Do You Read a Daily Horoscope — Try This!

I know many folks read their daily horoscope in the papers or on line, and although there is always a grain of truth in these posts, if you are only using your Sun Sign as a guide, you might be only getting a bit of the picture — you also want to read your Rising Sign  — that is your Ascendant, (1st House Cusp) for more accuracy. The two together can give you a more rounded idea of what the stars are up to on any given day.

Here’s why – our Zodiac Chart starts with the Ascendant (1st House Cusp) and follows accordingly to the 12th House Cusp. So — if your Ascendant is in the Sign Aries — the Houses will follow with Taurus, Gemini, etc. through to Pisces on the 12th House Cusp. (There are such things as intercepted Signs that might skew things a bit.) Now — if your Ascendant (Rising Sign) is in Cancer — that will be your 1st House Cusp and the 2nd House Cusp will be Leo followed by Virgo, Libra, etc. through to Gemini on the 12th House Cusp.

(If your Ascendant is in Leo, the Sun in Leo is going through your First House at this very time. When the Sun moves into Virgo on the 22nd of August — it will begin to influence your Second House! So it goes throughout the year as the Sun enters each sign it also moves around your Zodiac Chart.)

When the transiting Sun is in the same sign as your Ascendant — your 1st House will be in the spotlight! Then as the Sun moves into each Sign throughout the year, it will highlight each Zodiac House as it traverses through that area. It helps to know just what Houses are being influenced and highlighted in our daily lives so that we can plan our schedules accordingly.

A Daily Horoscope is just one of the many tools in an astrologer’s toolbox — our Zodiac Charts are unique unto ourselves, and there can be so many variations that it is difficult to give an overview or accurate reading in just a couple of lines. However, that said, sometimes we just need a guideline to encourage us to move on or take a chance, or conversely to take it slow and reconsider our options. Optimism always works for me — with Common Sense as a solid foundation!

If you don’t have your Chart already — there are many sites on the Net that have them for free!

Check them out  — and try looking at both readings — you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.