of our birth as we take our first breath, our persona takes hold. Some of our pathway throughout this life-span will be in accordance with our Natal Charts — however, we are immediately honed by the circumstances surrounding our births, by our mothers and fathers, by siblings and all of the stimuli we are subjected to as we begin our transient and ephemeral journey toward our own humanity.

Embrace your own irreplaceable existence — live every day with unbridled joy, love generously, and when your time has come to its end — know that your place here on Earth was unique — that you were and are a sacred Entity of Light, Love, Energy and Soul — and your Spirit will endure forever!


*Also check out a previous post in the Archive of July of 2015, it explains the Decanates of each sign and how they subtly influence the Sun Sign we were born under. I’m sure I haven’t covered all of the ramifications of how our Sun Sign may not be perceived as the most powerful orb in our Zodiac Chart, however, it may give you a clue as to why there may be a disconnect between yourself and what is considered the usual characteristics of the Sun in each sign of the Zodiac.

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