New Moon in Leo Reminder — July 23rd 2017

Just a head’s-up to let you know that today is the day to write out your affirmations, wishes, dreams, desires! The sign Leo is all about lavish living, love, and luxury — children, romance and speculation — creativity, freedom and pleasure! How can we go wrong finding a way to enhance any of these so very human endeavors? So — it’s our opportunity to put our own two-cents worth of  imagination, inspiration and individuality into our affirmations during this New Moon phase. With Leo in the mix, we can stretch our thoughts (which have solidity, strength and truth) and put them into the Cosmic ether where they can take hold and start to influence our existence here on Earth.

Write out your most ardent desires and dreams to start the action that may begin to have a positive effect on your life in the here-and-now! All day today will be the most powerful time to etch your intentions into the sands of time. However, the next 24-36 hours will still hold the energies of the New Moon in Leo. Just think about how wonderful it would be to see some of your truest dreams come to fruition.

Go for the Leo Gusto! Good Luck!