New Moon in Gemini — June 13th 2018

The Gemini New Moon crests on the 13th of the month at 22 degrees of the sign at 2:44 PM EST (add one hour for DST). We may find this New Moon energy stimulating and upbeat, as Gemini’s facile mind always wants to find new and interesting happenings. Travel, communication, new friends, and new experiences await the adventurous. Lady Venus also enters Leo on the 13th giving us another favorable boost to seeing life as something to be enjoyed with abandon and elation. Free your mind of clutter and chaos, in order to embrace this moment in time of personal renewal, robust strength and divine and mystic energy.

Mars is continuing its long stay in Aquarius and will Retrograde on the 26th, slewing its usual energy patters and giving us a chance to look back at the past few months to see where perhaps we haven’t been true to ourselves. Mars in Aquarius is all about individuality, personal responsibility and our own take on truth! Think about your journey during your time here on Earth, and contemplate how you can find a way to enjoy this incredible gift of the Universe and Heavens. Dig deep into your psyche to find those strengths that make you who you are, — a perfectly evolving human being — clothed in your own ideas, values and moral code. You are the perfect YOU! Claim your own identity, begin to value your own persona and the abilities that you have honed as you have grown. Begin to live with the extraordinary talents you now possess, and find that pathway that will bring you to your own wholeness, your own inclusiveness, and your own idea of bliss!

Neptune will Retrograde on the 18th, perhaps throwing us into a bit of a tizzy as we re-orient ourselves to this sensitive and mystical Planet’s delicate forces, that allow us to feel those things that are not visible. Embrace the vibrations that are always surrounding us and try to open yourself to those sensations that are letting you know there is more to life than what we can see and touch. Our abilities are so much more profound than only what is corporeal. We are entities of thought, light, energy and love — we can sense the feelings of those around us, we can, if we wish, see the aura that surrounds each and every one — and we can tap into a higher power in order to evolve into an ever more kind and compassionate human being. Your inner voice is always trying to help you in your journey here — learn to tune into the many ways that the Universe is trying to guide you to a better and more fruitful life.

Our Gemini New Moon is the perfect tapestry for us to weave our affirmations, dreams and wishes into our own reality. Having the capacity of mental acuity, a facile wit, understanding both sides of a situation, makes us incredibly able to work our own magic upon our future. The Gemini New Moon can cover any situation, all manner of requests, and any of our wildest dreams and ideas with a brilliant ability to understand our needs. Give yourself some time to think about what would improve your life — in this moment — and begin to build a strong statement that would bring you to the fulfillment you desire. Write out your affirmations, wishes, and dreams as you contemplate your future. Allow yourself to think “outside the box” — and realize that with Gemini in your corner, nothing is off the table. You can allow yourself to let your imagination roam to any corner of any part of the Universe. Putting your affirmations in writing will ensure that they become part of the eternal ether and harmony of the continuum. Our thoughts have substance and solidity and can become your new reality.

The New Moon in Gemini crests on the 13th, at 2:44 PM EST (adjust for DST) — so all evening and for the next  24 hours will be the strongest and most dynamic forces for you to write out your wishes. Breathe in the sanctity of your own existence and believe in your own power to create your own reality.





June’s Astrological Activity — 2018

June opens on the 1st with a couple of pleasant aspects — one between Mercury in Gemini and Mars in Aquarius as the work day begins, perhaps bringing some positive feedback from higher-ups for a project on which you have been working. Also, Lady Venus in Cancer and Jupiter in Scorpio find common ground and gives us a sense that all will be well — our plans and wishes will be likely to have an optimistic outcome. Our confidence is enhanced, and we may be looking forward to a pleasant weekend party or visit to the beach.

Our New Moon in Gemini crests on the 13th at 2:44 PM EST (adjust for DST), and it highlights 22 degrees of the sign. We may hear some exciting news, or we may find we have a bright idea that we want to implement. The New Moon in Gemini brings a sense of fun, whimsy and mental gymnastics into our realm. You may meet someone who enjoys intellectual banter as much as you do. The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 27th crests at 11:53 PM EST (adjust for DST), and it energizes 6 degrees of the sign. We may find ourselves at odds between our work place duties, and what is needed at home. It will be a balancing act until the Full Moon leaves Capricorn on the 29th  and enters Aquarius late in the day. You may need the weekend to straighten out anything that went awry and you may find yourself in need of a good night’s sleep.

Mars will go Retrograde in Aquarius on the 26th for a long stay in the sign — it allows us to revisit our past actions and where we might make improvements. We may have to rein in our irritable retorts and vitriolic responses — it’s up to us to truly look at what is really upsetting us, and if the actions of others is really responsible. Perhaps, we are disappointed in ourselves and overreacting to others because we can’t face our own truth. We also may find our personality traits that make us who we are, can often be misunderstood or misread — be true to yourself — embrace your individuality.

Neptune in Pisces will begin Retrograde motion on the 18th, we are being given a chance to do some inner searching for what we want, where we want to go, and with whom we want to be involved. Our psyches are being awakened to a new vibration along with Jupiter in Scorpio. These watery signs are making us a bit more compassionate, more aware of others difficulties, and more in touch with our own needs and desires. You may find that your dream states are enhanced, and you can look for clues within those dreams to find what the Universe is trying to tell you. Use this combination to help you find a higher meaning in your life, a pathway that will take you to new frontiers of knowledge, and enhance your own abilities in sensing the auras of those around you, and the general atmosphere that is currently swirling around us. Listen to that inner voice — it is usually trying to lead you in the right direction.

Saturn in Capricorn its ruling sign is trying to bring some normalcy, honor, common-sense into our world. Working with Uranus now in Taurus, we can if we wish begin to make sense of where we belong, and how we can help to make our realm a little more compatible and comfortable for others. We are in a way being challenged to be our best selves — and as we all know — when we follow Saturn’s motivations there is always a commensurate reward. With Uranus in tow we can think outside the box — but with Taurus also on the scene, it will have to pass muster.

Lady Venus enters Leo on the 13th bringing love, beauty, and elegance into our lives. Our creative spark will be ignited and we may find a new hobby, avocation or career in the art world. Or we will at least experience a moment of creative passion and inspired artistry.

The Summer Solstice is on June 21st this year as the Sun enters the sign Cancer at 5:08 AM EST (adjust for DST), this primordial period has been noted by varied cultures throughout the centuries. Marked with prayer and ritual, our forebears knew that without the Summer’s bounty surviving the bitter winters would be harsh. They asked only to be helped in their daily chores as they worked hard to provide succor for their families, when Mother Nature cooperated they thrived and were assured they could go on — in more difficult years they had to plan carefully and use every bit of their food stores in a modest manner. Many did not survive these ancient times, yet here we are, the beneficiaries of their sacrifice and love. How proper that we should still show our gratitude today in our age of fast food, delivered groceries and instant meals. I shall take a moment on this day to think about those who have gone before, and thank all of my ancestors; how fortunate I am that someone, somewhere, was honorable and hard working enough to provide for their offspring. Blessed be those who carried on in the face of incredible odds and managed to allow future generations to be born. May their spirits always be Free.

Mercury meets up with the Sun on the 5th in Gemini for a mind-blowing moment of fresh ideas and inventive concepts mid-evening — try not to let your excitement disturb your sleep. On the other hand, on the 6th Mercury and Neptune clash during the rush hour, so don’t allow yourself to be distracted when driving or daydream whilst at work. The 13th brings us Mercury and Uranus connecting, and our minds are quick and avid — before the work day starts — you may have found a solution to a problem. Mercury and Jupiter are in sync on the 19th after the lunch hour, you may find yourself mentoring a friend or coworker in order to find common ground. Later in the evening, Mercury meets up with Neptune, make sure you find a quiet space before you head for bed — your dreams may give you an answer for a nagging issue. Lady Venus and Mars just aren’t feeling it on the 21st around noon, emotions may be sensitive, and/or you may meet a fascinating person — take your time in getting to really know them. The 25th finds Lady Venus and Jupiter at odds after lunch, someone may have hurt your feelings, but you know it was because they envy you. Heading into work on the 27th the Sun in Cancer and Saturn in Capricorn just don’t like each other, drive cautiously and if someone at work is already in a “mood” — try to avoid any interaction.

The month ends with the Moon in the sign Aquarius — so the weekend can be fun and fanciful. You will find that people are open-minded, willing to go along, and have new ways of approaching problems. It may be providential that you have planned for an entertaining and fun time.



New Moon in Aquarius (Solar Eclipse) — February 15th 2018

I love the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius as it brings a freshening of the atmosphere with its zest for life, need for personal freedom, and its fervent joy with the new and innovative. Cresting on the 15th of the month at 4:06 PM EST at 27 degrees of the sign, the Aquarian New Moon will encourage us to find our own truths, our own moral code, and our own idea of personal success. The Planet Uranus rules this unique sign, and if anything, Uranus loves the unusual, ground-breaking and whimsical. Uranus enjoys shaking up the status-quo, but not in order to destroy — but rather to reform into a stronger and more sturdy platform for us to use. After a bout with Uranus distinctive abilities, we realize we are truly transformed into an improved and more adaptable human being. Those whose birthday is on or near the New Moon will be starting a new lunar cycle with the promise of opportunities of personal growth and an eye-opening ability to observe life in a new way. All of us can benefit from this New Moon Solar Eclipse if we look to our Zodiac Chart to see where the sign Aquarius lives. The profile of that House position will clue us in on how we can most effectively use this powerhouse energy. Simple steps that provide us with an insight into our own abilities, and future opportunities for evolving into the embodiment of the most altruistic human being we can imagine. Prepare to write out your affirmations, wishes and desires with the power of this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius to start your own personal journey into a future of amazing and wonderful prospects. The only thing hindering you is the limit of your own imagination, and the vision you have for your future. Implement your most gracious ideas and strategize your goals with determination and resolve, to find that elusive moment when you realize embracing your humanness, empowers you to rise above the ordinary and into the rarefied air of pristine transparency.

Also this month we can use the energy and vision of Lady Venus in Pisces along with Mercury to enhance our ability to “see” a new pathway before us. We will be able to express our love for others in a meaningful manner, that may help our relationships bloom. Open your hearts and minds with this dynamic combination of mental acuity and heartfelt sentiment to bring those long cherished hopes and dreams into your realm.

This month’s New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius can help to bring your most precious dreams to reality. Thinking outside the box when writing our affirmations, hopes and wishes can be instrumental in conveying our thoughts out into the Universal flow, where they can be manifested into our own reality. Dig deep into your psyche to find those truths and desires that would change your life for the better. Write out your affirmations and wishes with that fierce inner fire burning deeply within your soul, and truly feel the harmony from the Universe that will help propel your most passionate desires into the Galaxial mists.

Our February 15th Aquarian New Moon Solar Eclipse crests at 4:06 PM EST — so all evening long will be the most powerful time to write out your most ardent wishes. Don’t let this opportunity slip by without acknowledging your own personal needs. Close your eyes — and imagine yourself achieving those elusive goals that you have been working towards. They can come to fruition — you can find yourself attaining all of your dreams! Just Believe!







New Moon in Leo — July 23rd 2017

There is so much going on in the Heavens during this weekend, from Mars entering Leo on the 20th, the Sun entering Leo on the 22nd and the New Moon cresting in Leo on the 23rd — we may find this time -span an exciting and busy one. Our New Moon in Leo crests on the 23rd, at 4:46 AM EST (add one hour for DST).

For those lucky individuals, whose birthdays coincide or are near to the New Moon, they will be starting a new lunar cycle, enhancing their instincts, emotions and empathy towards others. They may also find that they are more spiritually aware and seeking answers about their own pathway during this lifetime and they are curious about the ancient mysteries of our being and existence.

The New Moon in Leo is especially warm and generous — there isn’t anything a Leo wouldn’t do for their loved ones — loving profoundly and totally engaged in living life to the full, our Leo brethren are a joy to behold. Perhaps a little over-the-top when lavishing gifts upon their loved ones, they often feel they aren’t doing enough for their nearest and dearest. Of course, they may expect the same in return, but always appreciate anything thoughtful done for them in any way. Our Leos are bigger than life, have a zest for living that makes every experience seem awesome, still — they understand the fragility of this lifetime. If there is a Leo in your life, you are blessed with an adoring and protective family member or friend. Always having your back, once befriended you are theirs for life!

Curious and inquiring, our Leos want to know about people, their lives, and their feelings — tapping into Neptune in Pisces can help us understand our differences, and how we can better find common ground in order to get along in this fractious world. Find where Pisces lives in your chart and the House position will give you a hint about how you can go about fine-tuning your acceptance and approval of all human beings. Venus in Gemini is giving us an upbeat and frivolous look at ourselves this month, perhaps we will lighten up on our more negative ideas about what and who people may be, and concentrate on the diversity and yet amazing similarities we share as humans. We all want to live our lives in peace, be able to raise our offspring without fear, have a safe place to live throughout our lives, and be able to find acceptance for ourselves, our beliefs, and our lifestyles within our communities, neighborhoods, and indeed OUR world! A little compassion, acceptance, understanding and consideration goes a long way in assuring that we live in a world that offers peace and harmony for all.

I am always excited by the Leo New Moon — following the Cancer Moon (all about family), and followed by the Virgo Moon (very staid and proper) — our Leo New Moon (think royalty, extravagant, overgenerous) gives us the chance to thing BIG — it allows us to color outside of the box, and helps us find our most whimsical and fantastic ideas of what we really want. Let your imaginations soar, write down a few of your most idealistic, ridiculous, and outrageous ideas — Leo brings good things and you may find a magical surprise!

Our Leo New Moon on the 23rd, crests at 4:46 AM EST (add one hour for DST) — so all day will be auspicious for you to write out your affirmations, dreams, wishes and desires. Creative, intense, enthusiastic, and a true romantic — our Leo New Moon can and will help you to get your truths into the ether, where they can manifest in your own reality! Try to be inspired, innovative and imaginative when writing out your list — there is nothing to lose by letting the Universe know your desires. Magic can and will happen when you have faith and believe in your ability to help yourself. You are the arbiter of your life — give yourself this chance to change things for the better. Only you know your truest dreams — only you can put out your deepest affirmations into the Cosmos — believe that you deserve to be happy, to be content, and to be at one with your spirit, soul and the Divine mystery that is life!





New Moon in Taurus — April 26th 2017

Our New Moon crests in Taurus this month on the 26th at 6 degrees of the sign at 7:16 AM EST (add one hour for DST). This month has been plagued by a Rx Mercury (still in place until May 3rd),  however, Venus  did go direct mid-month giving us a more positive outlook on our relationships, and perhaps lightened our hearts with renewed hope. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto remain in Rx mode through next month, all presenting us with challenges and less than ideal input from their lofty realms. Jupiter Rx in Libra can unbalance the status-quo, that will make our decision making a bit more difficult — be sure to have all the facts in deciding any major lifestyle decisions. Saturn Rx in Sagittarius has tweaked us by making us review our choices for our future and bringing some serious evaluations about where we want to be in the next 5, 10, or 15 years.  Pluto Rx in Capricorn is a conundrum — not overly happy in Saturn’s natural realm, we find we must be more practical and use more common sense in our everyday lives. Still, Pluto has more sway over worldly woes and actions — perhaps wiser minds will take charge and make this world a bit safer and kinder for all, other options will have consequences.

The Taurus New Moon gives all of us the chance to influence our lives and the lives of our loved ones, but also — if enough folks could think positive thoughts about our fragile world, perhaps it would offset the imbalance we are experiencing and bring about constructive and encouraging changes for the better. Indeed — this is the only world we have — and it behooves us to treat it and all of its inhabitants well, with respect and love.

Now to the changes we can help to make in our own lives — the Taurus New Moon is good for so many reasons — ruled by Venus, it encompasses beauty in every form, loving kindness, acceptance and admiration for everyone, on a practical note — Taurus has reign over money and real-estate, business and powerful mentors. Those who are born near this New Moon on the 26th will begin a new lunar cycle enabling them to move forward with those plans that are closest to their hearts. All of us can benefit when we tune into the rhythm of the Galaxy, feel the impulses that emanate from the deepest abysses of space and time. These cadences have been streaming throughout our sphere since creation, bringing us the evidence of a greater power, a Universal consciousness of spiritual connection, that joins all of us in our pathway in this lifetime.  Learn to use these karmic gifts of Providence to enable you on your individual journey with those for whom you love and care.

We all deserve to be loved and to find happiness during our lifetime here on Earth — with the help of the ebb and flow of our Galaxy we can find a way to put our hopes and dreams forth into the ether — where they can take root and become manifest in our own lives. Each New Moon has its own profile that will make your wishes more powerful — in Taurus we can wish for financial stability, wealth, and for a loving and caring family, we can release our anger and stubbornness with the stroke of a pen just by writing out our hopes, wishes and affirmations. Let your imagination soar to new heights and think outside the box to stimulate a new wave of desires that haven’t been requested heretofore.

With the positive aspects of Taurus, you can bring more positive ways of moving forward — Taurus has the ability to move to a goal step-by-step, never looking back and keeping your heart positive and goal-oriented. Use this power to move yourself into a fresh way of seeing your pathway — Taurus can also keep you on your path — steady and committed, they are unwavering in their knack for getting things done.

As always — try to find a quiet time to sit and think about what would improve your life right now — write as many affirmations or wishes as you like — and breathe into each word a sense of accomplishment and finality. Pretend for a moment that your wish has already been answered — see yourself with all of your wishes completed in a positive manner. You can write out your affirmations all day after the New Moon crests on the 26th at 7:16 AM EST (add one hour for DST) for the most potent times of New Moon energy. However, the power of the New Moon can last for the next 48 hours.

Blend with the harmony of the Universe in order to fulfill your most ardent dreams — feel the flow of the Life Force we enjoy here on Earth. Immerse yourself into the dynamic atmosphere that surrounds us every day — and refresh every atom of your body with a spiritual and transcendent renewal. There is magic in the air we breathe, and the hope and wonder of our mere existence as we evolve ever higher on our human journey.


February’s Astrological Activity — 2017

February will be an active month with a Lunar Eclipse on the 10th in the sign Leo at 22 degrees at 7:33 PM EST– this dramatic sign will bring us some over-the-top activity that will keep us on edge for a while, yet after this phase of the Moon has passed we will be able to take a deep breath and realize it wasn’t that onerous and perhaps some clarity came through to help solve an ongoing issue. The Solar Eclipse is on the 26th in the sign Pisces  at 8 degrees at 9:58 AM EST — conjunct Neptune at 11 degrees, will spur our  imaginations and we will find ourselves seeking more creativity and spirituality in order to solve the issues we are facing now, the downside might be that a dream we’ve been holding on to might be shown to be totally impractical. However, the New Moon also fires up Mars-Uranus-Jupiter energies for the better. Use the energies of both these magnificent aspects to enhance the meaning of your life. If your birthday is near either of these dates you will be starting a new Lunar or Solar cycle — this revitalization will help you find answers to old issues and will bring you new opportunities. There are many sides to Eclipses, and what will manifest in your chart will depend on which Zodiac House position it will be cresting within, also whether or not it will be connecting to other Planets in your chart.

It will be advantageous through February 3rd to get your message across — on the 3rd, Venus enters Aries bringing a new energy into the mix. On the 6th Jupiter in Libra will turn Retrograde in the early hours of the day until turning direct on June 9th, making us think carefully about what it is we want to share. Don’t be too trusting or open with new acquaintances — bide your time in getting to know them better. We can however begin to realize that we are more able to develop more of our own personality, we will begin to know our own belief system better in order to create our own moral compass. It is usually better to make any big decisions the week after a Lunar Eclipse (February 10th in Leo) as you may find new information that will alter your ideas. The Solar Eclipse degree of 22 Pisces, on the 26th will be energized for 9 to 12 months — on the 28th Mars triggers the degree of the Eclipse, so be careful driving, in any sport, and put off surgery if you can until a later date.

February to March will witness a stellium (a cluster of Planets in both Pisces and Aries) — this area of your chart will be the focus of much activity. Having the first and last signs of the Zodiac in such close connection brings much activity to those Zodiac Houses in which they appear! Also, if you have a Planet or Planets in those Houses there will be more intense ongoings. These stelliums will impact us in different ways — Aries is all about energy, starting projects, and moving quickly (sometimes without proper planning). Pisces is more laid-back — enhancing our spiritual side — making us dig deep into our psyches in order to clarify our goals. Together there will be a push/pull of activity that may make life a bit intense — the answer to using these differing powerhouses effectively is to breathe — look at any opportunity, situation, goal — and carefully judge your next move — no knee-jerk decisions until all the facts have been explored. Use your intuition and inner spirit to find those deepest desires you wish to come to fruition — and try to blend the divine with the mundane. In other words — use the spiritual and the pragmatic sides of your persona in order to allow the Universe to bestow it’s magic upon you with the down-home practicality and common-sense with which you were born. Also impacted will be those Zodiac Houses that hold Virgo and Libra (the opposite side of the chart) — any Houses with Planets will be opposite the Aries/Pisces stellium! Be sure to look at your chart to see if you have a Planet that will come into opposition with the stellium as there will be an effect for some time. Knowing what your chart shows can help you prepare for any opportunity or happenstance that comes along.

Mars in Aries will meet up with Uranus near the end of the month creating a heady amount of energy being expelled into the ether, along with the Uranus/Saturn trine we should be able to use this blast of power to revitalize our objectives and realize that there are wonderful opportunities if we look for them. Be aware of the inspiring messages you get from those around you and be ready to take advantage of any positive activity that will spur you on your way to achieving your highest goals. You can use the inventive mind-set of Mercury after it enters Aquarius on the 7th to enhance your creative thinking and writing.  You will be able to think outside-the-box in order to come up with new and original ideas that will bring a welcome ability to further your success.

On the 9th the Sun in good aspect to Uranus in the early evening may bring an interesting dinner companion, conversation will be stimulating and full of vitality! Enjoy this enchanting time span and you may be making a new best friend. The morning of the 11th finds the Sun in excellent aspect to Jupiter, this could be just the lucky break you’ve wanted. Use your intuition in order to fulfill a long dreamed of goal. Around lunch time on the 16th you seem to have the answers that everyone wants — your mind is sharp and you can express yourself with ease. The Sun enters Pisces on the 18th bringing our compassionate and creative side to the fore and allowing us to share our talents with others of like mind. This theme continues into the 21st when you feel optimistic and may lunch with a friend who has some interesting ideas for you to follow. Mercury enters Pisces on the 25th enhancing our dreams and bringing us unusual and perhaps spiritual messages from otherworldly realms. It enhances the New Moon in Pisces on the 26th with poetic thoughts and perhaps communication from a friend we haven’t heard from in some time. During the morning rush hours of the 27th Mars in conflict with Jupiter might make for a long commute — stay calm — breathe and know you will be a winner! A Moon/Venus/Neptune connection ends our month with good feelings and the intuitive imagination to know you are on the right pathway.

March should prove to be another interesting month with the Aries/Pisces stellium  still in play — as Confucius said “May you live in interesting times” — it seems to me that we are indeed!