April’s Astrological Activity — 2017

Our dreams may be piqued by Mars and Neptune conjunct in Pisces on the 1st bringing us some otherworldly knowledge about what direction our future plans and actions may take us. Try to rise above the mundane in thinking about what you’ve experienced, and dig deep into your psyche to find the facts that will support your ideas. Then and only then, try to incorporate what the Universe is trying to tell you.

In New England we look forward to our April showers, a nice respite from the snows and bitter winds of March — and henceforth, can May flowers be far behind? I always try to be the optimist when it comes to our weather — especially as Easter and Passover celebrations are just around the corner. It’s so nice to be able to see everyone in their holiday finery — pastels, flowery prints and gauzy materials. The children especially are so adorable with their matching coats and hats, shiny shoes, and carrying their baskets of Easter eggs or candies left by the Bunnies! April is a month of transition — still able to whip up wintry winds, or surprise us with some almost Summery weather. Still, we know the weather will improve until we are complaining about how hot and humid it is in July! Perhaps that is the magic of New England, the weather is always a topic of interest — and it really can change in a nanosecond.

There is a lot of Astrological Activity in this month of April as several Planets will begin their Retrograde motion, bringing a change in their ability to put forth their most positive vibes. Mercury in Taurus Rx on the 9th moving back into the later degrees of Aries until turning Direct on May 3rd, Saturn in Sagittarius Rx on the 6th for a long Retrograde period ending on August 25th, and Pluto in Capricorn Rx on the 20th — all joining Jupiter in Libra moving backwards through the signs. However, Venus will turn Direct on the 15th in Pisces, continuing in Pisces until entering Aries on the 28th, once again bringing her most lovable, caring and romantic vibrations to the fore. Probably the one we all feel the most is Rx Mercury as it tends to delay day-to-day activities, messes with our cars, contracts and computers, and makes conversation difficult.  Saturn Rx can help us to slow down and take a look at where we are and where we have been, in order to plan a little better for our future. Of course, Saturn is always trying to teach us patience, fortitude and self-perseverance. All good lessons that will serve us well, but are often difficult to deal with as life has a habit of testing our determination and ability to stick with our agenda.However, when we learn one of Saturn’s lessons, there is always a reward awaiting us. Pluto in Rx will probably have a more global impact, perhaps delaying many governmental plans, and making life a little more difficult in any areas that are under siege. On a personal level, secrets may out, and depending on where transiting Pluto is in your chart, you can figure out what hidden messages are in store, also where you may need to pay attention to an ongoing issue. While all of these Planets are in Rx mode is always a good time to review your journey, and perhaps make more definite plans for some future date that will be able to be met with positive input and know-how for your progression.

The Full Moon crests on the 11th at 1:o9 AM EST (add one hour for DST) at 27 degrees of Libra! When the Full moon is in the sign Libra our focus is always on balance, equilibrium and stability. It behooves us to keep an even keel in all of our activities, and not go off the deep-end of anger and antagonism.

Our New Moon in Taurus crests on the 26th at 7:16 AM EST (add one hour for DST) at 6 degrees of the sign, if your birthday is near or within a day or so of this date it will be a new Lunar cycle for you this year. Find your bliss with the help of generous Taurus — ruling beauty, loyalty, art, music, social standing, self-appreciation, real estate, and often our money, you can write out your affirmations all day on the 26th for those things that will enhance your life and the lives of your loved ones. Often those with a strong Taurus affinity will have a sweet tooth, and of course, we all know how (ahem) determined and/or stubborn a Taurus can seem. Their ability to focus on their tasks at hand and plan for their future allows them to move steadily forward to their goals. Earthy and fixed — this sign has a lot going for it — and we all would do well to see where Taurus lives in our charts, for there will be your ability to move your own agenda forward with definitive planning and perhaps a sweet surprise in the offing.

Venus in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius on the 8th in mid-afternoon, both are now in Rx mode, bringing lack of compassion and difficulty in relationships. Allow yourself some “Me” time to figure out just what is going on, and if you want to pursue the path you’re on. Later in the early evening, the Sun in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn, bringing some ego issues into play — back off of any conflict until you have all the facts, you may be missing a piece of information — bide your time. On the 13th, Mars meets up with quirky Uranus early in the morning — you may want to go jogging to get your mind together before the day starts, or you may have been awakened by some unusual noises or activity outside your window. Venus turns direct on the 15th in Pisces bringing good vibes to our Easter celebrations. The 16th brings us a pleasant connection between Venus and Mars, you may meet someone vibrant and romantic in the evening, don’t discount the mutual attraction. Early morning office hours on the 17th, find the Sun trine Saturn — if you have a presentation or idea to contribute, this is a good time to get upper management to notice. After midnight on the 20th you may be awakened by vivid dreams or find yourself going over some issues from earlier in the week — try to concentrate on the simplest solution. Rush hour on the 21st may find you at odds with someone important to you — don’t allow anyone to put you or your ideas down — you know what is right for you and yours. You may find yourself waking early with a brilliant idea or solution to a problem thanks to Mercury meeting up with Saturn, keep the thoughts to yourself for a while as you peruse the best path to take.The afternoon of the 27th may find you dealing with some deceit — your ire is up so it might be best to wait until you know what is really going on before confronting someone. Morning hours on the 28th finds you have exciting ideas, but they may not be everyone’s cup of tea — let them steep for a while as you decide how much impact they might have. After a tense afternoon on the 30th, you’ll find that the evening brings clarity and a sense of tranquility — you know the right thing to do and that it will bring you peace of mind.

April’s showers taper off to bring us the beautiful displays of May’s flowers — how can any of us not respond to warmer weather, brilliant flowery yards, and azure skies filled with puffy white clouds! Breathe in the freshened air, bask in the Spring-like warmth of the Sun, and be in awe of the wonders of this Earth we call home. The land is responding to the new season and bursting forth in greenery, blossoms and new life wherever you look — find your quiet zone, your inner soul, and your magical spirit in all of Nature’s glory. Be in this moment of your life!